Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 415

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 415

Episode 415

Even though it was Jang Sa-chun who rarely did gang-ho activities, he checked the gang-ho’s movements from time to time.

Thanks to that, most masters who had a reputation in the river were aware of it.

Pyowol was a military man with the highest level of danger among the masters he knew.

If he was simply strong in martial arts, he would not have rated it so highly.

Pyowol possessed the highest level of martial arts and knew how to use the martial arts he had learned perfectly.

More than anything, he was the owner of a single mind, and he was an assassin who did not hesitate to make an ambush to achieve his goal.

People like Jang Sa-chun considered a person like Pyo-wol a more difficult opponent than a master of a prestigious political faction.

This is because Pyowol did not have any moral reason, justification, family, etc., which are considered to be the weaknesses of ordinary warriors.

Dealing with such a person was not an easy task, even for the most advanced masters.

Moreover, Pyowol was also strong in martial arts.

Among them, unofficial male marriages using knights were feared by many.

It was a reality to be treated as a master even if you could put a flag on a sword or sword. However, Pyowol was used by compressing the qi thinly like a thread.

It was a martial art that denied Kang Ho’s common sense.

Above all, Pyowol interfered with their progress at every step. Because of that, I couldn’t help but remember it in particular.

“Whoa! It’s a terrible bad relationship, Death God!”

Zhang Sachun’s eyes sank deeply.

The moment he realized that the opponent was Pyowol, his mindset changed.

Pyowol was never an opponent that could be easily defeated.

It was a strong enemy that could not be guaranteed even if he risked his everything. In order to face him, he had to be prepared to lay down his own life. And Chang Sa-chun was fully prepared to do so.


A ray of light was overlaid on Chang Sachun’s Tao.

It was a river crossing.

I recently came to a realization and was able to unleash my strength. However, it was incomplete because it was not yet completely settled.

Normally, instead of crossing the river, he would have used pottery or herbivorous skills to deal with him, but Pyo-wol was not an easy existence enough to guarantee victory even with such a margin.

Zhang Sa-chun threw himself at Pyo-wol.

I ran through the underground space, but there was no sound or sign. It was an ostentatious movement like a ghost.

It was a step called ghost step.

If you learn this step, you will be able to move like a ghost, as the name suggests.

Especially in such a dark underground space, the power of the ghost beam is doubled.

As if coming out of the darkness, Chang Sa-chun suddenly appeared in front of Pyo-wol. And Dogang swung his young sword. But the next moment he couldn’t help but be amazed.

It was because the pewol, which I thought would be in its place, was not visible.

Zhang Sachun felt a chill run down his spine and hurriedly turned around.

Pyo-wol was occupying the back of Jang Sa-chun before he knew it.

If Jang Sa-chun had the gait of a ghost, Pyo-wol had a meandering gait.

The power of the ghost walk doubles in the dark, but the power of the meandering walk is more than that.

Fighting without a sign or sound was what Pyowol was best at.

The suhonsa was released without a sound.

The two-branched conjurer bites Zhang Shachun’s neck and heart like a poisonous snake.

In both places, it was blood that could cause instant death even from a small wound.

Zhang Shachun instinctively swung the river crossing to defend against the two bloods.


The suhonsa bounced off with a weak metal sound. But I couldn’t be relieved.

This is because the suhonsa, which had bounced off, turned and flew back in the air.

It is so thin that it is difficult to distinguish it with the n.a.k.e.d eye, and it is too late to judge it with the n.a.k.e.d eye because it is as fast as the light beam.

I had to judge with my senses and defend myself.

Zhang Sachun swung his sword like mad.


A long rustle rang out.

It was Jang Sa-chun, nicknamed the ghost mado.

He was called a ghost by the people he dealt with, and he gave them nightmares.

Now he was experiencing the nightmare that those who dealt with him had to feel.

Pyowol was stronger and more stealthy than that. And it made it even worse.

In the past, Pyowol was used by hanging a ghost rain on a wedding ceremony.

At that time, I could still hear the sound of the ghost rain cutting through the air. However, all the ghost monuments were destroyed, and Pyowol only used the Suhonsa.

A light water marriage didn’t even make that common pagong sound.

From the standpoint of the opponent, it became more difficult.


Chang Sachun’s face became more and more distorted.

Trying to stop the marriage with feelings alone is getting more and more difficult.

If you cut off one strand, another strand will fly out in an instant, driving you crazy.

‘At this rate, I will suffer.’

Pyo-wol was far away and wielded a suhonsa just by flicking his fingers, but he was dancing like crazy.

The degree to which stamina was consumed was different.

Going like this, I couldn’t really do anything, and I had no choice but to collapse from exhaustion.

‘Give flesh and take bones.’

Chang Sa-chun gritted his teeth and spread the ghost cloth.

Defense was neglected.

I believe in only one Tao.

Like a fish upstream, he sprinted away with terrifying speed.


The sutra penetrated his left shoulder and back.

I felt like I was about to lose my mind from the pain, but I gnawed my teeth and endured it.

Thanks to that, he was able to reduce the distance from Pyowol to only half a length. It was within reach if you wielded a sword.

“Chaha! A single ghost marriage!”

The strongest herbivore unfolded in the distance of Pyowol.

The river-crossing was so intense that the darkness was instantly pushed away, and Pyowol exploded.

Zhang Sa-chun’s sword was about to touch Pyo-wol’s neck.

Suddenly, a ray of light bloomed from Pyowol’s neck.

It was Sasa Gang (絲蛇罡), a river made from the thread of Ki.

The power of Sasagang was on a different level from that of a suhon.


Daojiang not only threw the young Zhang Saichun’s sword far away, but also gave him a great shock inside.


