Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 399

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 399

Episode 399

“Black Han Unleashes a Thousand Killing Sword?”

Namgungseol could not contain his astonishment.

Lee Geom-han was a very proud person.

In particular, he was very proud of his sword and did not practice sword skills against opponents who did not fit his rank. Among them, the family’s non-traditional sword, Cheonsaldo, was extremely refrained from unfolding it because it was too deadly.

From the beginning, Lee Geom-han was unleashing his thousand-slaughter sword.

At least, it was the first time I had seen Namgung Seol since meeting Lee Geom Han.


A horrifying roar rang out.

For a moment, Namgungseol felt the illusion that he was being cut.

This projection, created to kill the sky, was the crystallization of murderous intent.

If it was wrong, the owner could be caught and eaten. Therefore, it was handed down with only one successor among the direct descendants of Gwangmumun.

Lee Geom-han learned the thousand-kill sword to the level of eight stars.

Although he did not achieve great achievements, his current achievements alone were unmatched in his age group.

The fact that Lee Geom-han spread the Thousand Swords was proof that he acknowledged Pyowol.

‘Am I saying he’s much more amazing than I thought?’

Namgungseol’s expression hardened.


At that moment, the two clashed.

Lee Geom-han unleashed a thousand-kill sword with all his might, and Pyo-wol took out all nine ghost tombstones.


Lee Geom-han’s Thousand Killer aimed at Pyo-wol’s throat. However, it did not happen that his sword touched Pyowol’s body.


The ghost rain deflected Lee Geomhan’s sword.

In return, the ghost rain crumbled like sorghum cans. However, Pyowol still had eight more ghost tombstones left.

See it! Wash!

The ghost rain turned around and aimed at Lee Geom-han’s blood. However, it could not penetrate the coating created by Geomhan Lee.

Cagaga River!

Yeonsindo and ghost rain collided.

Every time a huge shockwave exploded and swept the surroundings.


Namgungseol’s complexion became pale.

Because the shock wave shook her qi and blood.

She was also a master of martial arts.

Since he had learned thousands of martial arts since he was young, it was difficult to find an opponent. Of course, the depth of the pit was also great.

Even moderate attacks could not shock her in the slightest. However, the shock wave, not a direct hit, shook her blood.

It meant that Pyo-wol and Lee Geom-han’s inaction far surpassed her.

I could fully understand the case of Lee Geom-han.

He is a man who has inherited the progress of Gwangmumun, the strongest school in the world.

But I couldn’t understand the leap.

He was far beyond the common sense of Namgungseol.

“How can an assassin…”

She was at a loss for words at Pyowol’s inaction fighting Lee Geom-han on an equal footing.

She realized that she had to revise her preconceived notions of Pyowol.

‘You shouldn’t think of the author as a mere assassin. He has the qualifications to become a competitor of the sword.’

Namgungseol watched Pyowol closely.

There was no way that would be the case, but if Lee Geom-han lost to Pyo-wol at least in the unlikely event, he had to take every means to cover up the fact.

Just then, I heard the transmission sound of Seolhwa Sword Daeju, as small as a mosquito.

-Sorry for arriving late.

– Hurry up and surround the whole area.

-All right.

Daeju responded to Namgungseol’s order without delay.

Although it was damaged by Pyowol, the Seolhwa Swordsman was still in good health.

They silently surrounded the area.

Namgungseol opened his eyes and watched the fight between Pyowol and Lee Geomhan.


The confrontation between the two reached its climax in an instant.

Lee Geomhan’s sword had tremendous destructive power.

He did not wear swords or swords around his sword.

He attacked Pyowol with his energy perfectly captured. So it was more scary and powerful.


The ghost rain that collided with the help burst out again.

Now there were only two ghost brooms in good shape. All of them were destroyed by Lee Geomhan’s sword.

The remaining two were also chipped and cracked, which was not normal.

Pyowol realized.

Now is the time to throw away the ghost fee.

In the meantime, I’ve been using it quite usefully, but I’ve risen to a world where Zansu is no longer used.

I realized clearly while dealing with Lee Geom-han that the ghost rain would not work on the strong people I would deal with from now on.


Even the two remaining ghost rains turned to dust and scattered.

Pyowol had no weapons left. The memorization hidden in the amryongpo cannot exert any power against an opponent like Lee Geomhan.

Even so, Pyowol did not have a downcast look.

He was accustomed to using ghost rain, but secret magic was not his main weapon.

Pyo-wol rushed at Lee Geom-han with his bare body.

Run along the shortest line connecting the dots. and fists.

There is no useless technique in the concise movement without a single superfluity.

All you need is the intent to kill your opponent.

In an instant, Lee Geomhan felt chills running down his spine.


The fist and the long sword collided, and a metal sound exploded.

This is because Pyowol struck the side of the sword, not the blade.

The blade of the long sword, made with great care by the best artisans of Gwangmumun, went through fine incontinence.

Geomhan Lee frowned at the unbelievable sight.

It was an attack that applied the human body destruction technique (餓鬼道).

No matter how hardened a human being was, there were bound to be weaknesses, and it was the same with weapons that had been quenched with great care.

And Pyowol’s idea came true.

His technique of destroying the human body also worked with weapons.

However, it is regrettable that the opponent’s level is so high that it was not possible to destroy it at once.

Now that I know the level of transcendence of Lee Geomhan, I will firmly defend myself.

You won’t get the same gains as before.

It didn’t matter though.

A small key opens a tightly closed door.

The only thing Pyowol needs now is a firm heart.

Challenging darkness, one touch fire.


One candle is enough to light up the thick darkness, and

one firm heart is enough to overcome the darkness in front of me.

Unleash the black thunder.

The latent brain power in the human body stimulated his nerves.


