Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 413

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 413

Episode 413

At the time of its heyday, the new building consisted of one hall, two palaces, three circles, four towers, and five halls.

If you include only 15 revealed organizations and other secretly hidden organizations, it means that more than dozens of forces were tightly united under the name of Shin Provision.

It was not strange at all for each organization to create a secret space or operate a plan.

Sinbu-ryun perished a long time ago, and their place turned into ruins. However, there were still secret spaces they used everywhere.

The place where Jang Sa-chun and his subordinates are now entering was one of those places.

Zhang Sachun muttered as he looked at the signboards scattered on the floor.

“Hyeolcheonwon (血天院)…”

The place where they are located is one of the three sources, the basement of Bloodcheonwon.

Zhang Sa-chun did not know what kind of place the blood spring source was.

He was not interested in the past or composition of forces that had already been destroyed. If I hadn’t been ordered to, I wouldn’t have entered the basement of these distant ruins.

After looking around for a while, Saichun Chang tapped on one of the walls in the basement.

With two long taps and three short taps, the entire wall moved.


With a dull sound, the walls receded, revealing a black space. Another secret space was hidden in the underground space.

Chang Sa-chun frowned at the foul smell coming from inside.

I’ve been here several times already, but I couldn’t get used to the stench coming from inside.

Then a blunt voice came from inside.

“If you come, what are you doing without coming in?”

“yes! Enter. Shit!”

Jang Sa-chun replied and winked at his subordinates. Then, carrying their luggage, the subordinates entered the secret space.

When Chang Sachun entered, the wall closed again.

As we went a little deeper into the underground space, a faint light illuminated the darkness. Yamyeongju was stuck in the ceiling.

Thanks to the precious Yamyeongju, I didn’t have to take time to adjust to the darkness.

When they went inside, a spacious space appeared in front of them.

Inside, dozens of bunks made of stone were lined up. People who had lost their minds were lying on each bed, and an old man was alone between them.

The old man checked the condition of the person lying on the bed without paying a glance even when Chang Sa-chun and his party came.

Hundreds of silver needles were stuck in the body of the person lying on the bed, like a hedgehog.

Jang Sa-chun and his subordinates watched the old man with bated breath.

I know from experience that I have been here several times.

How sensitive the old man is at this moment.

The fact that if you touch his planting, you will hear vicious words that are close to curses.

If someone else said such a thing, I would slaughter it right away, but unfortunately that was not possible for the old man.

If you show any signs of discomfort, you will end up like those who are now lying on stone beds.

The old man had that much ability.

Kwak No-saeng, a magician.

That was the old man’s name.

He was unknown to the world, but everyone who knew Kwak No-saeng was afraid of him.

This is because if you get caught by Kwak No-saeng, you will neither die nor live.

Just like the people lying on the bed right now.

Those lying on the beds were still breathing. But if you ask me if I’m alive, can I answer? Jang Sa-chun thought no.

‘They’re just breathing, they’re not alive.’

They didn’t just lose consciousness.

Kwak No-saeng used some kind of trick to separate their consciousness and body. The mind was awake, but the body was in a state of sleep.

Even though I lie down like that and close my eyes, I can hear and discriminate all the sounds coming from outside.

‘It’s like imprisoning the mind in the prison of the body.’

It was an act beyond imagination.

Jang Sa-chun also committed evil deeds throughout his life, but compared to Kwak No-saeng, he was at the level of a child.

It was then.

“What are you doing? If you come, hurry up and don’t put your luggage down.”

Kwak No-saeng raised his head and looked at Jang Sa-chun.

The so-called afterlife spots were blooming all over the old man’s face. His eyes were cloudy and out of focus, and most of his teeth were missing, leaving a few missing. So it felt even more bizarre.

Jang Sa-chun greeted Kwak No-saeng with a fist.

“How have you been?”

“Stop the bullshit and put things down. Did you bring everything you said?”

“yes! I checked three times.”

“Do you think you’ll get on this stone bed if even one falls out?”

“That will never happen.”

Jang Sachun answered and winked at his subordinates. Then, the subordinates hurriedly set down their luggage.

Kwak No-saeng asked as he rummaged through his luggage.

“You must have brought the hwasimcho well, right? He is the most important.”

“yes! I’ve been scraping everything, so you don’t have to worry.”

“joy! I will have to see it with my own eyes.”

Kwak No-saeng snorted and opened the bag containing the hwasimcho. The bag was filled with red flowers.

A disgusting scent emanated from the flower, which consisted of seven red incisors.

“Right! You brought a good quality one.”

“I paid special attention to it.”

“There must be something else, right?”

“of course. I saw it with my own eyes.”

“good! Still, you guys do a pretty good job. Even if you do something wrong, I won’t make it into a ginger poem.”

“thank you. Ma’s old man.”

Zhang Sachun took a fist and bowed his head.

‘Crazy b*stard! Do you mean that?’

His face was full of contempt.

What Kwak No-saeng was making now was ginger poetry.

It is to make the living neither die nor live, and make them Jiangshi.

Making a living person into a Jiangshi was taboo even in Kangho. If this fact is known, the three generations will be massacred by being accused of strong deeds.

Kwak No-saeng also knew this fact, so he hid in this faraway place.

It was because there was no other place to satisfy his bizarre desire for research.

Kwak No-saeng studied here to his heart’s content.

To him, this place was like heaven.

This is because it has near-infinite support and very little meddling.

