Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 389

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 389

Episode 389

Lee Geom-han closely watched the flow of water.

It was almost impossible for a non-skilled fisherman or sailor to grasp the true current of the current.

The flow of water is diverse.

The direction of flow to the surface was different, and the direction of flow deep below the surface was also different. It was impossible to identify and find such streams unless someone who had been active in the area for a long time.

However, Lee Geom-han read the flow deep beneath the surface as if denying the common sense of the world.

“Drive the boat to port. Yes, that’s good enough.”


Lee Gu-yeol broke into a cold sweat and followed Lee Geom-han’s orders. Cold sweat ran down his back.

‘Why the author?’

No matter how much life rolls at the bottom of the river, he also had ears to listen.

Right now, Pyo-wol is making a name for himself with the nickname of Sasin, but before that, it was Cheonmu-jang’s Jang Mu-geuk and Gwang-mu-mun’s Lee Geom-han who made Kang-ho resonate.

In addition to being the successors of Lee Kang, both of them had one thing in common: martial arts.

Among them, Lee Geom-han lived madly with Taoism.

He is proficient in other martial arts, but is madly obsessed with Tao.

His grandfather was the famous thousand-year-old Lee Gwak.

A person who ended the second Great War, the Great War of Macheon, with only one sword.

He was an absolute martial artist who was called the strongest thief in the history of Gangho.

Numerous warriors gathered to follow this swordsman, who said that he had no rival in the world if he had only the sword.

Gwangmumun was created by the warriors who voluntarily gathered like that.

As the name suggests, it was a munpa made up of military men crazy about martial arts.

It is said that there is no military man who belongs to Gwangmumun who is not crazy about martial arts, but Lee Geomhan was even more special among them.

He followed the same path his grandfather had walked.

I trained like crazy and fought like crazy when I thought I had achieved some level of achievement.

I lost a lot of times, but I also won a lot of times.

He wasn’t afraid to lose.

It was because I believed that I would be able to grow further through defeat. And it actually happened.

Each time his body was etched with scars, he grew stronger. And no more defeat.

It was a well-known fact that Cheonmujang’s Jangmu-geuk was the only warrior in the world that Lee Geom-han was reluctant to do.

The opposite of Jang Mu-geuk and the only match is Lee Geom-han.

Since such a person appeared out of nowhere, Lee Gu-yeol had no choice but to be nervous.

Lee Geom-han wasn’t the problem.

The problem was that his monk was Gwangmumun.

It was a place where the strongest moonpa in the world and monsters crazy for martial arts gathered.

Their intervention soon meant a strong storm.

Because of that, many munpa tried not to stimulate their planting.

The appearance of Lee Geom-han was something that was not in the calculation at all.

Cheol-woong Deung, who sent him, did not mention Lee Geom-han. He didn’t even know that he was around here.

If Lee Geom-han intervened in the Poyang Lake incident, then the whole area might be turned upside down.

Lee Geom-han was an unmanned man with enough ability to do so.

‘F*ck! driving me crazy. How did things get so twisted?’

Lee Gu-yeol glanced at Lee Geom-han.

Due to Lee Geom-han’s intervention, the situation was growing out of control.

Even the death of Chilhyeon Seosaeng made the problem serious, but Lee Geom-han intervened and reached an unmanageable situation.

The situation had already left his hands.

On the boat he and the blood thieves were driving, Chilhyeonseosaeng was killed by an assassin, and now he had no choice but to listen to Lee Geomhan’s orders.

It was then.

“Why are you so nervous?”

Lee Geomhan smiled and approached him.

“yes? Oh nothing.”

“It doesn’t seem like anything. Why are you doing that?”

“Not really. it’s okay.”



Suddenly, Geomhan Lee put his arm around his shoulder.


In an instant, Lee Gu-yeol felt a tremendous pressure in his chest.

Although he was not a master, he was also a soldier who had learned martial arts. Still, I couldn’t breathe properly.

“Kukkuk! Par arm…”

“By the way, where were you going with Chilhyeon Seosaeng?”

“I don’t know… just being asked…”

“Who are you asking?”

“Wood sword… mountain lodge. Confucius Jang Ho-yeon…”

“Oh! was he here? didn’t know that again Why did Jang Ho-yeon invite Chilhyeonseosaeng?”

“State arbitration….”

“What arbitration? Oh, by any chance, would you like to mediate between the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe?”


“That is so strange. Jang Ho-yeon has a gloomy nature and has a lot of pride, so she’s not someone who asks someone easily.”

Geomhan Lee scratched his chin with his other hand.

Lee Gu-yeol felt goose bumps all over his body.

It was because Lee Geom-han saw right through the human nature of Jang Ho-yeon.

“Hmm! Suspicious, Suspicious!”

“Par arm…”

“Ah! sorry. Are you sick?”

Lee Geom-han apologized and loosened his arm from Lee Gu-yeol’s shoulder.

Only then did Lee Gu-yeol’s complexion return to normal.

Lee Geom-han tapped Lee Gu-yeol’s cheek with his finger.

“Anyway, I remembered you.”


“You better bounce back when called.”


“All you need to know is that.”

Lee Geomhan smiled and looked at the player again.

The boat had arrived near the lonely reed field on the shore of Poyang Lake.

“Looks like it must have come ashore from here. good!”

“Are you going to follow me?”

The announcement table asked cautiously.

“That’s right! I killed a man right in front of my eyes and I can’t just let it go. Even more so, the dead person is the Inhyeop, Chilhyeonseosaeng.”

