Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 381

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 381

Episode 381

Deung Cheol-woong froze in an instant.

Like a mouse in front of a snake, I couldn’t move.

My throat was so tight that I couldn’t even breathe without Pyowol’s permission. It was the first time in my life that I felt such pressure.

All of this was because of Pyowol’s voice.

It wasn’t about life or threats. Still, that was it.

Deung Cheol-woong felt cold sweat running down his back. He hoped that the moon’s voice wasn’t directed at him.

Unfortunately, the sky did not grant his wish.

Pyowol was looking at him exactly.

Deung Cheol-woong asked cautiously.

“I… you mean?”

“The Ark of Blood, right?”


“It seems like you are at the heart of this situation.”

In an instant, Deung Cheol-woong felt the hairs all over his body stand up.

It was a sudden statement, but he understood what Pyowol was trying to say. But he smiled and said.

“haha! I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Since you are being pressured by the Jewon Corps, are you trying to escape the crisis by bringing in the Ugum Lodge?”


“You used your hair quite a bit.”

Deung Cheol-woong’s expression distorted at the words of Pyo-wol, who saw through everything. Instinctively, I realized that no matter how much I flirted with it, it was useless.

“Shouldn’t I… live as well?”

“You mean you did it to live?”

“Isn’t life like that? You have to struggle to maintain the status quo. So do i. If you’re like Pyo Daehyup, I think you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Then…”

Deung Cheol-woong took the gun and hurriedly ran outside.

He left Namcheongwan, mixed with the swordsman at Ugeom Lodge, to prevent Pyowol from using his hands.

Pyo-wol silently looked at Deung Cheol-woong’s back as he walked away.

Yong Ha-sang looked at such a Pyo-wol as if it were strange.

“Looks like he doesn’t care much, so why are you staring at him so intently?”

“Sometimes the unnoticed makes things worse.”

“Anyway, he’s just a rat, but he seems to be overly sensitive.”

“Sometimes a hole dug by a rat breaks down a dike.”

“Worry too much. If it really bothers you, just kill it.”

Yong Ha-sang said it as if it was not a big deal.

He didn’t understand the mark.

This is because, in his eyes, Deung Cheol-woong was a person who had nothing to see. There was no reason for a person with martial arts and reputation to be of the Pyowol level to care.

Yong Ha-sang thought that Pyo-wol was not bold. However, Wu did not commit the act of revealing his thoughts.

Namgungwol approached Pyowol and greeted him.

“Long time no see.”

“Did you come because of the Woogeom Lodge?”


“You did something useless.”

“I know they wouldn’t have been much of a threat to Pyo Dae-hyup. But I couldn’t help it, because I’m sure the people who decided to join us would be uneasy if we left them alone.”

“You are thorough.”

“Compared to the Geumcheonhoe, our Eunryeonhoe is lacking in many things. You’re already inferior, so don’t people follow you if you take care of these things?”

“Are you really trying to stick together? You must still be thirteen.”

“But if I stay still, I will become even worse. If you don’t do anything because you’re lacking or because it’s hard, you won’t be given a chance to turn around forever.”

Pyo-wol nodded as he understood Namgung-wol’s words.

If they were pushed from the initial momentum, there was a high possibility that they would be disorganized without even trying a proper fight.

Even if the forces were lacking right away, they had to show the appearance of going out with a strong stomach.

“Geomwoo also started like this when he made Geumcheonhoe. Even then, a lot was lacking. He did it though. We believe we can do it too.”


Pyo-wol felt that Namgung-wol was a much bigger person than he thought. I knew that he was an outstanding talent, but I didn’t know that the distribution was this large and far-reaching.

‘He has the qualities of a hero.’

Just looking at the fact that he organized the union association with Yong Ha-sang as the head of the party, we could see how great he was.

It was then.

“It’s been a while, Yong-hyung. Namgung hyung!”

Yu Su-hwan’s voice came from behind Pyo-wol.

