Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 420

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 420

Episode 420

Pyowol’s gaze turned to the left.

The ghost king was stuck at the root of a beautiful giant tree that had broken off.

A large hole had been pierced in the ghost king’s chest, and dark red blood was pouring out. Blood continued to flow, as if the regenerative power to instantly recover even the slightest wound was not enough.

The police officer suppressed his regenerative power with magic.

However, the condition of the guardsmen was not good either.

Pyowol turned his head to the right. The miserable appearance of the guardsmen came into view.

The sight of the policeman impaled on a rock with his limbs bent in grotesque directions was truly horrifying.

His stomach had been ripped open like an animal’s claw, and his intestines were leaking. It was impossible for even a master with great magic to survive after suffering such a wound.


The police officer struggled to get up somehow. However, it was impossible to move even with such a wound.

“This I… die here? Nonsense. How much work do you have left to do? It’s all because of you. If only you hadn’t killed Kyoryong…”

The police officer’s gaze turned to Pyowol.

He looked at the moon with cursed eyes.

Even if Pyo-Wol hadn’t intervened, he thought it would be a battle that he would have won if only Gyo-Ryong had been intact.

“I should have killed you when we first met…”

Pyo-wol approached the police officer. Then the police officer struggled even more.

The appearance of the police officer who stretched his neck and tried to bite the pyowol was no different from that of a demon.

Pyowol knelt down on one knee at a distance from him.

At that moment, in Pyo-wol’s arms, Gwi-a pouted her head.

Seeing the horns sprouting from his head, the light of greed flashed in the policeman’s eyes.

“That guy has absorbed the inner layer of the dragon dragon. come to me.”

He tried to stretch his broken arm toward Guia. However, his arm, which had torn bones and muscles, did not move as intended.

“Shit! I mean give him up. It’s a spiritual creature, so if you catch and eat it, you’ll be able to heal my wounds.”

The appearance of the gyeongmusaeng who used evil reminded me of a demon.

His red eyes were fixed on Guia.

He believes that if he can only eat ghosts, he will be able to heal his wounds in an instant.

To the police officer, a spirit object was such a being.

You can use and sacrifice for yourself at any time.

It was so unfair to die like this.

It wasn’t that he studied magic so tenaciously in order to die in vain.

Pyowol opened his mouth.

“Ears are not a thing.”

“What about a snake? oh i see You guys are trying to catch me. yes? So you’re not giving it?”

“I’d rather die if I die. I won’t eat my friends.”

“friend? What kind of friend is a snake?”

“There’s no law saying you have to be friends only with humans.”

“Hehe! 헛소리를…. 개새끼!”

“The b*stard is you. Because you’ve tampered with people’s souls.”

“What big deal is that? Humans evolve that way. Touching this and that, trying this and that… Even if you fail, you have to challenge like that to develop.”

Even if it wasn’t so, the red police officer’s eyes were full of blood.

He glared at the moon with mad eyes.

“You better save me. If I die, Cheonmujang will come after you.”

“Is Cheonmujang the incarnation of God’s Provision?”

“Hehe! Did you find out there?”

“The cervical month left a record.”

“right. It is Cheonmujang that Shin Ma-ryun changed its appearance.”

The police officer answered meekly.

Because I realized that it would be useless to deny it now.

If you had seen the records of Gyeongchuwol, you would have known all the truth.

Pyowol said.

“What I’m curious about is Guryongsalmak. Does Guryongsalmak have anything to do with Cheonmujang?”

“Hehe! You mean those nine-headed serpents?”

“I knew that too.”

“Somehow I found out. Because there is no place that does not get involved in becoming rich.”

“Is it related to Guryongsalmak Cheonmujang?”

“Hehe! Thousand Armed Forces? Rather, it has to do with the preparation of God.”

“Isn’t that the same thing?”

“You want to think about it. Hehe!”

Perhaps because he was about to die, the police officer’s voice drained of poison. So I didn’t know if he would give me an easy answer.

It was then.


There was the sound of something dragging.

Pyo-wol turned his head to see the ghost king crawling towards the police officer.

The appearance of the ghost king struggling to approach with a hole in his chest was terrifying.

The police officer laughed at the ghost king.

“Kuhhh! After all, it’s great… that’s right. it’s a masterpiece If only you had acted according to my will, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“I am… human.”

“human? It is something beyond humanity.”

“No, I am human. A human being who breathes just like you and has free will.”

“Did your memory come back?”

A suspicious light flashed on the police officer’s face.

Because the ghost king was never the one to say such a thing.


The ghost king let out a strange laugh and lay down next to the police officer.

They were two people who had been fighting all their lives. Of course, the hostility towards each other was great. But at this moment, there was no hatred on their faces.

I don’t know if it’s because I feel that my life is over.

The ghost king opened his mouth.

“My name is Guk Sa-hwan.”

“National envoy?”

“Ilwoljinma (日月眞魔), State Sahwan. One of the Ten Blooded Demons of Shin-Ma-Ryun and the confidant of Go Geom-Wol. That is me.”

The voice that came out of the ghost king’s mouth belonged to someone else.

He looked up at the sky with unfocused eyes as if searching for an old memory.

The police officer was surprised.

“You were a member of the Ten Blooded Demons?”

“Yes. and i died In the hands of Gwangmumunju Lee Gwak…”

Even now, the memories of that time came to my mind clearly.

The eerie feeling of Lee Gwak’s sword piercing his own heart.

