Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 430

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 430

Episode 430

While the Daejoo Sangdan was staying at the inn, Ji Moo-hyung, the chief treasurer, was busy moving without blinking his eyes.

He handed over the thieves to the government office to collect the compensation and sold the thieves’ horses to the horse market. In addition, the injured were taken to the hospital for treatment.

It took two full days to get it all done.

In the meantime, Seo Gun-hwi and his party bid farewell.

In the first place, Seo Gun-hui’s destination was Gangseo-seong, where a riot was taking place.

For convenience, he joined the procession of Daeju Sangdan.

Now that they knew roughly what was going on, they bid farewell to the Daeju Chamber of Commerce. But everyone in the know knew.

That the reason they left was because of Pyowol and Doyeonsan.

It was clear that the two were going to break up sooner than planned because they were awkward.

“Then see you next time.”

Seo Gun-hwi said goodbye to Pyo-wol by throwing a fist at him.


“I hope we can meet on a better date next time.”

“I hope you make a good choice too. A wrong choice will make you and your brother unhappy.”

“Thanks for the advice. Keep that in mind.”

I don’t know what happened all night, but Seo Gun-hwi’s eyes were a little deeper.

He said goodbye to Ji Moo-hyung, the chief staff member of the Daeju Sangdan, and left the guesthouse.

Seo Yul-hee looked at Doyeon Mountain several times with a feeling of regret. However, Do Yeon-san savagely said goodbye and did not catch her.

It was just a small relationship for a few days.

Not only did he not have much feelings for Seo Yul-hee, he knew better than anyone else that she did not suit him.

After Seo Gun-hui and the warriors of the swordsman left, the Daeju Sangdan also prepared to leave.

The schedule was delayed a lot because two days were wasted because of the bandits. I had to hurry to get to Chengdu within the promised time.

Arriving at Chengdu is not the end.

I had to hand over the things I brought and choose what to take to Yunnan Province.

Due to the tight schedule, I had to rush.

After the warriors at the swordsman’s office left, the Daeju Sangdan also left the inn.

The bopyo who were injured and left in the hospital decided to take them with them when they returned later.

It was because of Pyowol that Jimuhyeong was not anxious even though many of the staffs were missing.

There was nothing to be afraid of with Pyowol.

Ji Moo-hyung treated Pyo-wol and Do-yeon-san with utmost respect.

They also tried to give the best food and treat them special. However, Pyo-wol refused all the preferential treatment, saying that it was okay as it was.

“If you do, please accept this.”

Ji Moo-hyung handed Pyo-wol a bundle of slips.


“This is the price for selling the bounty money and the horse they were riding for handing over the bandits to the government office. Changed to the most reliable battlefield slip. Please accept this. If it wasn’t for Pyo Dae-hyeop, we would have lost not only things but also our lives.”

It was not a reward from the Daeju Merchants Association, but a slip for disposing of the thieves’ goods. I thought I could accept this.

“Write well.”

Pyo-wol took the slip and put it in his bosom.

One of the lessons he learned while touring Gangho is that more money is better.

No matter how strong you are, if you do not have money, you will be noticed by others.

It was to earn money that the warriors dared to go into the upper ranks or the treasures of rich families. So there was no reason to refuse the slip given to them.

When Pyowol received the slip, Ji Moo-hyung let out a sigh of relief.

‘This way, I’ll be able to keep the ties with him.’

The relationship with the swordsman is important, but the relationship with a giant like Pyowol is more important.

A situation might come when the mere fact of having a relationship with him could save his life.

Satisfied with his choice, Ji Moo-hyung took command of the upper ranks.

The journey after that was smooth, probably because he paid for the trick in advance.

Except for a few homeless nights, there were no problems whatsoever.

Thanks to this, Daeju Sangdan was able to arrive in Chengdu within the set period.

“at las!”

A light of emotion appeared on the faces of Ji Moo-hyung and Bo-pyo.

Seeing the high walls already made my heart feel better. But it was still too early to be relieved.

I had to go through the gate first.

There was a long line of people waiting to enter the castle in front of the city gate. You have to wait for your turn to get in.

The procedure to enter the Chengdu was very strict.

Because of that, the speed of entry had to be slow.

Ji Moo-hyung led the upper ranks and went to the back of the ranks.

It was an inevitable choice to enter the Saints.

The officials guarding the gate tried to stab the hermit, but they couldn’t see a gap.

It was then.

Suddenly, the face of the official who was looking toward the top of the main column turned white.

“That me?”


When a colleague asked, the official pointed to the back end of the top of the daeju with his finger.

“Bought or bought?”


“He is back.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The death god has returned. Come on, open the door!”

The official yelled at his colleague.

However, when fellow officials did not understand and stuttered, the official shouted again.

“If you don’t want to die, hurry up and open the door, idiots!”


“I see.”

Only then did fellow officers sense the unusual atmosphere and open the door.

The official who gave the order approached Pyowol and bowed his head.

“Top Daehyeop!”

“Do you know me?”

“Apart from military men and government officials in Chengdu, who does not know about the Pyodaehyeop?”

Fear was evident on the officer’s face as he answered.

The bloody death committed by Pyowol still remained a fear to the warriors of the Saints.

The one-of-a-kind incident in which the Qingsongpa and the Amipa were enshrined by a single person was still being talked about.

Soldiers and government officials of Chengdu who saw the Cheongseongpa and Amipas were extremely afraid of the epitaph.

