Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 394

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 394

Episode 394

Namgungseol’s eyes were sunk deeper than ever.

The scene of the mayhem of the street was reflected in her eyes.

The officials were running amok.

The iron shi he threw was turning the streets into hell.

“Was it like that?”

Pyowol’s inaction was far beyond her imagination.

Gwanmusu’s steel great bow had truly formidable power. However, no matter how powerful the great bow was, it was of no use if it failed to hit the opponent.

Pyo-wol avoided all the arrows fired by Kwan-mu-su with ghost-like movements. In addition, he penetrated between the warlords and induced the attack of Gwanmusu towards them.

Many people were killed or injured in the unexpected attack.

When this happened, the anger of the soldiers who were directly or indirectly damaged was directed at the official.

“Are you attacking all of a sudden?”

“We tried to help you, but we repaid the favor with our enemies.”

They got angry and attacked the official.

Only then did the official regain his reason and shouted.

“No, that’s not it…”

He hurriedly excused himself, but the enraged warriors didn’t hear it.

It was a relationship where there was no strong solidarity anyway, just the crowd psychology.

There was no trust or trust in each other.

It was Pyowol who fueled it.



A scream broke out among the soldiers.

Those who screamed were the ones who took the lead and recklessly criticized Pyowol.

See it!

The suhonsa stretched out and penetrated Muji’s shoulder.

Pyo-wol swung the conjurer as it was and threw the soldier at the warlords.



Three or four warriors fell to the ground after being hit by the warrior thrown by Pyowol.

A nearby soldier got his eyes wide open and rushed at Pyowol.

“This dog is …

At that moment, the ghost rain hit his shoulder.

The warrior who rushed forward rolled backwards.

Pyo-wol used a suhonsa to retrieve the ghost monument that had been stuck on Mu-in’s shoulder.

The soldiers nearby swung their weapons at Pyowol.

However, their weapons did not even touch Pyowol’s body.

Pyowol operated Black Thunder.

By manipulating the brain power that exists in the human body, he was able to think and move several times faster than usual because he raised his body’s reaction speed to the maximum.

Pyowol’s eyes quickly scanned the faces of the warriors.

I saw the face I was looking for.

The moment Pyowol’s eyes met, he tried to run away in a hurry. But the pyowol did not tolerate it.

See it!

Pyowol threw a ghost rain.

The ghost rain landed right on his thigh.


The man fell to his knees with a scream.

Pyowol grabbed the man by the nape of his neck and threw him forward.


He tumbled violently across the floor, his limbs snapping in grotesque directions.

“Turn it off!”

The man groaned as he fell face down on the floor.

It seemed that all limbs were broken. I couldn’t stand still.

Pyowol moved in search of the next food.


At that moment, an arrow shot by the official came flying. However, Pyowol avoided the arrow by lightly moving his body without checking it with his eyes.



The arrow was lodged in the heart of the poor soldier.

The unmanned man collapsed with a desperate scream.

Pyowol glanced back.

I saw the face of the government official who was horribly distorted.

The old man with a thick beard had a desperate expression on his face, as if he was about to shed tears.

Several bodies were already lying at his feet.

It was the unmanned people who rushed at him.

He fought back because he couldn’t die easily, and as a result, everyone who ran into him died.

Gwanmusu’s martial arts were crude and rough. Because of that, it was not delicate enough to subdue people alive.

The result was the current horror.

He killed the warlords in order to survive, but his heart was ruined.

Although he was quick-tempered enough to earn the nickname of “Decorative Leaves,” he had never done injustice or caught a live person in his entire life. He had already killed more than ten innocent people because of the leap.

Guilt tormented him. However, I couldn’t stop now.

Whether it was porridge or rice, Pyowol had to be subdued. Only then could he receive at least some remission for what he had done.

Shh shh!

He fired arrows in succession.

The arrow flew in a curved line.

It was a songwriter.

The arrow pierced through the warlords and aimed at Pyowol’s throat. But this time, Pyowol also used a nearby warrior as a shield.



Fortunately, no one was killed in the explosion, but the soldier who was hit by the arrow soon died.

Gwanmusu threw the palace and shouted.

“You coward! Fight fair and square. Aren’t you ashamed?”

But Pyowol did not give any answer.

Because I didn’t feel the need to answer.

The term fair party refers to a person who occupies an advantageous position.

There was no reason for a person who was in a disadvantaged position to be fair.

Victory had to be won even with cowardly tactics.

That was the way Pyowol learned to survive.

Somehow, he gained fame and was admired in the river, but his essence was an assassin after all.

A thin arc was drawn at the corner of Pyowol’s mouth.

will laugh

It was as if I had just woken up from a dream and returned to reality.

See it!

The ghost tomb and the wedding ceremony were issued at the same time.

Every time someone screamed.


Gwanmusu took out a straight sword and chased Pyowol.


The huge straight sword terrifyingly cut through the air and aimed for the leap. However, Pyowol exquisitely evaded his sword and attacked another soldier.


The unmanned man collapsed with a scream.

Didn’t die. But it wriggled like a worm.