The moment they saw him, Yong Ha-sang and Namgung-wol widened their eyes.

“Who is this? Aren’t you hyung?”

“How is Yoo hyung?”

Yong Ha-sang and Namgung-wol looked at Yoo Soo-hwan in surprise.

They belonged to a trio, so they knew each other.

Namgungwol asked.

“Why are you so exhausted? What the hell happened.”

“It happened. If it wasn’t for Pyo Dae-hyup, I wouldn’t have been able to live like this and meet you two.”

“I guess we have a lot to talk about.”

Namgoongwol sat Yoo Soo-hwan at his seat.

I came here for various purposes, but the moment I saw Yoo Soo-hwan haggard, those calculations disappeared from my head.

Yong Ha-sang and Yeom Hee-soo also felt that the situation was taking an unusual turn. The Yoo Soo-hwan they knew was a military man who hid a strong will behind softness.

The fact that he appeared with such a haggard appearance was proof that something had gone wrong.

Yong Ha-sang sighed and got to the point.

“What happened?”

“I was imprisoned in a place called Hellfire.”

“Infernal prison?”

“It’s prison. Once trapped, you can never escape.”

“You mean there is such a place in Gangho?”

“I didn’t even know until I was imprisoned. It wasn’t until I was locked up that I knew there was such a heinous place. If Pyo Dae-hyeop hadn’t saved him, he would have been barely breathing even now, worse than an animal.”

“Mmm! Hard to believe.”

Yong Ha-sang put on a distrustful expression. However, he knew better that Yu Su-hwan was not one to lie.

The three listened to Yoo Soo-hwan’s story.

Pyowol quietly left the place.


After leaving the inn, Pyo-wol headed to the top of the jewon.

The top of the jewon that I saw in a month has changed a lot.

The biggest change was the boundaries.

Numerous unmanned soldiers were placed at the main gate, and there were also those who stood guard on the walls.

As the stranger approached, the men guarding the front gate became nervous.


“for a moment!”

At that moment, someone jumped out from among the unmanned people.

He was the commander-in-chief of the Supreme Court.

The commander-in-chief hurriedly approached Pyowol and greeted him.

“Meet Pyo Daehyeop. I heard that you have returned.”

“The situation must be very bad.”

“yes! Not only ships were attacked, but also overland convoys. For that reason, all the top leaders of the Jewon Group are now gathering and establishing countermeasures.”

No one expected that the situation would deteriorate so quickly.

Above all, the most troublesome thing is that the movement of the upper part of the circumstance is being grasped in detail by someone.

“The blood room is a problem.”

“We understand that too. The damage is so great because of those rats.”

The commander-in-chief’s face was full of anger.

The current situation of being swayed by something like the bloody room made him and the soldiers of the Jewon Corps angry.

I want to beat him to death right now, but Deung Cheol-woong was operating in the shadows thoroughly with the cattle hut as a shield.

What’s more, he was cunningly changing his place of residence every day. Because of that, the Jewon Sangdan couldn’t figure out the whereabouts of Deung Cheol-woong, so they couldn’t do anything.

“I will take you inside. Please go in.”


The commander-in-chief invited Pyo-wol to the guest hall at the top of the jewon.

The guesthouse, where guests were served, was so splendid.

It was made as splendid as possible to show the wealth and power of Jewon Sangdan to outside guests.

Pyo-wol sat in the seat the commander-in-chief had guided him to and waited for the snow wind to come. But someone came before him.

An old woman with deep wrinkles on her face.

It was Noh Tae-tae, the real owner of the Jewon Sangdae.

she said with a laugh.

“I heard you came back. Really.”

“Weren’t you at the seaport?”

“My son and grandson were brought here because they were in danger. I came in because I didn’t want to worry about my children.”

Noh Tae-tae smiled brightly.

Even though she was over a hundred years old, her eyes were still clear and deep. She looked at Pyowol with warm eyes as if she were looking at her own grandchildren.

Pyowol was very unfamiliar with those eyes.

