Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 404

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 404

Episode 404

The world he sees is all blurry.

Sometimes it was as if my brain was frosted, and I couldn’t think properly. Even so, he did not forget the purpose of his existence.

to go right back

to where you were born.

I’ve been wandering all my life

Those who do not know the circumstances call him immortal, but the truth is different.

The body is just a vessel to contain the soul. If the soul is too strong, the unworthy body will collapse.

Such was the case with the king.

My body was at its limit and I had no energy to sustain it any longer.

That’s why he changed into Doyeonsan’s body.

With a young and fresh body.

Even the ghost king did not know how that was possible.

He just did it because it was possible, and he had no doubts about what he had done.

Because he was born that way.

The ghost king looked at the moon with blurry eyes.

Originally, the ghost king was wary of the mighty existence that threatened him.

This is because the powerful and masters who coveted his ability always aimed for his life. But somehow, Pyowol didn’t have that kind of vigilance.

Someone was whispering inside him.

The author says you can believe it.

So confused.

Because it’s never been like this before.

A being who does not shrink at all even when he sees himself.

The momentum felt from him is sharp and sharp, like an invisible gift.

The moment that gift was swung, it seemed that everything in the world would be mercilessly cut.

Pyo-wol was keeping a close eye on Hong Ye-seol while capturing his spirit like a gift.

Hong Ye-seol’s face could be seen in detail even from a tree quite far away.

The first day did not change much.

He was still pale and his breath was severe.

Even if the wind blows, it is dangerous as if the breath is cut off.

Still, Pyowol patiently watched.

It was on the second day that the change took place.


Suddenly, the trees and grass around the black earth suddenly lost their vitality and turned yellow in an instant.

On the contrary, Hong Ye-seol’s face slowly returned to the color.

Pyowol frowned at the unbelievable article.

There was a big difference between hearing it through the Ghost King and seeing it with your own eyes.

‘Is it a method of absorbing and delivering vitality nearby?’

I didn’t know how this could happen. But since it was happening right in front of my eyes, I couldn’t believe it.

No matter how suspicious Pyowol was, he did not deny the sight he had seen himself.

Apparently Hong Ye-seol was improving noticeably.

The ghost king said to Pyowol.

“Let’s step back a little further.”

Before I knew it, even the tree they were standing on was yellowing.

The black earth had eroded to where they were before they knew it.

The two withdrew a little further.

Pyowol watched closely the phenomenon that was happening in front of his eyes.

It was fortunate that Hong Ye-seol’s life was saved, but if the erosion continues like this, a disaster might strike.

The ghost king asked if he had read Pyowol’s heart.

“There is nothing to worry too much about.”


“Because if it grows beyond a certain point, it disappears altogether.”

“How do you know?”

“I saw it with my own eyes. One out of three disappeared just like that. Although the place that disappears is completely devastated and no life can live in it, it has no further effect on the world anyway.”

“Are you sure?”

“Did you tell me? I saw it with my own eyes. More than that I can’t explain.”

After saying that, the ghost king closed his eyes.

It was the attitude that there was nothing more to say.

Pyowol didn’t ask anymore.

I felt uncomfortable in a corner of my heart, but I’m glad it ended like that anyway.

Pyo-wol realized that the world was wide.

I thought I knew a lot, but there were a lot of things happening around the world that I didn’t know.

It was amazing that the world went on peacefully despite such mysterious phenomena happening everywhere.

It was then.


Suddenly, a strange sound was heard.

It was such a weak voice that only those who reached the level of the Great Moon or the Demon King would never be able to hear it.

In an instant, the ghost king’s expression changed.

The blurry eyes returned to focus, and hostility appeared on his face.

“Looks like he’s been chasing you.”


“Kyung… inanimate.”

“Are you talking about life and death?”

“okay! That’s it.”

Pyowol raised his head and smelled the wind.

It smelled familiar.

A musty fishy smell mixed with the anger of beings whose freedom was suppressed.

Pyowol knew the owner of this smell.


The non-ascended dragon that was subjugated to the saengmusaeng of life and death appeared.

The ghost king muttered.

“I’ve been chasing you all the way here.”

There was anger in his eyes.

Until now, the ghost king had never been able to rest comfortably.

It was because of the life and death guest who knew how he was and chased after him.

The police officer and he were chased and chased for decades.

I didn’t know if it was because of his interruption that I was still wandering without finding the way to go.

the king said

“You stay here.”

He didn’t even listen to Pyowol’s answer and threw himself away.

The ghost king fell far into the forest leaving behind a long tail like a meteor.


An explosion erupted immediately after that.


The entire forest shuddered with a terrifying noise.

It was a roar from the dragon.

The animals in the forest were frightened and fled at the roar that gripped the hearts of the listeners.

Doo doo!

Because of that, the shaking of the forest became more severe.


A beautiful tree was breaking.

A corner of the forest collapsed, and the scene of the ghost king and the police officer fighting was clearly visible.

Both the ghost king and the police officers were monsters that transcended human limits.

Their clash was like a natural disaster.

The forest, which had been firmly maintained for thousands of years, was being destroyed by their clash.

It was the Gyo-ryong that contributed to it.

