Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 411

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 411

Episode 411

“A Familiar Smell? Do you mean those who know?”

“No, it has a familiar smell.”


If it had been said by someone else, it would have been ignored, but the other person was the ghost king. Although he suffers from memory confusion, he was not one to lie.

Agave asked cautiously.

“Is it possible to smell them on this street?”

“Is it possible!”

“yes? How can you be sure?”

“I can take it too.”


Pyowol’s reply left Agave at a loss for words.

I knew that he had cast off the human limitations long ago, but I really didn’t know that he would have the same level of senses as the ghost king.

Pyowol stared intently at the 30 warriors.

Each of them was scattered and resting, but they were not vigilant for a moment.

His keen eyes were scanning his surroundings, and his whole senses were wide open.

It was clear that the elite had undergone severe training.

Pyowol asked Agave.

“Can you guess who they are?”

“Not at all.”

Agave shook her head.

It is located in the slash-and-burn village, but I did not know anything about the munpa in the area. Because it completely stopped paying attention.

Also, as she knew, the area was so secluded that the conditions for a Gangho faction to enter were not met.

There was no reason for a proper munpa to exist in a remote area like this, unless it was a city with a lot of people.

It was very special in itself that unmanned soldiers of this level entered a remote area where no one was looking for.

The ghost king was glaring at the warriors.

It seemed as if naturalized flowers were going to run out at any moment.

Pyowol stopped the ghost king.

“Be patient now!”

“Why? Wouldn’t it be better to kill them right now?”

“Look at the atmosphere. they are poisonous I was properly trained. I don’t tell the truth that these guys are threatening me.”


“You have to follow me quietly. Because their destination is likely to be where you are looking. It must have smelled there.”

“i get it.”

Understanding Pyowol’s words, the ghost king shook his head.

Pyowol looked at the agave this time.

“You go back.”

“I can’t do that. This is my job.”

“Meddling in this could shatter the quiet life you’ve been struggling to find.”

“It is already late. A villager is dead, how can you pretend not to know? It can’t be.”

Agave said firmly.

Pyowol looked at her face for a moment.

A look of stubbornness appeared on his face.

It was clear that she wouldn’t listen to anything he said.

“okay. I accept your decision.”

“thank you.”

“You should listen to me instead.”

“Do not worry. Because I know your ability better. I will never let anything get in your way.”


Pyowol nodded.

He was well aware of the martial arts of the agave.

Even though the sword has been withdrawn for a long time, nothing will ever get in the way of her.

Pyowol took a closer look at the men.


At the center of the men was a man in his early forties.

The strong impression resembling a leopard and the tight lips showed how stubborn the elderly man was.

Around the waist of the middle-aged man was a sword that had been cut into half rings. It seemed to have been broken a long time ago, and it was dangling, hanging from the waist of the elderly man without any axe.

The elderly man suddenly called someone.



“We… are you talking about us?”

The men who were nominated were shocked.

The old man snapped his fingers. Then three men cautiously approached him.

“It smells bloody. Did you kill someone?”


Suddenly, a look of astonishment flashed across the men’s faces.

Because it was already a few days ago that they killed a person. Even if the body smelled of blood at that time, it would all be gone by now.

Even so, the elders smelled the scent of blood on their bodies.

the old man asked.


“I noticed that we were buying and collecting hwasimcho.”

“how? Few people know about the very existence of hwasimcho.”

“I was a person who lived in a slash-and-burn village. It seems that I have been familiar with medicinal herbs since I was a child.”

“It’s unfortunate.”

“yes! So I had no choice but to kill him.”

“What about post-processing?”

“I did it perfectly. I dumped it far away from the pipeline, so there will be no way to find it.”

Despite the men’s answers, the older man did not let go of his expression.

The old man was well aware of the temperament of men.

They were extremely cruel and caused a lot of trouble. Even if they kill someone, they do not end painlessly, but rather like a cat playing with a mouse, they have to torment them until they die.

Those who met their end at their hands lost their lives while struggling in pain.

“Everyone take care of themselves until we reach our destination.”


“All right.”

The men bowed their heads and replied.

A frightened expression was evident on their faces. The mature man in front of him was not an ordinary person.

The Ghost Mage (幽靈魔刀) Chang Sachun.

Although the name is crude, his martial arts were truly terrifying.

In particular, Bandonggang’s projection on the road was terrifying enough to frighten many people.

So far, only a lot of people have lost their lives to that Bandong River. Anyone who had ever seen how he killed the warriors who stood on the other side could not help but be in great fear of him.

Zhang Sa-chun was not the person to be put on such a mission. However, due to various circumstances, I came to this place and temporarily led the men.

