Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 398

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 398

Episode 398

At that moment, Namgungseol felt a tingle run down his spine.

All the downy hair stood on end with a chilling feeling. She knew the owner of the voice she heard now.

‘no way?’

Namgungseol carefully looked in the direction the voice came from.

There was a man there.

A man with a face that glows more mysteriously in the dark.


Namgungseol’s fine armies frowned.

He was a man who shouldn’t be here.

His appearance was not included in Namgungseol’s calculations.

“How are you?”

Nearby, the Seolhwa Sword Corps that followed her was spread out like a spider web. However, no one announced the appearance of Pyowol.

It was either one.

Either Pyowol tricked their attention and came in, or killed them all and blocked their mouths.

Either way, it wasn’t a very good sign for Namgungseol.

Pyowol was staring at Namgungseol.

Even in the dark, his eyes were particularly clear.

Pyowol opened his mouth.

“I’m curious, so tell me what happens next.”

“What happened to Seolhwa Swordsman?”

“Isn’t that important?”

“You keep crossing the line. This is no place for you.”

Namgungseol’s voice softened.

Even in the dark, her eyes were shining as brightly as the moon.

The light in her eyes was so intense that most people would not dare to meet her eyes. However, Pyo-wol did not care and moved his gaze to Hong Ye-seol.

Hong Ye-seol was in fact terribly ruined.

The paralysis was severe, and life was in danger if not handled immediately.

“You did something stupid.”


“All of them.”

“what? I am Hong Ye-seol. I don’t need your help…”

“So did it happen like this?”


Instead of answering, Hong Ye-seol vomited bright red blood.

I had neither the strength to answer nor the courage to endure. She just rolled her eyes and passed out.

Hong Ye-seol’s breathing was getting weaker and weaker.

It was dangerous to leave it any longer.

The moon approached her. However, there was someone blocking him in the middle.

A man with a long sword at his waist.

Lee Geom-han was a man with a refreshing look and a lively impression.

Lee Geomhan smiled and said.

“Stop there, friend.”

“I am not your friend.”

“The Dead Sea is said to be the East Island, but why are you being so mean?”


“You want to go to that woman? Then I won’t be able to get out of the way.”

“The reason is?”

“I’ve been struggling to get hold of her for days. So please forgive me.”

The young smile on Lee Geum-han’s face grew thicker.

His eyes were shining as if he had found something interesting. On the contrary, Pyowol’s eyes sank even deeper.

It was a polar opposite.

Namgungseol tried to get in between them.

“Black Han! He’s not worth dealing with. So please leave it to me.”

“New Year’s Eve. That’s not it.”


“Can’t you see? The true skill of this friend. It’s not something you can handle.”


“Snow Mae! i love you with all my heart So no matter what you do, you’re standing by and not intervening. Even if a ridiculous group called Seolhwa Sword Corps follows you. And I know that all these actions are for my sake.”

“Black man!”

“You are the most important person to me. That’s why I can’t stand by and see you harmed by the author.”

“You mean I got hit by the author?”

“New Year’s Eve! Come behind me.”

“Black man!”

“I am speaking for you.”

In an instant, Namgungseol felt the blood in his whole body cold.

Because Lee Geom-han had never said anything like this to her.

The strongest person she knew was Lee Geom-han.

It wasn’t that he was highly rated simply because he was born with good bloodlines. He became stronger by living madly in true martial arts.

Mu-gwang risked his life for a sword.

That was the word that best described Lee Geomhan.

I had met Geomhan Lee for a long time, but this was the first time I saw him nervous.

Namgungseol quietly walked behind Geomhan Lee.

I regretted the fact that I had to leave Hong Ye-seol like this, but I decided not to have any regrets.

Lee Geom-han said to Pyo-wol.

“There is something I want to ask you. Do you know who bought that woman?”

“I don’t know!”

“Does that woman’s execution of the assassination have anything to do with you?”

“There is not just one question.”

“Sorry! It’s because I keep thinking about it. Will you answer my question?”

“When the question is over, get out of the way.”

“I would have told you earlier that I couldn’t. this girl is mine I’ve been trying to get hold of this woman for days, and I can’t give up because of a word from you. This woman attacked and killed Chilhyeonseosaeng right in front of my eyes.”

“Her job is to kill people.”

“I know too. You can respect her job. But please understand my situation. The person she killed was the student of Chilhyeon. He has a great reputation in Gangho. If we don’t reveal the secret of his death, there could be a big riot in Jianghu. Even if it’s not, the atmosphere isn’t unusual, but the death of Chilhyeonseosaeng could be the beginning of a war.”

Lee Geum-han was adamant.

He looked at the moon with his hands behind his back.

Pyo-wol saw a tall wall in his figure.

It was a tremendous presence that I had not felt even in Jang Mu-geuk.

‘It’s strong.’

It wasn’t just the martial arts that were strong.

The man himself, Lee Geom-han, was strong.

It made me wonder what kind of process a human being had to go through to have that kind of look and atmosphere.

If time permits, I would like to talk to him. But now Pyowol didn’t have time.

Even during this time of conversation with Lee Geom-han, Hong Ye-seol’s condition was noticeably deteriorating.

I couldn’t leave her any longer.

The moment Pyowol’s eyes changed, Lee Geomhan’s eyes also changed.

Lee Geom-han’s eyes were as heavy as a rock, making the viewer feel a sense of pressure.


