Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 395

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 395

Episode 395

The official can’t answer anything.

Pyowol answered his question with his body.

By showing his own inaction, he let the whole world know that there was no reason to ambush.

There was no more convincing proof than this.

The gwanmusu pursed his lips several times. But his voice never came out of his mouth.


He lowered his head and let out a heavy breath.

Only then did Pyowol’s gaze turn to the other warriors he had defeated.

No one died, but they were so badly disfigured that I would rather die.

Pyowol approached the last man he defeated.


The man looked at Pyowol with a terrified face.

I wanted to run away, but I couldn’t move, no matter what Pyowol tried.


At that moment, Pyowol took out the ghost rain from his waist.

“Oh don’t come!”

The man shouted desperately, but he couldn’t stop Pyowol from approaching.

The man quickly looked around.

There were still many people around.

But the atmosphere was very different from before.

The madness that had heated Poyang Lake just before had disappeared, and instead, a suffocating silence had taken over the streets.

Fear filled the eyes of those who looked at the Pyowol. They looked at Pyowol without daring to take a deep breath.

It was not an atmosphere where people could incite violence with just a few words and the act of throwing stones.

Countless people on the street were crushed by the momentum of just one person.


It was so quiet that the sound of someone swallowing dry saliva could be heard as loud as a thunderclap.

In that state, Pyowol opened his mouth.

“It’s people like you that are the problem.”


“When you stir up people and are decisive, you always fall behind.”

“Oh… Hap. I can explain everything.”

“Then explain. so that I can understand.”


The man desperately shook his head. But my mind went blank, and I couldn’t think of anything.

Pyowol got down on one knee and met his gaze.

“You are listening. say!”

“That’s… that’s…”

“Why can’t you explain? They talked so well earlier and even threw stones…”

“Huh! I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. Because there is nothing to accept.”

Pyo-wol slashed the back of the man’s hand with the ghost rain.

The man shuddered at the feeling of cold metal brushing his skin. He was also a martial artist who learned martial arts.

Although he is not a renowned master, he prided himself on being quite strong. So it was possible to do something like that.

I thought that if the worst happened, I could take out one piece of my body. But now I was acutely aware of how foolish it was.

There was nothing he could do.


Pyowol suddenly implanted a ghost rain on the back of his hand.

The man’s face contorted with pain. But he wasn’t even given the freedom to scream.

In front of his eyes, Pyowol shook his head slightly.

It seemed to me that if he screamed, he would kill.

The man desperately held back his screams.

In an instant, a small smile crept across Pyowol’s lips.

Seeing him complimenting him for doing well, the man was convinced that his guess was correct.


The ghost rain also dug into the back of the other hand.

‘Turn it off!’

The man gritted his teeth and held back his screams.

He was overcome by the fear that Pyowol would take his life if he groaned even slightly.

Pyo-wol took out a bag of ghost rain again.

A ghostly rain lingered around his heart.


The man shuddered as if he had epilepsy.

The body reacts in its own way to the fear of death.

He squeezed his lips and foam flowed out.

The man was literally on the verge of going mad.

The unbearable fear made it so.

The reality that he couldn’t even scream to his heart’s content drove his spirit into a corner.


At that moment, something snapped in his head.

“Uh heh heh!”

Suddenly, his expression softened and he let out a grotesque laugh.

The focus in the eyes was completely gone.

“it’s crazy?”

“I’m out of my mind.”

People nearby noticed the man’s condition at a glance.

He couldn’t overcome the extreme fear and went mad.

Pyo-wol retrieved the ghost monument stuck in the back of the man’s hand.

“Uh heh heh!”

The man continued to laugh, rubbing his face with his bloody hands.

The appearance of a properly mad man made the people on the street even more terrified.

Among them, the most terrified was Gwanmusu, who vigorously attacked Pyowol.

He forgot the thought of having to avenge Chilhyeonseosaeng and stared blankly at Pyowol.

Only then did he regret not listening to the disciples of Chilhyeon Seosaeng.

The man in front of him was not simply lucky to get a grand nickname.

He had the determination and skill to match him.


It felt like it was natural for the nickname to be mad.


“It’s over.”

Namgungseol murmured.

She watched things unfold from beginning to end.

Seeing the corpse of Chilhyeonseosaeng, Gwanmusu went to Pyowol as if in a seizure, and saw Gunung follow him.

Namgungseol was well aware of how terrifying crowd psychology was.

Individually insignificant and weak beings lose their fear and express hatred close to madness when they unite as one.

Sometimes, such madness eats up even the best masters of Gangho.

To be honest, Namgungseol thought Pyowol would be affected by madness to some extent.

No matter how strong he was, he did not think that even if he was called a god of death, he would be able to calm down the madness that so many people emit.

It was clear that the moment Pyo-wol succumbed to the pressure of the government official and made an excuse, his authority would be lost.

