Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 417

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 417

Episode 417

“Crazy… Does that make sense? Whoops!”

Kwak No-saeng muttered as he ran through the secret passage.

The number of ginger poems he mobilized was one hundred and ninety nine.

I mobilized all my power that I had studied all my life. However, they were not able to break through the Pyowol and were massacred.

I thought it made no sense.

It was incomprehensible to his common sense. But it had already happened.

No matter how much he denies it, it doesn’t make it go away.

It took a lot of time to accept that fact.

“They said it was a death. There must have been a reason for being so vigilant from above.”

It was an inaction well suited to the nickname Sasin.

In particular, making a trap like a spider’s web by pulling the flag as thin as a thread was not fresh, and it was scary.

For those who like the shadows like himself, Pyowol’s favor with the landlord was a contradiction. It was because he did not know when he would get caught in the net of gifts he had set and die.

Kwak No-saeng was also confident in his martial arts.

At least his martial arts was superior to Chang Sa-chun. Even so, the reason why he runs away like a dog whose tail is on fire is because he does not have the confidence to deal with Pyowol.

Fortunately, he knows the underground well.

Just like the place where God’s Provisions existed in the past, passageways were connected like a spider’s web in the basement.

The underground passage was so complex that even Nosaeng Kwak could not understand it all.

The place he knew was only a small part of the underground passage. However, I did remember what was inside of it. Kwak No-saeng was running there.

Suddenly, a chill went down my spine.

It was because of the sound of footsteps coming from behind.

Two people were obviously chasing them, but the footsteps they heard belonged to one person.

‘The girl’s footsteps, isn’t the man coming?’

He immediately shook his head.

Because it can’t be.

It’s not that they don’t track, it’s just that they don’t hear footsteps.

The opponent is a warrior who is called a death god at a young age.

Hiding your presence in the dark should be as easy as breathing.

I can’t hear footsteps, but I’m sure they’re following closely.

Blood flowed from the shoulder where the arm had been cut off, but there was no time to stop the bleeding.

If he stopped even for a moment, Pyowol’s white hand seemed to grab his neck.

His expression contorted miserably.

It was because he couldn’t believe the reality that he had to desperately run away like this.

He was not even given the time to lament his misfortune.

Even now, the sound of footsteps was getting closer.

It is said that the agave came that close.

If the footsteps of the agave were heard this loud, the pyowol would have come closer.

Maybe he was following him right behind him.

When I imagined that, my hairline became soft.

Kwak No-saeng increased his speed by squeezing even the strength he had been suckling.

However, the advantage he has over Pyowol and Agave is that he is already familiar with the underground terrain.

I was able to move in the shortest distance because I knew where the stone beak was and where it had collapsed.

I saw a wall at the end of the hallway.

A confined space appeared. However, rather than slowing down, Kwak No-saeng ran faster.

Arriving at the wall like the wind, he pressed a certain part. Then the wall was pushed back and another secret space appeared.

He flew into the dark space without a moment’s hesitation.

Shortly thereafter, Pyowol and Agave arrived.

said the agave.

“Looks like he can believe in this. Are you coming in?”

Pyowol nodded his head wordlessly.

On the way to this place, I had a chance to catch Kwak No-saeng several times. Nevertheless, Pyo-wol did not use his hands and followed him because he was curious about what Kwak No-saeng believed.

The ghost king said that he opened his eyes here.

Kwak No-saeng also created ginger poems here.

Ginger poetry was not something that could be created with only a few decades of research.

This was only possible through generations of research.

Gwiwang and Ginger Poetry had such a common feature.

Pyowol thought that the answer to that problem might be here.

Just as you have to enter the tiger’s den to catch a tiger, you had to approach the root of the problem to solve it.

Pyowol and Agave went into a dark space.

It was the moment they stepped on the floor.


Suddenly, a sharp piercing sound rang out.


Pyowol wrapped his arm around the slender waist of the agave and unfolded his meandering steps.


Shortly thereafter, arrows were pierced where they were.

It was an arrow the length of a child’s palm.

Arrows, also called pyeonjeon, were fired by an organ.

Had it not been for Pyowol’s quick reaction, Agave would have been seriously injured in the battle.

No one would have imagined that the engine would be activated as soon as you set foot like this.

“Hold tight.”

Pyowol carried the agave on his back.

Currently, many of the agave persimmons were dead.

In this darkness, the senses are dull to detect the organs that are activated. So, I couldn’t respond properly.

Knowing this fact, Agave was also easily carried on Pyowol’s back.

Agave didn’t say a word and hugged Pyowol’s neck tightly.

Shh shh!

A series of twists and turns came flying.

Pyeonjeon fired by the power of an engine had much more power than a person shot.

Moreover, it was not easy to detect the reality because the pitch-black darkness hid the shape. However, Pyowol avoided such an attack too easily.

As if they could see clearly what was flying in, they moved forward while dodging all sides with minimal movements.

The side war was just the beginning.

The floor suddenly turned off and a trap that caused the entire ceiling to collapse was triggered.

The entire ceiling was made of iron.

If he was crushed by an iron ceiling weighing more than tens of thousands of pounds, he would have been crushed.

It was a terrifying trap that made Chi tremble.

Pyowol avoided all the traps and institutions by a narrow margin.

Agave did not feel a sense of danger at all even though she was riding on Pyowol’s back.

Rather, I was surprised to feel that Pyowol’s back was comfortable.

‘Am I still in love with this man?’

Agave hurriedly shook her head.

