Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 390

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 390

Episode 390


Yonghasang hit the table with his fist and stood up.

“What do you mean? To think that the seven hyeonseosaeng was killed.”

“I also just received a report, so I don’t know the details.”

“oh my god!”

Yong Ha-sang let out a quiet voice at Namgung-wol’s answer. That’s because the death of Chilhyeonseosaeng was shocking.

Chilhyeonseosaeng was a respected military man regardless of political affairs.

I couldn’t even imagine what effect his death would have on Kang-ho.

“It’s not like this here, let’s go to the dock. He says he has disciples.”


The two hurriedly headed to the dock.

A lot of people were already gathered at the dock.

Most of them were the ones who heard the news of Chilhyeonseosaeng and came running.

“Let’s go.”

“Please get out of the way.”

Namgung-wol and Yong Ha-sang broke through the crowd and went forward. As they came forward with such difficulty, they could see.

It refers to the disciples shedding tears while surrounding the corpse of Chilhyeonseosaeng.



Namgungwol and Yong Ha-sang stopped walking towards them. It was because there was an unexpected person by the side of Chilhyeonseosaeng.


The person standing next to the students of Chilhyeon Seosaeng was Jang Ho-yeon of Ugeom Lodge.

Jang Ho-yeon’s appearance was unexpected, so Namgung-wol and Yong Ha-sang couldn’t hide their puzzled expressions.

Namgoongwol asked without knowing himself.

“Why are you with them?”

“Because I invited you.”


“That means I invited Chilhyeonseosaeng here.”

“You invited Chilhyeon Seosaeng?”

Namgungwol narrowed his eyes.

It was because I couldn’t understand Jang Ho-yeon’s words momentarily. Jang Ho-yeon laughed at Namgung-wol and said,

“okay! I invited.”

“Why are you?”

“Why? I enlisted you to mediate with the union association.”

“arbitration? you?”

Namgungwol muttered in disbelief.

Jang Ho-yeon made a sad expression.

“okay! No matter how much I think about it, the conflict with the union association only weakens Kang-ho’s spirit. So I asked Chilhyeonseosaeng. If you intercede, the Union Association will also listen. Chilhyeonseosaeng readily accepted my request. He said that he would mediate with the Union Association even at the cost of his own body. But… he died like this. It was also because I was ambushed by an assassin in the middle of Lake Poyang.”

Jang Ho-yeon’s eyes were bloodshot red before she knew it.

Thick teardrops were falling from his bloodshot eyes.

Anyone could see that he was sincerely saddened by the death of Chilhyeonseosaeng. His appearance was enough to touch the hearts of many.

Jang Ho-yeon looked around at the warlords gathered at the dock and raised her voice even more.

“Who really sent an assassin to kill the seven wise students? He must have been someone who did not want reconciliation between the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe. Who wouldn’t want reconciliation? It will be a greedy person. who is greedy? Who is greedy for the hegemony of Poyang Lake? Who…”

Jang Ho-yeon’s eyes were fixed on Namgung-wol and Yong Ha-sang.

Although he did not directly mention the names of the two, it was clear that he was referring to the two.

People’s eyes naturally focused on Namgung-wol and Yong Ha-sang.


Namgungwol could not hide his frustrated expression.

This is because the atmosphere of the marina has completely passed over to Jang Ho-yeon.

Mu-in had a lot of emotional aspects.

They were more influenced by the emotions of the moment rather than rational judgment.

That’s what the people who are here right now do.

They naturally fell for Jang Ho-yeon’s indignant voice, and their emotions rose together. And I looked at the place where Jang Ho-yeon was staring.

Namgungwol and Yonghasang were there.

There was no one who did not know that the two created and led the union association.

In their perception, they naturally thought that Eunryeonhoe might have refused to negotiate with Geumcheonhoe and attacked Chilhyeonseosaeng by surprise.


Namgoong-wol trembled at Jang Ho-yeon’s heart.

People use the psychology that they believe what they want to believe and see only what they want to see.

‘Are there any assassins?’

It was at this moment that a question sprouted in Namgungwol’s head.

“bloke! Do not mislead.”

On Yonghasang, along with Noseong, he threw himself at Jang Ho-yeon.

“Oh, no!”

Namgungwol belatedly shouted, but to no avail.


The power released by Yong Ha-sang attacked Jang Ho-yeon.

“joy! Are you trying to kill because you are afraid that the truth will be revealed?”

Jang Ho-yeon snorted and held a defensive ceremony.


Yong Ha-sang’s punch was blocked by Jang Ho-yeon’s sword.

At that moment, Namgungwol closed his eyes tightly.

Everyone watched Yong Ha-sang attack Jang Ho-yeon.

The word ‘murder’ mentioned by Jang Ho-yeon must have been imprinted in people’s minds.

Although Yong Ha-sang simply attacked Jang Ho-yeon because he couldn’t hold back his anger, it was clear that people would think that he attacked Jang Ho-yeon in order to kill and destroy him.

“Confucius Yong attacked Confucius Zhang.”

“Did you really instigate an assassin at the union meeting to kill the seven wise students?”

“Otherwise, there is no reason to attack.”

The whispering voices of the people pierced his ears like daggers.

Their voices made Yong Ha-sang even more angry.

“Don’t be ridiculous. Why do we kill Chilhyeonseosaeng?”

“It must have been cumbersome. The existence of Chilhyeonseosaeng…”

Jang Ho-yeon replied, blocking Yong Ha-sang’s attack.

“We didn’t even know that Chilhyeonseosaeng was coming here. But how can we instigate an ambush?”

“There is no way the person who instigated the ambush could speak honestly.”

“Don’t mislead me.”

“Who is doing the escaping? Who attacked first? Since it’s back, it’s probably because it’s attacking and trying to block my mouth.”