Hundreds of people have seen him cut their hair so far. Observing the brains of living people and observing various reactions, he learned how to make Jiangshi, which remained only in legends.

“Hehe! It wasn’t long before the ginger poem was completed. Once the Ginger Poetry is completed, I won’t be able to compete with monsters made with magic.”

“You mean… the king?”

“Yes. With magic, at most, you can only create one ghost king in several decades, but with my medicine, you can create dozens of ginger poems at once. Which would be more efficient?”

“Of course, it’s the old man’s medicine.”

“Yes. There is no comparison at all in terms of efficiency. As long as I have my ginger poetry, I don’t have to be afraid of that ghost king. He has no fear and remembers the martial arts of his time as a human. Besides, since he obeys any orders without saying anything, he is much more efficient than the troublesome ghost king.”

“you’re right. But is the ginger poem really about to be completed?”

“It is practically complete. If we just reinforce it with the hwasimcho and medicinal herbs you guys have gathered, an invincible Ginger City army will be born.”

“Oh oh! If the magistrate knows, he will like it.”

“Hehe! I have already informed the magistrate. All that remains is to complete the ginger poem and send it to him.”

Kwak No-saeng smiled brightly.

Zhang Sa-chun’s whole body froze in fear at his maddening smile.

I thought I was not normal myself, but in front of a real crazy person, I feel infinitely shabby.

I’ve seen a lot of people so far, but I’ve never seen a person as crazy as Kwak No-saeng.

‘Why on earth does the last lord make a man like this do such crazy things?’

It was the first time I felt resentful of Makju, whom I respected like the sky.


Pyowol and Agave came to the ruins where Chang Sachun and his subordinates disappeared.

The interior of the ruins was also empty.

Pyowol was able to find the entrance to the basement without difficulty.

Agave asked.

“Are you going in?”

“You can’t come all the way here and just go back.”

“That’s true, but…”

Pyowol saw Agave hesitate and said.

“You go back.”


“You settled in that village because you wanted to leave Gangho. If I intervene further than this, I will have no choice but to get swept up in Kang-ho’s business again. so go back This is your last chance.”

Agave bit her lip softly at Pyowol’s words.

After thinking for a moment, she shook her head.

“I can’t come all the way here.”

I hate to be swept up in Kang-ho’s business again, but I couldn’t give up on the villagers’ revenge.

At least the three people who directly injured him had to be punished.

Pyo-wol said as he watched the agave resolving.

“do it yourself.”

“There will be no burden.”

She picked up a twig that was lying on the floor.

Her mood changed just by lifting a branch.

She had returned to Amifah’s female swordsman.

Pyo-wol looked at her for a while and went underground. It was followed by agave.

When I arrived at the underground space, it was also empty. But Pyowol was not taken aback. He found a passage leading to another place at once.

‘It seems that there are many underground spaces like this here.’

It was a new arrangement comparable to a megalopolis.

It was no wonder that there were countless secret spaces like this underground.

It was an optimal space for someone to conspire.

It was completely out of sight, and there were countless spaces that could be put to good use.

Pyowol did not open the door right away.

It seemed that if I opened the door, I could run into the people inside.

It was urgent to find out what was going on here. It was clear that he would have to provoke the opponent before he would hide the evidence and go into hiding.

Having already experienced such opponents, Pyowol was cautious.

‘There must be an air vent.’

Even a well-built underground facility needed ventilation. It is because the person inside can breathe only when fresh air is taken in from the outside.

There were no exceptions for any underground facility.

After searching for a long time, Pyo-wol was able to find a hidden ventilation passage behind the closet.

Leopold and agave crawled into the ventilation shaft.

The vents were narrow enough to squeeze my shoulders.

If it was a normal person, as soon as he entered the ventilation shaft, his body would get stuck and he would not be able to move. However, both of them were far from ordinary people.

Pyowol could move freely like a snake, and Agave had a thin and flexible body.

They were able to reach the ceiling of the hidden subterranean space through a cramped ventilation shaft.

Through the dense iron bars, the underground scene came in at a glance.

Dozens of stone bunks and people lying on them. I saw an old, grotesque old man walking diligently between them.

The moment Agave saw those lying on the stone beds, she felt an eerie feeling that words could not describe.

The hair all over her body stood on end and the horrified feeling of opening her pores made her unknowingly sick of it.


I couldn’t tell exactly what was going on inside, but it was clear that my body was the first to notice that something unusual was happening instinctively.

Unlike the agave, Pyowol was looking at the underground space with a calm expression.

At a glance, I could feel that something unusual was happening.

The figures lying on the stone beds were all muscular.

It was a body that ordinary people couldn’t have.

Only those who learned martial arts could have such a trained body.

Dozens of such people lay unconscious.

One person couldn’t have kidnapped that many people. It was something that could only be done with the support of a huge force.

It was then.

Suddenly, old master Kwak raised his head and looked at the ventilation shaft.

“Who are you?”

He obviously didn’t show any signs, but Kwak No-saeng noticed that there was an intruder in his space like a ghost.

As Kwak No-saeng glared at the ventilation shaft with fearful eyes, Jang Sa-chun and his subordinates swarmed around him.

“Is there a problem?”

“Someone has come in hiding.”

“Yes? What is that?”

“It looks like you guys came with a tail.”

Kwak No-saeng looked at Jang Sa-chun and his subordinates with a pathetic expression.

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