Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 388

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 388

Episode 388

Assassin Hong Ye-seol felt a momentary loss of consciousness.

It was like being hit with a huge sledgehammer. It was so shocking that I couldn’t breathe for a moment.

I could tell without having to check.

This means that he has suffered serious internal and external injuries.

Blood continued to flow from her lips.


Before the assassination, he clearly identified all threat factors.

It was not something prepared in a day or two.

Chilhyeonseosaeng was never an easy opponent.

His inaction was top-notch. In order to assassinate such a seven-year-old student, he had to do his best.

For that reason, Mukroeyeon was produced in the studio with the support of Myeong-Hak Lee.

Mukroeyeon was mixed with acid poison and salt vinegar, so if you took even one sip, your inner energy was scattered and you could not breathe properly.

It wasn’t just preparation.

I found out the blood room’s ship and stuck with it since dawn. This, too, was helped by tools made in Lee Myeong-hak’s workshop.

She stuck under the player as if she were a rock and didn’t budge.

Even though he set sail with Chilhyeonseosaeng, he endured and endured. It was to aim for the optimal moment.

Fortunately, the ship’s predicted course did not deviate from her predictions. The only thing I didn’t expect was the behavior of Chilhyeonseosaeng.

She didn’t know that Chilhyeonseosaeng would look under the player.

Because of that, it was revealed that he had been hiding, and he had no choice but to use the Mukroe kite to ambush.

It wasn’t an ambush under perfect circumstances, but fortunately, the Mukroeyeon took effect and I managed to kill him.

All that remained was to escape. However, it was attacked unexpectedly.

Hong Ye-seol looked at the water while holding his breath.

I could see the bottom of the ship where Chilhyeonseosaeng was riding.

It was then that I saw my stomach churn.

The warrior who had blown the pottery at Hong Ye-seol threw himself and boarded the boat where the students of Chilhyeon-seosaeng were riding.

I could feel the gaze searching deep beneath the surface.

Hong Ye-seol felt goose bumps all over his body.


The place where he was now was deep beneath the surface of Poyang Lake.

No matter how clear the water of Lake Poyang was, it was impossible for human eyes to find her at this depth. However, the soldier who threw the pottery at her seemed to be scrutinizing the bottom of the water with formidable eyesight, as if denying such common sense.

‘Is this possible?’

It was then.


A streak of career pierced through the water and plunged into where she was.

Hong Ye-seol hurriedly spread his handiwork and left the place.


Shortly thereafter, an explosion occurred where she was.


The aftermath of the explosion hit Hong Ye-seol.

Hong Ye-seol was swept away by the torrent and more than a dozen pieces were washed away from where they were. But it was too early to be relieved.


Again, the pottery flew where she had been.



Hong Ye-seol managed to avoid the pottery this time as well. But the situation was not good.

The opponent on the boat was aware of her location like a ghost.

No matter how much you learn your handicrafts, you can breathe underwater for a long time, but you can’t stay forever.

As a human being, she was bound to reach her limits and had to stick her head out of the water to breathe.


Ordinary pottery impacts only on the surface of the water and does not penetrate into the water. However, the pottery blown by an unknown entity penetrated the surface of the water and exploded exactly where Hong Ye-seol was.

It was power and sophistication beyond Hong Ye-seol’s common sense.

As far as she knew, there was no thief in the neighborhood who had learned this skill.

‘Somehow it didn’t feel right.’

Maybe that’s why he longed for Pyowol’s arms so much.

It would not be a coincidence that Pyo-wol was the first person to come to mind when he was cornered like this.

‘I have to live.’

She worked with all her might.

Hong Ye-seol swam at a fast pace. However, the ship that Chilhyeonseosaeng was on chased after her at high speed.

It means that we know exactly where she is going.

The person on the boat was driving Hong Ye-seol into a corner, just like Moll was doing.

Hong Ye-seol’s breath finally reached the tip of his chin.

I couldn’t hold my breath any longer.

In the end, Hong Ye-seol had to make a decision.

She hurriedly rose to the surface.

The place where Hong Ye-seol headed was a fishing boat that was operating nearby.


When a person jumped out of the water, the fishermen who were working on the fishing boat were startled and kicked their butts.


“what’s this?”

Ignoring the gazes of the fishermen, Hong Ye-seol took a deep breath and looked at the boat where Chilhyeonseosaeng was riding.

“Here comes the Assassin!”

At the bow of the ship stood the thief who attacked her.

He was a handsome man with his hair tied tightly.

In the hand of a man in his late twenties with a lively expression and a fresh smile, he held a sword that bent in a gentle curve.

It was a long sword that was much longer than a normal sword.

The moment Hong Ye-seol saw the man, he felt his heart suffocate. The man’s eyes were pressing on her making it difficult to breathe.

‘Has there ever been such a person in Gangho?’

I don’t know who it is, but at least it wasn’t someone who was in Hong Ye-seol’s information network.

The man looked straight at Hong Ye-seol and asked.

“Did you kill Chilhyeon Seosaeng under someone’s orders? assassin!”


“Ho! Will you be silent?”

The man smiled, showing white teeth.


For a moment, Hong Ye-seol felt as if a huge lion was showing his teeth and laughing.


At that moment, a formidable pottery flew.

There was no more time to think.

Hong Ye-seol jumped into the water again.

The pottery of formidable power passed over her head in a matter of seconds. However, there was no damage to the fishing boat.

The man delicately adjusted the pottery to prevent damage to the fishing boat.

‘A soldier of the political faction.’

It was a habit mainly possessed by warriors of the political faction. Apart from that, there were only a few warriors who could handle pottery with such precision. Even at a man’s age.

