Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 392

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 392

Episode 392


Jang Ho-yeon took a deep breath while taking off his shirt.

The flesh of his chest and flanks was black and dead. It was a wound from the dragon’s blow.

Perhaps, if Yong Ha-sang’s gong power was even a little stronger, or if Jang Ho-yeon’s response was just a little bit late, he would have ceased to be a man of this world.

In fact, his wounds were quite serious. The inside was more messed up than it looked from the outside.

The punch of the Dragon King shook his intestines. Because of that, he had to recuperate for more than a month.

However, Jang Ho-yeon was not alone. Jang Ho-yeon also inflicted great scars on Yong Ha-sang’s body.

To put it mildly, it could be called both sides. However, Jang Ho-yeon took the real advantage.

It is because it has gained justification and public sentiment.

He was the one who invited Chilhyeonseosaeng, and he was the one who requested an ambush against Baekguiryeon.

It would have been greatly criticized by the strong people, but Jang Ho-yeon didn’t care.

That’s why it was so thoroughly kept secret.

He also made direct contact with Baek Guryun. Because the fewer people who know the secret, the better. Evidence of his involvement will not be found upon waking from the dead.


A smile escaped his lips.

It was fun because the gamble of luck was successful. But it was too early to be relieved. More than anything, it was because his physical condition was at its worst.

No matter how much he gained the justification and public sentiment, he couldn’t do anything with his body like this. However, Jang Ho-yeon did not worry too much.

He had the secret elixir of the cattle hut.

The hwandan named Guyangsokmyeongdan (九陽續命丹) was an elixir that could heal even the most serious internal injuries as long as it was breathed.

However, it is extremely difficult to obtain materials, so even the oxwood hut has only succeeded in making two. One was owned by Jang Pyeong-san, the owner, and the other was owned by Jang Ho-yeon.

Jang Ho-yeon took the Guyang Sokmyeongdan and started Ungong. Then thick steam began to emanate from his body.

The formidable heat heals internal wounds while discharging impurities and bodily fluids into steam.

In that state, Jang Ho-yeon flew until the next morning.


When he finally finished Ungong, it was after all internal and external injuries had been completely healed. Not only that, but his internal energy has also increased by more than 30%.

This was enough to call it a blessing in disguise.


Jang Ho-yeon expressed satisfaction with her physical condition.

At this level of physical condition, it seemed that if I met Yong Ha-sang again, I would be able to subdue him within a hundred seconds.

Jang Ho-yeon washed herself clean and changed into new clothes.

The crunchy feel of the new clothes pleased him more.

When Jang Ho-yeon came out again, the sun had already risen in the middle of the sky.

“Are you out?”

There was a middle-aged soldier smiling at Jang Ho-yeon.

The soldier with a subtle red glow in his eyes was No Shin-pil, a blood-eyed demon.

No Sin-pil was an elder at Ugeom Mountain.

Jang Ho-yeon took a fist on Noh Shin-pil.

“Thank you for coming. Elder!”

“It’s not anyone else’s request, so how could I not come?”

When Jang Ho-yeon was young, it was No Shin-pil who watched his martial arts.

Excluding his father, Jang Pyeong-san, he was the strongest soldier in Ugeom Lodge, and to Jang Ho-yeon, he was no different from a master.

Of course, the bond between the two was bound to be strong.

“How did things go?”

Instead of answering Jang Ho-yeon’s question, Roh Shin-pil looked at the subordinate standing next to him. There was a small box made of wood in the arms of the subordinate.

Receiving Noh Shin-pil’s eyes, the subordinate carefully presented the wooden box to Jang Ho-yeon.

Opening the lid of the wooden box revealed someone’s head.

It was cut off and put in a box.

“This is Lee Myeong-hak of Baek Gwi-ryeon. I am on a mission to support the assassin who carried out the assassination.”

“Is that so? Has anyone escaped?”

“Once, I killed all the people I was entrusted with.”

“As expected, you are the elder.”

Jang Ho-yeon smiled with satisfaction.

No Shin-pil’s work was so perfect that he didn’t have to worry about it. It was for this reason that he had to call Noh Shin-pil to this distant place.

“It would have been nice if we had also dealt with the assassin who killed the seven sage.”

“It can’t be helped, can it? Because Do-gwang, not anyone else, intervened. If you intervene prematurely, you will only raise suspicion.”

“Do-gwang looks awkward.”

“Even the world’s greatest martial artist, when talking about him, made an expression as if he had chewed sand.”

“Jang Mu-geuk?”

“yes! So be careful. It’s nothing to be afraid of, but it won’t do you any good to bother with him now.”

“Couldn’t he be finding out about our involvement with the Assassins?”

“There is no chance of that. Even an assassin does not know who he received the request from, so how can Lee Geom-han find out? The killing of all the supporters of the assassins was to make sure, not because there was a risk of leaking information.”

“i get it. If you say so, then it is.”

No Shinpil shook his head.

He taught Jang Ho-yeon martial arts from a young age, so he knew better than anyone how thorough he was.

“What do you plan to do next?”

“First of all, we have to deal with troublesome guests.”


“Are there any uninvited guests?”

“Pyo… you mean the month?”

“That’s right.”

“If we were to deal with him, our side would suffer too much.”

“There is no reason to get our hands dirty. There are many people who think of him as a thorn in the eye, even if it is not us.”

Jang Ho-yeon smiled.

A stone that is too angular is bound to get hit.

Jealousy was one of the basic desires of people.

That’s why there are many people who can’t just watch others do well.

The atmosphere has already been set.

If someone just throws a spark, a huge fire will come out.