There were over 20 people who fell and screamed like that. While subduing so many warriors, Pyowol did not suffer a single wound the size of a fingernail.

He still had a pale face and was breathing, but not rough. The warriors got tired of seeing such a Pyowol.



Even though he knew that Pyowol was called the god of death, he did not realize it. So, surrounded by crowd psychology, they were able to pour out criticism towards Pyowol.

They were expecting that they might be able to bring the giant called Pyowol down to the same floor as them.

However, the inaction of Pyowol that they directly saw was beyond their imagination.

No matter how many sheep gathered, they could not stop a tiger, and no matter how much they worked together, they could not help an individual Pyowol.

Only now did I realize that fact.

Pyowol’s eyes quickly scanned the warlords. And finally, I found the person I had been aiming for from the beginning.

He was the man who threw the stone at the moon in the first place.


When our eyes met, the man ran away with a pale face.


Only then did the man realize.

That all those whom Pyowol defeated were those who instigated among the warlords.

Those who provoked people to explode with aggression while criticizing the standard.

All of them were wounded by Pyowol and were moaning like animals.

The reason why the man threw a stone at Pyowol was to trigger an attack from others.

He knew from experience that when the atmosphere was heated like this, even a slight shock would cause an explosion. So at that moment, he threw a stone at Pyowol, and as expected, people exploded in anger.

Right after that, he hid among the people.

It was to appreciate the fight he had unleashed. But before I could appreciate it properly, this four months happened.

‘Does this make sense? Did you remember all those people in that moment?’

He said it was possible because he closely watched people’s reactions among the warlords, but Pyowol was in a situation where he was criticized.

It was hard to believe that he had found and remembered those who were encouraging the warlords in such a situation where it was difficult to come to their senses.

It was truly human-like observation and memory.

But his thoughts went no further.

Something sharp had wrapped around his ankle.


The man screamed and collapsed. and dragged behind

‘Oh, no!’

The man desperately scratched the floor to avoid being dragged away. However, despite such efforts, he was dragged to the feet of Pyowol in vain.

“iced coffee!”

When he raised his head, he saw Pyowol’s face looking down at him.

A ray of smile appeared on her beautiful face, like a woman’s. The moment he saw that smile, the man stopped peeing.

I was afraid.

I was so scared I couldn’t even think.

Just seeing Pyowol’s smile made the man feel the fear of death.

I struggled to move, but to no avail.

No matter what Pyowol tried, he couldn’t even move.

It was then.

“A baby like this rat!”

Finally, Gwanmusu caught up with Pyowol.

Without thinking further, he swung his straight sword at Pyowol.


The sword, containing powerful internal energy, split Pyowol’s waist horizontally. But at that moment, the symbol disappeared like a lie.

What Gwanmusu separated was the illusion of Pyowol.

Pyo-wol spread his Ma-yeong-hwan stomach and deceived his eyes.


Pyo-wol appeared silently behind the official’s back.

Realizing that what he had cut was an illusion, the government official gritting his teeth and spinning in place like a top.

It was the beginning of a lifesaving mission called Shunhoecham (旋回斬).

In his sword, there was a pottery that was three feet long.


Doggy’s young dog tore the air apart.

It was so destructive that no opponent dared to approach it. However, even such a season could not prevent Pyowol’s approach.

The reaction speed of Pyowol, who activated the Black Lightning, was in a state that transcended human limits.

Even though Gwanmusu rotates at a terrifying speed that is invisible to the n.a.k.e.d eye, Pyowol’s eyes can see the gap between rotations.

Pyowol burrowed in between them and threw a wave of jade.



As the turning ram broke, the official screamed.

The sword in his hand was shattered, and the hand holding it was covered in blood.

Pyowol caught up with Gwanmusu who bounced back at a frightening speed.


Gwanmusu gritted his teeth and took out a hand ax from his waist. But before that, Pyowol grabbed his wrist.

Pyowol mercilessly turned his wrist.



The government official screamed.

His wrists were completely twisted.

Fragments of broken bones protruded through the skin.

Gwanmusu felt his mind wander from the excruciating pain. However, Pyowol’s attack did not end there.


The kick, loaded with internal energy, hit the official’s abdomen.

Gwanmusu could not even scream and flew off and crashed into the wall.

The wall half collapsed and he was doomed.

His bloodied figure with his wrist twisted was truly gruesome.

Fortunately, even at that point, the official was still alive.

He was barely breathing.


Pyowol approached in front of such a government official.

Gwanmusu barely lifted his head and looked up at Pyowol.

I saw a pyowol looking down at me.

He didn’t look like he was breathing hard.

The slight blush raised was just yo-yo.

Pyowol was staring down at the official.

“You still think I killed your friend?”


The official could not answer.

It felt like he was going to vomit blood when he opened his mouth.

His insides were a mess with internal injuries.

Although he attacked with all his might, Pyo-wol inflicted deep internal wounds on him in an instant.

He believed that if it was his martial arts, he could not kill him, but he could seriously injure Pyowol. However, the belief was shattered and the reality was devastating.

Pyowol said with a smile.

“Tell me. Is there any reason for me to ambush you to kill your friend?”


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