Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 382

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 382

Episode 382

Mugeomryun was the loser of Namhae.

Haenamdo, where they settled, was like a huge fortress in itself.

In order to enter Haenam-do, you had to take a boat, and all waterways and ports were controlled by Mugeomryeon.

Because of that, without the permission of Mugeomryun, it was impossible to approach Haenamdo or even pass nearby.

This tendency became stronger after Haewanggeom Jeon Moo-ok took the post of martial arts master.

Many people were dissatisfied with this, but there was no one with a liver that dared to say such a thing in front of Jeon Moo-ok.

Jeon Moo-ok was the loser of Namhae in name and reality. But at some point he stopped appearing in public.

To be precise, it was after his disciple, Hwang Dok-go, won the scramble for succession. After that, he entrusted all the major and minor matters of martial arts to Dokgo Hwang and practiced in the closed hall. Although he disappeared from the public, his influence still dominated the Namhae area.

Mugeomryeon was largely composed of one school, three gates, and five departments.

The central faction was the Haenam faction, and the three factions, Baekhyeolmun, Changwolmun, and Ohhongmun, were called Sammun.

Taemu-gwan, Ohho-gwan, Jinmoo-gwan, Sangwol-gwan, and Jungcheon-gwan were collectively called five military officers.

These nine munpa were the core munpa that made up martial arts. Of course, it goes without saying that the center was Haenampa.

Soldiers from the Haenampa traditionally enjoyed wearing blue uniforms, discriminating them from other munpas.

Looking at it well, it meant that they were firmly keeping their identity, but looking at it badly, it also meant that they were expressing their superiority through their clothes. But that was a story from decades ago.

Now, to eliminate discrimination, all soldiers have to wear blue uniforms. Thanks to such measures, severe discrimination has largely disappeared.

Mugeomryeon existed under the foot of Mt.

Over the past few decades, martial arts training has continued to expand. Thanks to that, it was safe to say that the scale was the best in the world.

There was a residence of Hwang Dok-go in the Soviet Union in Daejeon, high above where Mugeomyeon could be seen at a glance.

Dokgohwang looked down at Mugeomryeon with his arms crossed. Eomsoso stood beside him.

Mugeomryun itself looked like a huge creature.

The roads stretching in all directions were like human blood vessels, and countless people were moving busily on them.

The place where all of them were heading was the Yeonjujeon located at the top.

It was a structure in which the person sitting in Yeonjujeon monopolized everything on this huge land.

Suddenly, Dokgo Hwang opened his mouth.

“Do you like it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Isn’t it wonderful? All this sight…”

“It’s wonderful.”

Dokgo Hwang laughed at Eom Soso’s calm reply.

She was a strange woman.

If he wanted to, he could sit in an important position in martial arts training, but he had no interest in such material wealth.

All she wants is Dokgo Hwang.

It doesn’t pay attention to anything else.

Dokgo Hwang deserves to be called the best helper.

A natural smile appeared on Dokgo Hwang’s face as he looked at Eom So-so.

It was then.


Suddenly, a hawk flew by the window.

The falcon perched on the window sill flapping its wings wildly was covering its whole body with flaming red feathers.

It was Cheonri Hae-eung (千里海鷹), a spiritual creature of martial arts.

This spiritual creature, which travels lightly a thousand miles a day, was used only to report urgent matters from the outside.

The arrival of the heavenly answer meant that the matter was that big.

Eom So-so took out a letter from the tradition tied to the ankle of Cheonri Hae-eung.

Eom So-so handed over the rolled-up letter to Dok-go-hwang.


As he read the letter, Dokgo Hwang’s complexion hardened.

“Why is that?”

Umsoso asked with a puzzled expression.

Dokgohwang, whom she knew, had such a resolute disposition that he wouldn’t even blink an eye at anything.

The fact that he showed this level of agitation meant that what was written in the letter was unusual.

“Read it.”

Instead of answering, Dokgo Hwang handed a letter to Eom So So.