Angered by Jang Ho-yeon’s grin, Yong Ha-sang attacked even more fiercely.


The dock was shattered by his ferocious attack. However, it did not do much damage to Jang Ho-yeon.

The martial arts of the two were equal.

If Jang Ho-yeon made up his mind and focused only on defense, it would be impossible to subdue even the Dragon King in a short time.

Jang Ho-yeon let go of Yong Ha-sang’s attack and continued.

“Ah, didn’t I say that I was close to the god of death? Did you order him? I want you to kill Chilhyeonseosaeng.”

For a moment, Namgungwol closed his eyes tightly.

‘This is it. He was aiming not only for us, but also for Pyo Dae-hyeop.’

I finally saw the big picture drawn by Jang Ho-yeon.

I didn’t think Jang Ho-yeon would say such a thing out of a moment’s wit. It was clearly something that had been planned for a long time.

When Chilhyeon Seosaeng was killed by an assassin, the people who would benefit the most were Jang Ho-yeon and Geumcheon-hoe.

It’s the truth, anyway, people would think that the Union Association had instigated Pyo-wol to kill Chilhyeonseosaeng.

It is easy to mislead the truth, but it is dozens of times more difficult to explain it. The atmosphere has already passed on them.



Pyo-wol looked at the studio.

The walls of the workshop that I found again had collapsed terribly. The flames of the furnaces, where the artisans melted the iron ingots while sweating, had long since disappeared.

No matter how formally decorated, the artisans working here were real.

The fact that the artisans abandoned the furnace and ran away meant that something unusual had happened here.

Pyowol put his hand on the brazier.

The fire was out, but the heat was still there. It meant it wasn’t long before he left.

“Leaving the safe house in a hurry means that a change has occurred. Did you fail your mission?”

“What mission did you fail?”

Then, suddenly, a calm voice was heard.

Pyowol looked back, not surprised. Then he saw a beautiful woman whom he had seen before.


“Tell me. What do you mean failed mission?”

Namgungseol asked again in a calm voice.

It was a voice devoid of any emotion.

I felt neither sympathy nor hostility. However, it had the power to make listeners feel rejected for some reason.

Pyowol asked.

“Why did you come here?”

“Because my favorite person in the world has asked for help.”

“Are you a lover?”

“Think whatever you want. The important thing is that I was asked and I need to find the people who were here. By the way, there is a pyodaehyeob in this place. Do you have any ties to the people who were here?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“I hope Daehyeop Pyo will answer honestly. Otherwise, the problem will become serious.”

“Are you forcing it?”

“You don’t know what happened at the dock right now, do you?”


“Yong Ha-sang, the owner of Union Reunion, and Jang Ho-yeon of the Woogeom Lodge, or rather, Geumsumhoe, clashed.”

“The reason is?”

“Student Chilhyeon was assassinated by an assassin.”


“yes! It is also in the middle of Lake Poyang.”

Namgungseol’s answer made Pyowol easily guess who the culprit was.

‘It’s Hong Ye-seol.’

Hong Ye-seol was the only assassin in the area who had that level of killing method other than himself.

“Chilhyeonseosaeng is a highly virtuous person in Gangho. I have built up a lot of virtues in my lifetime. His death…”

“It will bring great confusion to the river.”

“Exactly. Jang Ho-yeon is the one who invited Chilhyeonseosaeng to Poyang Lake. The reason was to mediate between the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe.”

“The cause must have passed to Jang Ho-yeon.”

In an instant, Namgungseol felt goosebumps rising up his forearms.

This is because Pyowol saw through to the core of the problem with just a few words of conversation.

Her eyes grew even colder.

‘This man is also dangerous.’

Once again, her vigilance was triggered.

Namgungseol tried to hide his true feelings and continued speaking calmly.

“that’s right. As Jang Ho-yeon took the cause, the Union Association was at a disadvantage. Pyo Dae-hyeop is also in trouble.”


“Because the seven hyeonseosaeng was killed by an assassin.”

“Looks like I’ve been pointed out as a beast of burden?”

“that’s right.”

“I have no reason to kill Chilhyeonseosaeng.”

“You know it’s not that important. It’s important that someone got lucky and that people fell for the mood.”


“Now, Pyo Daehyeop is also an object of vigilance, or perhaps even a target of slaughter. Unless the truth is revealed.”

Namgoongseol calmly said the frightening words without blinking an eye.

“Are you saying it could be a strong feat?”

“You may have already experienced it in Sichuan Province, but it is not that difficult to be singled out as a strong merit. You just have to make most people want to kill you.”

“I don’t care if I become a strongman.”

“i know. That you’re not one to blink an eye at that level of intimidation. However, as I have already experienced, there are many uncomfortable things when it comes to strong achievements. I can’t even dream of being active in public, and I have to live in the shadows forever. You won’t be able to show your face openly like this.”

“So what do you want to say?”

“It means that both the Union Association and the Pyo Daehyeop are in trouble. There is only one way out of this crisis. It is to find the assassin who assassinated Chilhyeonseosaeng and reveal the truth.”

Namgungseol looked straight at Pyowol.

With eyes full of confidence.

She was convinced that Pyowol knew of the assassin who attacked Chilhyeonseosaeng. Otherwise, Pyowol would have no reason to come here.

“Someone? Who attacked Chilhyeonseosaeng?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t do this. Because I really want to help Pyo Daehyeop.”

“I refuse to help him.”

“Still, I thought he was someone I could communicate with, but I’m disappointed. Table grand bargain!”

“Sorry to disappoint you.”

“You will definitely regret today’s answer. Even if you don’t tell me, the assassin will be caught anyway. Once it gets caught in our hands, we can no longer deal with it. Is that good?”

Namgungseol’s voice was calm and terrifying.

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