Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 416

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 416

Episode 416

There are people who die far from home.

Soldiers, displaced persons, or those who fled their hometowns for other reasons and lost their lives unjustly.

When the grudge of the dead reaches its peak, it will have a bad effect on the area.

In particular, in areas where many such people died, demonic spirits became stronger and bad things happened to people.

In order to prevent such a situation, the masters cast spells on the bodies of those who had recently died and made them move themselves.

That was the beginning of Jiangxi.

The masters brought the enchanted Jiangshi back to his hometown and put him to rest.

In particular, the masters of the now-extinct Mosanpa (茅山派) were good at this type of sorcery.

Only now, when we think of Taoists, we think of swordsmen wielding swords in martial arts such as the Volcano or Shaman factions, but in the past, we could not get bored with Taoists using witchcraft or magic. However, those techniques that were outdated by the trend of the times disappeared into the shadows and became difficult to see.

It was because of the ghost king that Kwak No-saeng became interested in Jiangshi, which had nothing to do with medicine.

The most incomprehensible ghost king.

Most people vaguely knew that the ghost king had the power of immortality, but Kwak No-saeng knew through long research and obsession that he actually changed his body.

A monster born from the power of magic.

That was the ghost king.

From then on, Kwak No-saeng was obsessed with creating a being that would surpass the ghost king.

The result was ginger poetry.

Kwak No-saeng thought that The Ghost King was also a kind of ginger poem.

Ginger poetry created by the power of magic.

Kwak No-saeng decided to make a ginger poem with the power of medicine and has been racing for decades.

Ginger City, now in the underground space, was the result of decades of hard work.

Every living human being has a soul.

A man without a soul is just an empty shell.

It is impossible for a man who has lost his soul to move. It’s because from the moment you lose your soul, you enter the realm of the dead.

However, the dead cannot move smoothly because their muscles and joints are stiff. So instead of completely annihilating the soul, Kwak No-saeng used a method of sealing it in a part of the human body.

It was made to be in a state of being straddled by a boundary that was alive but not alive and not dead.

Thanks to this, the ginger poetry he created was able to show the smooth movements of a living person.

However, because his soul was sealed, he could not make a rational decision.

Reborn as a monster that only obeys orders.

He became a being devoid of reason, not a being close to a human who thinks and judges for himself like the ghost king.

In a way, it could be seen as a failure. But Kwak No-saeng was rather satisfied.

What he needed was a monster that would faithfully obey orders, not a rational human being.

Ginger Sis were attacking all living things except Kwak No-saeng.

The downside was that he couldn’t make a rational decision and couldn’t distinguish between friends and family, but Kwak No-saeng didn’t think it was a big deal.

It is because such a shortcoming can be rectified later.

Even though it was not yet complete, it moved like a human and displayed ferocious aggression.


“help me!”

Zhang Shachun’s subordinates, who had been attacked by Ginger Shi, were screaming and collapsing.

Jang Sa-chun’s subordinates were also warriors who prided themselves on being masters. However, Ginger City was helpless against the attack.

Because their attacks did not work on Ginger City.

Even if one limb was cut off, Ginger City’s movement was not hindered at all. You don’t feel pain, and the emotion of fear doesn’t exist at all.

It was a perfect monster born to slaughter. There was still room for improvement, but time will tell.


Kwak No-saeng burst into silence as he looked at his masterpiece.

In the underground space, the road to Hell of Abi Gyu-hwan was spread out.

People’s severed limbs were strewn everywhere, and blood was soaking the floor.

“crazy! Can’t stop.”

“Mr. Please save me.”

His subordinates who were still alive begged Kwak No-saeng. However, their pleas did not reach Kwak No-saeng’s ears.

He only cared about Ginger City’s movements.

A smooth yet powerful movement comparable to that of a living person. Even so, the tenacity of destruction toward the goal.

everything was satisfactory.

Kwak No-saeng’s gaze turned to Pyowol.

For some reason, Pyowol hadn’t moved since a while ago.

After defeating Chang Sachun, he did not lift a finger at all.

The look seemed a bit unsettling.

Kwak No-saeng pointed at the moon with his finger and shouted.

“Get that guy. You shouldn’t take your life. He will be a really good material.”

I wasn’t sure if the gingersies would carry out the order not to kill them. Still, I had to give an order.

that’s it!

Ginger Sis jumped over Jang Sa-chun’s subordinates and ran to Pyo-wol.

Some jumped on two legs, but there were more who jumped like animals using their arms.

They showed their ferocity and rushed toward Pyowol.

“It’s dangerous!”

cried the agave.

Pyo-wol knew better that it was dangerous even if she didn’t shout.

Ginger City’s powerlessness was not the problem.

Kwak No-saeng, who created these monsters, was more dangerous.

If Kwak No-saeng was given time and support, he could create any number of monsters like this.

Kwak No-saeng was more dangerous than any warriors Pyo-wol had ever met and dealt with.

Pyo-wol kicked Ginger-shi, who was running in the lead.


With the sound of a leather drum exploding, ginger poetry bounced far away.

Even the most skilled players would not have been able to move easily with internal injuries if they were shocked.

But Ginger City was different.

He got up again without screaming and rushed at Pyowol.


Instead of a tree branch, Agave picked up the sword that the enemies had missed and unleashed the Infinite Lotus Sword.

Ginger Si’s arm, cut by her sword, fell. Even so, instead, it exploded with a roar and ran.


Agave was frightened by the sight of Ginger City attacking like an angler while sprinkling blood.

She spread the cutting edge of the long-stretched infinite lotus sword and cut down the ginger poem. But killing Ginger City wasn’t easy.

In order to neutralize Ginger City, he had to slit his throat. However, it was absolutely not easy to slash the head of Ginger City, who was moving violently.