Chang Sachun’s face twisted in shock. But there was no time to complain of pain leisurely.

This is because Pyowol switched from defensive to offensive.

Pyolwol’s fist, approaching through the darkness, hit Chang Sa-chun’s chest.


With an explosion, Chang Sa-chun was thrown back.

He wasn’t helpless either. In the meantime, he spread his palm, which did not hold the sword, to block Pyowol’s fist. But in return, all the fingers bent in the opposite direction. It broke like a can of sorghum.


Suddenly, Zhang Sachun let out a frustrated moan.

It was because something was wrapped around his neck.


It was Sasa River that was so finely thick that it could not be distinguished with the n.a.k.e.d eye.

Pyowol gave strength as it was and pulled Sasa River.


In an instant, Zhang Sachun’s head floated in the air.

The head and body were separated in the Sasa River.

It was terrifying to look at one’s own body in the air.


That was Chang’s last thought.

Seeing this, Kwak No-saeng was greatly surprised.


Kwak No-saeng always treats Jang Sa-chun carelessly, but he acknowledges his martial arts skills.

Jang Sa-chun was a hard-to-find master, but Pyo-wol won too easily. In his eyes, it looked like Pyo-wol had killed Jang Sa-chun after playing with him to his heart’s content.

Next to Jang Sa-chun was Kwak No-saeng.

Pyo-wol approached Kwak No-saeng. Even so, Kwak No-saeng did not look frightened at all.

“You b*stard! That’s amazing. Jangga is also quite a great master, but to kill him so easily. Did you say you were a death god?”


“Don’t make a suggestion. It won’t be such a bad suggestion for you either. come under me Then I promise you a wealth and glory that will never happen again in the world.”


Since it was a proposal that was not worth listening to, Pyowol didn’t even respond.

Kwak No-saeng’s face twisted at Pyo-wol’s attitude.

“Are you going to refuse? Would you regret it?”

“I’d rather die with my tongue biting than to be an old man’s limb.”

“He’s so erratic. good night! If it’s your choice, you won’t regret it.”

Kwak No-saeng grinned.

Pyo-wol blew a suhonsa towards Kwak No-saeng’s neck. However, it did not happen that the suhonsa touched Kwak No-saeng’s body.

It’s because someone got in the way between the two.

The suhonsa pierced the chest of the one who stood in the way.

If a normal person had been pierced by a water marriage, they would have screamed or reacted in some other way. However, the person standing in the middle just stood there silently like a wooden stone and did not show any physical reaction.

Pyo-wol realized that the person who had been pierced by the suhonsa instead of Kwak No-saeng was one of the people lying on the stone bed.

When pierced by a suhonsa, humans feel excruciating pain.

If you think that just because the size of the hole is small, the pain will be small, you are mistaken. Many warriors who had been killed by a water marriage were proving that fact.

However, the person who was pierced by the suhonsa did not respond at all.

Like someone who doesn’t feel pain at all. But his eyes were strange.

There was no glimpse of will or emotion that a human being should have.

It’s not like a cover letter that thoroughly hides the inside.

It was empty, as if there hadn’t been anything like that in the first place.

It was like a corpse with no soul, not a living human being.

Pyowol said without realizing it.

“A river…a poet?”

“It’s ginger, to be exact.”

Kwak No-saeng kindly corrected Pyowol’s mistake.

“Ginger City? Did you turn a living person into a Jiangshi?”

“It is the work of this body. Hehe! How is it? Isn’t that great?”

“You are crazy!”

“You can’t create a masterpiece without being crazy.”

Kwak No-saeng grinned.

He was genuinely proud of the work he had created.

It wasn’t a finished piece yet. However, it was also true that completion was just around the corner.

It was possible to make it more perfect by using medicinal materials such as hwasimcho that Jang Sa-chun and his subordinates had retrieved.

Ginger City was different from Gwiwang.

With good materials, his medical skills, and enormous support, he could produce an unlimited number of copies.

It is possible to form a truly powerful army.

It was a terrible atrocity that betrayed humanity, but Kwak No-saeng did not feel guilty.

He was a brutal man who was willing to hack into thousands if he could achieve his goal.


With a grotesque sound, those who were lying on stone beds rose up.

Not only Yongseolran but also Jang Sachun’s subordinates were astonished at the sight.



They also knew that Kwak No-saeng’s research had borne some fruit. However, seeing it with my own eyes and experiencing it from the side gave me a different level of shock.

Kwak No-saeng exclaimed.

“My creatures! run free Kill all those who trespass into my space.”

Bake it!

When Kwak No-saeng gave the order, the ginger poems burst into tears at the same time.

Those on the border between the living and the dead.

Their cries contained a strange power that shook the souls of the living. Those who suffered the most were the subordinates of Chang Sa-chun.


“What is it?”

They covered their ears and sat down.

Gingerbreads attacked Pyowol and Agave all at once.

They didn’t know how to tell the difference.

Except for Kwak No-saeng, everyone who entered the underground space was their enemy.


Ginger Sis screamed and bit the subordinates of Changshachun.



Zhang Shachun’s subordinates were frightened and resisted, but to no avail.

All of the Ginger Sis were unarmed.

Before being kidnapped here, I heard that it was quite strong.

Although he forgot all martial arts as he became a ginger poet, his physical abilities remained intact.

No reason, no fear.

There is only the thought in his head that he must carry out his master’s orders.

“oh my god!”

Agave’s face turned white when he saw Zhang Shachun’s subordinates being beaten by Gingxi.

No matter how much she is said to have a strong sense of humor, the scene where a living person is bitten to death by ginger poetry was shocking.

It was bright in his eyes what kind of disaster would happen if Ginger City was released to the river.

“You can’t let a single one get out.”

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