Eom So-so hurriedly read what was written in the letter.


Her reaction was no different from Dokgo Hwang’s.

What was written in the letter was shocking.

“oh my god! Didn’t the Hell of Fire collapse after being attacked?”

“okay! It says that it was attacked by someone and the guards inside chose to destroy it.”

“That’s fortunate.”


Dokgo Hwang’s eyes were cold. But Eom So-so calmly replied.

“Anyway, there are no survivors. He must have died too.”

“We didn’t see it with our own eyes.”


“You know. What is the meaning of moving brother in martial arts? If he is alive, my legitimacy could be shaken.”

“It’s definitely a matter to check and move on.”

“that’s right! I can’t entrust it to someone else. know?”

“yes! Then I must go.”

“okay! Because the only person I can trust is you.”

It was Dokgo Hwang who sent Yoo Soo-hwan to the Bulhoe prison.

In order to hide the fact that he was involved, he deliberately contacted Sogyeoksan in Yeonam, far from Haenam, and entrusted him with the work.

I couldn’t entrust the work to someone else. The fact that he was involved in this had to be kept strictly confidential.

Knowing that fact, even Eom So-so said he had to go.

“Take the haemudae (海霧隊).”

Haemudae was the secret weapon of Mugeomryeon.

The warriors raised by Jeon Moo-ok, the sword of the sea king, possessed the power to annihilate quite a few small and medium-sized clans in an instant.

Umsoso shook his head.

“Alone is enough.”

“know! But you have to be careful. So, take a haemuda with you. That way I can be at ease.”

“all right. If that’s what soju means…”

Eom So-so nodded as if he couldn’t help it.

“Leave right now!”

“yes! Then I will go.”

Eom So-so took a hug and immediately went outside.

The face of Dokgo Hwang, who was left alone, was distorted.

Annoyance welled up from the depths of his heart.

On the outside, he pretends to be cheerful and bold, but in reality he was a perfectionist. When everything goes according to one’s will, one’s intuition is released.

The rupture that occurred out of reach of his gaze infuriated him.


Dokgo Hwang, who had been grinding his teeth for a while, suddenly approached the wall decoration.

When one part was touched, the ornament was pushed aside, revealing a secret space that had been hidden.

The dark space, like the mouth of a huge beast, was the stairs leading down to the basement.

No one knew that there was such an underground space in Dokgo Hwang’s residence.

Dokgo Hwang kept this place a thorough secret. Other than that, Eom So-so was the only one who knew that such a space existed.

Dokgo Hwang went down the stairs to the basement.

I descended hundreds of steps and finally reached the bottom.

The basement, where no light entered, was filled with pitch-black darkness.

Suddenly, Dokgo Hwang stretched out his hand and patted the wall.

A stick was held in his hand.


Dokgo Hwang set fire to the tip of the stick with Sammae Evolution. Then, the dark underground space became brighter and the interior view was revealed.

It was a huge underground space of about a dozen square feet.

It was an artificially created space, not a naturally formed cave. However, Dokgohwang was not alone in the underground space.


In the middle of the underground space, a monster was sitting.

Both arms had chains thicker than my forearms, and both legs were cut below the knees.

I don’t know how long I’ve been confined here, but the hair that grew out of my mind couldn’t cover my face and reached my belly button.

The monster let out a moan as if his eyes were suffering from the sudden light. However, it also vomited a terrifying light mania within a moment.

Dokgohwang approached him. Then the young light in the monster’s eyes became more ferocious.

Dokgo Hwang spoke to the monster.

“Long time no see, Master!”


The monster’s voice echoed through the underground space.

“Do you think you can still live? His voice is so loud…”

“The guy I’m going to fry in this oil to death! How dare you make a master like this. Can you still call yourself a human?”

“All of this isn’t Master’s karma.”


“exactly! Karma! Didn’t Master first turn me into a beast? So I have no choice but to bite him like an animal…”

A fishy smile lingered on Dokgo Hwang’s lips.