Goosebumps rose all over Hong Ye-seol’s body.

He had been active as an assassin for many years, but this was his first encounter.


The pottery slammed into the spot where she had been.

Hong Ye-seol bit his lip.

His lips cracked and blood gushed out.

‘It can’t go on like this.’

Ordinary handicrafts could never shake off opponents.

A more extreme measure was needed.

Artificial motions inevitably interfere with the waves. It was clear that the other party did not miss such a subtle change.

Hong Ye-seol went deeper into the water.

Fortunately, Lake Poyang was very deep.

The problem is that as she goes deeper into the water, the pressure she puts on increases.

Under normal circumstances, he could not hold out for long and had no choice but to rise to the surface again.

But even Hong Ye-seol could believe it.

It was the law of deprivation.

It was a technique that made the body look similar to that of the dead. When Hong Ye-seol made up her mind and practiced the Great Law, no one could recognize her existence.

The only downside is that you can’t move your body as you wish while you’re practicing the great law.

Pyo-yue can move at will even after performing the Great Law of Guidance, but her study is far behind that of Pyo-yue.

She entrusted herself to the flow of the current while practicing the Great Law of Returning.


“Look at this. Have you practiced the Great Law? Suddenly, the presence completely disappeared.”

The man muttered as he looked into the lake.

Clearly, even just a moment ago, the presence of an assassin was clearly felt. The more he struggled, the stronger his presence radiated. But now the presence of the assassin has completely disappeared.

There was only one possibility.

“That’s right! Thinking of escaping by spreading the Great Law of Oblivion?”

The man squatted over the bow and watched the water flow closely.

On the surface, it seems to be completely stopped, but the water in the lake also has a constant flow.

The man had the eyesight and brain to grasp the flow of a huge lake.

The man ordered Lee Gu-yeol.

“Drive the boat over there.”

“Who am I?”

Lee Gu-yeol asked cautiously.

The man was not the one who had been on this ship from the beginning.

It was someone who had jumped over from a nearby boat.

From Lee Gu-yeol’s point of view, it was just an intruder who broke in without permission.

The problem is that the intruder’s martial arts are beyond imagination.

It seemed like he was just swinging his sword lightly, but the crescent-shaped pottery dug into the water and exploded in the depths.

It was the first time he had seen a swordsman with such a formidable skill, so absurdity and fear coexisted in Lee Gu-yeol’s eyes.

It was the same with the disciples of Chilhyeon Seosaeng who lost their lives to an assassin.

They had no time to be sad about the death of their master, and they were feeling a strong sense of wariness against the man who suddenly intruded.

Chilhyeonseosaeng were those who studied under outstanding martial artists.

Of course, I recognized at once that the man’s inaction was unusual.

Such inaction was so great that even the former Chilhyeonseosaeng could not dare to be confident.

The great disciple of Chilhyeon Seosaeng stepped forward and threw a fist at the man.

“Thank you for the help of Daehyeop. I am a public notice of the great disciple of Chilhyeonseosaeng. May I know the Daehyeop’s name? I will definitely repay this favor.”

“What is grace? I haven’t even caught an assassin yet. Say thank you only after killing the assassin.”


“By the way, was the person who fell victim to the assassin? He was a noble man, but it is regrettable.”

The man put on a look of genuine regret.

It was because even if he had noticed the assassin’s movements just a little earlier, he could have prevented the unfortunate situation.

It was by chance that the man was around here.

He needed some alone time.

So, with the boat afloat, he lay down and contemplated.

The boat rocking little by little on a calm lake was the best environment for contemplation.

While thinking about it, I fell asleep.

He had been having a sweet dream for a long time when suddenly a commotion broke out from a fishing boat passing nearby.

Seeing the sight of the seven sages losing their lives to an assassin, he threw himself into this boat without a moment’s hesitation.

He was well aware of the reputation of Chilhyeonseosaeng.

His death was highly likely to cause great confusion in Gangho. So I had to catch the assassin.

Confusion could be prevented by knowing who the person who requested the assassin was.

The notice board asked the man again.

“Please tell me the name of Daehyeop’s great name.”


“Even though we couldn’t prevent Master’s death due to our incompetence, we are not ignorant of grace. Please tell me the name of John Sung.”

“I can’t help it. My name is Geomhan Lee.”

“Lee Geomhan?”


“Ho, by any chance Gwangmu inquiry?”

The students of Chilhyeonseosaeng raised their eyes wide.

The man neither affirmed nor denied.

The disciples of Chilhyeonseosaeng were convinced of his attitude.

That is the identity of a man.

“Then you’re Dao Guang Yi Sword?”

“haha! This is embarrassing.”

The male Lee Geom-han wrinkled his nose and smiled. However, the students of Chilhyeon Seosaeng who were looking at him couldn’t help but laugh.

Lee Geum-han.

It is because he knows the weight of the three letters of the name.

Along with Cheonmujang, Gwangmumun is a munpa called Ganghoi River.

Even in Gwangmumun, which is said to be full of martial arts-mad spirits, he is a young warrior who boasts unparalleled military power.

Geomhan Lee was the military man that Jang Moo-geuk, the owner of Cheonmu-jang, thought of as his only competitor.

His nickname is Do-gwang (刀狂).

It was a nickname he earned by living madly on the road.

On the outside, he seems like a good-natured and pleasant man, but he is a warrior who turns into a crazy person with just one sword.

Lee Geom-han suddenly touched the black stain on the body of Chilhyeon-seosaeng with his finger.

Lee Geom-han smelled the ink-roe-yeon on his hand.

“Did you mix salt vinegar and sangong poison?”

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