Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 393

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 393

Episode 393

“What is this?”

Gwanmusu was frightened and hit the dagger again with an axe. However, the dagger changed its trajectory and attacked as if it were a living creature.

The wrath of the governor rose to the top of his head. It was because he thought his opponent was making fun of him.

“dare! Chaat!”

He injected a lot of air power into the ax with spirit. Then, a small axe swelled up to three feet.

Gwanmusu swung the ax with the momentum to split the dagger at once.


A small dagger and a swollen ax collided, and a metallic sound exploded.

Everyone expected the dagger to explode, but the reality was different.

It was only bounced off by the swordsman’s blow, but it is still intact.

The bounced dagger drew an arc in the air.

The government official, who was in trouble, shouted.

“How long are you going to play ghosts like this? He said he was an assassin, so he is really shameless.”


Instead of answering, the dagger flew again.


Gwanmusu hit the dagger with all his might.

The dagger flew away with a metal sound.

The problem was that the flying dagger was not one sack.

See it!

Another dagger flew from somewhere.

Gwanmusu once again threw the dagger with all his might.


The dagger flew out with an explosion. But the gwanmusu couldn’t help but laugh.


It was because the dagger was flying continuously.

Feeling that the ax alone was not enough, the government official took out a straight sword and swung it.


Axes and straight swords were swung at terrifying speed, creating a thin barrier in front of the officials.

Above it, daggers continued to explode.


Explosive noises that could not be regarded as daggers clashing erupted continuously. Gwanmusu was finally able to block all daggers.

“Huh! Huh!”

The official was breathing heavily.

It was because he had poured all his energy into it to the point where he felt temporarily exhausted.

I only managed to get the dagger off, but it felt like I had gone through a tough struggle.

Gwanmusu’s eyes shook as he raised his head as he picked up the impure air power.

Because the landscape around them has changed.

Even when he first struck the dagger, he was clearly in the inn. But now it was outside the entrance to the inn.

It was pushed back during the dagger.


Gwanmusu looked at the ax and straight sword in his hands with an expression of disbelief.

Both the ax and the jig were missing blades.

“I can’t believe it. It’s just that the blade is damaged by an assassin’s dagger.”


At that moment, a man with a white face appeared in front of the official without a sound.

Seeing the man’s face glowing whiter in the scorching sunlight, the official’s expression hardened.

“Are you Pyowol?”

“Who are you then?”

“My name is Gwanmusu.”


“Student Chilhyeon, who was assassinated by an assassin at Lake Poyang, is my close friend.”


“What were you doing yesterday afternoon? What was I doing when my best friend was assassinated?”

“You seem to think that I killed Chilhyeonseosaeng.”

“If not, tell me honestly what you were doing at that time.”

“Will you believe me if I tell you?”

“As long as the evidence is clear.”

“What if there is no evidence?”

“Then die by my hand.”

Gwanmusu raised his life.


The air around him was shaking like crazy.

It wasn’t for nothing that it was nicknamed “Decorrect Flower Leaf”.

Literally, he was hot-tempered like Yeol-hwa, so Gangho Dongdo called him that.

Gwanmusu looked at Pyowol with eyes full of life.

He was already convinced that Pyowol was the culprit.

Pyowol said.

“It wasn’t me who killed Chilhyeonseosaeng.”

“Then prove what you were doing at that time.”

“Why should I prove it?”

“If you are innocent, of course you can prove it. What’s the problem?”

“You are the problem.”


“Because no matter what I say, you won’t believe it. Are you already convinced in your heart that I am the culprit?”

At Pyo-wol’s words, the muscles of the official’s jaw twitched.

He didn’t really deny it.

It was because it was exactly what Pyowol had guessed.

Gwanmusu was already convinced that Pyowol was the culprit who killed Chilhyeonseosaeng.

The palms holding the ax and straight sword tingled.

The aftermath of the ghost rain blown by the moon still remains. It was so destructive that it was unbelievable that it was an assassin’s secret magic. Only an assassin with this level of martial arts would be able to kill the seven wise students so easily.

It seemed that no other assassin could kill the seven wise students.

The official shouted loudly.

“That means to prove it. If you prove it, there will be no problem.”


The lion’s roar of Kwan Musu resounded through the streets.

There were people who responded to him.

It was the soldiers who followed the gwanmusu.

“okay! Prove it.”

“Isn’t it enough to prove that you didn’t kill Chilhyeonseosaeng?”

The warriors were swept away by the intense emotions of the official and shouted together.

The psychology of the crowd was that simple.

He easily leaned towards what he considered the weak and was ruled by his emotions rather than his reason.

They thought that Gwanmusu was the weak, and that Pyowol, the strong, had to prove his deeds.

Few rational people recognized that the current situation was very dangerous. However, since most of the crowd was radiating madness, they couldn’t dare to raise an objection.

“Prove it.”

“An assassin or something proudly holding his head up?”


People’s criticism exploded.

Pyowol was an object of awe to many.

It is because he has achieved unbelievable results as an assassin.