“thank you. It has nothing to do with anything, but you came forward like this.”

“The Dead Sea is the East Island.”

“thank you. I will never forget this grace.”

“Don’t forget that heart for a long time.”

Lee Geom-han smiled at the disciples of Chilhyeon-seosaeng and threw himself into the reed field.

In an instant, his figure disappeared into the reeds.


“Heo Eok! Huh!”

Hong Ye-seol breathed heavily.

Her body was drenched like a rat in water.

It was a great choice to entrust oneself to the flow of the current with the great method of return. Thanks to her, she was able to reach the reed field safely.

My whole body hurt as if I had been beaten with a hammer. The most serious of these was a wound on the back.

It was a wound inflicted by a pottery thrown by Geomhan Lee.

Blood was still flowing from a wound that ran across his back. The bleeding was stopped by urgent muscle contraction, but it was not a fundamental cure.

It was necessary to find a safe place for treatment as soon as possible.

Hong Ye-seol muttered.

‘I have to go to the safe house.’

The safe house was prepared for such an occasion.

I never thought I would actually use it.

Hong Ye-seol hurriedly opened the studio door and entered.


Lee Myung-hak, who was disguised as a clerk, was startled by her sudden appearance. However, he soon saw Hong Ye-seol’s physical condition and sensed an unusual atmosphere.

“Why are you like this? Could it be that you failed?”

“It worked.”

“But why?”

“There was an intervention.”

“Intervention? Are you an individual? Is it a group?”

“individual! strong.”

“Which arrangement is it?”

“To the point where I don’t have time to have a leisurely conversation.”


Lee Myung-hak made a quick decision.

It was all the more so because he knew the level of Hong Ye-seol more than anyone else.

If Hong Ye-seol came with this much of a wound, it meant that the attacker’s martial arts was truly enormous.

Lee Myung-hak said.

“Turn your back.”

Hong Ye-seol showed his back to him without saying anything.


Lee Myung-hak tore her jacket with a sword. Then, a long crossroads was revealed.

The moment he saw the icon, Lee Myung-hak felt a thrill.

It was because the level of the attacker could be known just by looking at the wounds.

The one who attacked Hong Ye-seol was a great master.

There is no chance of winning in a head-to-head confrontation.

‘A person like this intervened?’

He felt a strong sense of danger.

Lee Myung-hak hurriedly applied gold spear medicine to Hong Ye-seol’s wound.


Hong Ye-seol groaned involuntarily at the pain he felt from the wound.

Because he had to hurry, Lee Myung-hak didn’t consider Hong Ye-seol and applied the golden spear. Thanks to that, Hong Ye-seol had to feel hellish pain.

Lee Myung-hak finished by tying a white cloth around Hong Ye-seol’s wound.

He spoke to his subordinates in the studio without a break.

“Everyone withdraws right now.”


The subordinates began to withdraw with an answer.

There was no hesitation or doubt in their actions.

This is because he knows that Lee Myung-hak’s judgment has never been wrong.

There were no documents or objects to be disposed of.

This is because all of them were incinerated as soon as Hong Ye-seol went on a mission.

They just had to get out of the body, so their actions were very swift.

In the meantime, Lee Myeong-hak handed Hong Ye-seol the uniform he had prepared in advance and said,

“You know we can’t move together, right? Change into those clothes and get out on your own.”

“don’t worry. I have no intention of asking for more help than this.”

“Well, if it were you, you would have prepared at least one or two ways to escape.”

Hong Ye-seol did not become ten-year-old for nothing.

To become a top-notch assassin, you must master not only the art of killing, but also the art of stealth and securing an escape route.

Hong Ye-seol had the skills to be ashamed of being a top-notch assassin. If you just leave it alone, it will come out on its own.

“See you later.”

“for a moment!”


“Where did this request come from?”

“Are you asking because you don’t know? It was given to you by the owner himself.”

“So, isn’t this the first time that Lyeonju directly gave a request without revealing the identity of the client?”


“Have you ever been like this when you were active?”


Lee Myung-hak’s face hardened.

Only then did he realize that this mission was different from the usual quests.

“It looks like you’re involved in a troublesome business. I’ll figure this out, so let’s get out of here.”


“be careful. If you need anything, get it from here.”

“Don’t worry about me and get out safely that way.”

“See you later.”

Lee Myung-hak went out first.

Hong Ye-seol also took the necessary items from the workshop and left.

In the workshop they left, only the brazier was burning a flame. It was around the time that the fire in the furnace became noticeably weaker because no firewood had been put in.


Suddenly, the walls of the workshop exploded with an explosion.

A man appeared through the collapsed wall.

The man who entered, wearing a long sword at his waist, was Lee Geom-han.

“what? did you leave already? You are quick.”

Lee Geom-han muttered as he looked around the empty workshop.

There was no sense of presence in the workshop.

“If the flame in the furnace is this weak, it must have left between half an hour and an hour.”

Geomhan Lee deduced when the people who were here left with only the flame of the brazier.

Suddenly, his gaze turned to the objects piled up on one side of the workshop.

The thing that didn’t go well with the studio was salted vinegar.

It was an item that should never be left in a workshop because of the nature of salt candles that explode when caught on fire.

Lee Geom-han muttered as he rubbed salted vinegar with his fingers.

“It must have been a combination of acid poison and salt vinegar here.”

The size of the workshop was larger than expected.

If this is the case, there will be not a few people who have been mobilized.

Lee Geomhan straightened his back and muttered.

“I guess I’ll have to get help from Seol-Mae.”

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