Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 422

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 422

Episode 422

The name of the city is Dairi.

Dali was a large city within a few fingers of Yunnan Province.

The moment they entered Dae-ri, Pyo-wol and Do-yeon-san realized that they had finally returned to the human world.

The clothes of people living in Dae-ri were also diverse. So many tribes live together.

The streets of Daeri were as bustling as the cities of Gangho.

There were numerous shops and stalls along the street, and many people were doing business.

“Cut it down a bit.”

“There is nothing left. If you’re not going to buy it, go somewhere else.”

“no way! Don’t do that…”

“I won’t sell it for that price.”

Hearing the loud voices of traders strangely put my mind at ease.

Even though the strangers Pyowol and Doyeonsan came in, people didn’t even pay attention to them.

Daeri was a city where major pipelines intersected.

Of course, many people came and went every day.

With so many people coming in and going out, adding two more people doesn’t particularly stand out.


Do Yeonsan took a deep breath.

As I breathed in the city air, I realized that I was really out of the rain forest.

Pyowol said.

“Let’s rest here today, get ready, and start tomorrow.”


The two found the largest and most luxurious inn in Daeri.

After living in the rain forest for a long time, I wanted to take a proper rest.

According to Pyowol’s experience, the bigger and more luxurious the guest cup, the higher the chance of receiving good treatment.


The owner of the inn greeted the two.

They were two people who lived in the rain forest for a long time and were dressed in ragged clothes. Because of that, the owner of the inn unknowingly made a slight impression.

Pyo-wol threw two silver coins to the owner of the inn and said,

“Give me two for the best room.”


The owner of the inn answered with a smile as if he had never made an impression.

The owner personally escorted the two into the room.

“These are the best rooms in our inn. The bed was new recently, so it should be very comfortable.”

“A water bath?”

“I will tell the jeomsoi to prepare immediately.”

“I have one more thing to prepare.”


Pyowol threw a hermit at him again and said,

“Buy me new clothes. Both me and this guy.”

“All right.”

One hermit could buy more than ten new clothes.

If he bought two suits, the owner of the inn could take the remaining money.

The owner of the inn said with a smile.

“I will prepare it so that you can put it on right after you finish bathing. Then wash up and come out.”

The owner of the inn smiled and left.

Pyowol said to Doyeonsan.

“Let’s meet again after taking a bath.”



The two closed the door and went into their respective rooms.

As the inn owner said, the room was pretty good.

The bed was also new, and the old-fashioned decoration was full of elegance.

Pyo-wol looked around the room for a while and took off his amryongpo.

The Amryongpo, which had been worn for a long time, was worn as if to prove the fierce battle Pyowol had suffered.

The efficacy of blood fire and blood water has long since disappeared, and its function as clothing has almost been lost.

Now it was time to send Amryongpo.

Pyowol caused Samadhi evolution. Then, the Amryongpo was instantly burned and turned into a handful of ashes.

Gwi-ah came out of Pyo-wol’s arms and settled down on the bed.

Pyo-wol looked at Gwi-a, who fell into a deep sleep with her coils wrapped around her. Whilst breaking through the rain forest, Gwia was actively feeding.

Guia caught and ate countless poisons. I needed a lot of sleep to digest the poisons I had eaten so far.

The more the poison was digested, the darker the color of the horns on Guia’s head grew.

It was a ghost that absorbed even the inner edge of the dragon.

It’s been a long time since I got out of the category of simple spiritual objects.

‘I don’t know if this guy will become a dragon at this rate.’

Pyo-wol smiled involuntarily.

It’s funny to think that this little guy might become a giant dragon.

It was then.

“I have water in the bathtub.”

A voice was heard from outside.

When I opened the door where Jeomsoi’s voice was heard and entered, the wooden bathtub was filled with hot water.

“Good work.”

Pyowol threw a coin to Jeomsoi.

“Hi-Hi! thank you.”

Jeom So-yi nodded to Pyo-wol and went outside.

He took off the clothes he was wearing and went into the bathtub.

After soaking in warm water for a long time, my whole body was tired.

Pyo-wol enjoyed the drowsiness while lying in the bathtub.

It was almost half an hour before he got out of the bathtub.

Outside the door where the bathtub was, the clothes that Jeomsoi had brought were placed.

Pyo-wol took her clothes and returned to the room where Gwi-ah was.

The clothes Jeomsoi had put on fit perfectly, as if she had personally measured Pyowol. The owner of the guesthouse seemed to have a good eye for it.

Pyo-wol, who had changed into new clothes, said to the sleeping Gwi-ah.

“Get some rest. I will eat and come back.”

I could see the ghost wagging its tail.

It was Guia’s own answer.

Pyowol left Guia alone and came down to the first floor.


Doyeonsan, who finished bathing first, took her seat and waved.

Doyeonsan said as Pyowol sat down.

“I ordered food first. I didn’t know what my brother would like so I ordered several. Are you okay?”

“Good job.”


Doyeonsan laughed.

Now, there are a lot of laughs, probably because the wounds in my heart have disappeared.

Pyo-wol thought his appearance was pretty good.

“Whee! A man, right?”


Exclamations of exclamations erupted from nearby tables.

People who saw Pyo-wol’s appearance unknowingly let out exclamations. When Pyowol looked at him to see if he was polite, he hurriedly shut his mouth and put on an apologetic expression.