Moreover, Agave has been out of martial arts for quite some time.

There’s no way I’ll ever forget what I’ve learned, but I can’t help but lose my sharpness.

Moreover, she was still hesitant to use poison.

Such an attitude caused her a crisis.


Six Ginger Sis attacked her.

How did she block up to five people, but the last six ginger poetry pierced her sword and came right in front of her nose.

Ginger Shi opened his wide mouth and tried to bite the agave’s white nape.

It was the moment when Agave closed her eyes tightly.

Take a break!

Suddenly, with a sharp cutting sound, Ginger City’s head flew through the air.

Pyo-wol blew Ginger-shi’s head off with a conspiracy.



“If that’s the case, you shouldn’t have followed me in the first place.”

Agave gently bit her lip at Pyowol’s harsh criticism.

It was something he had been obsessively following. I kept becoming a burden on such a subject.

It was all because of his soft mind.


Agave sighed lightly and closed her eyes.

I miss you!

The roar of ginger poetry was heard.

Trampling on the fallen ginger poem, other ginger poems come running. Their faces were terrifying enough to make my flesh tremble. However, there was no longer a hint of hesitation in Agave’s eyes.


The agave spread the lotus torsion, the pinnacle of the infinite lotus sword.

In an instant, sword energy emanated from her sword like fireworks exploding.

His sword, resembling a lotus petal, slaughtered Ginger City.

You don’t have to cut your throat.

All you have to do is cut off your arms and legs to incapacitate them.

Ginger City, who had all his limbs cut off, could no longer move.

Even if it was Ginger City, it was still straddling the human border. If a lot of blood was shed, even if it was ginger poetry, there was no choice but to die.

Ginger City was no match for Agave, whose hesitation had disappeared.

Agave swung her sword and glanced at Pyowol.

At the feet of Pyo-wol, the bodies of Ginger City were already piled up.


A light of admiration flashed in Agave’s eyes.

Unlike himself, there was no hesitation in Pyowol’s hands.

His betrothal had exactly decapitated the gingersies.

Ginger Shi, who had been decapitated, stopped breathing and could no longer move.

When the placenta of the ginger poem he had worked so hard to make was killed by Pyowol and Agave, Nosaeng Kwak’s face was distorted.

His anger was poured out on the two people who ruined his hard work.

“Where can you afford this?”

he touched the wall Then the wall was pushed back and the hidden space was revealed.

Filling the secret space was just over a hundred ginger poems.

They were secretly manufactured without informing Jang Sa-chun and others.

Kwak No-saeng woke up all the ginger poems.

“Kill them.”

He even ordered Ginger City to kill Pyowol and Agave.

The two were too dangerous to save and make ginger poetry.

It seemed that killing him would have no remorse.

As more than 100 ginger poems joined in, the scene became even more chaotic.

None of Chang Sachun’s subordinates were alive anymore.

Only three people are alive.

Among them, Kwak No-saeng is the owner, so he is excluded from the goal.

Bake it!

Ginger Sis rushed at Pyowol and Agave like wild dogs.

A delighted smile hung on Kwak No-saeng’s lips.

No matter how great the martial arts of Pyowol and Agave were, it was impossible to deal with the ginger poetry that rushed at them all at once.

He thought they would be torn to pieces.

It was then.

See it!

A shrill roar echoed in the darkness.

For a moment, Kwak No-saeng felt a strange feeling that could not be explained in words. He opened his eyes as he felt all the hairs on his body stand on end.

“What is it?”

The movements of the Ginger City, who had been running so madly toward Pyowol and Agave, stopped as if it were a lie.

It hardened as if glue had been applied.

“what happened?”

It was then.


Suddenly, from the front, ginger poems began to collapse in a chain.

All the heads of the falling gingersies had been severed from their necks.

Kwak No-saeng shouted.

“What have you done? Why my children?”

At that moment, Kwak No-saeng saw a gift that crossed the air.

It was the suhonsa that was so minute that it was difficult to distinguish with the n.a.k.e.d eye.

The suhonsa crossing the underground space wasn’t just a single thread. Countless suhonsa are stretched like a spider’s web.

A method of spreading the suhonsa vertically and horizontally like a spider waiting for food to be caught after setting up a spider web.

Also known as Jiju Silver Net (蜘蛛銀網).

It was another development of the male marriage.


Ginger Sis, who did not know that the landlord was unfolding, fell one after another.

It looked like a sandcastle being swept away by the waves.

“This is…”

Nosaeng Kwak put on an expression of disbelief.

I really didn’t know that the Ginger Poetry Corps he created with all his heart and soul would collapse in such a futile way.

It was so unrealistic that it felt like a nightmare.

Kwak No-saeng shouted.

“What are you? Why are you killing my children like this?”

It was then.


Suddenly, I felt an excruciating pain in my shoulder.

Instead of answering, Pyo-wol blew a wedding speech.

When Pyo-wol dragged off the suhonsa, Kwak No-saeng was dragged along.

Kwak No-saeng raised his inner strength and endured, but to no avail.

In an instant, an evil light appeared on Kwak No-saeng’s face.

He made a hand blade and struck the shoulder that had been pierced by the suhonsa. Then the shoulder part was cut off and the arm fell off the body.

cut off his own arm.

Pyowol was also an unexpected action.

“Let’s see, b*stard! This foe will never be forgotten.”

Kwak No-saeng screamed and threw himself into the secret passage.

Seeing this, the agave shouted.

“You must never miss the author.”

Pyowol had the same idea as her.

If he lost Kwak No-saeng now, the remorse would be endless.

Pyo-wol immediately set out to pursue Kwak No-saeng.

It was followed by agave.

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