Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 419

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 419

Episode 419

“What Happened?”

The agave winked at its large eyes.

A look of bewilderment was evident on her face.

Pyo-wol could not hide his puzzled expression at the unexpected appearance.

They were greeted with traces of destruction comparable to that of a major earthquake. If a major earthquake really occurred, the stone chamber they were in would have completely collapsed.

Pyowol took a closer look at the overturned earth.

As a result, we were able to quickly find out what had happened here.

“Two absolute masters collided here.”

“What if you are an absolute stick?”

“One must be the Demon King. And the other one…”

You will know when you see it with your own eyes.

It was then.


A roar erupted from the other side of the ruins.

The beasts jumped out in amazement, and the birds soared high into the sky.

Through the scattering dust, I could see two figures.

They crashed high in the sky through the dust.



Those who screamed and clashed were the ghost king and the life-and-death passenger Gyeongmu-saeng.

“Did you follow me all the way here?”

“Who is the author?”

“Life and Death!”

“A life and death guard officer? You mean one of the eight constellations?”


“oh my god!”

Agave covered her mouth with both hands.

They were the best masters of Palseongjwa-myeon Gangho.

Although he did not belong to a huge clan like Lee Kang or Sammun Sampae, he enjoyed a reputation comparable to them through his individual strength.

Among them, the ghost king and the saengsaeng were very special beings.

This is because they were absolute masters located at the top of the eight stars in the sky.

“Why are they fighting?”

It was a natural question for Yongseolran, who did not know the story between the ghost king and the police officer.

Pyo-wol did not answer and looked at the fight between the two.

‘Did the police officer follow me all the way here?’

Obviously, Pyowol and the ghost king moved secretly.

I didn’t do anything that stood out to others and didn’t cause any particular problems.

Even though he didn’t give an excuse for the chase, it was clear that the police officer came to this place precisely because of the spirit witchcraft.

‘If the descendant of Gyeongchuwol is clear, it must be related to Cheonmujang.’

The question is, what is the relationship between Cheonmujang and Guryongsalmak?

If the two groups are related or cooperating, the problem becomes serious.

I wanted to directly subdue the police officer and figure out the situation, but I couldn’t.

It was Gyeongmusaeng who made the present king of ghosts.

It was the law of the world for those who tied the knot to untie it.

I had to leave everything to the ghost king.


The clash between the two intensified.

The ghost king launched a domineering offensive based on his ignorant inner strength, and the police officer performed unheard-of magic techniques.

“Dark soul under heaven!”

With his mantra, the heavens and the earth turned black.

Darkness covered the heavens and earth.

In it, the ghost king shouted a three-way mantra.

“Heaven, thunder, and destruction!”


In an instant, a stream of lightning struck the ghost king.

The pure white thunderbolt struck the ghost king as it was. However, the ghost king who was struck by lightning was fine.

This is because he performed self-defence right before being struck by a thunderbolt.

The thunderbolt that flowed through the self-defense flag was stuck to the floor.


A huge pit opened at the place where the thunderbolt had been inserted.

The pit was burning black and billowing white smoke.

Since he was a ghost king, he changed the direction of the thunderbolt as a self-defense weapon.

“oh my god!”

Agave was mesmerized by the confrontation between the two beyond imagination.

Neither the police officer who lashed out with thunderbolts nor the ghost king who casually let go of such an attack seemed human.

She glanced sideways.

Pyo-wol watched the match between the two with his mouth shut.

‘Can this person fight them on an equal footing?’

If so, that was great too.

They have already dominated the world and are old enough to grow old. However, Pyowol was still young and energetic.

If Pyowol had the same level of inaction as them, he might be able to overwhelm the rest with his youth.

Pyowol was a person whose true intentions were unknown.

Even now, watching the confrontation between the two, I couldn’t figure out what they were thinking.

Even at that moment, the confrontation between the two was getting fiercer.

The ghost king performed the light craft of Eogi Chungso (御氣衝溯) and soared higher into the air.

“Do you think you can get out of my hands? Ghost King!”

The police officer screamed and raised the wind.

He rode the wind and followed the ghost king.

At that moment, the ghost king changed direction from high in the air and plunged straight into the police officer.


It was as if a meteor was falling.

If he bumped into the ghost king like this, no matter how superior the martial arts were, he would inevitably suffer a big blow.

The police officer gritted his teeth and shouted.

“Fuji (絶) Feng (Wind)!”

In an instant, the wind whirled and bent, changing direction.

As a result, he was able to avoid the ghost king’s attack with a short hair difference. However, in return, he had to consume a huge amount of legal power.

The combination of inner strength and mental strength was the legal power he was talking about.

Just as the human mind has limits, so too does the power of law.

The creature he created, the Demon King, had truly powerful skills.

It was natural.

That’s because a huge amount of resources were consumed to make him.

He didn’t even know the identity of the ghost king.

It was here in the ruins that he found the ghost king.

A body was found in the ruins that had just died. Surprisingly, the body was still breathing.

He wasn’t really dead, but he was sustaining his breath despite being deeply wounded so that it wouldn’t be strange if his breath stopped at any moment.

It was truly tenacious life force.

At that moment, the police officer came up with a good idea.

