Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 427

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 427

Episode 427

Everyday life at the ghost sword field was boring.

There was little to do other than learn and train martial arts. At least, thanks to the father’s preface, the demon field was expanded, but the unique quiet atmosphere was unavoidable.

Moreover, since there was not much interaction with the outside world, Seo Gun-hwi’s life was bound to be monotonous. Because of that, when he decided to go to Gangho, he expected a lot from his heart.

Such a dream of meeting young players of the same age, meeting spirits, and touring rivers. But the reality was different.

The daily life with Daejoo Sangdan was as monotonous as the swordsman’s chief, and Pyowol, who seemed to be the same age, did not interact with him as if he had built a wall.

Thanks to that, deepening has accumulated in my heart.

In such a situation, thieves were running.

A smile formed on Seo Gun-hwi’s lips.

“It’s called Ungamcheong-so-won. The sky is helping this Seo Gun-hwi.”

Even at a glance, the momentum of the thieves running was unusual.

It was doubtful whether the Daeju Sangdan soldiers could stop them.

At that moment, Jimin shouted.

“All the staffs come forward, the temporary staffs guard the merchants.”


Staffs jumped forward with the answer.

A light of tension flashed across Jimin’s face.

‘Were there thieves active here?’

According to the information obtained in advance, there were no thieves operating here. Still, I hired temporary staff just in case.

He wasn’t happy at all about the fact that his contrast was right. The best was to pass safely without any collision.

‘Still, the worst situation won’t happen because there are warriors at the swordsman’s field.’

He looked sideways at Seo Gun-hwi and his companions.

All of them were extraordinary masters.

Just the thought of them being together warmed my heart.

Doo doo!

At that moment, the sound of the horses’ hooves grew louder.

That’s how the gang of bandits got closer.

Ji Moo-hyung’s eyes were fixed on In-young, who was in the lead.


The leader of the gang of bandits was clearly a woman.

A beautiful woman in her early to mid-thirties.

She was commanding the thieves with her black hair flowing.

Mibu beckoned, and the thieves split left and right.


As she shouted, some of the thieves drew their bows and aimed at the top of the main column.


“Are you shooting a bow?”

Ji Moo-hyung and the staff of the Daeju Chamber were shocked.

Shooting an arrow while riding a horse was not an easy task even for a skilled soldier.

In addition to being familiar with horsemanship, he also had to master archery.

In Kang Ho, there was an atmosphere that looked down on archery.

It is to reject those who use weapons that cowardly attack from a distance, such as bows and melee weapons.

Because of that, there were not many warriors who used archery for Danggeum. It was even more difficult to find someone who had mastered horseback riding.

However, a group of bandits are proficient in horsemanship and archery.

Pew pew pew pew!

Arrows flew all at once.



The Bo-pyo, who stood in the lead without defense, were hit by arrows and fell.

“Shit! Everyone find cover.”

Jimin shouted.

At that moment, the bandits fired their arrows again.


The arrows hit the staffs exactly.

It was a horrifyingly accurate bow.

Being able to hit the target accurately like this on a running horse was proof of their excellent archery skills.

In an instant, half of the staff was hit by the bow and incapacitated.


Jimin couldn’t hide his puzzled expression.

Doo doo!

The thieves swung left and right with the top of the pole in the middle. And, whenever he could see a gap, he fired an arrow.


“Everybody hide behind the cart.”

The unharmed people took the injured and hid behind the cart.

No matter how excellent the thieves were in horsemanship and archery, if they avoided arrows and waited, they would eventually abandon their bows and come out in close combat.

Their predictions were correct.


At Mibu’s cry, the bandits abandoned their bows and got off their horses.

It’s about trying to win in close combat.



The thieves jumped over the cart with terrifying momentum and rushed at the treasures.

“These guys!”

“Damn it!”

The Bo-pyo, who were hiding from the arrows, drew their weapons and confronted the bandits.

Kagaga River!

Shouts and the sound of clashing weapons echoed everywhere.

Ji Moo-hyung also drew his sword and rushed towards Mi-bu.

‘Cut down the monster at once.’

No matter how talented the thieves were, it was clear that if the leader fell, they would scatter like ragtags.

The sword spirit was young over the jimu-type sword.

It was a skill worthy of becoming the chief treasurer of the Daeju Sangdan.

“Chaha! die!”

Ji Moo-hyung swung his sword with a young sword toward Mi-bu, who was still riding the horse.


For a moment, Mibu’s face flashed with annoyance.

“Looks like I looked easygoing.”

She spread her white palms toward Ji Moo-hyung. Then a strong game erupted.


Gyeonggi and Jimu-hyung’s sword collided.


The person who suffered the loss was Ji Moo-hyung.

With a frustrated moan, he bounced back.

At that moment, Mibu waved her hand once more.

A stream of red light rose up and hit Ji Moo-hyung’s chest.



Jimin screamed and ran out.

At least, the moment he was struck by the red airflow, he raised his sword and blocked his chest to disperse the shock. Thanks to that, I was able to save my life, but I couldn’t move because of the impact that seemed to crush my whole body.

Even though he incapacitated Ji Moo-hyung in an instant, Mibu did not show much emotion.

In the first place, Ji Moo-hyung was not her opponent.

Now she survives by mere stealing, but at one time she was a being admired by many.

Even though she lost everything due to a disaster and became a thief, her martial arts were still powerful.

It was not at the level that a single staff at the top could do anything about it.

Mibu once again tried to suffocate Ji Moo with a single blow, completely suffocating him. But her attempts ended in vain.


Someone intervened in the middle.

“You do that.”

The person who intervened was Seo Gun-hwi, the head of the demon chief.

