Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 397

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 397

Episode 397

Pyowol tilted his head.

“Sulwha Swordsman?”

It was the first name I had ever heard of.

At least, it was not a name used by a sect or group active in the Poyang Lake area.

As Pyowol had guessed, it was clear that they had come in from outside.

The man’s face hardened.

You will notice your mistake.

Only a handful of people knew about Seolhwa Swordsman.

It wasn’t an embarrassing name, but it was too much of a burden to expose it carelessly.


The warrior swung his sword at Pyowol without hesitation.

His sword pierced the bloody throat of Pyowol.

Throat bleeding was one of the bloodletting. Aiming for throat blood was the will to end Pyo-wol’s breath at once.

However, it did not happen that his sword touched Pyowol’s throat blood.


Before he knew it, Pyowol dug into his chest and punched him in the pit of the stomach.

It seemed like a light hit, but I was out of breath.

Uninhabited was instantly blown out of his mind with excruciating pain.


The warrior groaned and collapsed.

My mind came back, but my strength didn’t go in, as if my limbs had been disintegrated.

Pyowol grabbed his chin and raised his head.

“Who are you chasing?”

“Do you think I will tell you?”

The warrior made a rather strong expression.

It was an expression of his will not to give in to any torture. But he soon discovered how insignificant his will was.


He let out the loudest scream he could. Normally, nearby colleagues would come to help, but unfortunately, none of his colleagues were around.

The warrior trembled as he looked at the dagger stuck in his shoulder.

When he put on a confident expression, Pyowol inserted a ghost monument without warning.

Pyowol stirred his muscles with ghostly rain.

“Turn it off!”

The warrior gritted his teeth to endure the pain. But he soon succumbed to the pain.

“assassin! They are chasing an assassin.”

“What assassin?”

“The assassin who killed Chil…Hyeonseosaeng… Shut it down! Please remove the dagger…”

Pyowol frowned.

If it was the assassin who killed Chilhyeonseosaeng, it was clear that Hong Ye-seol was.

‘They still haven’t left Lake Poyang?’

With her ability, she should have gotten out of Poyang Lake right away.

Preparing an escape route was the basis of an assassin. A fox like Hong Ye-seol would have prepared two or three escape routes.

Still, not being able to escape meant that the ability of those who pursued her was unusual.

“Who leads the Seolhwa Sword Corps?”

“Namgoong… I’m sorry.”

“So, is it Seolhwa Swordsman? A group that protects Namgungseol.”


“Why is Namgoongseol chasing an assassin?”

“That’s… Agh!”

The moment Mu-in hesitated, Pyo-wol stirred up the ghost rain again. The pain of scratching to the bone made Mu-in scream so that his throat would burst.

He couldn’t keep his senses from the terrible pain.

Pyowol asked again.


“This… black Confucius made a request.”

“Why Lee Geom-han?”

Pyo-wol’s expression hardened at the word Lee Geom-han.

No matter how much he was interested in the hegemony of Gangho, he could not be ignorant of Gwangmumun.

Along with Cheonmujang, Gwangmumun was the superpower that divided the hegemony of Gangho.

Not once in the last few decades have they directly stepped forward and used force. Nevertheless, people did not hesitate to place Gwangmumun Gate above the Three Gates.

Although the history is shorter than that of other factions, the inaction shown by Lee Gwak, the leader of the opening of Gwangmumun, was shocking.

An absolute warrior who ended the Macheon Great War with a sword.

His halo was still thickly hanging over the light gate.

Lee Geom-han was the grandson of Lee Gwak.

Naturally, that talent pierced the sky.

Lee Geom-han was the only martial artist who was said to be the only talent comparable to Jang Moo-geuk, the owner of Cheonmu-jang.

Perong! pop!

At that moment, fireworks exploded again in succession in the sky over there.

The atmosphere was unusual when it exploded at short intervals.

Pyo-wol stood up, pointing to Mu-in’s demonic blood.

I didn’t know why Lee Geom-han was chasing Hong Ye-seol. However, he knew that Hong Ye-seol could never defeat Lee Geom-han.

The direction the firecrackers now exploded was in the opposite direction from Namcheongwan.

It was Hong Ye-seol, who came to Namcheongwan and made love with Pyo-wol many times. Nevertheless, fleeing in the opposite direction of Namcheongwan was her determination not to involve Pyowol in her work.

Like any other woman, she would have asked or relied on Pyowol for help. However, Hong Ye-seol did not make such a choice.

pop! Perong!

Firecrackers were constantly exploding.

Pyo-wol chased the firecrackers and threw herself.


‘Damn it!’

Hong Ye-seol looked at the hand holding his side.

There was blood on his palms.

It was blood from a wound in his side.

‘How are humans?’

When I remembered the situation at the time, my body shuddered.

It was just one second.

What she suffered fatal damage.

It was an attack that I didn’t even dare to respond to.

The moment Lee Geom-han’s second unfolded, she felt her head go blank.

Fortunately, the survival instinct engraved in his body reacted first and barely saved his life.

I haven’t thought about it since then.

When she came to her senses, she was running away in the back alley of Poyang Lake.

Even though the mind was blown away, the body reacted on its own.

She was an assassin at the top of the river.

Of course, his movements were light and his light technique was excellent.

In addition, he was perfectly familiar with the back alleys of Poyang Lake.

No matter how much Lee Geom-han was learning how to use the martial arts technique, it was never easy to catch Hong Ye-seol running through the alleyways like a squirrel.

In the end, Lee Geom-han asked Namgung-seol for help.

Namgung Seol used the Seolhwa swordsman to press Hong Ye Seol.