There is a blemish on the perfect integrity that has been maintained until now. That alone was a huge blow to Pyowol.

However, if he mercilessly took the life of a government official, he would incur the resentment of Kang-ho.

Even if Pyowol himself did not care, it was clear that it would be a huge loss when thinking about his next move.

Namgungseol planned to appear and help Pyowol when he was unable to do this or that, or when he was faced with a situation where he had to make an extreme choice.

They tried to attract Pyowol to their side by wiping out their emotional debt. However, contrary to her calculations, Pyo-wol overcame the crisis on her own without anyone’s help.

It wasn’t just a crisis.

By completely controlling the situation, he further solidified his position.

Now, the moon has become an existence that cannot be easily touched.

It was an unpleasant situation for Namgungseol.

She didn’t want Pyowol’s presence to grow any further. Besides her, there were quite a few such people in Kangho. And most of them were ambitious.

Those with great ambition do not like a person who suddenly jumps out like a leopard.

This is because the more a foreign being like the moon gains fame, the less they can maneuver.

Namgungseol alone had to modify the plan at Lake Poyang to some extent because of the sudden appearance of the moon.

‘Still, it won’t affect the general trend, but it’s true that I care.’

Namgungseol’s eyes grew colder as he looked at Pyowol.

However, it was not without income at all.

As Gwanmusu and Warlord prowled him, he was clearly aware of Pyowol’s tendency.

‘If you stand on the other side, you must be eliminated.’

It wasn’t just martial arts that Pyowol was terrifying.

What was more terrifying than his martial arts was planting.

Even though no information was given, the instinct to grasp the core of the problem and solve it in the most advantageous way for oneself was truly terrifying.

Even though she didn’t seem to have the power to read the great powers as widely as she did and grasp current trends, the momentary flash of wit was enough to keep her alert.

‘A person like that is attached to Wall-E?’

Now I can understand Namgoongwol’s confidence to some extent.

Pyowol was a sharp dagger.

The blade is forged so terrifyingly that you can stop breathing without a sound.

Possessing such a dagger was tantamount to having an extra life.


Namgungseol stared at Pyowol.

It was then.

Pyo-wol turned his head and looked straight at her, probably feeling Namgung-seol’s gaze.

The eyes of the two met in midair.

There was a distance of dozens of pages between them, but they could see each other’s eyes strangely clear.

They soon found a common ground.

It means never revealing your true feelings.

Even through the eyes, which are the windows of the heart.

They thoroughly hide their true feelings and have an excellent talent for reading other people’s minds. That’s why they felt repulsive to each other and built a barrier in their hearts.

They looked at each other for a while.

Namgungseol was the first to turn his head.

As she quietly stepped back, an unmanned man approached her side. and whispered

In an instant, an arc was drawn at the corner of Namgungseol’s mouth.

She nodded and replied.

“all right. Tell them you’re leaving soon.”


The warriors took possession and disappeared.

Left alone, Namgungseol once again looked at the place where Pyowol was. But when did he disappear? Pyowol was nowhere to be seen.


Namgungseol smiled strangely.


There are people who instinctively feel rejected.

A person whose emotions reject him from the moment he sees him, even though he has no contact with himself.

Namgungseol was such an existence to Pyowol.

It was only the second meeting.

I only watched it from afar. Still, he didn’t know that the reason why he felt repulsive enough to cause hives all over his body was because he smelled a scent similar to his own from her.

I had a hunch that I would continue to collide with Namgungseol in the future.

Pyowol returned to Namcheongwan.

The inn was a mess.

This is because a lot of objects were broken by the lion’s roar.

The owner of the inn and the shopkeeper worked hard to clean it up, but it was not enough. Ever since Pyo-wol stayed here, Namcheon-gwan had never ceased to have problems. Perhaps because of this, the face of the owner of Namcheongwan, looking at Pyowol, was full of fatigue.

He couldn’t speak because he was afraid of Pyo-wol, but he had an expression on his face that wanted him to leave.

As Pyowol stayed, Namcheongwan’s reputation increased, but on the contrary, it was common to suffer damage.

If they came and started a riot like a government official, there was no way for the owner of the guesthouse to stop it. However, he was too scared to ask Pyowol to leave Namcheongwan.

In the end, the owner of Namcheongwan had no choice but to look at Pyowol with the most pitiful expression on his face.

Pyowol was not shy enough to sit down even after receiving such glances.

“I will change my place of residence today.”

“yes? You don’t have to do that…”

Pyo-wol threw a small pouch containing a hermit at the mute owner of the inn.

“That should be enough to restore the broken inn.”

“Thank you.”

The owner of the inn was thrilled to receive the bag. However, there was still fear in his eyes as he looked at Pyowol.

He did not become a public enemy, but a fear comparable to him settled in people’s hearts.

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