The eyes of most of the people he had met so far were the same.

He looked at me with fear or a sense of alienation in his eyes and was wary. Of course, there were people who didn’t, but they didn’t show favorable feelings to Pyo-wol from the beginning.

But Noh Tae-tae was different.

From the first time she saw Pyowol, she looked at him with such warm eyes. Those eyes were burdensome, but I didn’t hate them.

“Good job.”

“Hee hee! Did you do well? When old people are stubborn, young children suffer.”

“You are wise.”

“It makes me feel better to hear such a story from the messenger of the world. Hee hee!”

Noh Tae-tae smiled broadly.

He looked genuinely happy.

It was rather embarrassing to see an old man who had lived several times longer than himself react like this.

Then the door opened and a gust of wind came in.

He was a little surprised to see Noh Tae-tae.

“Oh, was your great-grandmother here?”

“Before you came, I was chatting with you for a while. Actually, I was bothering Pyo Dae-hyeop.”

“haha! Even my great-grandmother…”

Joo Seol-pung laughed at Roh Tae-tae’s joke.

She said holding Pyowol’s hand with a hand full of wrinkles.

“Since you’re here, I’ll have to get up. Pyo Daehyeop, our Seolpoong, take good care of us.”


“Because he has a lot of blood, he makes frequent mistakes and may make wrong decisions. Still, be generous and guide me well.”

Roh Tae-tae held Pyo-wol’s hand for the last time and left.

Snow Wind sat down instead of her and said.

“Don’t pay too much attention to what your great-grandmother said. It’s a ceremonial statement out of love for your great-grandson.”

“Did the meeting go well?”

“Phew! can it go well? Opinions are divided.”


“As the size of the group is large, there are many people responsible for it. It is difficult to easily come to a consensus as so many people, such as the heads of families who go directly up, the captains of the checkbook ships, and so many people gather and hold meetings.”

Although Ju Seol-pung’s grandfather was a danju of the Jewon top, he could not arbitrarily decide everything.

It was his job to gather everyone’s opinions and make the most rational decision.

It seemed frustrating at first glance, but I had no choice but to be careful because the livelihood of many people was at stake.

Ju Seol-pung, who attended the same meeting, was also very excited. So, as soon as he heard that the moon had come, he asked for his grandfather’s understanding and left.

“Did your visit go well?”


“But it’s not clear.”

“is it?”

“That’s right.”

The snow wind replied with a smile.

Pyowol thought it might be.

Although he destroyed the fire pit, the contact with Guryongsalmak disappeared again.

When Pyowol and Yoo Suhwan came out, Guryongsalmak had already erased all traces and disappeared.

Even the Hell of Fire had collapsed, so there was no evidence of their existence anywhere.

The men imprisoned in the prison of fire were the only witnesses to reveal their existence, but they all returned to Jaffa.

Even if they testified, it was unknown whether people would believe them. Because all of them were people who had already been erased from Jaffa for a long time.

The only people who can be trusted at present are Hong Yu-sin and So Gyeok-san.

Hong Yuxin was the chief inspector of Haomen.

Because he himself was imprisoned in the Fire Jail, he had no choice but to be sure of the existence of the Guryongsalmak.

The reason why Hong Yuxin hurriedly returned to Haomen was to review the information he had neglected to pass on from the beginning.

The amount of information that came to Hao Mun’s headquarters per day exceeded one cart. It was enough to fill a huge warehouse in just one year.

In Haomun’s main altar, there was a note that summarized and stored the information received.

Hong Yu-shin was thinking of checking whether there were any missing parts in the report so far.

If Hong Yu-sin dug through the information, Sogyeoksan was in charge of direct pursuit.

He lost everything in the Kowloon Valley.

Naturally, the resentment had no choice but to pierce the sky.

– I will definitely find them.

These were the words Sogyeoksan said right before parting ways with Pyowol.

Sogyeoksan returned to being an assassin raised in an underground cavity.

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