Pyowol’s appearance definitely set him apart from the people here. So it was bound to get more attention.

Sixty percent of the people in Dali were Baek, and the remaining four were occupied by various minor tribes.

At least, the skin of the Baek tribe was on the white side, while the skin of the other tribesmen was dark. That’s why the white pyowol couldn’t help but stand out.

At least, people were polite and tried not to pay attention to Pyowol if possible. It was proof that they were still pure.

That was quite different from Kangho.

Do Yeon-san said with a smile that she felt the same way.

“I think people here are really naive. If it was Kang Ho, many people would have already started fighting.”

“It certainly seems so.”

“In my heart, I want to live here.”

“It’s okay. If you really want…”

“I’ll think about it.”

The answer was yes, but Doyeonsan had no intention of living here.

I didn’t know anyone, and I didn’t even know much about this place.

I will have to settle down someday, but I still wanted to settle down in an area I knew even a little bit about.

While the two were talking, Jeom So-yi approached with a tray full of food.

“The food is out.”

Excluding Chan, there were more than five dishes.

Do Yeon-san said with a shy expression.

“I heard that the food tastes great, so I was curious and ordered this and that… It’s a bit much, isn’t it?”

“No, it is appropriate.”


Do Yeon-san smiled and raised the chopsticks.

Pyo-wol also started eating with chopsticks.

Because the climate is hot, the food was salty and spicy. Still, the two really enjoyed their meal.

Compared to what I ate in the rain forest, it was truly a delicacy.

Pyowol tasted the food little by little, and Doyeonsan ate it in a hurry.

The two looked quite contrasting, but at the same time, they seemed to go well together.

The people nearby stopped paying attention to the two and focused on their conversation.

“The Daeryung Pyoguo says they are recruiting pilots, but I’m thinking of applying as well.”

“A great sign country?”

“A lot of new voters were selected to go on a ticket to Gangseo this time. Wouldn’t it be easy for me to be chosen?”

“I want to dry it.”


“Is it because you really don’t know?”

The man who was talking looked at his colleague with a pitiful look.

His eyes caught my heart, and the colleague asked cautiously.

“Is there any reason?”

“I am very dark at the news of this friend, Kang-ho.”

“Huh! Don’t keep teasing me and tell me clearly.”

“I’ll tell you if I buy you a drink.”

“Good! I’ll pay for everything I eat here. So tell me.”

“Kuhm! Then wash your ears well and listen carefully. Now, Gangseo Castle and its surroundings are not even a mess.”

“Are you upset?”

The man gave a slightly annoyed look at his colleague’s stupid reaction. His name is Muin, but he didn’t know much about what was going on in the world.

“Now there is a big fight going on there, reminiscent of the Gangho War.”

“Oh no way?”

“That’s why the whole gangho went crazy.”

“Are you really that tidy?”

“Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe, and the munpa and warriors related to them got mixed up and a big fight broke out. Their fight was so fierce that Lake Poyang was stained red with their blood. They say it’s gotten so many victims that it can’t be stopped anymore. So, if you want to follow Daerung Pyoguo to Jiangxi Province, you will really have to risk your life.”

“That’s why the Great Dragon Pyoguo is recruiting new pyojis.”

“Yes. You know they’re dangerous too. That’s why I’m trying to reinforce my power.”


“If you get caught up in a real fight, they’ll throw ignorant rookies like you as a sacrifice and get away. So, listen to me and don’t enter the Daerung Pyoguo. People like us always have to avoid chaos in order to live a long time.”

“Thank you! If it wasn’t for you, my life would have been in danger.”

“If you know, do the math.”

“Is it possible? I’ll buy it for dinner tonight, so feel free to eat it.”

A colleague said with an expression that he had passed the hardship.

The man poured a drink into a glass and said.

“People with mediocre martial arts like us better not set foot in such a mess at all. It’s easy to get swept away and be the first to lose your life.”

“I’ll have to look for another sign other than the Great Reign.”

“That’s right. If you’re short on money, look for a company or signpost that goes to Sichuan Province. It is relatively safe there.”

“Okay. You mean Sichuan?”

As if the colleague knew important information, he repeated ‘Szechuan’ several times.

Their voices were also heard by Pyowol and Doyeonsan.

Do Yeon-san put down her chopsticks and said.

“It looks like there is a big uproar. To think that it might turn into a strong war. What if a real strong war breaks out?”

Do Yeon-san trembled as if just imagining it was terrifying.

He was lucky enough to get the ghost king’s martial arts, but his mental age was still only fifteen or six years old.

Gangho Daejeon was such a frightening word for a young boy.

I didn’t know how many people would die and get hurt again. Among them, Do Yeon-san could have known someone.

I had already eaten all the food, but my appetite was gone.

Pyowol also put down his chopsticks.

The contents of the conversation between the men were shocking, but it did not give Pyo-wol much inspiration.

‘It goes like this after all.’

He had already expected this to happen.

The clash between the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe was not simply a battle of interests between the players.

The interests of countless munpa and warriors were entangled in it.

I don’t know if it didn’t start at all, but once the fight started, I could never stop it.

The fight between the two groups of equipment will attract many people like a quagmire.

‘Eventually, the Great War will happen.’

That too in the near future.

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