Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 414

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 414

Episode 414:

Saichun Chang’s face is terribly distorted.

Kwak No-saeng’s criticism made him feel ashamed. It was only from the inside that the rebellion soared, but if they really came with a tail attached to them, there was no excuse.


The anti-donggang sword hanging from Chang Sa-chun’s waist was released.

The pottery expelled from the Bandonggang Nando hit the ventilation shaft as it was.


Debris flew in all directions with an explosion.

The air vent was smashed, and the moon and agave came out.

Kwak No-saeng glared at the two and said.

“like! These are pretty good-looking young people. How did you come here? Of course you followed those idiots. Something that seems to have quite the ability will be a useful material.”

Kwak No-saeng had no intention of listening to Pyowol and Agave’s answers from the start. I spoke and answered alone and came to a conclusion.

Instead of Kwak No-saeng, Jang Sa-chun stepped forward.

“If you sneak into someone else’s house, reveal your identity first.”

“If that were the case, I wouldn’t have sneaked in like this.”

“Are you really following us?”

“that’s right!”

“I’m down too. Even though the tail is attached, I can’t even notice it. Where did you come from?”

“After your subordinates killed a village youth who was interested in hwasimcho.”

“As expected.”

Zhang Sachun turned his head and looked at the three people who had caused the accident.

The faces of the three people who killed the village youth while playing with them were white.

“That is what it is.”

“I’m sure I erased the traces well…”

“I’m sorry.”

The men quickly made excuses. However, none of the excuses were enough to alleviate Chang Sachun’s anger.


Zhang Shachun’s Bandonggang Tao drew the air.

For a moment, the movements of the men who were making excuses stopped.


Blood flowed from their necks and they collapsed.

There was no resistance or screaming.

It happened in an instant.

The atmosphere in the hall rapidly froze.

Even so, everyone was surprised by his behavior of resolutely disposing of the subordinate who followed him.

Pyowol was surprised in a different sense.

It was because he recognized how desperate Jang Sa-chun was.

There weren’t many thieves in the world who could exert such power as Bandonggang.

A person with that level of inaction would have been known all over the world, but Pyo-wol had never heard of a thief who used the sword like that of Bandong-gang.

No matter how much you hide a sharp awl, it will eventually break through the fabric.

Likewise, a warrior with that level of inaction had no choice but to become known all over the world. like the moon

However, the fact that such a person was not known meant that someone intentionally concealed his identity.


Pyo-wol did not miss the moment when Jang Sa-chun and Kwak No-saeng’s eyes were shaking.

Zhang Sachun said with an effortless expression.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“You don’t know, but it’s okay. Because I know.”

“Stop talking nonsense and reveal your identity. Otherwise, you will never get out of here alive.”

“You won’t save me even if I answer anyway.”

“I will kill you without pain.”

“it’s okay! We will decline such an offer.”


Life exploded from Zhang Sachun’s eyes.

Ignoring his gaze, Pyo-wol looked at the people lying on the stone bed.

Few vital signs were felt by those lying on stone beds.

Of course, a living person should have periodic breathing, but they hardly felt it.

It was definitely alive, but it felt like I wasn’t alive at all.

Pyo-wol asked Kwak No-saeng.

“What are you doing to them?”

“Hehe! baby boy This is the residence of the elder of the village. Whatever happens here is none of your business.”

“hemp clothes? You mean a member of parliament?”

Kwak No-saeng said it carelessly, but those two words were enough for Pyo-wol.

Clinician Gedada is a clinic with the character Ma (魔) meaning devil.

There was no way that such a member of Congress was normal.

“Are you playing with a living person?”

“Are you playing? This old man transforms them into other beings. You will soon be like them.”


Pyowol’s expression hardened coldly.

Metamorphosis means that an insect or animal changes its shape significantly during the growth process.

It is not a word that can be attached to humans. Even so, using such a word subconsciously meant that the magician was using something taboo against them.

“What have you done?”

“Hehe! He’s a very curious guy. If you want to know, go over them first.”

The demon laughed at Pyowol and turned around.

Turning around, he said to Chang Sa-chun.

“Take care so that no further problems arise. If I make a mistake this time, I will tell the last lord.”

“That will never happen.”

Jang Sa-chun stepped forward with an answer.

His subordinates followed.

Jang Sa-chun said to his subordinates.

“Get the guy. You can cut off the limbs. Just hold your breath and bring it to me.”


The subordinates responded and rushed at Pyowol and Agave.

Zhang Sachun looked at the two with his eyes narrowed.

I was thinking of sending my subordinates to figure out the strength of the two men.



The subordinates attacked the two with strange laughter.

Unlike Maui and Jangsachun, they do not regard Pyowol and Agave as a great threat.


Geom-gwang and Do-gwang attacked Pyowol and Agave.

The first to move was the agave.

“Whoa! These are people I can never forgive.”

Aside from killing the villagers, I couldn’t let the demons do terrible things to people.