The gigantic body of the dragon was a weapon in itself.

Every time the dragon twisted its body, its tail, the size of a house, broke a beautiful tree and shattered a large rock.


A powerful blow fired by the ghost king hit the dragon’s body.

Although Gyo-ryong struggled with the pain, he blocked all the attacks of the ghost king on behalf of the gyeongmu-saeng.

Because of Gyo-ryong, the ghost king could not deal a big blow to Gyeongmu-saeng.

Leaving the defense to Gyo-ryong, Gyeongmu-saeng kept muttering something with his mouth.

It seemed to memorize a mantra.

The longer the guardsman’s mantra was, the darker the young scar in the ghost king’s eyes


The ghost king groaned and suffered.


The ghost king shouted and attacked the police officer. But this time, his attack was blocked by the giant dragon’s body.


The gigantic dragon’s body trembled.

No matter how spiritual they are, Gyo-ryong was also a living creature after all. If I received a strong shock, I couldn’t help but feel pain. Even so, the police officer completely ignored the pain of Gyo-ryong.

To him, the dragons were just that much of a use.

It is not a companion who shares affection or a being to sympathize with, but merely an extension of limbs.

The pain Gyo-ryong felt was nothing to the police officer.

No matter what the cost of the dragon, it was only important to subdue the ghost king.

“Your soul is mine. Since it is a creature created by me, it is the most appropriate thing for it to return to me. Om Sarani Om Sarani…”

A red light flashed in the police officer’s eyes.


In addition, the pain of the ghost king intensified.

Reason slowly disappeared from the ghost king’s eyes.

The pain reached its peak and took away his sanity.

A smile crept across the sergeant’s lips.

“You will never get out of here. Ghost King! Your soul is bound by my soul spell. It is impossible to break that string.”

For today, the police officer prepared everything.

The golden bracelet on his arm was a special dharma jewel.

This dharma boosts his magic power instantaneously. The downside is that once you use it, you can’t use it for a year, but the effect is certain.

The pain the ghost king was feeling right now was proof of that.

Still, in the past, I was able to resist the law enforcement officer’s magic to some extent, but now I was pressing him to the point where I was blown away.

At least, since he was a ghost, he hadn’t surrendered yet, but if it was someone else, he would have already surrendered.


The ghost king let out a blow with a scream. However, this time, his attack was blocked by the gigantic dragon’s body.


The dragon’s scream echoed through the forest.

The demon king’s formidable attack had already turned the dragon into a bloody mess. Still, the police officer was relentless.

“Butter! Miss you. If you hold out a little longer, you can subjugate the ghost king.”

Gyo-ryong could not disobey the order of the gyeongmu-saeng.

Ascension was thwarted and was forcibly banned when it was at its weakest. After that, Gyo-ryong’s soul was subjugated to Gyeongmu-saeng.

The string that connects the two never breaks until one of them dies.

The dragon was furious.

He was angry with himself for being swayed by the police officer and angry with the ghost king for hurting him. He was also frustrated at not being able to stand up to the police officers.


The forest collapsed due to the dragon’s anger.

It had endured for a long time, but the forest was helpless in front of the wrath of the dragon.

Broken, collapsed, trampled, the forest collapsed. However, there was a black earth right where the dragon was heading.

Hong Ye-seol’s life came to an end the moment Gyo-ryong struggled on the black earth.

I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

Pyo-wol threw herself at the police officer.

Pyo-wol, who shortened the distance in an instant, appeared in front of the police officer.


The police officer gasped at the appearance of Pyowol, who seemed to have torn through space.


“Back off.”

“Why are you here?”

“I told you to back off.”

“Did you stick with the ghost king?”

In the eyes of the police officer, naturalization was young.

It was a decisive moment.

If I pushed the ghost a little further, I could subjugate him. If you miss this moment, you never know when this golden opportunity will come again.

In fact, when Pyo-wol distracted the police officer, the ghost’s voice faded a little in the ghost king’s eyes.

The police officer was furious at Pyowol hitting the candle at the crucial moment.


The police officer gave an order to Kyoryong without thinking further.

“Eat him.”

He entrusted the disposition of Pyowol to Kyoryong.

He himself was to focus on subduing the ghost king.

The police officer jumped off the dragon’s head. Then, the dragon asked for the moon with its big mouth.


Numerous teeth filled the gigantic mouth, biting off the space where the epitaph had been. But at that time, it was after the pyowol had already disappeared.

Pyowol was already behind the dragon.


The gigantic body of the dragon turned as if sliding and headed toward the place where the moon was.

It was a dragon that lived for a long time and gained spirituality.

His head was never inferior to that of a human.

Moreover, it had a mysterious sense that humans could not follow. With the senses unique to Gyo-ryong, he instantly sensed Pyo-wol’s whereabouts and chased after him.

right! F*ck!

The guy asked for the space where the elongated pyowol had been.

Pyowol looked straight into the eyes, avoiding the dragon’s attack.

The giant dragon’s eyes, as large as those of an adult body, didn’t seem to show any emotion. However, he could feel the moon.

What does the dragon really want?

“good night.”

Pyo-wol responded to Gyo-ryong’s wishes.

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