Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 424

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 424

Episode 424

It was a procession of over twenty floats moving at once. Moreover, the cart was piled with loads like a mountain.

Of course, the speed of movement had to be slow. Daeju Sangdan moved along a large lake.

It was a lake named Lee Hae-ho.

The lake, which stretches from north to south, is shallow and rich in fish resources, so it has become a valuable food source for the people of the area.

Pyowol’s gaze turned to Lee Haeho’s other side. Then I saw a high mountain.

Even at a glance, I felt an unusual aura.

Pyowol looked around.

Just then, Jin Gwan Hak appeared.

“Hey, what is the name of that mountain?”

“You mean Jumchang Mountain?”

“Is that mountain Jeomchang Mountain?”

“exactly! It’s a famous mountain where one of the old daemun factions, the fortune-changing faction, was located.”

Jin Gwan-hak did not bother and answered with sincerity.

“Seeing that it’s in the past tense, it seems that there are no fortune tellers anymore, right?”

“I don’t know anything. The fortune-tellers perished a long time ago.”


“Do you know about the new arrangement?”

“I know.”

“Then I hope it will be easier for you to understand. Originally, the Demonic Cao in Jianghu was defeated in a big fight and fled to Yunnan Province. They established their home deep in the rain forest and ruled the area.”

“If you do, then God will have destroyed the fortune-tellers. In order to settle down in Yunnan Province, we must first get rid of the sense of place.”

“Exactly. The fortune-tellers were trampled on by the Goddess like that. Kang-ho, without any help from any literary faction. At that time, the pride of Yunnan people collapsed. To other people, it’s just one of the Gudaemun factions, but to the people here, the fortune tellers were a source of pride and spiritual support.”

Now, the name of the Gudaemun faction itself has become obsolete, but at the time, their status pierced the sky.

The difference between owning and not owning one of the Gudaemunpas was as great as heaven and earth.

When the Jeomchang Sect collapsed, the people of Yunnan were shocked as if the sky was collapsing.

“It’s a little comforting now that there is a Demon Swordsman, but it is said that the generation who experienced the collapse of the fortune teller group experienced despair.”

“Now it seems that a school called Demon Master has settled down in Mt. Jeomchang, right?”

“The Demon Swordsman’s Mansion was established by Seo Jong-myeong Daehyeop, a martial swordsman who was active during the Great War of Macheon.”

Seo Jong-myeong was the last disciple to succeed the fortuneteller’s lineage.

He played a big role in helping Li Guo to break down the new arrangement.

After the collapse of the new marriage, he returned to the old site of the fortune teller and built a manor. That manor was the chief swordsman.

Gwigeomjang has become Yunnan’s new conqueror. However, it was true that it was much lacking compared to the former point-changers.

This is because Seo Jong-myeong, who established the swordsman, was not very interested in expanding his power. At least, his son, Seomun, was resourceful and expanded his family to the present day.

“You can say that the chief swordsman is the successor of the fortune teller group.”

“Everyone in Yunnan thinks so. do you know that That Daeju Sangdanju also learned martial arts at the Demon Sword Field.”

“is it?”

“Where is the Daeju Sangdan? All the people who say they use their strength in Daeri and Kunmyeong can be said to have learned martial arts at the Demon Sword Field.”

“you are?”

“My subject, how dare you learn martial arts at a ghost gym. I just learned it at the local military rank.”

“It looks pretty solid for that kind of thing.”

“her! Do you see anything like that? Anyway, thanks for the high rating. Any more questions?”

“doesn’t exist.”

“Okay. Call again if you have any questions.”

Jin Gwan Hak went back to his place.

“Ghost Swordsman… One of the three chiefs was here.”

Sinwoljang, Ugeomsanjang, and Gwigeomjang are collectively called Samjang.

I had already experienced the Ugeom Lodge, and the Demon Chief heard the explanation from Jin Gwan-Hak. All that was left was the new moon market.

Unlike the other two manors, little is known about Shinwoljang. It was only known that it was one of the three manors, but not many people knew how it came to stand shoulder to shoulder with the other two manors.