In her blood, the blood of the political faction, Amifa, was still flowing.

Although it has been diluted due to the Guhwa Incident, the spirit of Amipa, which is called Jema-Byeolsa, still remains.


In Agave’s hand, the Infinite Lotus Sword, Amipa’s first learning, unfolded.

It was a vision that only a direct disciple of Jang Moon-in could learn, not an ordinary martial art. Its power could not be ordinary.



The warriors who rushed in from the front were knocked down by the sharp sword attack that cut through the darkness.

The blunt twig was reborn as a legendary sword in the hands of the agave.

“Infinite softening sword? You are Amipa’s disciple.”

Zhang Sachun immediately recognized Yongseolran’s martial arts and was astonished.

As far as he knows, Amifa has entered the Bongmun and his disciples no longer engage in outside activities.

The Infinite Lotus Sword is a seasonal skill that belongs to the upper ranks among Amiga’s martial arts.

It was never a martial art that anyone could master.

It was not a good sign that someone who had mastered such martial arts appeared here.

At least from Jang Sa-chun’s point of view.

Agave’s attacks were so sharp that it was hard to believe that he had let go of his sword for a long time.

Each time the white lotus flower bloomed, someone screamed and collapsed.

Zhang Sachun muttered as he looked at the fallen.

“Your swordsmanship is sharp, but your hands are blunt. Or if you are weak-minded.”

Many fell, but no one died.

It was proof that the agave had an ejaculation in its hands.

A mischievous smile appeared on Jang Sachun’s lips.

The most difficult class to deal with in Gangho was those who had strong martial arts but even had a single mind.

It is better not to turn such people into enemies at all.

Conversely, those who were easiest to deal with were those who had strong martial arts but were weak-minded and could not easily kill.

Mostly well-bred people have this tendency.

Zhang Sachun thought that the agave was of that kind.

“What are you doing? shove it all at once That b*tch can’t kill you guys.”


At least none of those present were afraid of getting hurt.

Although Zhang Sa-chun did not personally train them, he believed in their inaction and spirit.


The warriors increased their strength and rushed at the agave.

For a moment, a look of bewilderment appeared on Agave’s face.

After being away from Gangho for a long time, seeing blood was not as easy as it seemed. If possible, it was her heart to want to subdue with only light wounds.

Enemies took advantage of her loose mind.

As soon as he realized that she couldn’t spread the water, he threw his whole body to attack.

Because of that, even with superior skills, Agave had no choice but to be pushed back.

Pyowol watched indifferently as Agave struggled.

Everything was her choice.

It was her choice to come here, and it was her decision to fight them.

The moon clearly warned the agave. Even so, it was she who ignored the warning and came along. Everything that happened from now on was the result of her decision.

Whatever her feelings were, she had to deal with them all.

It was then.

Wedge liquid!

Without warning, Jang Sa-chun slashed at Pyo-wol.

It wasn’t for nothing that he earned the nickname “Ghost Mage”.

It was a nickname that was given because it was as glamorous as an owl flying in the night sky to snatch prey.

His ghost magic came to him in an instant and cut Pyowol’s throat.


A cutting sound resounded in the darkness.

Zhang Sachun’s Tao cut off Pyo-Yue’s throat.

“Hehe! That’s cool.”

Kwak No-saeng saw the scene and clapped his hands and laughed.

In his eyes, it looked as if Pyowol’s neck had been split. However, Jang Sa-chun’s expression as he cut Pyo-wol’s neck was serious.

‘There is no feeling in my hands.’

It was clear that his condolences were the best.

Even a rock can be cut like a radish if you inject inner energy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cut the fabric without any resistance.

Zhang Sachun instinctively thought that something was wrong.

At that moment, the figure of Pyowol that he had cut off his head disappeared without a trace.

‘illusion? Shit!’

Chang Sa-chun instinctively spread a lifesaving candle to protect himself.


At that moment, a faint sound of something hitting his sword burst out.

The sound was as small as the impact of small stones, but the impact was beyond imagination.


Zhang Sa-chun let out a low moan at the pain in the grip of his sword and was pushed back.


Jang Sa-chun’s eyes shook.

Instinctively, he blocked the opponent’s attack, but he did not know what was attacking him.

It was then.

See it!

Once again the courtesy was heard.

Zhang Sa-chun once again opened the lifesaving candle and stepped back.


I spread a film like an iron wall, but something penetrated my thigh.


Zhang Sa-chun groaned unconsciously at the fiery pain.

He focused his energy in his eyes and glared at the object that had pierced his thigh.


It was a thread so thin that it would not be visible if it had not been concentrated.

At that moment, an unbelievable sight happened.

Because the thread that went through his thigh had disappeared without a trace.

Only then did he realize that the thread piercing his thigh was not real, but a knight created by condensing energy.

There are many warriors in the world, but there is only one warrior who uses knights as a weapon.

Zhang Sachun let out a sound that was close to screaming.

“You, the one who died, are the gods of death.”

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