“But I wasn’t completely out of breath. Ilwolmagong protected his heart and maintained a single breath. You’re in a kind of deep apnea. My subordinate brought me to the training ground. Just to bury it in the site of the new preparation. You must have thought that you were loyal to others.”

After burying Sa-Hwan, he left in tears, and Sa-Hwan spent a long time in a state of suspended animation.

No matter how much he protected his heart with Sun-Wol-Magong, it was impossible to fully recover it, so he fell into a state of deep suspended animation. It was Gyeongmusaeng who discovered such a state fortune teller.

In this way, Sa-Hwan Guk was made a ghost king by Gyeongmu-saeng.

With almost no memories of the past.

The police officer smiled dejectedly.

“Hehe! Could it be that the demon king I made with my own hands was a member of the Ten Blooded Demons? It must be a prank from heaven.”

The Siphyeolma was not only a god but also a loyal subject of Cheonmujang.

Although only a few knew about it.

‘Is it natural to be punished like this for making such a loyal subject into a ghost king?’

The police officer closed his eyes.

I was so frustrated that I couldn’t speak.

The ghost king left such a police officer behind and turned his attention to Pyo-wol.

“Pyowol! thanks. For keeping your promise.”

“Are you okay?”

“what? You mean dying?”


“I have already died a long time ago. Now I am just a specter.”

“So, are you really going to die?”

“Yes. The magic of reverse heaven is broken, so I have to go back to nothingness. But I am the only one who dies.”

“What do you mean?”

“The owner of this body cries every day.”

“Wasn’t it extinct?”

“It gave me the initiative of the body and was sealed. Now I realize that I was crying every day deep inside my body.”

“Is it true?”

“Is there no reason to lie?”

The ghost king turned his head again and looked at the police officer.

“You and I lived in delusion. I would have been more comfortable if I had died then. To be a dead man and wander for a long time like this.”

If there were eyes of a person who instantly realized the Way, they would be like the eyes of a ghost king now.

All the turbid energy disappeared and only a clear and clean energy remained.

At that time, the police officer suddenly exploded the angcheon light source.

“Ha ha ha! It’s futile. It’s futile! What on earth did I learn magic for?”

Suddenly his voice cut off.

it’s out of breath

The ghost king closed his eyes.

“after! I must go now.”

At that moment, the ghost king’s pierced chest slowly began to heal.

“Are you burning your soul to heal your wounds?”

It was something he could do because he was a ghost king.

Because he keeps another soul inside his body, he is willing to burn it.

“I can rest now. Now…”

A faint smile appeared on the ghost king’s lips.

After that, the ghost king stopped moving.

Pyo-wol looked down at the police officer and the ghost king without a word. An agave came close to him.

“I really didn’t know they had a story like this. It seems that there really is a heavenly principle. To die in the same place after all.”

Pyowol nodded his head wordlessly.

Officers and the King of Ghosts.

The two people who were chased and chased for the rest of their lives eventually met their end in the same place.


Suddenly, flames rose from the police officer’s corpse.

The flames soon engulfed his entire corpse.

He didn’t want to leave his body behind when he died. It was because he thought that others might play with his corpse as he did. So, he put magic on his body so that he would burn his body as soon as he stopped breathing.

It was the end of a police officer’s life.

Pyowol held the ghost king in his arms before the fire spread.

The police officer’s body instantly turned into a handful of ashes and was blown away by the wind.


Even after the death of the police officer, Pyo-wol did not leave the ruins.

He and Agave found a cave and laid the body of the ghost king inside and took care of it.

His physical wounds were completely healed, but for some reason he was unable to regain consciousness.

I wanted to move to a bustling city, but I couldn’t touch it because I didn’t know what would happen if I gave it a shock.

Agave took care of the ghost king with utmost sincerity.

Pyowol went hunting.

Fortunately, the rain forest was rich in various animals and poisons.

While Pyo-wol hunted animals, Gwi-a caught and ate poisonous water.

Gwiah’s horns grew noticeably each time he ate poisonous water.

“Let’s go, ear!”

Pyo-wol called the ghost in the middle of the forest.

At his feet lay a rather large wild boar.

It was the guy Pyowol hunted and caught.

It was quite large and well-fed, so it looked like it could live without worrying about food for at least five days.

After a while, Gwiah appeared in response to Pyowol’s call.

Guia climbed up on Pyowol’s feet.

Also, it seemed that the horns of the gwia had grown a little bigger, as if it had eaten the poison.

Pyo-wol caressed Gwi-a for a while before putting her in his arms. Then, carrying the wild boar on his shoulder, he headed for the cave.

The forest was so dense that it was impossible to see an inch ahead. It was so overgrown with thickets that the average person soon lost his sense of direction. However, Pyowol did not hesitate even once and walked straight ahead.

Having lived here for a long time, he has a perfect knowledge of the topography.

After a while he arrived in front of the cave.

An agave plant was waiting for him in front of the cave.

“He’s a pretty big guy.”

“You won’t have to worry about food for a while.”

“I guess so. Put it down. I will dismantle it.”



Pyowol threw the boar to the ground with an answer.

Agave took out a small sword from her boar and approached the boar.

When Pyowol came hunting, it was her role to prepare and cook it.

Now that I’m used to it, I was able to dismantle a wild boar of this size in an instant.

It was time for Agave to bring the dagger to the boar’s neck.


Suddenly, a chuckle was heard from inside the cave.

Pyowol and Agave stopped moving and looked at the cave.

At that moment, a boy of about fifteen or six years of age walked out of the cave.

was the king

He looked at the moon with his hand at the entrance of the cave.



The ghost king, or Doyeonsan, burst into tears.

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