Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 426

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 426

Episode 426

: Caw! Aww!

Dozens of crows roared and let out unpleasant cries.

It was the human corpse that the crow ate.

It wasn’t just one or two.

Dozens of corpses were strewn across the floor.

Not long after he died, there was still blood on his face. Crows ate the flesh of such corpses.

A wrecked wagon was lying around the corpse.

On the roof of the wagon there was a flag with the words Hyunhyeonpyoguk (泫泫鏢局) written on it.

Hyeonhyeonpyeonguk was a pyoguk based in Uibin (宜賓) in the southern part of Sichuan Province.

They mainly transported goods to and from neighboring Yunnan Province.

Although the scale was small, each marker’s performance was formidable, and he never lost a target. For this reason, in the Uibin region, the reliability of the manifestation state was very high. However, most of the corpses in this place were representatives of the state of manifestation.

Around the corpses of the corpses, a group of people was constantly moving.

“Quickly move your luggage.”

“This is dog hair. There is nothing of value.”


What they were loading on the cart was the object that the manifested state was transporting.

It is to raid the manifestation country, kill all of them, and loot the landmarks.

I heard the information that the present state was transporting goods that were quite expensive, and I attacked it, but contrary to expectations, it was full of only cheap goods.

There was one or two precious items mixed in, but they were things they couldn’t dispose of. In order to dispose of this item, you have to enter the Chengdu, but the risk was too great to do so.

“under! If this happens, you will be in the red again.”

Mibu, in her early to mid-thirties, sighed.

Mibu, who had a slightly venomous impression, was the leader of the thieves who attacked the manifested state.

Jang-han, in his early forties, approached Mibu.

Jang Han looked intimidating with his massive build and ferocious eyes. However, his attitude toward Mibu was extremely cautious.

“Anyway, I can’t seem to get any more profit here. As if the rumors had spread, the merchants and merchants in the vicinity do not transport valuables through this pipeline.”

“joy! It’s because you’re quick to notice.”

“What would you like to do?”

“What should I do? If rumors spread, you should move to another location and do business. Recognize those who transport valuables. I’ll make it big and hide for a while.”

“All right.”

Zhang Han lowered his head and replied.

Mibu looked at the place where the crows were feasting.

The black feathers were covered with red blood.

Caw! Aww!

The crows thumped as if they were happy to have a dinner after a long time.


Mibu waved her hand.

A small bell hung from her wrist.

Follow me!

When Mibu shook her wrist, the sound of bells resonated.


The heads of the crows enjoying the supper exploded in a chain. It focused the sound waves only on the crow and detonated its head.

It was truly a formidable sonic hole.

Mibu put on an annoyed expression.

“What kind of trouble is this?”


The ascending of Daeju Sangdan went smoothly.

More than 30 people were attached to more than 20 carts. Even the warriors of the swordsman who joined there belatedly.

At least the thieves or green forest swordsmen who had enemies in Yunnan Province did not dare to rob Daeju Sangdan.

In Yunnan Province, it was suicidal to touch the munpa or trade unions related to the demon chief. Thanks to that, the Daeju Sangdan was able to move comfortably before leaving Yunnan Province.

In return, Daeju Sangdan provided convenience to the swordsmiths.

Even when I was homeless, I took care of them as my top priority so that they would not feel uncomfortable. Thanks to this, the swordsmith warriors were able to get out of Yunnan much faster and more comfortably than when they moved by themselves.

Seo Gun-hwi smiled with satisfaction.

It was a sudden schedule, so I wasn’t ready to go on a long trip. However, I was able to prepare calmly while accompanying the Daeju Sangdan.

Suddenly, Gunhui looked back.

Seo Yul-hee, the younger sister, was now sitting at the rear of the top.

To be precise, he was sitting next to Doyeonsan and chatting.

It was a look I hadn’t seen while in the gwigeomjang. There was no one of Seo Yul-hee’s age at the ghost prosecutor’s office.

Above all, since Seo Yul-hee’s status was so great, no one could treat her comfortably. So Yulhee Seo was always alone.

I felt sorry for such a younger brother, but I still thought that it was natural for me to endure it if I was a descendent of a prestigious samurai family.

So he did not offer any consolation to his brother and remained indifferent. In fact, he was so busy polishing his martial arts that he didn’t have the energy to care.

Seo Yul-hee’s smile was unfamiliar to me.

Now I know that I can chat like that.

On the other hand, Do Yeon-san did not respond much, only answering intermittently. Still, Seo Yul-hee smiled happily.

‘That guy!’

Seo Gun-hwi’s eyes narrowed.

It didn’t look good to talk to a boy who didn’t even know his life history, even though he was a little brother who didn’t care.

Normally, I would never have left her alone, but the man who seemed to be the boy’s older brother caught my heart.

He looks like a white student because of his feminine appearance, but his intuition is whispering that it is not.

‘Who the hell are you?’

There was a deep gap between his eyebrows.

In this case, the absence of information is felt.

Since Yunnan Province, which is far from Jianghu, is also confined to Jianchang Mountain, it was late to get outside information.

‘If the Demon Chief wants to expand his powers, we must first create an organization that collects information.’

His grandfather, Seo Jong-myeong, was indifferent to outside affairs.

At all, I didn’t have the heart to grow the swordsmith. That’s why I almost neglected the demon field.

Because of that, the organizational system of the ghost chief was very loose. At least his father, Seomun, rearranged it and raised it to this size, but it was still lacking in many things.

‘A fight between the Golden Heaven and the Eunryeonhoe. I will see with my own eyes and decide which side I will stand on.’

