Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 412

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 412

Episode 412

Pyo-wol lifted the Amryongpo and looked at the situation inside.

Guia was uncoiled and wriggling. However, the inner layer of the dragon that had been hatched like an egg was nowhere to be seen.

‘Did I absorb all of them?’

It was the inner circle of the spiritual creature that failed to become a dragon.

It contained so much power.

Pyowol thought that it would take a considerable amount of time for Guia to absorb all of Naedan. However, Guia seemed to have already completely absorbed it, as if denying the idea of transcendence.

Gwi-ah, who absorbed the dragon’s inner layer, had a very different appearance.

Even if it wasn’t, the red body had turned redder. It seemed to contain intense heat, as if red scales were dipped in lava.

If the previous ghost was small enough to wrap around Pyowol’s forearm, now it seemed to be twice as big as that.

Above all, the biggest change was Gwia’s forehead.

A horn as small as a child’s little finger grew out of his forehead.

Guia also tickled Pyo-wol’s chest, twisting her body here and there, as if her change was strange.

Guia raised her head and looked at her, as if she had suddenly felt Pyowol’s gaze.

The gazes of one person and one number met in midair.

Guia’s eyes were as red as scales.

It was as if a red jewel had been implanted in his eye.

Her red eyes were full of trust in Pyowol.

Looking at Gwiah like that, Pyowol smiled slightly.

Gwiah stared into Pyowol’s eyes, then coiled itself in Pyowol’s arms again.

He was trying to recover his physical strength while resting because he consumed his energy by absorbing the inner layer of the dragon.

“What are you doing?”

Agave didn’t even eat the rabbit meat and looked at Pyowol looking into Pyolwol with a curious look.

“never mind.”

“Are you hiding jewels in your bosom?”

“There is something more precious than that.”

“Is there such a thing?”

Pyowol nodded silently, and Agave showed curiosity. However, as if Pyo-wol had no intention of saying anything more, he began to eat the rabbit meat he was holding.

Yongseolran looked at Pyowol with a sad expression.

Pyowol’s face reflected in the bonfire was beautiful. Seeing her as a woman made her heart flutter.

She thought she had completely forgotten about it, but it reappeared and shook her heart.

The feelings she felt for Pyo-wol were indeed complex.

Pyo-wol was the main cause of the downfall of Ami-pa, a monk, but looking at the contents of it, Ami-pa and his master, Guhwasae, were more responsible.

If Guhwasatae hadn’t been greedy, Pyo-Wol might have lived a normal life, not an assassin.

It was Sabu Guhwasatae and Amipa’s desire that created the great assassin called Pyowol.

Therefore, Pyowol’s revenge was justified.

Amipa closed the door, and Jiuhuasei lost his life.

I knew that in my head. And I tried to understand the epitaph. However, the human mind was not always kept rational.

She was human too.

No matter how rationally he tried to judge him, resentment and apology for Pyowol raised his head abruptly. So I couldn’t see the moon properly.


Agave sighed and shifted her gaze.

shoot it!

The rain was still pouring with terrifying momentum.

Even if it wasn’t so, my complicated mind changed even more when I saw the rain.

It continued to rain after that.

It wasn’t until the next morning that the rain stopped.

Agave spent that long time awake.

Whether or not they knew her complex examination, Pyowol and the Ghost King were each in their respective places and were in a deep sleep.

It doesn’t matter if you only stay up all night.

Even though he said he had left the sword for a long time, it was because he had not missed a single day of internal training. However, the reason why you feel so much fatigue is probably because your heart is so complicated.

It was then.

As if it had been promised, Pyowol and the ghost king woke up at the same time.

Pyowol reached out from the rock. Then the rainwater, which had been trickling down the rocks, pooled in his hands.

Pyowol simply washed his face with the water he received.

Agave also washed her face with rainwater following the moon.

I woke up when the cold water hit my face.

Pyowol said.

“Let’s leave now.”

The ground was a mess from the rain that had fallen all night.

The ground had turned into muddy water, and large puddles had been made here and there.

There was not a single trace of people who had passed by. Nevertheless, Pyowol continued to pursue the traces of the warriors without hesitation.

The agave looked at the place where the pyowol was looking. There was nothing strange about her eyes. However, Pyowol’s eyes seemed to see something else.

Pyowol identified the direction and moved just by looking at the floor for a moment. After tracking for more than half a day like that, I was able to arrive at a small clearing.

Originally, it was a place full of grass that grew up to a person’s waist. However, they were all lying on the floor as if they had been knocked down by the wind and rain. Pyowol was sure that the men stayed here.

“I’ve been sleeping here.”

The terrain was higher than other places, and it was a terrain where water hardly accumulated. Not only that, but the trees in the back grew densely like a folding screen. It was an environment that could not avoid the rain, but enough to block the wind.

It was clear that he would be homeless in a place like this if he suddenly encountered heavy rain while leading a large group.

When I lifted the broken grass, I saw the footprints of people and horses that had not yet been erased.

Only then did Agave realize that the moon had been tracking them.

‘If I really get along with this person, I’ll be chasing them to the end of hell.’

I was afraid.

If a person with tenacity and perseverance equal to that of the Great Moon possessed such a terrifying tracking technique, there would be no place to hide perfectly anywhere.


Agave involuntarily let out a sigh.

It was then.


Suddenly, the ghost king let out a grotesque breathing sound.

Since it had never been like this before, the agave was startled and looked at the ghost king.

The ghost king stood tall and trembling like an old tree.

Seeing his unusual appearance, the agave staggered back. On the contrary, Pyowol rather approached the ghost king.