“Someday I will meet Shinwoljang too.”

As long as you don’t leave Gangho, you will meet them someday.

Even though we hadn’t met officially, it seemed like there was no need to worry about it already.

Pyo-wol closed his eyes and surrendered himself to the shaking of the cart.

It was almost half a day later when he opened his eyes again.

“I am taking a break here today. Everyone, prepare for homelessness.”

The voice of the chief staff member Ji Moo-hyung resonated loudly.

Pyo-wol and Do-yeon-san got off the cart and prepared for the night.

“Check the tarp again and build a campfire first.”


Workers started to move in perfect order.

While they were preparing for homelessness, the checks and temporary checks checked the wagons and luggage.

Pyowol also confirmed once again that there was nothing wrong with the cart he was in charge of.

Dinner was a simple dry meal.

The merchant and the pao took their seats and ate dry food.

Then Jin Gwan-hak waved a bottle at Pyo-wol and said,

“Would you like a drink?”

“it’s okay.”

“why? If you take a sip, your whole body will be warmed up and it will be good.”

“I don’t drink at all.”

“It’s a pity that you don’t feel the greatest joy in life.”

Jin Gwan Hak showed a genuinely sad expression at Pyo Wol’s refusal.

The person next to Jingwanhak snatched the bottle and said.

“Don’t recommend someone who doesn’t drink, give it to me.”

“Drink sparingly. I don’t want to stay up all night without drinking.”


The man who took the bottle took exactly one sip and returned it.

Jin Gwan-hak looked into the bottle with one eye and checked the remaining amount. The drunken man clicked his tongue as he saw Jingwanhak like that.

“It’s a small person…”

“If it’s small, don’t drink.”

“no way! nope What’s the point… This guy’s snout is talking wildly and f*cking.”

The man playfully slapped his mouth.

Jin Gwan-hak burst into laughter at his humorous appearance.

It took at least another 15 days to reach Sichuan Province.

Even if it wasn’t, the arduous road was bound to be more difficult if you accompanied someone you didn’t like. It was fortunate that none of the temporary pavilions accompanying him seemed to be angular.

The person I was most worried about was Pyowol.

He had such a pretty face and was so reticent that he was concerned that his personality might not be sharp.

Fortunately, although he was reticent, he did not seem to have an unusual personality.

It bothered me a little that he didn’t say anything, but it was worth it.

It was then.

Doo doo!

Suddenly, I felt a strong vibration under my feet.

It was a vibration so strong that even workers who had not mastered martial arts could feel it.

Senior staff member Ji Moo-hyung jumped up and shouted.

“It’s the sound of horseshoes. Everyone, be alert.”


The treasures took up arms, and the merchants and laborers hid behind them.

After a while, people on horseback appeared through the darkness. There were five of them in all, and the energy they gave off was unusual.

Jimin shouted.

“This is where our Daeju Sangdan is sleeping, so stop and reveal your identity.”

“Did you say Daeju Sangdan?”

one of these on horseback asked with admiration.

“That’s right…”

“We are the soldiers of the demon chief.”

“Ghost swordsman?”

Jimin’s eyes widened.

It’s because they really weren’t strangers if they were the warriors of the swordsman’s field.

Since Daeju Sangdanju learned martial arts at the swordsman’s field, it could be said that he was an alumni.

At that time, a young soldier came forward among the warriors at the swordsman.

He bowed politely with a hug.

“I am Seo Gun-hwi, the owner of the Gwigeom Lodge.”

“Are you the owner? My name is Ji Moo-hyung, the chief of the Daeju Sangdan.”

“Oh, I think it was a big deal. Nice to meet you like this.”

“By the way, what’s the owner doing at night?”

“I’m ashamed, but can I be indebted to you for just one night? I came out of the swordsman’s office because I had something urgent, but I couldn’t prepare to be homeless…” “It

doesn’t matter how much you take care of yourself. It’s nothing else, it’s the swordsman’s job, so of course I have to help.”

“Thank you!”

“Everyone come this way.”

Ji Moo-hyung led Seo Gun-hwi and the others to the bonfire where he was sitting.