Pyowol was the enemy of Sabu and Amipa.

Although I walked out on my own, I never forgot Amipah for a single day. Although she was criticized by the world for what her master, Kuhwasae, did, she was her only master anyway.

I couldn’t mind Pyowol who killed my master.

‘That day was just a simple mistake. It won’t happen again.’

Agave softly bit her lip.

I do not regret what has already happened. But if that happens again, it will be difficult.

Institutions and traps continued to threaten them.

The agave was so terrifying that if it had entered alone, it would have already been attacked. However, Pyowol avoided all of those traps and organs by a narrow margin.

It was a truly amazing ability.

‘They say he’s the greatest assassin in the world. It’s really incomparable.’

She was once again in awe of Pyowol’s ability.

Suddenly, the moon felt lovely.

Agave buried her face deeply in the nape of Pyowol’s neck.

Unlike his handsome face, he had a strong manly body odor.


The agave inhaled deeply the scent of the moon.


Suddenly, a gasp of breath escaped from her mouth.

Although invisible due to the darkness, her face was flushed red.

Her white hand dug into Pyowol’s chest.

The desire to roll around hugging the moon like this dominated her.

It was then.

“Wake. It is true.”

The cold Pyowol’s voice awakened her mind that was bewildered.

I woke up as if I had been covered with ice water.

“Is it true?”

“It is a method that stimulates people’s underlying psychology. If you are not careful, you will be ruled by illusions. Use your inner strength.”


The agave planted the inner energy with the answer. Then my mind became clearer.

In an instant, her face turned red.

It is embarrassing to be distracted by a mere truth and show ugliness.

‘I really have no qualifications as a soldier.’

Until now, I had never regretted living in seclusion, but I felt regretful that I had let go of martial arts.

Pyo-wol was moving freely even with her on his back.

Agave was well aware of how great it was.

‘The gap is so big that I can’t really catch up.’

The gap was so wide that I didn’t even feel jealous.

She concentrated on clouding, holding Pyowol’s neck tightly.

Pyowol galloped through the darkness without a sound.

He sensed and evaded the organ before it even activated, and the illusionary circle did not have any effect on his mind.

His mental strength was harder than a rock, so there was no room for illusionary formations to penetrate.

The darkness was like a haven for Pyowol.

In the thick darkness, Pyowol’s ability doubles.

The senses are expanded to an extent that ordinary people cannot dare to imagine, and they do not miss even the smallest changes.

His expanded senses point him in the exact direction he needs to go even in the dark.

Pyowol did not hesitate or hesitate even once, pointed out the exact direction and moved forward.


Finally, the engine and the huge stone gate that had been blocking the last thing were smashed, and the moon came out.

Even though he ran through the darkness like a flash battle, Pyowol’s breathing was the same as usual.

Pyowol looked around the newly appeared space.

It was a large stone chamber.

A rectangular stone chamber with a side length of more than ten sheets.

In the center was Kwak No-saeng.

Kwak No-saeng was shocked to see Pyo-wol suddenly intruded.

“Keugh! how?”

I thought it would take at least two sighs to pierce the trachea. In fact, he and his subordinates also spent more time than that when they first encountered the engine jinxik.

It was not easy to destroy the organs and Jinsik because they were exquisitely harmonized. With such an institution, Jin-sik Pyo-wol broke through in an instant without suffering a single wound.

It was impossible with Kwak No-saeng’s common sense.

Whether he was shocked or not, Pyo-wol looked around the stone chamber.

The walls of the stone chamber were covered with various strange patterns and letters and pictures of unknown meaning.

It wasn’t written recently.

The moss on each letter and picture seemed to have been written at least several years, maybe even decades ago.

It was clear that this place was a research place for someone who was in Shin-Providing.

He left a record of his research in the form of a mural.

It was clear that Kwak No-saeng obtained some insight from this place and applied it to ginger poetry.

Pyowol said as she put down the agave that was on her back.

“Is this here? The source of your knowledge…”


“I made a ginger poem with the knowledge I learned here.”

Kwak No-saeng couldn’t even make a single excuse. Because Pyowol’s words were true.

Pyowol’s gaze suddenly turned to the wall in front of him.

There was a picture much bigger and more vivid than the picture on the other wall.

A man lying on a bed of stone A man in a fancy dress that seems to have something injected into his head. And in the next picture, the man lying on the stone bed got up.

An eerie light was emanating from the eyes of the resurrected man.

The picture was so vivid that the man’s eyes felt like a young spirit.

Pyo-wol looked at the painting for a while, then moved his gaze to the letters written next to it.

If all the other letters were related to magic, the letters next to the picture that Pyowol was looking at were just words of thoughts.

[Several years since I came here.

I finally started to see a clue, but I had to move due to the circumstances of the lotus.

It’s a pity that I moved without completing my research on immortality.

Personally, I want to stay here, but I can’t help it because that’s what Yeon-ju wants. However, even after moving to Cheonmujang, my research will continue. So, one day, the descendants who inherited the will of Gyeongchuwol will surpass the magic of the Ki family.]


It was a name I had never heard before. But when I looked at the name, there was a name that came to mind.

“Is it related to the police officer?”

The life-and-death-gaek Gyeongmu-saeng was also ‘Kyung’. It was a story full of possibilities.

However, what Pyowol focused on was the word ‘Cheonmujang’.

“Shin Ma-ryun moved to Cheonmu-jang? Then, is it that Cheon-mu-jang is the successor to Shin Ma-ryun?”

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