Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 418

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 418

Episode 418 Goh

Geomwol, who was the new master of training, was an absolute master.

No one in Gangho could compete with Gogumwol.

He has only one enemy. It was only Lee Gwak, who was the head of Gwangmumun.

At the last moment, the two risked everything and clashed.

In the end, the winner was Lee Gwak of Gwangmumun.

He subdued Gogeomwol. However, it was Jang Chun-hwa, the young head of Cheonmujang, who actually stopped Gogeomwol.

When Gogeomwol, who was hit by Lee Gwak, fell at his feet, he swung his sword and took his life.

With this incident, Zhang Tianhua gained fame and Tianmujang developed rapidly.

Even before, Cheonmujang’s wealth was so great that it encompassed the whole world. However, starting from this incident, numerous soldiers entrusted themselves to Cheonmujang and expanded their power explosively.

Thanks to this, it was a widely known fact that Cheonmujang became one of the best in the world and gained a reputation comparable to Gwangmumun.

“By the way, is it true that Mujang Cheon was the successor of Shin Jo-ryun? I don’t know if the fact that Jang Cheonhwa killed Gogeomwol was also in the calculations.”

Pyo-wol found out the hidden truth about Kang-ho in a few simple lines.

“If this article is true, Goh Geom-wol, the ruler of Shin Ma-ryun, sacrificed his life to succeed in the precepts of escaping the gold line.”

I honestly thought it was great.

Risking one’s own life to carry out such a plan was not something anyone could do.

I don’t know what kind of person Shin Ma-ryunju Go Geom-wol was, but he could be said to be a rare strategist just by executing such a plan and making it successful.

I had no idea that such a secret story existed behind Kang-ho. And I never imagined that I would find out such a secret story in the ruins of Shin Ma-Ryeon.

Pyo-wol’s gaze turned to Kwak No-saeng.

Even then, Kwak No-saeng did not know what to do.

When Pyo-wol was paying attention to something else, he tried to escape, but he hesitated because the agave was blocking the entrance.

Pyo-wol said to Kwak No-saeng.

“I guess you knew. That Cheonmujang is in fact the successor of Shin Mo-ryun.”

“What do you mean?”

“Still, are you okay? You didn’t know it here, did you know the truth a long time ago?”

Pyo-wol did not miss the moment when Kwak No-saeng’s expression stiffened slightly.

Pyo-wol was convinced that his guess was true.

Kwak No-saeng realized his mistake and screamed out loud.

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“You’ll soon find out if it’s bullshit or not.”

Pyo-wol walked towards Kwak No-saeng.

Kwak No-saeng hesitated and stepped back, but was blocked by a wall.

Kwak No-saeng’s expression became vicious when he realized that he had nowhere to retreat.

For the first time in my life, I was cornered.

The original plan was to pack useful things here and get out before Pyowol arrives. However, Pyowol chased after him at a speed that exceeded his expectations, and all plans were thwarted.

He was also confident in his own martial arts. However, he did not have the confidence to deal with the monster in front of him.

Normally, that is.

Kwak No-saeng, who was in conflict for a while, soon made up his mind and put his hand into his bosom.

When he came out again, he had a black ring in his hand.

Kwak No-saeng swallowed the single pill without hesitation.

In an instant, blood vessels bulged out all over his body, and his muscles swelled.

The pill he took was an elixir called Demon Spirit Amplification Dan.

Based on the realization gained here, it was a self-made product, and once taken, it had the effect of instantly amplifying internal energy and physical abilities three to four times.

As with this kind of elixir, there were huge side effects, so I didn’t want to take it. However, when he was cornered and could no longer escape, he made an extreme choice.


Kwak No-saeng let out a bizarre breathing sound.

Horrible naturalization flashed in his eyes.

“I will pay the price for making me take the Demonic Amplification Corps.”


Kwak No-saeng kicked the floor and rushed at Pyo-wol.

Kwak No-saeng, who approached Pyo-wol at terrifying speed, performed a yeomhonsu (殮魂手).


A dreadful game raged toward Pyowol.

Pyo-wol was not taken aback and spread the meandering steps to avoid Kwak No-saeng’s attack.

“Do you think you can get away with it?”

Kwak No-saeng caught up with Pyo-wol at terrifying speed.

This was also the effect of the Magical Amplification Team.


Kwak No-saeng wielded the long-suffering salt water.

Yeomhonsu was a martial art derived from medicine. If the urine blood is intensified even once in the yeom coma, the death qi immediately penetrates the body, destroys the heart vein, and leads to death.

Kwak No-saeng caught up with Pyo-wol, who was stepping back, and performed a long-lasting salt marriage. However, all of his attacks missed by a narrow margin.

Kwak No-saeng, whose medicine had risen sharply, shouted.

“If you’re a man too, don’t be cowardly and just run away, stick to me head-on.”

However, Pyo-wol did not care and focused only on avoiding Kwak No-saeng’s attack.


Seeing them roam the stone chamber, Agave involuntarily let out a sigh.

It was because the two of them were moving so fast that her eyesight couldn’t keep up with them.

It was as if the legendary divine law of Buddhism was unfolding the treasure of Budong Myungwang.

To that extent, they were moving at a speed that defied common sense. But Agave didn’t worry too much.

This is because Kwak No-saeng could not completely catch up with Pyo-wol even though he took the magic amplification group.

In her eyes, Pyo-wol seemed to be waiting for Kwak No-saeng to get tired.

In fact, it was.

Pyo-wol had something he really wanted to know from Kwak No-saeng. That’s why I was waiting for Kwak No-saeng’s energy to be exhausted.

Pyo-wol knew that equipment like the Demonic Amplification Group would inevitably bring side effects.

Even if left alone, it would self-destruct over time.