The monster who radiated life in the underground space that was blocked in all directions was his master and the absolute leader of martial arts training, Jeon Moo-ok of the sea king sword.

It is known to the world that he is confined to practice closed-door training, but in reality he was confined to a basement with no light.


Jeon Moo-ok stretched out both arms forward and shouted.

“I didn’t trust you. To conspire with Zhang Wu-geuk and bring Master to this point.”

In my mind, I wanted to strangle Dokgo Hwang right away. However, his hands could no longer be extended because of the chains that bound his arms.

Even as he watched Jeon Moo-ok floundering in front of his nose, Dokgo Hwang showed no sympathy.

“Did you forget? It was the master who pushed me and the brother-in-law into the pit in the name of competition. The master forced us to compete on the subject of finely learning martial arts from Sajo. Thanks to that, these hands are full of the blood of the brothers and sisters.”

“It was for you guys. To grow strong…”

“That’s why you grew up so strong. It was because he became a beast without blood or tears, just as the master wanted. Hehe!”

“Hwang! don’t do this I am your master.”

“So you haven’t saved me yet? Killed all the other death sentences. Oh, Lee Isa-hyung was sent to the prison of fire.”

“Why Suhwan?”

“Because he was the only one who was good to me. I didn’t want to be directly stained with his blood. So I sent it to the Jade of Fire, but it said that the Jade of Fire had collapsed. Now I have nothing left. Oh, there is a cow.”

“Don’t get close to that witch. She is a witch who will lead you to ruin.”

Jeon Mu-ok advised, but Dok-go-hwang responded with a snort.

“Where will you be a master? Master immediately led us down the path of destruction.”

“It was all for you guys. It was to grow stronger. Why don’t you know my sincerity?”

“Hehe! That’s why you grew up so strong. Would you be proud? Your apprentice grew up as he wished.”


“Don’t call my name with that filthy mouth, Master. Do you know how much I wanted to kill you every time you called my name?”

A terrifying light exploded from Dokgo Hwang’s eyes.

Since becoming Jeon Moo-ok’s disciple, every day has been like hell.

I have never had a good night’s sleep.

He had to worry about being attacked by the brother-in-law and was afraid of not meeting the master’s standards.

As he grew older, his body grew bigger and stronger, but on the contrary, his mind got sick.

The two people I met at that time were Eom So-so and Jang Mu-geuk.

Without them, he would have died day by day in the abuse of his master.

Since then, Dokgo Hwang has changed.

It was not simply to survive the competition, but with a grander goal and began to learn martial arts.

The foundation was sufficient.

He had a formidable intelligence and an indomitable will.

He really digs into martial arts like crazy.

As a result, amazing achievements were achieved. It was more than what his master, Jeon Moo-ok, wanted.

Only then did Dokgohwang carry out the plan he had been forging for a long time.

It was to subdue his master, Jeon Moo-ok.

Jeon Moo-ok was a soldier called the sea king sword.

He possessed as much power as he had lived.

It was impossible to do alone. But he had a friend who agreed with him.

Jang Moo-geuk.

He agreed with Dokgo Hwang.

Jeon Moo-ok was obviously a great military man. His sword skills were more than enough to cut through the sea. But, funny enough, he didn’t know how to use his sword skills to ten percent.

Jeon Moo-ok herself lacked a fierce fighting spirit despite the fact that she forced her students to compete wildly.

In the end, Dokgo Hwang and Jang Mu-geuk were able to subdue Jeon Moo-ok after a fierce battle.

Dokgohwang never intended to kill Jeon Moo-ok easily.

By keeping him alive until the end, he will return more than the pain he has suffered so far.

Dokgo Hwang laughed as he took out a specially made dagger from his chest.

The dagger, with teeth protruding like a shark’s tooth, was specially designed to inflict pain on people.

“Then Master, let’s start today.”

“Noom! Ugh!”

In the darkness, Jeon Mu-ok’s desperate screams rang out.

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