Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 396

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 396

Episode 396

“It really collapsed.”

Eom So-so muttered as he looked at the collapsed cliff.

The place where she was was the place where there used to be a ball of fire in the depths of Yongho Mountain.

As conveyed by letter, the Jade of Fire was completely destroyed. It was covered in a huge amount of rock, so it seemed impossible to get out, even if there were survivors.

Ordinary people would have thought that this level of confirmation would be enough, but it was different.



At her call, a group of warriors appeared silently.

They all had their faces covered with masks.

The warriors wearing ghost masks with horns on their foreheads are Haemudae. It was one of the secret powers of martial arts.

Their main mission was tracking and executing.

He possessed such a mighty force.

“Search the area thoroughly in case there is a secret passage.”

“Honorable name!”

Even when ordered to search the vast Dragon Tiger Mountain, they followed without a word.

That was their greatest strength.

There is no question about it, but its ability as a hunting dog is excellent.

Eom So-so sat on a large rock and looked at the entrance to the Prison of Fire.

‘I should have killed him then.’

If she had been given full power, she would have killed Yu Su-hwan.

To that extent, Yoo Soo-hwan was a threatening being.

Yoo Soo-hwan itself was a great justification.

If he makes up his mind and goes to the fore, many will follow him. If so, Mugeomryun will be divided into two sides and fight.

‘I must see his death with my own eyes.’

I felt like I could stretch my legs and sleep only when I checked Yoo Soo-hwan’s body.

Eom So-so did not move, waiting for Haemu-dae to return.

She spent all of her time hanging out.

More than three days had passed since I spent in front of the house of fire.

Even the smallest of the world was showing the bottom of their patience.

It was then that Haemu Daeju returned.

Daejoo lowered his head and spoke cautiously.

“I found a suspicious space. You should go with me.”

Umsoso nodded and followed him.

The place where Haemu Daeju took Eom Soso was Nogyeha, which flows around Mt. Yongho.

It was adjacent to the cliffs of Mt. Nogye.

On days of heavy rain, waterfalls were created that flow down from the cliffs to Nogyeha.

Eom So-so put on a puzzled expression.

It was because there was quite a distance between Noh Gye-ha and Bul-Hoe-ok. However, knowing that Haedudae would not guide him here without any reason, he quietly followed them.

Haemudae started climbing the cliff leading to Nogyeha.

The surface of the cliff was covered with moss and was very slippery. Because of this, ordinary people did not even dare to climb the cliff.

However, both Eom So-so and Hae-mu-dae were far from ordinary people. They were able to climb the cliff without difficulty by spreading the wall hogong.

When I climbed the cliff a little bit, the haemudaeju pointed to a certain part.

“Look here.”

Where he pointed, there was a small blood clot.

It was so small that even a child could barely get out of it.

Eom So-so focused his energy in his eyes and looked into the cave. However, I did not dare to guess where the all-black thing ended.

It was then.

Someone crawled out of the cave.

The person whose entire body was covered with dirt was the Haemudae military commander.

While Haemu Daeju went to call Eom So So, one of the Haemu Dae soldiers entered the cave.

He was the smallest and strongest of the Haemudae. he reported to me

“The cave led to the Fire Jade. But it collapsed in the middle and couldn’t go any further.”

“There is no evidence that it is connected to the impregnable prison.”

“That’s right. But I found this inside.”

Mu-in held out a piece of cloth to Um So-so.

Umsoso frowned.

The fact that the piece of cloth was in the cave was tantamount to proof that there was a human.

Unmanned words continued.

“Not only that, there are traces of several people staying in the cave. Judging from the footprints and handprints, it is estimated that there are more than a dozen people.”


Eom So-so let out a quiet voice involuntarily.

There was no evidence that Yu Su-hwan stayed inside. There was no certainty that the blood flow had led to the impregnable prison.

However, if at least one blood flow was connected to the Jail of Fire and people escaped through this place, the problem becomes serious.

If there is even Yoo Soo-hwan in it, it is no different from a disaster.

If it is known that the Soviet state of the powerful swordsman training sent the death penalty to a place called Unrepentant Prison, Kang Ho will not be able to escape criticism. In the worst case, Mugeomryun’s disciples might reject Dokgohwang.

That worst-case scenario had to be prevented.

Umsoso asked Haemu Daeju.

“Do you know where those who got out of here went?”

“Too much time has passed. All traces have been erased, making it impossible.”

“If those who were really imprisoned in the prison of fire escaped, they must have rested somewhere. Being confined for a long time in a harsh environment like a prison of fire would have damaged your body a lot.”

“All right. I’ll search all the inns.”

Lord Haemu Dae ordered his subordinates to search the inn in the area.

Haemudae scattered in all directions to find an inn.

In the vicinity of Nogyeha, there were quite a few of them in guesthouses.

This is because many people came to see the beautiful scenery.

Because of this, it was inevitable that it would take a long time to search through the inn one by one.

Eom So-so patiently waited for Haemu-dae to come with good news.

That was when half a day had passed.

“I found it.”

An unmanned man from the Haemudae hurriedly came running.

“You found it?”

“yes! Please follow me.”

The place where the soldier guided Eom Soso was an old inn called Hwayeong Gaekjan.

The entrance to the inn was guarded by a haemudae, and an elderly couple who did not know why were trembling.

“They say they received dozens of guests on a day of heavy rain.”


At Mu-in’s words, Eom So-so questioned the old couple.

“It is true. Dozens of people come and remember it clearly.”

“What are the characteristics?”


“Isn’t there a reason you remember them?”