The success story from the bottom was enough to impress many people. He has a gorgeous appearance, so it was natural for him to get people’s attention. However, on the contrary, there were also those who were jealous and envious of Pyo-wol for the same reason.

No matter how great Pyo-wol is, he does not want to admit it because he is a former assassin.

I don’t want to see an assassin revealing his face in public, which I didn’t even think about when I was stuck between my toes.

However, until now, there was no opportunity, so I had only endured it, but since the government official opened the gun on his own, he said it was right and rushed.

It was then.

“You filthy b*stard! Get out of here.”

Someone threw a stone at Pyowol with a curse.

Pyo-wol waved his hand and lightly knocked out the pebbles while looking in the direction they came from.

I could see a man quickly disappearing in the midst of the warlords.

If it was the usual Pyowol, he would have responded immediately and punished him. But now I couldn’t.

It was because those who sympathized with the man’s actions threw whatever they could get their hands on at Pyowol.

People became mad and criticized Pyo-wol, and their voices even reached the officials.

Gwanmusu burst into lion’s roar.

“Please excuse anything. This dirty assassin is a baby! ”


But even after his death, Pyowol did not give any answer.

In an instant, the strings that kept reason in Gwanmusu’s head suddenly snapped.

Gwanmusu, whose eyes were turned upside down, released the bow from his back and aimed at Pyowol.

An iron fence as long as a child’s torso was fastened to the string.


The officials staged a protest.


“oh my god!”

Some unmanned people who saw it shouted.

It was a completely different thing to throw something that could be caught in one’s hand and to shoot a steel arrow to kill him.

The former could at least give an excuse that the crowd was swept away by madness, but the latter had no excuse.

There is no evidence that Pyowol actually killed Chilhyeonseosaeng, but he shot the bow with the intention of killing him.


Pyowol dodged the arrow by a hair’s breadth.

The arrow that passed him hit Namcheongwan as it was.


One side of the wall exploded with an explosion.

It was truly terrifyingly destructive.



A scream was heard from within the Namcheon Hall.

The Amon people were struck by lightning.

Gwanmusu didn’t care and put an arrow on the demonstration.

That’s as many as three.

It was the skill of one shot and three o’clock.

Shh shh!

Three arrows flew towards Pyowol at the same time.

It was an attack with intent to kill.

Whatever the reason, even if this was enough, it was no different than crossing the line for a long time.

What’s worse is that if Pyo-wol endures or avoids this, he may hear that he ran away because he was afraid of being questioned by the official.

Pyowol flung herself away from the arrow.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

The arrow hit the nearby inn directly.

The entire wall of the inn was blown away by an arrow attack loaded with formidable energy.


“help me!”

The owner of the inn and the guests screamed in surprise, but the official did not even look at it and moved after the moon.

One of the first things you learn as a hunter is to track your target. In any case, it is to learn the eye method so as not to miss the target.

Gwanmusu accurately captured Pyowol even in the crowd of people. And fired an arrow without hesitation.

The steel great bow he uses is a specially made instrument that maximizes the destructive power of his arrows.

If a person is hit, it is not just about getting injured, but the body explodes.

For that reason, the official had extremely refrained from shooting arrows at people. But now, blinded by rage, he went on a wild rampage.

The problem is that he can’t hit the target, Pyowol, and the people of Aman get hit by his arrows.


The body of the person who was in the path of Pyowol’s movement and was hit by the arrow of Gwanmusu exploded. It literally exploded.

Pyowol spread out his meandering steps and jumped among the people. To be precise, he dug in among the warlords who had burst into madness towards him a moment ago.



Those who were indiscriminately accusing Pyowol were surprised when he dug in.

Some of them brandished their weapons, thinking that the moon was attacking them.




Their attacks were quite fierce, but they couldn’t even touch Pyowol’s collar.

The moon glided through the space between them like a snake.

It was at that moment that a dejected expression appeared on the faces of the soldiers who attacked him.


A great shock hit them.

The arrows shot by Gwanmusu aimed at Pyowol hit them.

The warriors couldn’t even scream and exploded.

Shattered pieces of flesh and bone scattered in all directions.



All of a sudden, the warlords covered in human blood and flesh fled in all directions in fright.

As a result, the streets became a mess.

Those who had been so ferocious as to criticize the mark and attack just a moment ago are running away in the face of danger to their lives.

“profit! It means get out of the way.”

Suddenly, the government official, whose vision was obstructed, screamed.

At that time, Pyowol’s appearance could be seen among the people.

It is to approach Gwanmusu using the soldiers who scatter like locusts as a shield.

In the face of danger to his life, Gwanmusu mercilessly let go of his arrows.


Along with the explosion, several unmanned soldiers exploded. However, Pyowol was nowhere to be seen.

It had moved behind the other unmanned people.

The moon was getting closer and closer.

That’s how much the official’s fears grew.

The government officials who lost their reason fired arrows one after another, and many people exploded. Just like that, hell was opening in the streets.

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