The first to move was Pyowol.

He spread out his entourage and approached Hong Ye-seol.

At that moment, Lee Geomhan also moved.

“Did you tell me? I cannot allow her to be taken away.”

He was blocking the front of Pyowol before he knew it.

Instead of clashing with Lee Geum-han, Pyo-wol took a different route.

Just like a snake goes around a rock, Pyo-wol also tried to go around Lee Geom-han. But this time, Lee Geom-han blocked it.

Lee Geom-han’s gait, which moves the soles of his feet without lifting them off the ground, was similar to Pyo-wol’s meandering steps.

It was a step called Hoeryunbo (廻輪步).

Even in Gwangmumun, it is a esoteric step that can only be learned in the lineage of Munju.

It had the characteristic of controlling acceleration and deceleration using rotation. The destructive power is maximized when rotating fiercely, and the power is significantly reduced when rotating low.

Lee Geom-han mastered the Hoeryunbo extremely well.

He threatened to leap with only the whirlpool without unfolding his special skill, Dobeop.


A strong vortex formed around Lee Geomhan and pushed Pyowol away.

Pyo-wol used the eddy current to whirl Lee Geom-han. However, Lee Geom-han spread the wheelbarrow and persistently blocked Pyo-wol.

It was a battle between spear and shield.

The one who wants to penetrate and the one who wants to block.

They constantly bumped into each other, but never attacked each other.

The current clash was a kind of exploratory battle.

They were measuring each other’s level through footwork.

Papa papapat!

Their movements were so fast that only a gray afterimage was visible.

Namgungseol couldn’t close his mouth open in surprise.

“Are you saying that the author’s light-gong skills are on the same level as those of Geomhan?”

It was Lee Geom-han who could kill masters with just footwork.

Hoeryunbo, which has been developed over three generations, has great destructive power in itself.

Lee Geom-Han destroyed quite a few masters with just a whirlpool. However, Pyowol did not suffer any damage while dealing with Hoeryunbo.

If Lee Geom-han’s Hoeryunbo was strong, Pyowol’s sahaengbo was Yu (柔).

Even in the threat of Hoeryunbo, Sahaengbo constantly moved in search of Saengro.

It’s just that they didn’t wield weapons, but in fact they were fighting fiercely.

Lee Geom-han felt more and more difficult to block the mark.

This is because Pyowol’s meandering steps have become more sophisticated as time goes on.

Even when Pyowol started to meander for the first time, the gap between steps was so large that it was easy to predict the movement. However, as time went on, the unnecessary movements that were attached to the steps disappeared and became more sophisticated.

‘Did he recognize his own problems in that short period of time and correct his movements?’

I’ve met countless warriors, but it was the first time I’d seen someone with this level of incompetence.

It was then.


The moon pierced his left side.

Of course, Lee Geom-han blocked his path by unfolding the wheelbarrow. However, Pyowol’s movement suddenly changed.

It turned right instead of left.


For the first time, a puzzled expression appeared on Lee Geom-han’s face. He made a sharp turn and changed direction.

At that moment, the speed of leaping instantaneously increased.

It spread the black lightning and increased the reaction speed of the body several times.

Pyo-wol became a black flash and passed Lee Geom-han.

It was too late to block it with the wheelbarrow.

In an instant, a light of conflict appeared on Lee Geom-han’s face. However, within a moment, the long sword hanging from his waist was released.

See it!

Faster than the sound, the long sword was pulled out and cut Pyowol’s waist.

It was truly an island battle. However, Pyowol was not taken aback and pulled out a ghost rain to block his blow.


A huge shockwave hit Pyowol with a metallic sound.

The ghost rain that collided with the long sword burst out as it was.

Jangdo and Ghostbi have an incomparable gap in weight and destructive power. Furthermore, the person who wielded the long sword was not someone else, but Dogwang Lee Geomhan.

When it came to the art of swordsmanship, he was already a warrior who had reached the ranks of the absolute. It was a natural result that the ghost rain burst out when such a soldier swung and collided with the sword.

In the aftermath of the ghost rain, Pyowol’s hands were covered in blood. However, Pyo-wol did not blink an eye and took out another ghost rain.

Lee Geom-han’s expression was dark as he looked at Pyo-wol.

Because you broke an unspoken promise.

Just as Lee Geom-han did not practice martial arts, Pyo-wol also tried to break through with pure light martial arts without performing martial arts.

Lee Geom-han was confident that he would be able to block Pyo-wol’s breakthrough with only the wheelbarrow. However, his pride made Pyowol break through, and he took out his weapon first.

Lee Geom-han thought it was embarrassing.

It is not shameful that he took out the sword, but he is ashamed of himself for making fun of Pyowol implicitly.

It was clearly an act of ridiculing Pyo-wol that he had his hands behind his back and unfolded the wheelbarrow.

It was clear that although she said that she recognized him on the outside, deep down she had dismissed him as an assassin.

That attitude was clearly wrong.


Lee Geomhan sighed.

For a moment, Pyowol felt a sense of dread.

He noticed that the atmosphere of Lee Geom-han had changed.

‘It must be real from now on.’

The opponent is Lee Geomhan.

A man called Do-gwang.

The one who inherited the strongest martial art of the strongest martial arts school.

His intimidation was real.

Lee Geom-han aimed at Pyo-wol with his long sword.

A projection made to kill the sky.

Thousand Killer.

The strongest projection spread toward the moon.

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