Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 428

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 428

Episode 428

“Heuk! Run away.”

Mibu’s henchman shouted as he fell to the floor.

The confidant’s name is Tarab.

he was a master

He was not just a master, he was a real master.

Unwillingly, he was living a servile life with her by stealing, but at one time reigned as an object of fear in the West.

At the time of Tarab’s heyday, no warrior dared to take 10 seconds. It was the first time Mibu had seen such a tarab look so terrified.

It wasn’t just Tarab.

All of her subordinates, who had been so ferociously pushing the treasures, were rolling on the floor.

Their faces were contorted with fear, as if they had seen a ghost.

It wasn’t just them who were distorted.

Even the staffs of the Daejoo Sangdan and the warriors of the demon field had expressions similar to theirs.

A face and eyes full of disbelief, as if someone had witnessed something that shouldn’t exist in the world.

All their eyes were on one man.

Pyo-wol was the man who caught people’s attention regardless of his peerage.

When the treasures were driven to the brink of destruction by bandits, the pyowol moved. The reason he moved was simple.

It’s because he was hired as a temporary staff.

Pyo-wol quickly cleaned up the thieves that Bo-pyo had struggled so much with.

In the blink of an eye, Pyowol’s ability to organize all 100 thieves was far beyond their imagination.

Doyeonsan also helped subdue the bandits. However, the shock he received from Pyo-wol was so great that he did not notice much.

“Does this make sense?”

“Is what I saw really true?”

The staff’s eyes widened as if they would pop out at any moment.

The moment the moon intervened, everything was over.

The bandits’ resistance was futile.

Every time Pyowol waved his hand, the thieves fell peek peek.

It was so surreal that it felt like a dream.

The time it took for Pyowol to clear all the thieves was only about a dozen or so.

The biggest challenge was Tarab.

Tarab was too strong to be considered a thief.

It was to the extent that two of Seo Gun-hui’s subordinates were pushed back even after clinging to it. Pyowol subdued such a tarab at once.

Tarab felt like he was having a nightmare.

‘I can’t believe there was such a warrior…’

I knew that Mibu was strong.

But it was nothing compared to Pyowol.

The inaction of Pyowol that they experienced in person was far beyond their imagination.

Tarab shouted at Mibu once again.

“Run away… Kwu!”

But I couldn’t speak any more.

It was because the suhonsa pierced his shoulder.

Tarab was unable to speak in excruciating pain and only opened his mouth.

His jaw trembled in excruciating pain.

Pyowol trampled Tarab’s back with his foot and looked at Mibu.

Mibu’s face was as hard as a stone statue.

“I didn’t know Go Soo was hiding. May I know the great name of John?”

“Is it the remnant of Soroeumsa?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Mibu answered calmly. However, Pyowol did not miss the trembling around her eyes.

Pyowol guessed that Mibu was the remnant of Soroeeumsa because he had fought them.

He was aware of the characteristics of Soroeumsa’s martial arts because he had dealt with all of them, including the best blood monk, the best blood monk, and the main blood monk, Mara.

He cleverly tried to hide his characteristics, but it was clear that Tarab’s martial arts belonged to Soroeumsa.

It was Soroeumsa who reigned as the loser of the western region for hundreds of years.

Even though Pyowol destroyed the gate overnight, not even all the remnants of the outside were wiped out.

Pyo-wol thought that the two were either people who had been out, or people he hadn’t found yet.

Pyowol said, putting strength on the foot that stepped on the tarab.

“All blood monks, ten blood monks, blood monks, and mara blood monks all died at my hands.”

“Then you… bought it?”

Mibu’s last voice was close to screaming.

What came to her eyes was a feeling of extreme fear.

As Pyowol guessed, she was a survivor of Soroeumsa.

Mibu’s name is Haran.

He was a Mara blood monk, the main force of Soroeumsa.

Tarab, who was overpowered by Pyowol, was one of the mad blooded monks.

At the time Soroeumsa was destroyed by Pyowol, they were out on a different mission.

Thanks to that, I was spared my anger.

When they returned from their mission, what they could see was the appearance of Soroeumsa, which had turned into a land of death.

In just a few days, Soroeumsa, whom they had lived their whole lives for, was annihilated, and Blood Buddha and Bloodlord ten monks, whom they respected like heaven, lost their lives.

found out later

That there was only one person who wiped out Soroeumsa.

It means that his nickname is Shinigami.

In just a few days, she and Tarab lost everything. But revenge could not even be dreamed of.

The opponent was a monster who had annihilated Soroeumsa alone.

He was a man who never lacked the nickname of Shinigami.

I didn’t have the confidence to take revenge against such a man.

Because of that, I wandered a lot for a while. As a result, the chosen job was stealing.

He subdued a group of bandits operating outside of Sichuan Province and used them as arms and legs.

It was a life not envied by a queen.

There was no one who could match her, who had risen from Soroeumsa to Mara Blood Monk.

She was at the top of the hierarchy among the three hundred Mara blood monks. He possesses enough martial arts to aim for the Ten Victories of Blood, the limbs of Blood Buddha.

But even she didn’t have the confidence to deal with Pyowol.

As soon as he found out that he was a Shinigami, his will to fight was broken.

It was the same with Tarab, who was stepped on by the foot of the moon.

“Please run away too. Big!”


In an instant, Tarab’s spine shattered.

Pyowol pressed down with a thousand roots.


Harran cried out.

Along with her, the sole survivor of Soroeumsa lost his life.

