Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 423

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 423

Episode 423

Pyowol and Doyeonsan left the inn early in the morning.

The fatigue accumulated from struggling through the rain forest was completely relieved after a full day’s sleep on a soft bed.

The place the two headed was the market near the inn.

As it is a place where so many tribes live together, the costumes of those in the market are diverse and the items for sale are also diverse.

Pyowol gave Doyeonsan a hermit and said,

“Use this to buy things you need when you are homeless.”

“all right. Can I buy something like dried rice or beef jerky?”

“right. If you buy everything you need, let’s meet again here.”


Do Yeon-san nodded vigorously.

Even when he was a demon king, he wandered the world. But at that time, I didn’t prepare something and sleep out, I just ate and slept anywhere like an animal.

Even when I woke up, I didn’t want to be so homeless.

Even if I had no choice but to be homeless, I wanted to properly prepare and rest.

Above all, he had no memory of using a hermit at will.

It was only two hermits, but the fact that he had money to spend at will made him thrilled.

Do Yeon-san ran excitedly.

Pyowol looked at his back for a moment, then slowly moved on.

Do Yeon-san will buy items for homelessness, so he had nothing to prepare. However, the market has a strange charm that makes you wander even if you don’t have anything to buy.

Pyowol was like that too.

Leaving the purchase of goods to Do Yeon-san, he looked at the goods brought by the merchants.

Most of them were items that could be easily found anywhere.

Some brought their own crops, while others sold their cattle and goats. These were common things in everyday life. However, there were also some who came out to sell unusual items.

There were also various types of necklaces that were used at home with small shamanistic meanings.

The lives of other tribes except the Baek were not so rich.

It seems that production activity is running when the number of tribal people is small. Because of the situation, I sold anything that seemed to make money.

Suddenly, Pyowol’s feet stopped in front of one person.

An old man in his seventies was selling stones.

It was a market where all sorts of items were sold, but I didn’t expect that it would come out to sell even stones.

Naturally, people were not interested in stones. The old man had a sad expression as if he hadn’t expected it to be sold.

Pyowol asked the old man.

“What is this?”

“Can’t you see? Aren’t they stones?”

“Are you trying to sell rocks?”

“Why can’t I sell it?”

The old man raised his head proudly.

“Is there anything special about it?”

“This is no ordinary stone.”

“or not?”

“It’s a stone that fell from the sky.”

“sky? Are you talking about meteorites?”

“A few days ago, the night sky suddenly brightened and this stone fell. Originally, it seemed to be a little bigger, but I can’t see if the rest of it has been burned, and only this is left. How is it? Are you willing to live?”

The old man’s voice softened.

It was judged that Pyo-wol was interested in living.

Actually, I brought a meteorite, but I thought there was little chance of selling it. No matter how much money was surplus, there was no one in Daeri who would buy a stone or something. Still, I brought it out just in case, but when Pyo-wol showed interest, I felt impatient.

Pyowol did not answer and looked at the meteorite.

It was a meteor the size of a child’s head. The amount was too small to make anything.

Pyowol was not a craftsman, so he couldn’t think of what to make with the meteorite. However, I thought that if it was the prosecution, I might be able to make something useful using meteorites.

Dang Sochu was the best craftsman Pyo-wol knew.

The meteorite that fell from the sky was not easy to obtain. This meteorite will be the best gift for Dang So-Chu.

Pyowol said.

“I’ll buy it for a hermit.”

“I should get two.”

“Looks like you have no intention of selling. it’s okay.”

Pyowol turned around without regret. Then a look of urgency appeared on the old man’s face.

“Wait a minute! don’t sell Just pay one hermit and take it all. I’ll take care of everything.”

He even wrapped the meteorite in a sack and handed it to Pyowol.

‘Will you give me a hermit for this useless stone? It’s a complete hoguguman.’

It was a pity not to receive two hermits, but one nyang was more than enough for the price.

The moment he touched the meteorite wrapped in a cloth, Pyowol was slightly surprised.


This is because the meteorite reacted to his history.

I didn’t know what the meteorite’s ingredients were, but it was unusual to react sensitively to internal forces.

Pyo-wol threw a hermit to the old man.

“Hehe! Now that thing is yours.”

The old man hurriedly left, fearing that Pyowol would ask for the hermit back.

The old man would think he made a big profit by catching some hukou, but Pyo-wol thought he made a bigger profit.

‘Sochu will like it.’

It was a party prosecution that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Even before we broke up, night jangsul had reached a great level, but I didn’t know how much it would develop now.

The meteorite bought by the old man will be a good gift for him.

Pyo-wol carried a cloth with a stone on his back.

At that time, Doyeonsan appeared with a load in both hands.

“Oh brother! What is that?”

Do Yeon-san found a wrapping cloth and asked.


“meteor? You mean the stone that fell from the sky?”

“okay! Are you interested?”

Do Yeon-san was also an apprentice at a workshop.

He also had some pretty great talents.

Do Yeon-san shook her head.

“no. I am not interested anymore.”


“I will never be able to go back to that time again.”

If he had been in the past, he would have been interested in meteorites. But now, the martial arts of the ghost king were imprinted on his body.

It was not easy to go back to the difficult and arduous life of a craftsman when he could more easily produce strong power.

“Such a precious thing should be given to a really proper artisan. A half-penny like me can’t handle it and dirty it.”

