Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 409

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 409

Episode 409

Her skin, which had been white as snow, was tanned by the sun, and her smooth hands became rough from hard work. Even so, she is a beautiful woman with an unchanging elegance.

Pyo-wol knew the woman’s identity.


“long time no see.”

The woman who pretended to be an egg on Pyowol was none other than Amipa’s disciple, Yongseolran.

After the fall of Amifa, she suddenly disappeared and was residing in a secluded village far from Sichuan.

The colorful costumes of the past are no longer to be found. Instead, he was wearing shabby clothes worn by villagers, and he was holding a hoe used for plowing the fields in his hand.

I thought it looked good even when holding a sword, but I didn’t feel a sense of incongruity in my current appearance either.

It was a look that couldn’t come out after a day or two.

I don’t know how long I’ve been here, but I’ve completely adapted to life here, so I must have felt that kind of atmosphere.


“I bought and lived.”

When the agave came out, the villagers hurriedly retreated.

Wrinkles formed on the forehead of the ghost king who covered his eyes and ears.

This is because the momentum he radiated was blocked by the agave.

The agave said to the ghost king.

“Just take your anger out. It’s because the villagers have become very sensitive after being tormented by bandits.”

“Who the hell are you?”

“It’s called agave.”

“Are you a disciple of Amipah?”

“How did you know?”

The agave widened its eyes.

While living buried here, he completely let go of martial arts.

In order to block the ghost king’s momentum, he used his internal energy, but it was not revealed on the outside. Even so, the opponent correctly guessed her origin.

It wasn’t something normal people could do.

The ghost king showed this and laughed.

“You smell like Amifah.”

“Can you tell by smell?”

“Unwritten martial arts have a unique smell. It is not difficult to distinguish the smell of amipa among them.”

Agave frowned at the ghost king’s reply.

On the one hand, I felt curious.

I was suspicious when the ghost king, who seemed to be only fifteen or six years old, spoke as if he were an old man who had gone through all of childbirth. But the momentum I felt from him was real.

It was not something that could be decorated with bravado.

Agave’s gaze turned to Pyowol.

is asking for an explanation.

Pyowol said.

“He is a demon king.”

“Ghost King?”

Agave’s face was stained with shock.

No matter how much he left his sword and hid in the slash-and-burn village, he did not lose even the knowledge he had acquired.

‘You mean the ghost king looks so young?’

It is the highest being among the eight constellations.

It was not easy to accept such a young boy as a ghost king, even though it was an existence that deviated from common sense.

But it was Pyowol’s words, not someone else’s.

Agave knew best that he was not one to lie or talk nonsense.

Agave said to the villagers who were watching.

“Everybody go back.”


“I will sleep at my house. I promise I will never do you any harm.”

“If you are, then…”

The village chief looked at the villagers at the agave’s definite answer.

“Everyone go back. It’s Yong Sojeo’s guest, so don’t mind…”



The villagers scattered and went home.

It was still uncomfortable, but since it was the words of the agave, they believed and followed it.

The status of the agave in this village could be seen by their attitude.

When all the villagers had scattered, Agave said to Pyowol and the Ghost King.

“It’s shabby, but I’ll take you to my place of residence.”

“Did you come here right after leaving Amipah?”

“I went to many places. I searched for places that had nothing to do with Gangho, and eventually came to this place.”

“Your face looks good.”

“is that so?”

Agave smiled slightly.

She was just as beautiful as before, except that her skin was sunburnt and her hands were rough.

Pyowol thought that the atmosphere of the agave had changed.

The sharp atmosphere like before has disappeared and it has become much warmer.

Agave’s house was located in the innermost part of the slash-and-burn village.

Around the wooden mook, a field that had been carefully cultivated was spread out.

said the agave.

“These are the things I planted and raised myself. The harvest is not far now.”

“Did you carry a hoe instead of a sword?”

“yes! That part made me feel comfortable. Thinking that I don’t have to hurt people anymore makes me feel more generous.”

Agave was very satisfied with her life here.

It was by accident that I came here.

Even then, her heart was filled with anguish.

It was because the guilt of not being able to prevent the downfall of Samantha haunted her from time to time.

Fortunately, when I settled here, such anguish disappeared.

The villagers were wary of her at first.

There was no one in the world who would greet a woman who came with a sword.

So were the people here.

However, seeing her focusing only on farming after leaving her sword behind, she gradually opened her heart.

The decisive moment was when a big tiger came down from the mountain.

She caught the tiger the size of a house that came down to prey on people without much effort.

After this incident, the villagers thought of the agave as a goddess.

The attitude of the villagers was sometimes burdensome, but she was able to naturally blend into the village.

Agave brought the two into the prison.

The inside of the mook was quite cozy.

The tiger skin she had caught was spread as a rug on the floor, and a bed was placed against one side of the wall.

said the agave.

“The two of you should sleep on that tiger skin.”