There were many, many people to throw the embers at.

Because there are many fools in the world.


“Chi Chil-hyeon…”

A bearded old man shed tears as he saw the body of Chil-hyeon.

The old man’s name was Gwanmusu.

His nickname is Yeolhwa Yeobbu. Unusually, he was an unmanned soldier from a hunter.

On his back he was carrying a bow bigger than that of a child, and on his waist hung weapons used for hunting, such as axes and knives.

Gwanmusu shared a friendship with Chilhyeonseosaeng that was no different from Gwanpojigyo. Friendships that we shared since we were young continued into our sixties.

Although we don’t see each other often because we live in different places, we still meet at least once a year.

The activity area of Gwanmusu was Baekunsan (白云山). Baegun Mountain was a huge mountain hundreds of li south of Poyang Lake.

Gwanmusu was spending his last years hunting wild beasts there.

Before coming to Poyang Lake, Chilhyeonseosaeng first sent a letter to Gwanmusu. He wanted to meet him after a long time since he stopped by Poyang Lake for work.

At the call of his friend, Gwanmusu ran all the way to this place. However, what greeted him was a cold corpse instead of a friendly smile.

“This is my friend! Why are you doing this? Why did you lie there like this after you asked to drink for three days and three nights? Uh huh!”

He buried his face in Chilhyeon’s arms and wept loudly.

The appearance of such a gwanmusu made the disciples of Chilhyeonseosaeng solemn.

Gong Ji-pyo, the great disciple of Chilhyeon Seosaeng, who was worse than that, came forward.

“Fix it. If you do this, Master will not be able to go there in peace.”

“Who killed Chilhyeon?”


“Did he really kill him? A leap!”

“That is not certain.”

“Is that why it isn’t?”


Gong Ji-pyo made a puzzled expression.

It happened so quickly.

Because of Mukroeyeon’s thick smoke, they couldn’t even identify whether the assassin was a man or a woman, let alone his face.

Because of that, I couldn’t answer the official’s question.

“good night! If you ask me directly, you will know for sure.”

The official musketeer stood up.

“Are you going directly to him?”

“Yes! It is the fastest way to confirm anything through your own mouth.”

“But he is a reaper.”

“Why is it that death gods don’t die? It’s just that the special issue is a death god, and he’s not really the god of death.”

The gwanmusu’s eyes were red and bloodshot.

“Fix it. Even if it’s true that he killed Master, you shouldn’t attack him recklessly.”

“What’s wrong? Are you telling me to be a coward?”

“That’s not it…”

“I’ve never been left and right in my entire life. That’s why I was able to become friends with your master.”

Just like Chilhyeonseosaeng, Gwanmusu was also a person who would tremble if it was evil. That’s why they became lifelong friends, and they were willing to give up their lives for each other.

Gwanmusu saw the body of Chilhyeonseosaeng and said,

“I’ll be back soon.”

He went out without looking back.

The priests asked Gongjipyo with anxious expressions.

“How about the death penalty?”

“There is no guarantee that the god of death really killed Master.”

“Let’s go ahead and watch. Let only the youngest remain to guard Master’s body, and let the rest go with me.”


They hurriedly followed the official.

thud! thud!

People’s attention was focused on him as he walked with dull footsteps.

People couldn’t take their eyes off the figure of a government official with a huge bow on his back and various weapons slung around his waist.

It was because he looked like someone who was going to fight.

One of them recognized the identity of Gwanmusu.

“Isn’t that the Yeolhwa-yeopbu Gwanmusu Daehyeop?”

“ah! That’s right. There is only one person in the world who carries so many weapons on his body.”

“What on earth did you have to do to live like that?”

“Did you not know? Chilhyeonseosaeng and Gwandaehyeop are close friends.”

People watched the official with curious eyes.

Some of them could not overcome their curiosity and followed the official. And there were more and more of those people.

When Gwanmusu arrived at Namcheongwan, there were hundreds of people following him behind him. Many of them were martial arts masters.


Kwanmusu slammed the door and entered the Namcheongwan.

The guests in the inn looked at the official in amazement, but no one dared to protest.

Tired of the life he emits.

The government official looked around for a while and then shouted.

“Pyowol! come out.”


After his death, the Namcheon Hall shook as if it were going to collapse.



The guests in the inn were in pain, covering their ears.

Some guests even bleed from their eardrums.

However, the official did not care and once again burst into the lion’s roar.

“Pyowol! I have something to say. come out.”

After repeated deaths, victims appeared one after another.



People tumbled across the floor, screaming in agony. Among them, there were those who had learned martial arts, but they could not stand the lion’s roar of the official.

It was truly a formidable feat.

However, Pyowol did not show up even after his repeated lion roar.

There was a hint of anger on the officer’s face.

“You mean like this?”

Gwanmusu muttered and raised his air power. Then his face turned red.

It was intended to burst the lion’s roar with all its might.


“Even run away!”

The guests who sensed the unusual atmosphere were frightened and tried to escape out of the inn. However, due to the blow from the back of the lion, the strength in the leg was not entered.

The faces of those who lost strength in their legs were white.

“Oh, no!”

“help me!”

But their pleas were not heard by the officials.


It was the moment when Gwanmusu once again burst into the lion’s roar.


A dagger flew.

A dagger the size of a child’s palm aimed at the philtrum of a government official.

Gwanmusu hurriedly stopped the lion’s roar and took out an ax and struck it with a dagger.


The dagger bounced off with a metal sound. However, it was too soon to be relieved. The dagger flew towards Gwanmusu once again like a living creature.

Wedge liquid!

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