It was to apply the secret technique discovered in the residence of Gyeongchuwol, the ancestor, to the man.

It was absolutely no coincidence that he found the abode of Kyung Chu-yue.

Gyeongchuwol continued to study magic even after moving to Shinmalyun. However, he was never able to complete his research.

It was because of a mysterious man who came to visit him one day.

He was the owner of magic that surpassed the cervical moon.

His name is Jinhwi Ki.

He was a sorcerer at Gwangmumun.

Their bad relationship is very old.

The basis of the magic that Gyeongchuwol learned was the Qi family. He ran away with a booklet containing the Ki family’s vision, and Ki Jin-hwi risked his life to catch such a Gyeong-Chu-Wol.

Gyeongchu-wol escaped from Ki Jin-hui and entered Cheonmujang after going through a new training. But in the end, Jinhwi Ki found Gyeongchuwol. And Kyung Chu-wol retrieved the vision that had been stolen from the Ki family.

However, the pulse of Gyeongchuwol did not cease. will leave descendants.

He was just a police officer.

The police officer entrusted himself to Cheonmujang following his father’s generation. Then he came all the way to this place in search of his father’s source, and found the stone chamber he studied and learned magic.

He was unaware that Guo No-Seng later found the stone chamber of Qing Chu-Yue.

I thought that there was little that a person who did not know magic could gain by looking at the murals inside the stone chamber. That is why the murals in the stone chamber were neglected. However, Kwak No-saeng created a ginger poem by combining the enlightenment he gained from mural painting with medicine.

The legacy left by Kyung Chu-wol had a great influence on the two.

As soon as he made up his mind, the police officer immediately withdrew from work.

All the elixirs in Gyeongchuwol’s stone chamber were injected into the ghost king. And Gyeongmusaeng applied the magic left by Gyeongchuwol.

It was a year long work.

Gyeongmu-saeng literally practiced magic with all his might, and in the end was able to complete the ghost king.

The ghost king opened his eyes.

He came back alive from the threshold of death.

Police officer burst into tears at the masterpiece he created.

He thought that now he would be able to wield the weapon called the Ghost King to his heart’s content. However, contrary to his thoughts, the ghost king was not completely subjugated.

He had free will left. So, he refused to be subjugated to the police officer.

Only then did the police officer realize that the magic of Gyeongchuwol was not perfect.

I didn’t even know if it was normal.

Magic related to life could not be completed so easily. So, the cervical month was not directly tested and left only as a theory. It was only natural that side effects would arise from such a magic trick.

However, it was a problem because the side effect was disobedience with free will.

The gyeongmu-saeng wanted to subdue the ghost king and make him obey, and the ghost king avoided such a gyeongmu-saeng for the rest of his life.

The ghost king was curious about his life history.

What kind of existence was he before he became a demon king?

However, both of them have flowed so far without achieving their purpose.

The police officer knew that the ghost king would eventually come back here.

He thought that, like salmon returning to their birthplace, the ghost king would eventually come all the way to this place in search of his origin. Moreover, the ghost king had an excellent guide called Pyowol.

So I arrived here before Pyowol and the Ghost King and waited for them.

the policeman shouted.

“Be gentle and be my tool, demon king!”

“I am not a tool. I am human. I mean human.”

“You are nothing more and nothing less than a creature I made.”

“Leave me alone!”

The ghost king’s roar swept through the ruins.

The ghost king was furious.

He was hostile to the police officer who was relentlessly pursuing and forcing him.

‘What the hell am I? Am I human too?’

It was a question about the source that I always had.

No one could answer his question.

The ghost king was furious.

He vented all his anger toward the police officer who made him this way.


His roar reverberated through the heavens and earth.

The thickets of the rain forest shook violently as if they had been swept away by a storm.

The ghost king exploded everything in himself.

The sight of him surrounding the dark demon was so frightening that his flesh trembled. However, the police officer who was dealing with him was not an ordinary person.

Armed with all kinds of magic, he was the opposite of the ghost king.

“Rain, Wind, Po, Rock!”

He recited the Lion Mantra.

Only one more was added. But the burden on him multiplied tenfold.

It was a disadvantage of magic using mantras.

The police officer’s lips were squeezed, and dark red blood flowed out.

In exchange for the lion’s mantra, he suffered serious internal injuries.

The wind added to the thunderbolt.

The wind caught the ghost king and thunderbolts fell.


The ghost king screamed.

Even in self-defence, the power of the thunderbolt could not be completely shed.

Every nerve and muscle in my body burned.

Even the best of them would have instantly paralyzed their bodies and stopped their hearts. Even so, the ghost king moved.

A police officer was seen.

who made himself

The one who says he is his own master.

It all started with him.

That’s why, despite the pain, I attack him with all my might.

to put an end to all of this.


The ghost king vomited all of himself.


The ghost king and the police officer collided. And a dazzling light engulfed the area.


Agave hastily closed her eyes.

A great storm then hit her.


The agave screamed and flew backwards.

After nearly twenty or so flights and crashing into a large tree, her body stopped.

Agave carefully opened her eyes.

The world was destroyed in her eyes.

everything is broken

The rain forest that has been around for thousands of years and the ruins that have been maintained precariously.

It broke apart without leaving a trace.

Among them, only one Pyowol stood tall.

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