“thank you!”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t put you to bed. That’s my bed…”

“This is enough.”

Then the king said.

“I rest here.”

The place he pointed to was the most remote corner of Mook. It was a bare floor without even a good rug, but the ghost king seemed to like it.

The ghost king crouched down in the corner without listening to Agave’s answer. And I closed my ears again.

Agave said to Pyowol.

“You are a peculiar person.”

“It’s different from normal people.”

“It’s as different as Pyo Daehyeop.”

“is it?”

“From my point of view, there is no difference between the ghost king and Pyo Daehyeop. Both of them are people who completely deny the common sense of the world.”

Pyowol nodded at Yongseolran’s words.

Because what she said was right.

There was an awkward atmosphere between the two for a while.

The first to break the silence was Agave.

“Have you eaten?”


“Then wait a moment. It will be ready soon.”

“There is no need for that.”

“All I have to do is put two more bowls of rice on the side dish I eat. Please wait a moment.”

Ignoring Pyowol’s request, Agave prepared a meal.

He was good at cooking rice and making side dishes.

Pyowol did not know agave well.

I knew only that she was an Amifa disciple, and I had no idea what kind of life she had lived or what kind of experiences she had.

Still, the only thing I could guess was that he was of a very high rank in Amipah, so he wouldn’t have done such chores.

Her master and the leader of the Amifah family, Jiuhuatai (九禍師太), was not the type to watch his pupils do odd jobs.

Because of this, Agave had never done anything like this while on Amifa. She is now skillfully cooking rice and making side dishes.

It was not like I had done it in a day or two. It meant that I was completely used to this kind of life.

He seemed very happy with a soft smile on his lips.

Agave placed the rice and cold hwagwa she had made on the table and called the two.

“Let’s eat now.”

At her words, Pyowol tapped the ghost king’s shoulder. Then, the ghost king stood up, undoing the cloth that had covered his eyes and ears for a moment.

He sat down at the table as usual.

The three of them sat down and ate.

The ghost king ate the food very quickly, and Pyowol ate slowly as usual.

Agave was in the middle.

Agave diligently moved her chopsticks while looking at the Pyowol and the Ghost King in turn.

It was a really odd combination.

I don’t know why these two move together, but the fact that they are together made the atmosphere unusual.

The ghost king looked at him to see if he felt the gaze of the agave.

“What? female.”

“Is it really the Demon King’s Grand Hyeop?”

“It is true that people call me the Ghost King.”


After that, the conversation between the two ended.

The ghost king ate all of his share of food in one go and got up from his seat.

He said again covering his eyes and ears with a cloth.

“You seem to have a lot to say, but don’t mind me.”

The ghost king went to a corner and blocked his senses again.

It is completely cut off from external stimuli.

So the ghost king sank into a world of his own.

Only he could tell what he was thinking or dreaming.

The agave stared at the moon.

“It’s still the same.”


“Still beautiful and still out of this world.”

“You look much better.”

“It was difficult at first. I don’t know if you know it, but I’ve never lived a life like this before. So there were a lot of mistakes. But now I’m used to it.”

“I guess so.”

“Why did Pyo Dae-hyeop come here? You’re not the kind of person who would go on a leisurely excursion.”

“I have a request.”


“I will find the place where the ghost king wants to go.”

“I think it has something to do with covering your eyes and ears.”

The agave’s eyes turned to the ghost king.

For some reason, I must have closed my eyes and ears like that.

I was curious about his situation, but I had a hunch that I shouldn’t ask any more.

Her life was peaceful until Pyowol and the Ghost King appeared.

Although he showed his confidence against the tiger, he was able to live with the respect of the villagers thanks to that.

She was very happy with her current life and did not want to disturb the peace she was enjoying.

However, if Pyo-Wol was asked about the details of the situation or became involved, the peace as dangerous as glass would be shattered.


The agave sighed quietly and put down the chopsticks.

She went to the window and opened it.

When the window was opened, a panoramic view of the town came into view.

It was a small village with only a dozen households.

At night, all the lanterns were turned off, and pitch-black darkness fell, and no one went out, so it was gloomy.

At first, I wasn’t used to this kind of scenery.

This is because the Amifa she grew up with all her life was an undying sect.

A light was always on somewhere in the hall, and lanterns and torches were lit everywhere, so it was not dangerous at all to walk around at night.

Amipa itself was bigger and more colorful than most villages.

To her, who had spent her entire life in such a place, this place was like an unknown world.

Now that I’m used to it, I couldn’t even imagine leaving this place.

The peace of mind he had found with difficulty was shaking from the moment the moon appeared.

I thought my relationship with Pyo-wol was over then, but I never dreamed that I would see him again like this.

Pyo-wol was eating in silence, whether or not he knew the complicated agave heart.

The way he ate the food little by little even made him look pious.

It looked like a general who was about to face a big fight.

‘Couldn’t it be that bloody winds are blowing all the way here?’


It was a night full of anguish.

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