Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 421

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 421

Episode 421

Doyeonsan collapsed from exhaustion after crying all night that day.

It was as the king said.

Doyeonsan’s consciousness was awake.

It was only that he was unable to express his body because he was possessed by the ghost king, but he was able to know everything the ghost king saw and heard.

Do Yeon-san thought he was being punished.

Countless people killed to avenge their brother and family.

There must have been innocent people among them. So I tried to be patient, thinking that heaven was punishing me. However, his patience was gradually wearing out in the cell without bars.

Eventually, when I couldn’t stand it anymore and went crazy, a hand of salvation came down.

The ghost king who had taken control of his body had disappeared.

Looking at the body moving at will, Do Yeon-san made an expression of disbelief.

I don’t know how many times I’ve woken up.

When he woke up and saw that his hands and feet were moving at their own pace, he fell asleep with relief. And repeated to wake up again.

It wasn’t until three days after Do Yeon-san came to her senses that she fully accepted her situation.

“Thank you bro. Can I call you big brother?”

“Do whatever you feel like.”

“Thank you very much. Really…”

“What are you going to do next?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t you want to go back to Taihu?”

“Not at all.”

Do Yeon-san shook her head.

He’s already had his revenge.

There was no reason to go back to Taeho, where only painful memories remained.

Do Yeon-san said cautiously.

“Can I follow you for a while?”


“yes! I want to follow him and organize my thoughts.”

“Do it.”

“really? thank you.”

Do Yeon-san let out a sigh of relief. If Pyo-wol had refused, it was because he had nowhere to go and no place to turn to.

With Pyo-wol’s permission, Do Yeon-san fell asleep safely.

Pyowol left Doyeonsan in the cave and came out. Outside the cave, Agave was smoking wild boar meat for a while.

It is to remove all the greasy parts and leave only the lean meat to make jerky.

Her clothes were a mess from preparing the boar meat. It was full of boar’s blood and fat. Still, she didn’t care.

It was something I couldn’t even imagine when I was in Amipah.

At that time, it was not allowed to slaughter or smoke, let alone catch the esophagus.

Pyowol thought that the current appearance of the agave suited him quite well.

“Ah, did you come out?”

Belatedly, Agave felt Pyol’s presence and turned around.

“Are you making jerky?”

“You will be leaving soon. So, eat it when you go.”

“you are?”

“I have to go back to the village.”

“Are you going back?”

“Because it was attached.”

“Are you not going to come back to Ganghoen again?”

“I might go out someday. But now I have no intention of doing that. I am very satisfied with my life in the village. I don’t want to break the peace of mind I feel right now.”

Agave’s voice was very low. But there was a firm belief in it.

Pyowol respected her decision. So I didn’t ask any more.

Agave stared at Pyowol’s face for a moment.

It was dirty because I couldn’t wash it properly, but it was still beautiful.

Yongseolran unconsciously reached out and touched Pyowol’s face. Pyowol did not avoid her touch.

Agave’s eyes, looking at the moon, contained complex emotions. There are so many emotions mixed together that even she herself can’t fathom.

Agave planted her hand and said.



“Thinking that we will break up tomorrow, I became emotional without even realizing it. I’ll just go.”

“Aren’t you going with me tomorrow?”

“I think if we stay together for one more day, it will be that much harder to part. I’ll just leave now. Take all the jerky.”

“you are?”

“I don’t need it. It’s a village in a few more days.”

“is it?”

“Later, even if by chance, I will stop by the village when I pass by this area. I’ll treat you to a warm meal.”


The moon did not catch her.

Interfering in Agave’s life any more than this was not good for her either.

“Give my regards to Yeonsan.”


“I’ll go.”

The agave stared at Pyowol’s face for a moment.

Seeing Pyowol’s features, she gently bit her lip. Some unknown lingering gripped her.

In an instant, the agave flew away.

It cut off the last lingering attachment.

Pyowol silently watched the back of the agave plant disappearing into the forest.


Pyowol sighed and moved to the cave. And I sat at the entrance of the cave and waited for Doyeon Mountain to break.

Do Yeon-san slept as if she had fainted.

He woke up after a full day of sleep.

“Your brother or sister?”

Realizing that the agave was nowhere to be seen, Doyeonsan asked Pyowol.

“I went first.”


“okay! I said hello to you and went first.”

“That’s too bad. I wanted to see you in person and say hello.”

“Do you have any memories from when you were the ghost king?”

“To some extent.”

“Then you can find the village where she was. Come visit me later and say hello.”

“That would be fine.”

“How is your body?”

“I’m fine now. I have completely adapted.”

It’s definitely my body, but it feels like it’s not my body.

Doyeonsan has been like that for the past few days.

Because of that, he had to struggle to adapt to his body.

I don’t know if it’s because I had a good night’s sleep, but now the sense of difference has completely disappeared.