Now, she was the only survivor of Soroeeumsa.

“You didn’t have to? I didn’t even have the will to resist, until I had to kill…”

“You? Would you have saved me?”


“If the plunder was successful, would it have spared us?”

“I had no intention of taking my life.”

“You are clumsy at lying. All of the thieves who attacked the Daeju Merchant Corps used their tricks without hesitation. That’s proof that killing is familiar. Will they save the survivors? It’s bullshit that even dogs won’t be fooled by.”

The body of the thieves had a thick smell of blood.

That meant killing a lot of people.

Thieves so cruel that murder becomes a daily routine. It was impossible for them to leave survivors behind.

If it seemed so soft, I couldn’t even survive until now.

Haran gritted his teeth.

Both of her eyes were bloodshot red.

All of his subordinates were subdued, and his henchman, Tarab, was also killed.

No matter where she looked, there was no corner for her to escape.

Haran hugged Seo Gun-hui, who was lying on his yin-gong.

Instead of a whip, he put a dagger on Seo Gun-hwi’s neck.


The cold touch brought Seo Gun-hwi to his senses.

Haran shouted.

“Don’t come closer. If you take even one step, I’ll slit Lee’s throat.”

As if to prove that it wasn’t a simple threat, she gave strength to the dagger. Then Gunhui Seo’s flesh split and blood flowed.

Even if she gave a little more strength, Seo Gun-hwi’s life would be blown away.

“You don’t want Confucius at the Demon Swordsman to lose his life either, do you? If you want to save interest, back off.”

“Not at all!”


“It doesn’t matter if I die. He’s not related to me, he just joined by chance.”

“Do you think you will fall for such a lie?”

“It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. Because what I say is true.”

Pyowol laughed softly.

The moment Haran saw his smile, Haran felt a chill as if his whole body had fallen into ice water.

‘I’m serious.’

She was also a warrior who had gone through all the battles before and after birth.

I could tell the truth just by listening to the person’s expression and tone.

To her, the pyowol was sincere.

The notoriety of Pyowol, known to Gangho, made Haran more conflicted.

‘What should I do?’

It was then.

Suddenly, my ankles tingled.

Haran looked down at his ankles.

In an instant, her face turned black.

A bright red snake was biting her ankle.

The snake’s head had an unusually small horn.


My head spun in an instant.

The venom that entered the body through the ankle quickly penetrated the brain.

“Mi crazy…”

There was no time to defend.

If another venomous snake had bitten her, she would have prevented the spread of the venom through her internal airways or driven it out of her body, but the horned venomous snake’s poison quickly spread throughout her body.

The serpent that bit Haran’s ankle was Gwiah.

Gwiah returned to Pyowol leisurely as if he had completed his mission.

Guia, who climbed on her ankles and climbed over her body, disappeared into her arms.


The people who saw it only smiled.

I felt like I saw something I shouldn’t have seen.

‘A death god…’

‘What is that snake again? You say you use snakes like limbs?’

Until now, they could not even imagine that the identity of Pyowol who had accompanied them was the god of death.

The memory of ignoring it as a temporary staff came to mind.

It was not overtly spurious, but they were treated as non-existent people and subtly rejected them.

He was afraid of what would happen if Pyowol held a grudge against him.


Haran knelt down and vomited bloody froth.

There were pieces of melted intestines in the vomit.

It’s only been a while since I was bitten by a ghost, but before I knew it, my intestines had melted.

“Ah, like a demon…”

Haran struggled with his hands. But her movements soon subsided. it’s obvious

It was an instant from being bitten by a ghost to losing his life.

If you get bitten, you will die right away without any time for treatment.

Everyone is speechless.

No one opened their mouth, only looking at each other.

If I broke this silence and received Pyowol’s gaze, it seemed that my heart would not be able to stand it.


The one who broke the silence was Seo Gun-hwi, who was being held hostage.

He coughed and fell to his knees.

“Are you okay?”


Soldiers from the swordsman ran to help Seo Gun-hui.

In my mind, I wanted to resist their help, but the impact of the Yin Gong gave me no strength in my limbs.

He barely lifted his head and looked at the moon.

“A death god?”

Even though I was in a daze from the yin ball, I heard everything Haran was saying.

I thought it was unusual, but I didn’t know that he was one of the best of the gangho.

Although the information is late because the swordsman is stuck in Yunnan Province, he still knew at least the nickname of envoy.

However, there was a large gap between the image he vaguely imagined and the actual image of Pyowol.

Because of that, even after hearing the story that Pyo-wol was a death god, he couldn’t accept it as the truth for a while.

Seo Gun-hwi bit his lip.

Because it was embarrassing.

It is because the owner of the swordsman’s field, one of the three most famous strongmen, was killed by Haran, but Pyowol quickly settled the situation and even killed Haran.

The contrast between the strength and ability of the two was so stark.

No matter how much he looked at it, Pyowol was a little more than himself.

Although they are similar in age, their reputation in the river and actual military power are so different that comparison is meaningless.


At that moment, the deepening soared to the head.

Seo Gun-hwi momentarily lost consciousness and collapsed.

It’s fainting.


“Come on, help me.”

The warriors of the ghost swordsman again supported the fallen Seo Gun-hui.

Pyo-wol looked at Seo Gun-hwi indifferently and then turned away. Then he saw the face of Ji Moo-hyung staring at him in awe.

“ah! this temporary staff. No big deal… Hiccup!”

Ji Moo-hyung, whose eyes met, spoke gibberish.

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