That’s why I didn’t use my hands and waited for Kwak No-saeng to get tired.

“Coward! Are you planning to just run away like a rat?”

When he couldn’t catch up with Pyo-wol, Kwak No-saeng screamed loudly. He threw all sorts of curses at him, but Pyowol didn’t blink an eye.

No matter how much he heard these curses, his heart was not shaken.


In the end, a moan flowed from Kwak No-saeng’s mouth, who could not catch up with Pyo-wol. Then, as the wind blows out of a leather drum, Kwak No-saeng’s body shrank rapidly.

The effect of the Demonic Spirit Amplification Corps had run out.

In an instant, Pyo-wol produced a suhonsa and swung it.

The suhonsa wrapped itself around Kwak No-saeng’s waist. Pyo-wol threw Kwak No-saeng into the wall.



Kwak No-saeng groaned as he collided with the wall.

At that moment, Pyo-wol swung the hand-held sword toward the other side again.

Kwak No-saeng was pushed back against the wall on the other side while clinging to the suhonsa.



Unable to overcome the shock, Kwak No-saeng coughed up black blood. But his misfortune was not over yet.


Pyo-wol used the suhonsa to swing Kwak No-saeng here and there.

Knocking into the wall and plummeting to the floor, Kwak No-saeng became a mess.

Her hair, which had been neat, was messed up, and it felt like all the bones in her body were fractured.

Kwak No-saeng struggled to get out of the marriage affair by any means, but to no avail.

The side effects of the Demon Spirit Hwandan were so severe that he no longer had the strength to even lift a finger. Pyowol was also aware of that fact. Even so, Pyowol did not stop using his hands mercilessly.


Lastly, Kwak No-saeng fell to the floor.

The stones on the floor were shattered, and Kwak No-saeng’s body was half-buried, trembling.

At the same time as the effect of the Demonic Amplification Unit ended, the extreme sense of collapse, side effects, and huge shock combined to completely crush Kwak No-saeng’s intestines.


Kwak No-saeng belatedly vomited dark red blood.

The blood was mixed with fragments of broken organs.

Even if Kwak No-saeng had great medical skills, he could not recover from such a wound.


Kwak No-saeng vomited blood again. This time more organ crumbs mixed in.

Pyo-wol squatted down in front of Kwak No-saeng and fixed his gaze.

Kwak No-saeng said with his teeth trembling.

“Ah, such a devil!”

“Are you from Guryongsalmak?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Is Guryongsalmakdo related to Cheonmujang?”

“dog sound!”

Kwak No-saeng’s reaction made it clear.

The fact that he really belongs to the Guryongsalmak.

Pyowol felt his teeth tremble.

I didn’t even expect them to advance to the ruins of Shinma-ryun. I couldn’t figure out how far their line reached.

“It seems Cheonmujang is really related to Guryongsalmak. I see you deny that.”

“Hehe! Think whatever you like.”

Kwak No-saeng laughed at Pyo-wol.

‘There seems to be no direct relation to Cheonmujang.’

It was Kwak No-saeng who had already reached the point of death.

He had neither the mind nor the space to lie.

The reason why Pyo-wol purposely put him in a dying state was so that he wouldn’t have time to roll his head.

“Where is the headquarters of Guryongsalmak?”

“Huh…Huh! You are in a place you will never find.”

“Why do you think I will never find you?”

“Because before that… he… will die. How long do you think you can play like this? When I die, I will no longer look after you in the living room.”


“From now on, your life will turn into hell.”



“That means I don’t have to go looking for them one by one.”

“Yeah… he’s really crazy.”

“that’s right! I’m crazy. You guys were the first to touch the madman.”


Kwak No-saeng’s face turned red.


In an instant, a spark exploded in his head.

At the same time, blood poured from his lacquer.

The heart vein burst due to excessive deepening.

Kwak No-saeng had seizures like someone with epilepsy, but his movements stopped as if he was lying. It is completely out of breath.

Pyo-wol looked at Kwak No-saeng’s body for a while and then stood up.

“are you okay?”

Agave approached and asked.

Pyowol nodded without saying a word.

The only regret is that the contact point with Guryongsalmak, which I found with great difficulty, was cut off here.

After thinking about something for a moment, Pyowol approached the wall.

All the legacy left by Gyeong Chu-wol was here.

After joining Cheonmujang, he may have left a greater realization, but in any case, all of his previous realizations remained here.

If this place was left as it was, it was clear that the second and third Kwak No-saeng would appear again.

Pyowol punched the wall.


With one blow of his fist, the walls engraved with murals and magic crumbled like sand castles.

The moon also broke the rest of the wall. It was thoroughly erased so that even if someone else visits this place in the future, they will not be able to obtain any vision.

Knowing this fact, some might criticize transcendence.

It means that precious magic and secret arts have been erased from the world.

One could say that the problem was not this kind of esotericism, but people.

However, Pyowol had a different idea.

It is clear that people are the source of the problem, but it was also a problem to leave a false vision that feeds people’s desires.

Maybe someone with good intentions could use it correctly, but it was best to get rid of it altogether, as long as there was even a slight chance that someone who didn’t.

After destroying all the walls, Pyowol said to Agave.

“Now go out.”


It was time for the agave to answer.


Suddenly, the entire stone chamber shook as if it were about to collapse.

It was as if an earthquake had occurred in the area.

The agave’s complexion changed drastically.


“I’ll get out of here. I hate being trapped underground again.”


The two of them hurriedly practiced light martial arts.

The vibration continued even as they ran through the passage where the engine was installed.

Perhaps because of the shock, the tracheal oscillation was no longer activated.

Thanks to this, the two were able to come up to the ground safely without any hindrance.

It was an overturned earth that greeted the two people who came up to the ground.

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