I felt that I had completely recovered my body.

“Then let’s move.”

“You mean right now?”

“I’m fed up with the forest now.”

“Me too.”

Do Yeon-san agreed with Pyo-wol’s words.

It has already been ten days since I entered the rain forest.

Meanwhile, they slept on the floor and satiated their hunger with unseasoned meat.

No matter how accustomed they are to being homeless and not choosing food, at this point, they miss proper accommodation and food.

Do Yeon-san asked.

“But where are you going?”


“yes? If it’s in the north of Yunnan…”

“Yes! Sichuan Province is adjacent.”

“Is there any special reason for going to Sichuan?”

“It’s like home to me.”

Chengdu had his home. And there were Dangsochu and Eunyo in his house.

I missed them because it’s been a long time since I left home.

“I’m curious. where it is.”

“I wonder what would have happened to me too.”

“Come on.”


The two of them left the cave they had been in so far, shoulder to shoulder.


It was not easy to get out of Yunnan’s lush rainforest without a guide. If an ordinary person had fallen into the middle of the rain forest without any preparation, they would have lost their way and died of starvation or poisoned water.

The rain forest was a land of beasts and poisons.

Nevertheless, Pyowol and Doyeonsan were not seriously harmed.

Originally, Pyowol was not affected by poison, and Doyeon Mountain was also strangely avoided by poison.

Not only that.

Clearly, Doyeonsan had not learned martial arts.

If he had learned martial arts, he would not have taken revenge on his brother and family in such a difficult way. But now he was moving at a speed that was not inferior to Pyowol.

It is to perform a light technique.

It wasn’t something I was aware of.

His body remembered.

The spirit of the ghost king disappeared, but the martial arts he performed were imprinted on Doyeonsan’s body.

Although he couldn’t exert as much power as the ghost king, he had skills that were much higher than that of quite a few masters.

Do Yeon-san looked at her hands as if she was curious.

I swung my hand as a test, and the huge rock shattered. It was obviously something he had done, but he couldn’t believe it.

Even the beautiful tree was cut in two at once.

“and! Crazy.”

Pyowol said to him as he shook his head.

“Before you leave the rain forest, practice controlling your air power. If you do it wrong, the little people could change their lives in your hands.”


Do Yeon-san nodded and suddenly looked at Pyo-wol.


“By the way, how do you control gong power?”

Do Yeon-san did not know how to use air power at all.

Because I’ve never had any formal martial arts training.

It was the same even now.

It wasn’t conscious and martial arts. It was just naturally permeated with energy through hand gestures and exerting its power.

Because of the situation, I had no idea how to control my inner energy.

It was the first time such a case had happened to Pyowol, so he couldn’t make up his mind what to do. However, it also came up with a solution within a short time.

“For now, divide your strength into ten equal parts.”


“The idea is to start by adjusting the strength by dividing it into ten stages.”

“Ah, okay.”

Do Yeon-san realized Pyo-wol’s intention and nodded.

“It is important to know for sure how much power you can exert at maximum.”


Do Yeon-san responded and swung her fist with all her might.


A rock the size of a house shattered with the explosion.

Do Yeon-san muttered as she looked at her fists.

“This is the power that can be exerted right now.”

After wiggling his fingers for a while, he reduced his strength a bit and hit another rock.


Another rock shattered with an explosion.

The shattered particles were much larger than the last rock that had completely turned to dust.

“This time…”

Doyeonsan threw herself in search of another rock.

Pyowol silently watched what Doyeonsan was doing.

In Pyowol’s eyes, Doyeonsan’s movement had too many unnecessary unnecessary things. Air power management was also inefficient. But it couldn’t be perfect from the start.

He had to learn how to control his power in his own way as he had martial arts unlike others.


Another rock was smashed.

Animals and birds, frightened by the explosion, ran out in all directions.

An untimely disaster befell the beasts of the rain forest. Some thunderclap gets excited and smashes their dwelling to pieces.

Pyowol did not stop Doyeonsan.

There was no training ground as good as this one.

There was no need to care about people’s eyes, and no one argued that rocks and trees were destroyed.

All Pyowol had to do was to guide Doyeonsan so that it would not go to the wrong place.

So the two of them advanced through the rain forest.

Do Yeon-san gradually realized about her own power.

How much power you can exert your full power and how much power you can reduce to the minimum.

That’s how I came to know about my own strength and was able to control it.

As Pyo-wol said, he couldn’t divide it into 10 equal parts, but he was able to control his strength by dividing it into at least five levels.

That alone was a great development.


A huge tree fell in two pieces vertically.

Through the broken tree, two people appeared.

It was Pyowol and Doyeonsan.

Do Yeon-san burst into exclamations.


A different landscape unfolded before his eyes.

After the weary rain forest, a large lake appeared. And beyond the lake, a huge city was seen.

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