“The smell…”

“Does it smell stronger?”

“right! And it makes me angry.”

The ghost king gritted his teeth.

A natural flower shimmered through the cloth covering her eyes.


The water under his feet evaporated in an instant and flew away.

It was truly formidable.

Agave was surprised by the ghost king’s trustworthiness and did not dare to approach. However, Pyo-Wol fearlessly pushed his face right in front of him and said,

“Find the opposite s.e.x.”

“Big! I can’t…”

“You’re a ghost. If you’ve lived your life in another person’s body, take responsibility for it.”

Pyowol’s voice was chillingly cold.

It was to the point that Agave, who was listening to the story from a distance, flinched.

Fortunately, the ghost king calmed down little by little, as if Pyowol’s words had worked.


The ghost king sighed softly and tightened the strings that tied his eyes and ears even tighter.

the king said

“I blocked my sense of smell. However, I am not sure how long I will be able to suppress my anger.”

“I want you to last as long as possible.”

“I try.”

After that, the ghost king even cut off his hearing.

It is to completely isolate one’s own consciousness in darkness. It was an action that could not have been done without complete trust in the moon.

Pyo-wol had a hunch that the ghost king could not last that long.

Something around here was provoking the demon king.


Pyowol pulled the gift connected to the ghost king.

The ghost king ran, relying only on his gifts.

They went deeper and deeper into the forest.

The trees were so overgrown that even in the middle of the day there was barely any light.

It was the moment when Agave doubted whether there was a place like this for humans to stay.


“If you are late, the hard-earned ingredients will spoil.”

Suddenly, people’s voices came from beyond the bushes.

The agave held her breath and carefully cleared the brush. Then I saw the men moving diligently across the street.

It was Jang Sa-chun and his subordinates.

The moon had exactly tracked them down.

Unaware of the three men watching, they were unloading their horses.

‘By the way, where is this place?’

It was a deep rain forest in the middle of Yunnan Province.

It was known that people could not live there because there were many poisonous insects and beasts. Occasionally, there are tribes that have adapted to the rain forest, but there are not many of them.

Even they lived together in the outskirts of the rain forest, not in the middle. This deep rain forest is a dangerous place even for them.

Agave took a closer look at where the men were.


Where they were was also overgrown with bushes. However, things like collapsed walls and cornerstones were visible everywhere. However, the scale was beyond imagination.

At first glance, it seemed as if it extended all the way to the horizon.

It was not a village, but a trace of a huge city.

‘Did a place like this ever exist?’

Agave’s brow furrowed involuntarily.

Agave’s face, which had been searching for a long time, slowly turned into astonishment.

It is because it brings out fragments of memories that have been buried for a long time.

‘The Yunnan Rainforest City.

Yunnan Province was the base of the legendary Munpa that stained Gangho with blood decades ago.

I heard from Master that Xin Tian had built a huge fortress deep in Yunnan Province.

It is said that the city was abandoned as Shin Ma-ryun advanced to Gangho and collapsed with their defeat. The abandoned city was in ruins and was forgotten in people’s memories.

‘Is it really a godsend?’

Agave didn’t want her guess to be true. However, the ruins of a huge city in the middle of the rain forest could not be explained unless a divine arrangement was made.

‘Couldn’t it be that God’s arrangements are going to stir up again?’

Decades ago, Gwangmu-mun and the military men under heaven completely collapsed in a pincer attack. In particular, it is known that the lifeline was completely cut off when Jang Cheon-hwa, who built Cheonmu-jang, took the life of Shin Ma-ryun-ju Go Geom-wol.

I was so nervous that my palms were sweaty.

The agave carefully looked at the moon.

Pyowol was also looking at the ruins. But he wasn’t as nervous as her.

‘Doesn’t that person know how to prepare for God?’

I had a sudden thought. But it couldn’t be.

This is because we know how obsessed Pyowol is with collecting information. If you are a person at the level of Pyo-wol, you should know the history of Kang-ho by now.

It was then.


An unusual breathing sound escaped from the ghost king’s lips.

Boo Woo-wook!

The ghost king tore off the cloth that covered his eyes and ears as if he couldn’t stand the stuffiness any longer.

His exposed eyes were bloodshot red and shimmering with madness.

The ghost king glared at the ruins as if they were enemies of life and death.

“A disgusting smell! It is here.”

In an instant, the ghost king suddenly pulled his body straight into the air. The ghost king, which had reached a height of more than ten feet in the air, flew like a meteor toward a city.

“That me?”

Agave was startled and covered her mouth with her hand.

Fortunately, the people who were unloading things from the horse didn’t notice that the ghost king had flown over their heads.


Jang Sa-chun was the only one who raised his head in a strange mood. However, when he looked into the sky, the ghost king had disappeared.

Pyowol looked in the direction where the ghost king disappeared.

The ghost king clearly said ‘here’.

He had arrived at the destination he wanted.

‘You kept your promise.’

In exchange for saving Hong Ye-seol’s life, he promised to guide the ghost king to the place he wanted.

Since the ghost king arrived at the place he wanted so much, it was as if he had kept his promise.

Whatever happened after that was the ghost king’s business.

If that were the case, he would be able to move freely without being bound by the ghost king.

Pyo-wol looked at Jang Sa-chun.

The men led by Chang Sa-chun were putting their luggage off the horse into an abandoned house.

Abandoned, it was nothing more than a small building.

It was unreasonable to accommodate all thirty men. Even so, the men who went in once did not come out again.

The conclusion was one.

‘There’s room in the basement to accommodate them.’

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