Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 386

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 386

Episode 386

Namgungseol calmly moved on.

It was Namgungseol who had a gorgeous beauty that stood out even when standing in the middle of so many people.

Numerous men were tempted by her beauty and tried to approach her. But not a single one could approach her.

This is because all of them were blocked by unidentified unidentified men in the middle.

Seolhwa Swordsman.

It was a group formed by the followers of Namgungseol.

They fell in love with Namgungseol’s ideals and beauty and blindly followed her. If it was Namgungseol’s order, he was ready to jump into the fire of hell.

Seolhwa Swordsman disguised herself as an ordinary person and escorted her. It seems to be moving alone, but it is to block the access of suspicious people or those who have a lust for it by herding around Namgungseol.


“iced coffee!”

The groans of men who were subdued by the Seolhwa Swordsman came from everywhere.

Namgungseol did not even look at them and moved on.

A man approached Namgungseol.

The man with sharp eyes and ordinary appearance had an extraordinary prayer. Just looking at it gives off a ruthless atmosphere that makes your blood run cold.

He was Ahn Ji-san, the leader of Sulwha Sword University.

An Ji-san was a master of the quicksword, but fell in love with Namgung-seol and claimed to be her ardent follower.

Among those who followed Namgungseol, he was the strongest, so he naturally became the leader of Seolhwa Swordsman.

An Ji-san asked Namgung-seol.

“Are you okay?”


“Because you look uncomfortable.”

“that’s right. Not particularly good.”

“Did he mess things up?”

“What if?”

“Right now I…”

“I’m sorry, but Ahn Dae-joo is not the one who can do anything about it.”

In an instant, An Ji-san’s face hardened.

It was because my self-esteem was hurt.

Namgoong Seol smiled coldly at An Ji-san.

“Why do you think I am lying?”


“Trust me. He is the most dangerous man I have ever seen.”

“Is that… about that?”

“More than that. If you touch it wrongly, things can get bigger. So please do not contact me without my permission.”

“All right.”

“Instead, examine the woman next to him.”

“You mean that Hong Ye-seol woman?”

“that’s right. Because it doesn’t feel good for some reason.”

“All right. Let’s dig it up.”

“thank you.”

“no. Just give me an order anytime. We are ready to throw our bodies at any time for Sojeo Namgung.”

Ahn Ji-san’s expression looking at Namgungseol was very spleen. Namgungseol smiled slightly at Anjisan.

That alone was a sufficient reward for An Ji-san.

He bowed his head to Namgungseol and hid himself.

Namgungseol looked in the direction he disappeared for a moment.

An Ji-san was a man with ability.

He was not only strong in martial arts, but also good at gathering information, which was useful in many ways.

That was the reason why Namgungseol had Anjisan as his henchman.

Namgungseol took another step.

The place she headed was a small manor on the north side of Lake Poyang.

Although it is small, it was as gigantic as three or four decent mansions put together.

At the entrance of the manor, unmanned soldiers were standing guard.

When Namgungseol appeared, the warriors raised their hands to stop it.


Namgungseol stopped meekly. Then, a warrior who seemed to be the leader approached.

“This is a place where no one can enter. Please identify yourself first.”



“I am Namgungwol’s older sister. Tell him I’m here.”

“Are you really the sister of Confucius Namgung?”

“There is no reason for me to lie. The truth will be revealed when Wall-E comes out, so just tell him.”

“I see.”

The warrior, overwhelmed by Namgungseol’s intimidation, hurriedly ran inside.

Moments later, Mu-in appeared with Namgung-wol.


Namgungwol made a puzzled expression when he saw Namgungseol.

It’s because I didn’t expect Namgungseol to come here.

“It’s been a while.”

“How did my sister get here?”

“Are you going to keep it outside?”

“No, let’s go inside.”

Namgungwol took Namgungseol inside.

Upon entering the manor, Namgungseol looked inside with a keen gaze.

I saw a lot of unmanned people.

Most of them were unripe young warriors.

He was full of passion, but still seemed clumsy in everything.

This was the headquarters of the union association.

Most of them were warriors who had united under the name of Union Reunion, but were not yet accustomed to this kind of organizational life. So a lot of it was sloppy and disorganized.

However, in the eyes of Namgungseol, all of these things felt like a treasure trove.

A place where gems that are still just raw stones, but which can shed brilliant light as much as they are polished, are gathered.

Namgungseol’s gaze deepened as he looked around the manor.

Namgungwol did not know that fact and guided Namgungseol to his place of residence.

“sit down! All I can give you is tea, is that okay?”

“are you okay! I didn’t come here to get anything.”

Namgungseol sat down and answered.

Namgungwol poured water into the brazier and prepared tea.

Namgungseol watched the whole scene without taking his eyes off it.

When the tea was finally ready, she opened her mouth.

“You’ve gotten used to it.”


“I don’t think you could brew a cup of tea properly with your hands before.”

“Is it?”

“As expected, people grow only when they play in the big water.”

“With only one serving of tea…”

“I’m not talking about tea.”

“Silver… you mean the association.”