I felt numb as if I had been struck by lightning.

The nerves that had been stimulated by the brain power bristled sharply.

The wide open nerve expanded the sense of transcendence several times.

As my eyes opened, a new world opened up.

A world that only Pyowol can see and feel.

Pyo-wol opened the door and rushed at Lee Geom-han.


Lee Geom-han was startled by the sudden appearance of Pyo-wol’s face.

It was because, from his point of view, it felt as if the moon had torn through the space. However, he did not panic and spread the herbivorous diet of a thousand killers.


It sounded horrifyingly like a ghost’s cry.

If Pyowol used Black Lightning to quickly turn his watch, Lee Geomhan’s sword cut through space faster than a flash war and tore Pyowol’s world.

With a hair difference, Lee Geom-han’s sword passed Pyo-wol’s nose.

If he stretched out a little more, Pyowol’s face would be cut off. In fact, Lee Geum-han did just that. But it didn’t happen that his sword touched Pyowol’s face.

This is because Pyowol retreated just as far as it extended.

As the Tao passed, Pyowol’s counterattack began.

His fists hit Lee Geomhan’s side.


The power to break even a rock.

However, Lee Geom-han was fine.

He spread his palm wide open, blocking the attack of the Pyowol.


See it!

Violent blows and blasts crossed countless times.

Pyo-Wol performed the Parok, and Lee Geom-Han performed the Thousand-Saldo Jeolcho one after another.


Pyowol’s shoulder was split, and blood flowed like threads.

However, Lee Geomhan’s condition was not good either.

At an unexpected moment, the suhonsa stretched out and penetrated his shoulder.

Pyowol attracted the bridesmaid.

If it was a normal opponent, it would have been attached like this all the time. However, Lee Geom-han was not an ordinary soldier.

He swung his sword wide and cut off the suhonsa that had pierced his shoulder. The suhonsa, which was made up of Ki, broke too easily.


As Lee Geom-han’s body rotated, the Tao was drawn horizontally.

It was an attack combined with the whirlpool.

In an instant, the acceleration and destructive power increased several times.

keying! keying!

As the human body moved, the engine’s cogs rotated furiously.

It was a move that defied common sense.

Lee Geom-han dealt with Pyo-wol with all his might.

It had been a long time since I had abandoned my feelings of contempt.

‘This guy is also the one from heaven.’

Sometimes there are such people.

Those who were born at the bottom with nothing, but gained tremendous power with their own power.

In the old days, Hwasan Kwonma was like that, and relatively recently, Gwangmumun’s Josa Lee Gwak was like that.

They all had one thing in common: they changed the flow of the times.

Lee Geom-han inherited the legacy of his grandfather, Lee Gwak.

He was confident in his achievements and achievements, but he did not achieve all of them on his own.

Without the background of Lee Gwak and Gwangmu-mun, his current achievement would have been impossible.

he wondered

The true power of Pyowol, who climbed up from the bottom with his own strength and stood at eye level equal to him.


So, he unleashed his thousand-kill sword with all his might.

Although it is said that he has only mastered eight surnames, the Thousand Sword is the most advanced of all.

Its power surpasses that of the supreme leader of Gangho.

The air around the area was shaken by the Thousand Killer’s sword strike.


It was as if the sky was angry.

Not to mention Namgungseol and Seolhwa Swordsman did not even dare to approach it.

“oh my god!”

Seolhwa Swordsman watched the match between the two with a bewildered expression.

It was a fierce confrontation they couldn’t even imagine.

I couldn’t believe it.

Lee Geom-han was the strongest warrior they knew.

It was Lee Geom-han who was able to compete on an equal footing with the eight star constellations, which were said to be the warriors at the top of the powerhouse.

Pyo-wol was fighting an equal match against Lee Geom-han. I was distrustful when I heard the rumor that Pyowol had defeated the Palestinian constellation, but now there was no way not to believe it.

It was such an unreal sight that I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes.


A thread of energy was pulled out from Pyowol’s fingertips.

It wasn’t a typical male marriage.

It was Sasa Gang (絲蛇罡), a steel craft made from the thread of Ki.


The Thousand Swordsman and the Sasa River clashed countless times.

In terms of destructive power alone, the Thousand Kill Sword was superior. However, in terms of length and skill, Sasa River was far ahead.

Moreover, the person who handled the Sasa River was Pyowol.

Pyowol knew very well how to maximize the power of the Sasagang.

Pyowol swung the Sasagang fiercely and attacked Lee Geomhan.

Like a carp going against the current, Lee Geom-han moved forward with integrity.

Accessing the first chapter wasn’t difficult. But moving forward the next day was doubly difficult.

As he got closer, the length of the Sasa River also shortened. As the length shortened, the power increased.

A tremendous shock thumped his entire body.

He swung his sword to offset most of the impact, but his intestines rang nonetheless.

Bloodstains appeared on the corner of Lee Geum-han’s mouth. Still, he did not stop moving forward.

Finally he reached the tip of the moon.

It was a distance where the Thousand Killer’s sword could exert its strongest power.


Lee Geom-han stabbed his sword at Pyo-wol’s neck.

Pyowol, of course, blocked his way with the Sasa River.

Papa pat!

The Sasa River is broken by Do’s advance.

The Sasa River flows like sand from the part that hit the sword.

Lee Geom-han’s sword advanced without hesitation.

It seemed that his sword was going to pierce Pyowol’s chest.

It was then.

What has changed in Pyowol’s Sasagang, which had been weakly broken.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light, and a black thunderbolt went up along the Sasa River.

Pyo-Wol loaded the Black Lesser into the Sasa River.

The Sasa River, which merged with the black thunderbolt, raised its head again.

Wedge liquid!

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