On the surface, it seemed to be tracking Hong Ye-seol’s back, but in fact, he was driving Hong Ye-seol into a corner by using his troops exquisitely.

The pursuit of the Seolhwa Swordsman was tenacious.

They bit Hong Ye-seol like a hunting dog.

If it was the usual Hong Ye-seol, he would have easily shook off their pursuit and disappeared.

However, due to fatal wounds, it was impossible to completely hide the traces.

I lost so much blood that I lost my mind. Still, Hong Ye-seol did not stop.

She knew the moment she stopped was the end. So, enduring the pain, I desperately ran away. However, her speed had noticeably decreased.

It was then.

I saw a woman standing in front of the alley where she ran away.

The moment she saw her gorgeous appearance and curvy body like a rose, Hong Ye-seol recognized her identity at once.


“You came here too.”

The woman, Namgungseol, smiled and looked at Hongyeseol.

Hong Ye-seol glared at Namgung-seol and said.

“Was it you who released the hounds?”

“that’s right.”

“why? I won’t have any favors with you.”

“You don’t have to have a direct Eunwon to use your hands.”

Namgoongseol’s eyes widened in a curved line.

That eye smile made Hong Ye-seol feel even worse.

Being the same woman, I knew very well what Namgungseol’s smile meant.

Namgungseol was laughing at himself.

If nothing else, the fact that she was ridiculed by the same woman made her miserable.


Hong Ye-seol gritted his teeth and threw himself at Namgung-seol.

She aimed her sword at Namgungseol’s neck.

It is to stop Namgungseol’s breath at once and escape.

Namgung Seol did not move even when he saw Hong Ye Seol approaching. It was the moment Hong Ye-seol made a puzzled expression at Namgung-seol’s reaction.


Suddenly, a powerful shock hit her.

Feeling as if she was being crushed by a huge rock, she couldn’t even scream and was pinned to the wall of the alley.

The wall collapsed and Hong Ye-seol was half buried.


Hong Ye-seol coughed up blood.

Red blood soaked his chin and chest, but he didn’t even have the strength to wipe them.

It was as if my whole body was disintegrating into small pieces, so I couldn’t even breathe.

“Huh! Whoops!”

After a long effort, she was able to breathe.

Then someone’s voice was heard.

“Excellent! You are an assassin who rots inside.”

Hong Ye-seol struggled to look in the direction the voice came from.

The shock caused all the thread veins in her eyes to burst. Because of that, his eyes turned red as if they would spill blood at any moment, and the focus on the retina disappeared, making it difficult to see the owner of the voice.

Still, she knew who the owner of the voice was.

He was the man he had been pursuing since the moment he assassinated Chilhyeon.

Because of his persistent pursuit, he was unable to escape Poyang Lake and was cornered into this situation.

He was Lee Geom-han.

Lee Geom-han reaped his sword and approached Namgung-seol.

“Are you okay?”


“I’m sorry. I tried not to bother you if possible.”

“It is my mission to assist you. There is absolutely no need to be sorry.”

“Thank you for always understanding.”

Lee Geomhan smiled.

Namgungseol looked at him with deep eyes.

Anyone could see that the two were lovers.

Hong Ye-seol’s lips twisted.

“I’m playing…”

“sorry. We were the only ones who set the mood for the wounded person.”

Namgung Seol apologized to Hong Ye Seol with a face that did not feel sorry at all.

Lee Geom-han and Namgung Seol approached Hong Ye-seol, who was pinned to the wall, shoulder to shoulder.

Hong Ye-seol couldn’t even move a finger.

It was a mysterious level of injury that he was still alive.

At least Lee Geom-han is alive because he took care of the circumstances in his hands.

Lee Geom-han asked Hong Ye-seol.

“Who instigated you?”


“The one who told me to kill Chilhyeonseosaeng. You must have known.”

“I do not know.”

“You don’t mean to believe that, do you? An assassin like you killing a client without knowing his identity? It makes no sense.”

“Think… whatever you want. Because what I say is true.”

“Tsk! Poisonous too. Even at that point, you still won’t tell me.”

Lee Geom-han clicked his tongue while looking at Hong Ye-seol.

I already guessed, but it was clear that Hong Ye-seol was a poisonous species among poisonous species.

Lee Geomhan shrugged and looked at Namgungseol.

“What do you want me to do? Should I be tortured? I am not confident in torture.”

“I don’t even need to torture you.”


“Everyone has weaknesses. If you touch the weak point, you can find out the truth without torture.”

“Does such a vicious assassin have a weakness? no way!”

He waved his hands as if he couldn’t say such a thing.

It was Lee Geom-han who had been tracking Hong Ye-seol for several days. So I knew better than anyone how strong she was.

I couldn’t believe that Hong Ye-seol had a weakness. However, Namgungseol had a confident expression.

Namgungseol came closer and said Hong Yeseol.

“The moon!”


“Did you purposely come to this place far away from Nancheongwan to protect him?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You like him.”

“This crazy b*tch…”

“You know? The fact that he almost became a strong enemy today? I was lucky enough to pass the risk. By the way. What if people knew you were related? Will I be able to pass the risk so easily then?”


“People see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe. Misleading people is not that difficult. Even if you don’t, you have hatred for the warlords, so if you spill the information that it’s related to you…”

Namgungseol was speechless, but I could understand what he was trying to say.

Hong Ye-seol shouted.

“Do you think he would blink an eye?”

“I guess so. However, he will be shaken as much as he is human. It’s perfect now, but the loopholes will be revealed. Aren’t you curious? What will happen after that?”

“I’m curious. What will happen…”

Someone other than Hong Ye-seol answered.

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