“okay! I never expected in my dreams that you would create an organization called Union Association.”

“I didn’t make it.”

“But I took the lead. That’s what’s important.”


After finishing the tea, Namgungwol sighed and sat down. And I looked straight at Namgungseol.

“You didn’t come to see my face.”

“It’s your face, I’ve seen it tiresomely even thousands of times, so what?”

“but! Noona is not someone who comes without a reason.”

“There is no such thing as a waste of time when people like us move for no reason.”

Namgungwol’s expression hardened at Namgungseol’s answer, which was filled with cold air.

She was an older sister who had been out of touch since childhood.

Thousands of times she built a world of her own without getting involved in internal matters.

Others said that Namgungseol was unusual, but Namgungwol understood her.

Because I know that there is no chance that will be given to her within thousands of times.

Their older brother and brother, Namgung-jin, resembled his father and had a great desire for power. He did not allow his brothers to be greedy for his power in the slightest.

Namgungseol knew that fact from a young age and gave up his greed to get something from thousands of times.

After that, she always went out. However, he did not give up what he could have gained from thousands of episodes.

She took everything that was allowed to her within thousands of times, such as martial arts and spirit medicine. Other than that, I was always outside.

Few people knew what she was doing.

Namgung Yu-geom or Namgung-jin, the fathers, might have known. No, I would have known. However, he did not share information with Namgungwol.

Because they were very thorough people. And Namgungseol was very similar to them.

That was the reason Namgungwol could not relax even after seeing Namgungseol for a long time.

“So, why did you come all the way to where this little brother is?”

“Did you say union association? The meeting you led…”

“Why is that?”

“Aren’t you thinking of handing over the federation?”

“What are you talking about? sister!”

“You don’t have to raise your voice like that. ‘Cause I’m proposing to you It’s your decision whether to accept it or not.”

At Namgungseol’s cold words, Namgungwol felt the blood in his whole body cool down.

It was because it didn’t seem like a conversation that could be had between blood and flesh.

“So who are you going to hand it over to? to your sister? Or anyone else?”

“You don’t need to know that. You just have to decide.”

“You are really selfish. Even the merchants in the street don’t trade without the basics. Trading is based on the premise of drawing out each other’s cards.”

“That’s the normal case.”

“So you’re saying this isn’t normal?”

“It’s not normal for me to step out.”

“Whoa! You are still selfish.”

“Emotions aside. If you intervene unnecessary emotions in a transaction, only you will lose.”

“I refuse.”

“I want you to exclude your emotions.”

“I excluded it as much as possible.”

Namgoongwol replied bluntly. Namgungseol stared at Namgungwol.

The snowball fight between the siblings lasted for a long time.

Both of them had strong spirits and were not easily defeated by others. Not to mention, there was no reason to lose to flesh and blood first.

Namgungseol stood up from his seat and said.

“okay! Let’s talk again later.”

“You already answered.”

“Aren’t you the head of the union association?”

“Then what did you ask for?”

“Because I can respond effectively when I know your opinion.”

“Who the hell are you so eager to work for?”

“Who do I look like to work for?”

“Or was he manipulating someone?”

“Wow! That’s a bit harsh.”

“Not too bad at all. It’s serious that my sister came to visit me out of the blue.”

Despite Namgungwol’s words, Namgungseol’s expression did not change.

“Anyway, think carefully.”

“No matter how much time passes, my decision will not change. It’s the same with the hoeju and other people.”

“If you look at it, you will know. I’m going. I’ll be staying at an inn nearby, so come back whenever you change your mind.”

Namgungseol just said what he had to say and left.

Namgungwol was at a loss for words when she saw her selfish attitude until the end.

“Who is it? The one who moved that witch…”


When Pyowol opened her eyes, Hong Ye-seol was gone again.

As always, they lusted after each other fiercely. After a night of indulging like that, he leaves as if it never happened again.

Hong Ye-seol frantically longed for Pyo-wol, and Pyo-wol faithfully complied with her desire.

She was more passionate than usual.

Pyowol knew well what that meant.

“It’s not long before the execution date.”

Pyowol got up from the bed and put on her clothes.

I guessed where Hong Ye-seol was.

It’s probably at the same studio that Pyowol stopped by. If you visit now, you may be able to meet her. But Pyowol didn’t do that.

Both were adults.

Also, each area was clear.

It was a precarious life in the eyes of others, but they are living in their own way.

I didn’t even ask for help, but I couldn’t intervene.

Just as Hong Ye-seol understands Pyo-wol, Pyo-wol also understands her life.

Intervening further than this was an affront to her life.

Pyo-wol turned off his interest in Hong Ye-seol.

Now, there was not enough time to think about his own course of action.

Pyowol took out the ghost rain and laid it on the floor.

When I was upset, the best thing to do was to mend my weapons.

Recently, the achievements of Suhonsa and Sasagang have increased dramatically, and the use of ghost rain has decreased. Still, the fact that ghost rain is a good means of attack has not changed.

Pyo-wol began to carefully wipe the ghost rain with a dry cloth.

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