At the appearance of Gunhui Seo, Mibu’s eyes lit up.

My palms were tingling.

The career contained in Seo Gun-hui’s sword is so great.

Mibu asked as she got off her horse.

“Who is that?”

“It’s Seo Gun-hui, the chief swordsman.”

“You… are you the swordsman?”

Mibu frowned at the sweet Ami.

It was impossible not to know about the Demon Chief, one of the three chapters.

‘It’s a headache.’

Seo Gun-hwi is not scary.

The background of Seo Gun-hui, the swordsman, is awkward.

Even she could not ignore the power and influence of the swordsman. Although the area of activity is different, it would not be too difficult to influence Sichuan Province with the power of the Demon Chief.

‘Today is the end of stealing in Sichuan.’

Whatever the outcome, it was dangerous to continue to work here.

Anyway, I planned to hide for a while after this activity, but since it happened like this, I had to make sure it was finished.

It is to deal with the Seogunhui of the swordsman.

Seo Gun-hwi approached Mi-bu and said.

“I can hear the head rolling from here. But it’s already too late. Since I intervened, there is nowhere to run to.”

“Ho Ho! You are a Confucius with great self-consciousness.”


“The bonnyeo was not thinking about how to escape well, but was thinking about how to deal with Confucius well.”

“Oh mad! You are dreaming of not becoming the leader of a mere thief.”

Seo Gun-hwi snorted.

Mibu’s words touched his pride.

He thought he had to show his true self by overpowering Mibu.

He doesn’t know Mibu’s true identity, but once he subdues her, his reputation will rise.

Seo Gun-hwi kicked the ground.

He practiced his martial arts and reached the front of Mibu in an instant.

Seo Gun-hwi mercilessly struck the sword at Mi-bu’s white neck.


It was a quick sword that was faster than a flash battle.

Seo Gun-hwi had no doubts that Mi-bu would beheaded. But his faith was shattered the next moment.


His sword bounced off with a metal sound.

A whip was already in Mibu’s hand.

Chow ha ha!

The black whip flew towards Seo Gun-Hwi’s chest like a poisonous snake.


Seo Gun-hwi was frightened and leaned back.

In an instant, a whip passed through his chest. But Seo Gun-hwi was not relieved.

He knew that the fear of the whip was not only because of the attack he wielded, but also because it exerted heinous power even when he retrieved it.

It was as he expected.

The whip, which had escaped by a hair’s breadth, came back and aimed for the back of Seo Gun-Hwi’s head.

Seo Gun-hwi spun like a top in the air and performed four-day swordsmanship.

The four-day sword method was a representative festival of the old fortune-tellers.

Now, it has become a martial arts master, but its power is still fatal.

Shh shh!

The sword spirit filled the void.

The whip could not pierce the sword spirit and bounced off.

“joy! You are doing quite well.”

Mibu snorted and swung the whip horizontally.

Black Samuyeongpyeonbeop (黑蛇無影鞭法).

It was the name of her expedient.

The black whip aimed at Seo Gun-hui’s blood like a poisonous snake.

The surface of the whip is full of tiny thorns, so even a single hit can break bones and tear off chunks of flesh.


The whip and the sword collided, and the air exploded.


Seo Gun-hwi’s face was distorted.

It was because the power of the whip was several times stronger than expected.

He had not yet had the experience of dealing with whip-like cavalry. Because of that, even with great martial arts like the Four Day Sword, he couldn’t escape the struggle.


He desperately unfolded the pinnacle of the four-day sword method. However, his attack did not shock Mibu much.

Mibu was clever.

When Seo Gun-hui’s attack intensified, he cut his whip in half to protect himself. As the range of the whip decreased, the repulsive force became stronger.

If Seo Gun-hui had more experience, he would be able to break through the wall of whips without haste. However, he had a hard time figuring out how to break it because he was dealing with a whip for the first time.

Mibu laughed at Seo Gun-hwi.

“Ho Ho! Compared to what he shouted out loud, his skills are mediocre.”


Seo Gun-hwi was furious and attacked more vigorously.

The jeolcho of the four-day sword method was released one after another.

It was a swordsmanship with a legend of dropping the sun.

That’s why the name was “Sail Sword”.

There was no way that the sword technique containing the essence of hundreds of years of fortune-telling was weak. However, it unfolded too hastily, so it could not exert its full power. Mibu did not miss such a loophole of Seo Gun-Hwi.


As the whip whipped violently, Seo Gun-hui was cornered. However, Seo Gun-hwi was not suffering as well.

It is to grit it and look for an opportunity to counterattack.

Seo Gun-hwi, who had been patient and patient, finally seized his chance.

The moment the opponent’s breathing was interrupted slightly, the power of the whip significantly weakened.

It was time for Seo Gun-hwi to stab the sword.


Suddenly, the bell hanging from Mibu’s wrist let out a clear sound.

The unexpected sound of bells hit Seo Gun-hwi’s eardrums.


At that moment, Seo Gun-hwi screamed and sat down.

It wasn’t just the sound of a bell, but a sound hole hit his eardrum.

In an instant, all my senses were distorted, and I couldn’t stand up properly.

“Non-cowardly… Yin balls…”

“Ho-ho! Confucius, who was brought up with great value. What does the means have to do with it? It’s enough just to win.”

Mibu laughed at Seo Gun-hwi.

Her face was filled with the composure of a winner.

Since he caught the one he cared about the most, it was the chief female officer who overpowered the Daeju Sangdan. Of course, she looked around, thinking that her subordinates had subdued all the treasures of the Daejoo Corps. However, the smile soon disappeared from her face.

It was because all of his subordinates, except for her, had collapsed.

“What is it?”

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