Seo Gun-hwi and his party tied their horses to a nearby tree and gathered around a bonfire.

The campfire light lit up their faces red.

Seo Gun-hwi, the head of the swordsman’s office, was a handsome man in his mid-twenties.

However, his eyes were sharp and his tightly pursed lips seemed very stubborn.

A girl with a similar impression was sitting next to Seo Gun-hwi. It was Seo Yul-hee, the younger brother of Seo Gun-hui.

Jimin asked cautiously.

“Did you have dinner?”

“Not yet.”

“What? Would you like to eat something dry?”

“Thank you. I will never forget this grace.”

“oh my! what is grace It doesn’t matter.”

Ji Moo hyung waved his hand.

It is regrettable to talk about grace only to this extent.

He ordered his subordinates to bring dry weight.

Seo Gun-hwi and the others chewed and ate the dried rice that Ji Mo-hyung gave them.

Everyone else ate well, but only Seo Yul-hee, a woman, ate it with a frown on her face.

“I can’t eat.”

In the end, Seo Yul-hee could not finish the dry amount and put it down.

Seo Gun-hwi frowned at him and said.

“It is precious food. Eat all of them, even if you think of the sincerity of the Great Council.”

“Then what if I can’t get over it?”


“sorry. I just can’t eat it.”

“Do whatever you want. Just keep this in mind. That this is all we are going to eat today. If I don’t eat this, I’ll have to starve myself all night long.”

Seo Gun-hwi did not accept Seo Yul-hee’s complaint.

At that, Seo Yul-hee pouted her lips.

It would be nice if she showed flexibility at this time, but her stubborn brother insists on principles even to his own blood.

I was sad for nothing.

“I just won’t eat.”

“I get it.”

Seo Gun-hwi took away the dry weight from Seo Yul-hee.

His confidant Cha Yoon-pyeong, who watched the scene from the side, spoke cautiously.

“soju! You’re still young, aren’t you setting yourself too strict?”

“It doesn’t matter how old you are. It is a matter of dory.”

“Still soju….”

“Stop it, Lord Cha!”


Cha Yoon-pyeong shut her mouth.

Seo Gun-hwi was a person who never changed his mind once he made a decision.

He was more righteous than anyone else and was firm in his principles.

Any behavior that deviated from the principles was not tolerated. Even to their own blood relatives.

Seo Gun-hwi said to Seo Yul-hee.

“So I told you not to follow me? It’s going to be hard. that it wouldn’t be a joke And yet, you insisted on following. I swear that it won’t be a nuisance or a burden. But what are you like now? Do you complain about food when you should be aware of the dryness? Can you still say that you are the daughter of a samurai?”

As if digging through the heart with a dagger, Seo Gun-hwi’s words were very sharp. Tears welled up in Seo Yul-hee’s eyes at Seo Gun-hui’s merciless attack.


In the end, Seo Yul-hee left the place in tears.


“Stay still. Don’t even comfort me.”


“It’s an order.”

“All right.”

Cha Yoon-pyeong, who was trying to follow Seo Yul-hee, pressed his butt again.

Ji Moo-hyung, caught in the middle, carefully looked at Seo Gun-hui. However, looking at Seo Gun-hwi’s tightly closed face, he did not dare to open his mouth.

Seo Gun-hwi said while taking a handful of dried rice to his mouth.

“Yulhee needs to know more about the world. It is not for the child to protect and uphold. So, never take care of it.”


“All right.”

Cha Yoon-pyeong and Ji Moo-hyung answered at the same time.

Ji Moo-hyung answered even though he was not a subordinate of Seo Gun-hui. He was swept away by the atmosphere and momentum of Seo Gun-hui.

‘I heard he’s the head of the swordsmith’s field, so he’s really amazing.’

Ji Moo-hyung admired Seo Gun-hwi, but couldn’t shake his worries about Seo Yul-hee.

His gaze followed Seo Yul-hee’s back.

Fortunately, Seo Yul-hee sat by a campfire in the distance without leaving the homeless area.

It was a place where temporarily hired staff were gathered.

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