“You are not half a penny.”

“As a craftsman, half a penny is right.”

Do Yeonsan clearly defined herself. It shows that there is no regret.

Pyo-wol, who confirmed Do Yeon-san’s feelings, did not ask any more.

Do Yeon-san looked at the Pyo-wol for a while and said as if she remembered it.

“It is said that there is a company that will depart for the Saints tomorrow.”


“yes! It’s a pretty big guild, but they say they’re recruiting people right now.”


“It seems that the riots in Jiangxi have an effect here.”

“Then it wouldn’t hurt to go with them.”

“lol! So I applied in advance.”

“Did you allow it?”

“I allowed it.”

Of course, I showed my skills for a while.

There was no group that would hire a 16-year-old boy with no ability, no matter how short the people were.

Do Yeon-san showed the person in charge of recruiting Bo-pyo how to break a rock at once. That made it easy to get hired.

“When are you leaving?”

“This afternoon.”

“Then you should go now.”


The two of them shoulder to shoulder and headed to the top where the treasure was recruited.

Daeju Sangdan (大珠商團).

That was the name of the top leaving today.

In front of the top, five newly hired staff were waiting.

All of them were warriors who said they were taking a break from acting.


One of the soldiers was surprised to see Pyowol and Doyeonsan.

He approached the two of them.

“No, did you also join the Daeju Merchant?”

The person talking to him was the person who had been talking in the inn where Pyo-wol had stayed the night before.

In the end, it seemed that they had chosen the top flight safely heading to Chengdu instead of heading to Gangseoseong.

Pyo-wol’s appearance was so glamorous that the man remembered it even though he had only seen it once.

Pyowol asked.

“That one?”

“ah! My name is Jin Gwan Hak. What is your name?”

“The moon!”

“It sounds like a cool name. Anyway, nice to accompany you. I wish you well in the future.”

Jin Gwan-hak did not know about Pyo-wol.

Dae-ri was too far from Kang-ho.

Because he was cut off from the outside world, rumors of Kang-ho were transmitted late, and even if he had heard rumors about Pyowol, it was difficult to believe that he was the same person as the man in front of him.

I just had a curious thought.

It was because Pyowol’s face was too pretty to do such a rough job.

Even at a glance, it seems that he has grown beautifully, but I was already worried about whether he would be able to do hard work like Bo-pyo.

‘no way! What are your concerns about my topic? Let me do well.’

Jin Gwan-hak thought so and went back to his place.

At that time, the door of Daeju Sangdan was wide open, and those who left to go up came out.

There were more than 20 carts full of luggage, and more than 30 people including merchants and unmanned chores.

The chief guard in charge of escorting the upper ranks approached those who were waiting outside.

“Nice to meet you! I am Ji Moo-hyung, the chief staff member. You can follow my instructions from now on.”


“Just give me orders.”

The temporarily hired staff answered in unison.

It is temporary employment right now, but if it looks good to Ji Moo-hyung, it could become an official bo-pyo in the future.

There was a huge gap between the temporary staff and the formal staff that could not be bridged. There is no comparison in treatment and remuneration.

Ji Moo-hyung said to the temporary staff.

“You guys are in charge of the carts in the rear.”

If you think that riding a cart pulled by horses and oxen will be comfortable, you are mistaken. When it rained, they had to be covered with tarpaulins to protect them, and they had to be extra careful not to lose things.

In fact, even chores were required. Still, there were people willing to do it.

There weren’t many jobs that paid that much.

The temporary staff headed for the cart at the rear without a word.

“for a moment! you!”

Ji Moo-hyung suddenly called Pyo-wol.

When Pyowol stopped, Ji Moo-hyung looked up and down.

“The staff job is pretty tough, but can you do it?”

“I’ve been through a lot, so don’t worry.”

“Is it real? If you’re lying about being hired for no reason, get out of here. Then you won’t be offended.”

I was saying this because Pyo-Wol’s appearance was so fine.

Pyowol smiled and said.

“I’ll probably do better than you.”

“Are you sure?”

“If you watch, you will know.”

“Good! I won’t forget what you just said. Go see.”

Jimin waved his hand.

It was a very rude gesture, but I didn’t pay much attention to the mark.

I was going to only accompany the saints anyway.

When I arrived at Chengdu, I would never see her again, but there was no reason to be offended.

Pyowol’s cart was at the very rear.

The horse-drawn cart was loaded with luggage. Still, there was room for people to ride.

Do Yeon-san said to Pyo-wol.

“I will drive my brother’s horse.”

“Can you?”

“want to do.”

Do Yeon-san’s face was full of excitement.

Looking at his face, I realized that he was still a young boy.

For a boy of that age, there was no bigger dream than driving a horse himself.

It was not unusual to get excited simply by driving a horse-drawn cart.

Pyowol said.

“Keep a tight grip on the reins. If you want to go left, pull left; if you want to go right, pull right. If you want to stop…”

“You can just pull back, right?”


“all right. I think I know how to do it. Please leave it to me.”


Pyo-wol obediently yielded the reins to Do-yeon-san and went to the luggage compartment.

After pushing the luggage to prepare a seat, I put my butt on.


The excited voice of Doyeonsan came from the front. And the cart started to move.

Pyowol leaned his back on Jim and closed his eyes.

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