Knowing that the moment I hated him would be the end, I desperately tried to memorize his characteristics.

It was not difficult to recognize Pyowol’s face.

Because there was no other man with a more beautiful face than a woman.

Fortunately, the official had seen the moon from a distance.

Thanks to that, I found out right away.

the official asked cautiously.

“Are you back at all?”

“I will stay here for the time being.”

“All right. We apologize for any inconvenience. Come on inside.”

“They are also in my group.”

“You mean the Daejoo Sangdae? I will remember it.”

The official replied with a determined expression.

I had to remember even a trivial thing related to the moon.

The official said to Ji Moo-hyung.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you came with Pyo Dae-hyeop?”


“Go inside. If you have any problems during your stay at Chengdu, please let us know. We’ll take care of everything…”

“Ah yes! thank you.”

Ji Moo-hyung was taken aback by the sudden favor of the official.

He could not have imagined that Pyowol’s status in Chengdu would be this great.

Thanks to the Pyowol, Daeju Sangdan was able to easily pass through the gate.

As soon as the pyowol passed through the city gate, he said.

“We must part now.”

“Thank you Pyo Daehyup!”

“We’ll meet again later if we’re meant to be.”

“I hope you achieve everything you want. Goodbye then.”

Ji Moo-hyung said goodbye to Pyo-wol.

Pyowol and Doyeonsan left him behind and moved on.


Do Yeon-san burst into exclamation as if the scenery of Seongdo he had never seen was strange. Pyowol also slowly looked around.

It was a saint who returned after several years.

There have been many changes in the meantime.

Most of all, the streets that had been destroyed due to the fight between Pyowol and Amipa and Cheongseongpa were perfectly restored.

Things didn’t look too bad, judging by the vitality on the faces of the people walking down the street.

Pyo-wol took Do-yeon-san and walked down Sincheon-ro.

Sincheon-ro, which was originally a slum, has now completely transformed into a high-end residential area. The splendid palaces sticking their heads out over the tall walls and the massive gates that are overwhelming just by looking at them.

All the powers of the saints gathered here and lived. To protect them, many troops were patrolling around Sincheon-ro.

The safest street in Chengdu was Shincheon-ro.

The moon has finally reached its destination.

A large mansion with exceptionally red red pine trees jutting out over the walls.

It was a red pine tree.

Pyo-wol knocked on the tightly closed door of the red corpse.

After a while, the middle-aged man opened the door slightly and carefully poked his head out.

The middle-aged man who checked Pyowol’s face widened his eyes.

“It’s been a while, the late general!”

The middle-aged man hurriedly lowered his head at Pyowol’s greeting.

He was the late general in charge of the small and large affairs of the red corpse.

Although he couldn’t speak because his tongue had been cut off, his face showed a happy expression.

Goh hurriedly struck the small bell hanging by the door.

Dang dang dang!

Not long after the bell rang through the red corpse, two people came running from inside.

One male and one female.

They were a boy and a girl who looked a little older than Doyeonsan.

The boy’s pupils were all black, giving off an eerie feeling, and the girl’s eyes were out of focus, but beautiful.

They were Gwian and Eunyo.



At the same time, Gwian and Eunyo were embraced by Pyowol.

The faces of the two were full of turbulent light.

After Pyowol and Soma left, the two pioneered their own territory while protecting the red corpse.

Gwi-an created his own intelligence force, and Eun-yo completely took control of the shadowy side of the city.

Nothing that happened in the castle town escaped their eyes. He became the undisputed ruler of the shadows. Even so, the two always felt empty.

It seems that now I know why.

Because there was no epitaph.

Although they were two people who were feared by the people of the saints, the absence of Pyowol was unbearable.

Upon his return, the two realized what they lacked.

Pyowol was the only person they could rely on mentally.

The mere fact that he was in the same space made me feel full.

Pyowol hugged the two of them tightly.

“How have you been?”



The two also answered while hugging Pyowol.

Pyowol sat down after reading them for a while. And he introduced Doyeonsan.

“This friend is Doyeonsan. You will stay with us from today.”

“nice to meet you! I am a ghost.”

“I am silver. Let’s be friends.”

The two welcomed Doyeonsan.

There was no wariness of strangers.

Because it was Pyowol who introduced Doyeonsan.

Because he was introduced to him by Pyo-wol, he believed him completely without any doubt.

It was the same with Doyeon Mountain.

“nice to meet you. Brothers and sisters!”

In fact, Gwian and Eunyo were older than Doyeonsan.

Eunyo smiled and said.

“You have a good brother. Great.”

“I know! Since the older brother and younger sister came together today, we should hold a banquet.”

Gwian made a joke that he didn’t usually do.

That’s how happy it is.

Feeling like receiving an unexpected gift, Eun-yo urged.

“Come inside, brother.”


Pyowol moved into the red corpse.

The scenery inside the red corpse was so beautiful that you could feel how much the late general had devoted himself to taking care of it. But what I liked more than the external appearance was the sense of security.

A deep sense of stability and comfort felt the moment you entered the red corpse.

It was a feeling I’d never felt anywhere else.

I wondered if it would feel like coming back to my house.

Doyeonsan also liked the red corpse.

It was the first time in his life, but seeing Gwi-an and Eun-yo sincerely welcoming him, his heart naturally opened.

‘It’s a nice place.’


At the same time, the news of Pyowol’s return spread throughout Chengdu.

At the news of his return, both the powerful and the uninitiated of the Saints held their breath.

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