′′ that eyes were very scary. Like wolves that have been starving for a very long time. He must have been locked up for a long time, and his appearance was filthy and he was very thin. Oh, and I also said that the outside air is good.”

The old man searched his memory and answered.

“Are you skinny?”

“yes! Maybe that’s why they ate up the food like those possessed by demons.”

The impression was so strong that I still remember their appearance.

The old man described in detail what he had seen.

Eom So-so’s expression stiffened.

This is because the people the old man describes are the behavior of people who have been confined to prison for a long time without fail.

The last one in particular caught my heart.

Everyone else left as soon as they got better, but only the last person stayed for over a month and did not recover. However, his impression matched Yu Su-hwan’s.

‘Is he really alive?’

Umsoso bit his lip.

Perhaps the person the old man was talking about was not Yu Su-hwan. Even if it was, I had to check it first.

Umsoso asked.

“Did you say the person who brought them was handsome?”

“yes! It was clearly a man, but it seemed that no woman could compare how beautiful she was.”

“A man more beautiful than a woman? the moon?”

Umsoso’s expression twisted.

If her assumptions were true, it was the worst.

“No word on where they were going?”

“I think I heard you were going to the marina.”

“A marina? Where do we go by boat from there?”

“If you go down the river, you will arrive at Poyang Lake. If you go up, you will see a mountain valley.”

“Poyang Lake?”

There was nothing more to think about.

Eom So-so threw a silver coin to the old man and left the inn.

she said to Haemudae.

“We are going to Lake Poyang.”


Pyowol looked around the old mansion.

It was a structure surrounded by mansions with a courtyard in the middle. There was no separate fence, but because of the completely closed structure, it was impossible to look inside from the outside.

There was even a small massa on one side of the mansion.

Pyo-wol put the horse in Martha and sat down on the floor in the middle of the courtyard.

The owner of this mansion was an old couple who had nothing to do with Kang-ho.

The elderly couple felt a great fear of the recent fight between strong men at Lake Poyang.

To avoid danger, they disposed of the mansion and left Poyang Lake. The place where they bought the house they sold was the Jewon Sangdan.

Xu Xue Feng, from the top of Qi Yuan, gave the house he bought at a bargain price to Pyo Wol.

Originally, Pyowol intended to stay in another inn. However, all the innkeepers were reluctant to accept the pyowol.

Although they did not verbally refuse, their expressions and eyes showed their thoughts.

The perception that a problem will arise if they receive Pyowol as a guest is embedded in their minds.

Pyo-wol had no intention of staying in an inn that rejected him. Knowing his circumstances, Ju Seol-pung handed over the mansion owned by the Jewon Chamber of Commerce.

The house was very clean since the old couple had just left.

Pyowol lay on the floor and looked up at the sky.

I could see the clouds moving quickly in the square sky above the courtyard.

Pyowol stared at the clouds for a long time with his arm pillow on.

As I passed the time in a daze, the sun fell and the darkness settled down before I knew it.

It was then.

A ray of red light entered Pyowol’s vision.


The light that rose high in the night sky exploded and created sparks.

It was a firecracker.

The moment he saw the fireworks, Pyo-wol jumped up.

Because it wasn’t a normal firecracker.

It was mainly firecrackers exchanged for signaling purposes.

Pyowol threw herself onto the roof of the mansion. Then, the scenery around Poyang Lake came in at a glance.


Another firecracker was seen in the distance.

As expected by Pyowol, it was clear that someone was exchanging signals.

At that moment, another firecracker exploded.

The firecrackers exploded in a straight line. Also, the firecrackers exploded very quickly.

Pyowol had a hunch that something had changed.

Pyowol did not intervene in matters that had nothing to do with him, but this time was different.

For some reason, I felt that I shouldn’t just let it go.

Pyowol kicked off the roof and flew up.

Pyowol flew like a bird and landed on the roof of the mansion on the other side, and started running at a terrifying speed.

It ran across the roof like a gale, but there was no sound of footsteps or even the fluttering of clothes.

It was a silent run.

No one noticed the speed of Pyowol.

In an instant, Pyowol caught up with the firecrackers.

I saw unmanned people running down the alley beneath my feet.

They chattered without even realizing that the moon was watching over their heads.

“It is over there.”

“He turned north.”

Although they did not reach Pyo-wol, their light-gongsul was very good.

There were many obstacles in the narrow alley, but they couldn’t slow down their steps.


A warrior with this level of light-gong skills could easily be classified as an elite member of the Gangho Daemun faction.

It was never common for such people to be mobilized.

Pyowol took a closer look at their whereabouts.

These were the first faces I had ever seen.

Not only were their faces unfamiliar, but the momentum they radiated was also heterogeneous.

At least among the munpa and warriors Pyowol met at Lake Poyang, there were no such spirits.

That meant that they came from outside.

Pyo-wol threw his body and landed behind the warrior running from the rear. Even though the pyowol landed right behind him, Mu-in didn’t notice it at all.


At that moment, firecrackers exploded again.

The eyes of the unmanned people running down the alley were directed to the firecrackers. They turned down the alley towards the place where the fireworks exploded.

I followed the uninhabited island colleagues in the cove and turned the alley.


At that moment, a strong hand grabbed him by the nape of his neck.

It was a moon.

He just pulled the warrior and threw him backwards.


The unmanned man slammed into the wall with a low scream.

It happened so quickly.

My colleagues didn’t even notice that the uninhabited disappeared, and it was after they had already moved far away.

The warrior stroked his neck and stood up.

“What kind of guy is he? You dare interfere with the work of Seolhwa Sword Corps.”

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