Seo Gun-hwi thought he must participate in this fight.

The history of Gangho was like a history of war.

A major war broke out every few generations, and the fate of the clan depended on the decisions made at that time.

The reason why the Ohdaemun faction, which commanded the powerful people in the past, collapsed was because they could not read the flow of the times.

Like this, depending on what choice you make, the munpa will rise or fall.

His grandfather, Seo Jong-myeong, had no ambitions for becoming a strong man, but Seo-moon and Seo Gun-hui were different.

They wanted to stand in the center of Gangho, not the periphery.

Seo Gun-hwi muttered.

‘It’s definitely a master. I don’t know what level it is…’

I thought it would be at least on a similar level to myself. Otherwise, there is no way that you will not be able to see through the opponent’s realm.

Chief Bopyo Ji Moo-hyung asked cautiously.

“Do you really care about the author?”

“Do you know anything about the author?”

“Since that’s the one we hired temporarily…”

“But you probably did a minimum background check, didn’t you?”

“That’s because that younger brother’s martial arts are amazing…”

“Brother? How much?”

“With one blow, it shattered a large rock.”

“That’s enough to be called the pinnacle master of Kang Ho.”

“We go a long way from the position of the upper ranks, and if such a master joins us, we have no choice but to be sensitive.”

The clash between the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe wasn’t just their problem.

The ramifications of their clash were spreading throughout Gangho.

All those who had ambitions were flocking to Poyang Lake, and because of that, there was a lack of security in various parts of the river.

When the warriors who had been commanding in one area vacated their seats, those who were aiming for the position appeared.

Naturally, armed conflict ensued.

Thus, riots broke out all over the world, and thieves took advantage of the chaos.

Merchants that travel a long way, like the Daeju Merchants, became targets for thieves.

If you get a good hit, you’ll have enough money to play and eat for years.

Recently, many upper ranks have been robbed by thieves and green forests.

Knowing this fact, the Daeju Sangdan had no choice but to strengthen its vigilance even by hiring a temporary staff.

It was for this reason that he hired Pyowol and Doyeonsan.

At Ji Moo-hyung’s explanation, Seo Gun-hwi nodded.

The reason for joining the two unidentified people was understood.

“Anyway, we’ll keep a close eye on your younger brother so that he doesn’t do anything mean to you.”

“There’s no need to do that…”

“It’s not that difficult, so you don’t have to feel pressured.”

“Then please.”

“yes! Please leave it to me.”

Jimin bowed his head deeply and replied.



Guia slightly poked her head out between the collar of Pyowol’s neck.

While moving with Daejoo Sangdan, Gwia did not show up, taking a seat in Pyowol’s arms.

After getting the inner altar of Gyo-ryong, Gwi-a lived almost exclusively in Pyo-wol’s arms. It was extremely unusual for a ghost to appear like this.

Guia rested her head on Pyowol’s shoulder and enjoyed the warm sunlight. Even if it wasn’t, the red scales and horns glowed redder in the sunlight.


Seo Yul-hee burst into exclamation at the ghost’s appearance.

She always thought snakes were disgusting. However, the moment I saw Guia, my prejudice disappeared.

The figure of Guia enjoying the sunlight felt beautiful and mysterious.

Seo Yul-hee, without realizing it, reached out and tried to touch her ear.

Then Do Yeon-san took her hand.

“It’s better not to.”

“huh? why?”

“Guia doesn’t like being touched by other people. The only thing Gwia allows is your brother.”


Seo Yul-hee put on a sad expression. However, she soon gave up on touching her ear.

Suddenly, I thought it was strange.

Gwiah was a spiritual creature no matter who saw it.

It was a fact that everyone knew that spiritual beings never followed anyone.

The conclusion was one.

It meant that Pyowol was a great person enough for the spirits to follow.

Seo Yul-hee whispered to Do Yeon-san.

“What kind of person is your brother?”


“What kind of person are you that the spirits follow you like that?”


Do Yeon-san blurted out.

It was because he was at a loss as to how to explain it.

The existence that the ghost king of the world trusted and relied on until the end was Pyowol.

His greatness is difficult to realize for those who have not experienced it firsthand.

“You will find out later.”

Do Yeon-san was so confused.

Seo Yul-hee looked at him with a questioning expression, but he didn’t answer.

Seo Yul-hee’s eyes turned to Pyo-wol again.


At that moment, Gwia wrapped around Pyowol’s body and started to play.

Pyo-wol accepted Gwi-ah’s pampering with his back leaning on his luggage.

At first glance, it seemed that a whip made of red jewels was swinging around Pyowol’s body.

Seo Yul-hee watched as Pyo-wol and Gwi-ah exchanged sympathy as if they had gone crazy.

It was then.

Doo doo!

Suddenly the earthshaft rang.

Seo Yul-hee raised her head in surprise and saw a cloud of dust blooming in the distance.

In the sudden uproar, Guia disappeared into Pyowol’s arms.

The moon rose to the top of the load on the cart.

A cloud of dust was approaching where they were.

The dust cloud did not arise naturally. It bloomed as more than a hundred human horses galloped.

All of the warriors on the horse had weapons in their hands.

The one who came running with a weapon could not have had good intentions.

Chief Treasurer Ji Moo-hyung shouted.

“They are thieves. Prepare for battle, everyone.”


A light of tension appeared on the faces of the staff members of the Daeju Sangdan.

On the other hand, a cold smile appeared on Seo Gun-hwi’s lips.

“That’s great. Even if it wasn’t, I was free…”

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