Even the men who prided themselves on having lived a rough life couldn’t even breathe in front of Jang Sa-chun.

Jang Sa-chun said to the men under his command.

“three days! With three more days to go, we will reach our destination. Until then, I hope that those who act as they please will not come out. Let’s go.”


“All right.”

The subordinates responded vigorously and mounted their horses.

Jang Sachun also climbed on his horse and looked around.

After confirming that no one was around, Chang Sa-chun lightly kicked the horse’s side. Then the horse sprang out at great speed.

His subordinates followed.


Pyoyue and his party pursued Zhang Sachun and his subordinates from a distance.

At first glance, Zhang Sachun’s momentum was unusual. If you get close for no reason, Sa-Chun Jang might notice it, so you deliberately keep a distance and track it.

It wasn’t that difficult to follow the trail of as many as thirty men and horses.

There were clear traces of galloping horses on the floor. It was to the point that I couldn’t miss it even if I intentionally missed it.

It ran like that for two days.

Zhang Sachun and his party gradually went deeper into the rain forest.

The trees and grass became increasingly tight, making it difficult to move around on horseback.

The deeper we went into the rain forest, the more strange the ghost king’s reaction was.

It’s a lot of time to be in a daze.

It’s a shame because they were connected with the sign and the gift. Otherwise, they would have been left alone or lost.

Pyowol asked the ghost king.

“Are you okay?”

“The familiar smell is getting thicker.”

“is it?”

“I have definitely been here before.”

There was confidence in the ghost king’s voice.

Pyowol looked at him and thought.

‘Looks like I’ve come to the right place.’

I didn’t know what was in this place, but it was clear that the ghost king was looking for it.

It was then.

shoot it!

Suddenly, without warning, it started to rain.

Agave could not hide her puzzled expression.

“The traces are being erased.”

The traces of Chang Sa-chun and his men’s movements were being erased by the rain.

The heavy rain quickly made the floor muddy and covered the traces of people passing by.

It happened so quickly that I couldn’t even use my hands.

said the agave.

“We have to go after him quickly.”

“it’s okay.”


“Moving through such heavy rain is not easy for them either. He must be taking a break somewhere. If we move hastily, they might find out, so it would be better for us to take a break too.”

“Any traces? Everything is erased.”

“Even if you don’t have that, you can find enough.”


Agave easily convinced.

Only then did he realize once again what the moon was.

said the agave.

“We avoid the rain too. I think that place would be nice.”

What she pointed to was a large rock on high ground.

The bottom of the rock, as large as the pavilion, was hollowed out, so rainwater did not enter.

The three of them moved straight down the rock.

Under the rock was more cozy than I thought.

As if it had been an animal’s habitat, the floor was covered with dry twigs in the shape of a nest. But now I couldn’t see if I had been transferred.

Pyowol made a fire by gathering branches from the ground.

The warmth of the campfire made the agave look relieved.

I could blow off the moisture on my body at any time with my inner energy, but it didn’t give me the feeling of peace as much as the heat from the bonfire.

The bonfire itself was not a big deal, but strangely it had the power to stabilize people.

Agave used her internal energy to blow off all the moisture from her body, then crouched down in front of the campfire.

As always, the ghost king crouched down in a corner seat. The warmth of the campfire seemed to have no effect on his mind.

Agave suddenly realized that the moon was nowhere to be seen. They just lit a bonfire and disappeared somewhere.


Agave’s eyebrows trembled.

No matter how preoccupied he was with using his inner energy, he was astonished that he hadn’t noticed that the Pyowol was disappearing at all.

‘He’s become more secretive than before.’

He was great against Amifah, but I had no idea how great he must have become now.

The agave warmed itself by the bonfire and waited for the moon to return.

In her field of vision, she saw someone approaching through the rain.

He was the moon that suddenly disappeared.

In Pyowol’s hand was a fairly large rabbit.

All the skins had already been peeled off.

Pyowol, who came under the rock, put the rabbit meat on a branch and put it on the bonfire.

“Have you been hunting?”

“When you rest, you have to eat well.”

Pyowol sat down in front of the agave.

He blew away all the moisture from his body using his inner energy, just like the agave did.

I looked at the water disappearing as steam for a while, then looked at the campfire again.

The rabbit meat was sizzling in the hot heat.

If I waited a little longer, I could eat it.

Everyone was quite hungry as they hadn’t eaten anything all day.

When the rabbit meat was finally cooked, Pyowol divided it into three pieces and gave them to Agave and the Ghost King.

“thank you.”

“Eat well.”

The two started the meal with a thank you note. But Pyowol couldn’t do that.

It was because I felt a strange tactile sensation in my arms.


The ghost, which had been motionless until now, began to move quietly.

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