Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 379

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 379

Episode 379

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for Pyo Daehyeop’s help.”

Jang Jin-sam expressed his gratitude by taking a fist on Pyo-wol.

His eyes were filled with the light of awe and fear.

It was because Pyo-wol had so easily cleaned up those who had driven them into a corner.

It was shocking that the warriors of the Ugeom Lodge disguised themselves as blood slayers, but Pyowol’s inaction that overpowered them so easily was even more shocking.

If it was a woogeom hut, it was still a member of the three chiefs in the world.

It meant that he possessed power that was within three fingers of the numerous manors in the world.

Pyo-Wol overpowered the elite of the Ugeom Lodge too easily.

The bloody thieves who saw his unhumane inaction fled by throwing themselves out of the boat in unison.

There was no such thing as loyalty or camaraderie in the blood room.

The most important thing to them was their lives. They swam away without looking back.

Jang Jin-sam wanted to track them down and kill them all, but he couldn’t because the damage was too great.

More than 20,000 people died on the ship right away.

Many of them were unmanned people at the top of the jewon.

It was Jang Jin-sam’s job to collect their corpses.

Pyowol said.

“Looks like things are bad.”

“Honestly, not very good.”

“Since when did this happen?”

“It happened after Pyo Daehyup disappeared. It all started when the soldiers from Woogeom Lodge entered Poyang Lake.”

“I guess I was the target from the beginning.”

“yes! They went around asking about Pyo Daehyeop’s whereabouts. Then, I found out that this group was related to Pyo Daehyeop and started putting pressure on them.”

Although the Jewon Sangdan is said to exert great influence in Jiangseoseong, it could not be compared to the Ugeom Lodge.

Under their pressure, Namgungwol and others eventually stepped in, and the issue intensified with the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe.

Jang Ho-yeon attracted the nearby literati who were influenced by the Woogeom Lodge, and the Jewon Sangdan and Eunryeonhoe also called in helpers to oppose it.

Like a well-planned miscellaneous drama, the situation deteriorated in an instant, and clouds of war hung over Lake Poyang and the entire province of Jiangxi.

The problem is that things don’t seem to end just like this.

Hoyeon Jang’s Ugeom Lodge and Namgungwol’s Thousands of Times Yonghasang’s Yongcheongok are all famous literary factions in the world.

Their clash soon meant the intervention of Woogeom Hut and thousands of Yongcheongok.

When the three factions collided with all their might, it was a disaster in itself.

It was like the beginning of the Great War.

As the situation worsened, the eyes of countless literati all over the world were focused on Poyang Lake.

To the uninitiated, Poyang Lake was recognized as a dangerous place that contained the sparks of the Great Rebellion.

The Moorim Myeongsuk were closely watching the Poyang Lake incident with mixed eyes, and many young warriors entered Poyang Lake.

Young warriors wanted a battlefield where they could blow their reputation. To them, the uproar at Lake Poyang was the only way to quench their thirst, not to worry.

“Currently, there are many unmanned people in Poyang Lake. We are putting a line according to our own interests, but I am worried that a war will not happen if this happens. I know the inaction of Pyo Dae-hyeop, but please be careful.”


“For now, I will go back to the statute of limitations and report this situation.”

Jang Jin-sam looked at the corpses of soldiers scattered on the deck with a dark expression. In particular, when he saw the dead bodies of the soldiers at the Ugeom Lodge, his expression became even darker.

These were evidence of the direct intervention of Woogeom Lodge.

There was a great difference between having evidence and not having it.

With this, the Jewon Sangdan gained a justification to actively resist the invasion of Woogeom Lodge.

However, what Jang Jin-sam is concerned about is that he cannot dare predict how far this situation will spread.

‘This is out of my hands. I can only hope that things will work out somehow…’

Jang Jin-sam looked at Pyo-wol.

It contains the expectation that if this man actively intervenes, the situation will change. But that doesn’t mean he couldn’t ask Pyowol directly.

Pyowol was not someone who moved because of someone’s pressure.

If forced, it was obvious that they would rather feel resentment.


The moment Jang Jin-sam let out a sigh, Pyo-wol’s figure disappeared from the boat like a lie.

Before he knew it, he blew himself off and returned to Namcheongwan.

Jang Jin-sam shook his head and gave orders to his subordinates.

“Let’s go back to the top of the jewon.”



Yoo Soo-hwan loosened his clenched fist.

I felt cramped in my fists from how tightly I clenched them. It was so tense.

It was because of the moon.

The martial arts of Pyowol, who overpowered the opponent at once, shook his heart.

‘The moon!’

If he was an ordinary military man, he would have been intimidated just by seeing Pyowol’s inaction, but Yoo Soo-hwan was not an ordinary military man.

At one time, he was a warrior who fell within the five fingers of the superpower called Mugeomryun.

Just because he lost his martial arts did not mean he lost his sense of self-righteousness.

Watching Pyo-wol, Yoo Soo-hwan felt a fiery sense of victory.

I didn’t want to hear that I was ungrateful to my life saver. Still, I wanted to compete with him at least once.

‘I’m still a soldier.’

He realized once again that he was unmanned.

He was born as a normal human, but was raised as a warrior.

When I was young, I hated the fact that I had to live with the blood of others on my hands for the rest of my life. That’s why I lived a leisurely life with a distance from martial arts.

There were times when I thought I was happy because I didn’t use martial arts, but now that I’ve lost martial arts like this, I understand.

It was not that he was happy, but that he pretended to be happy.

An unmanned person is truly happy when he can demonstrate his abilities as an unmanned man.

At that moment, the pyowol returned to its original position.

Yoo Soo-hwan said while adjusting his expression.

“You worked hard. Can you tell me what happened?”

I could see Pyowol subduing the enemies, but I couldn’t tell what words were exchanged inside the ship.

“The Woogeom Lodge intervened in the dispute between the Jewon Merchant and Blood Uibang.”

“Is this a woogeom lodge?”

“I checked.”

“The problem has gotten serious. If we had seriously intervened in the fight between the guild and the underworld, the situation would not be settled at this level.”

“Those with big ambitions will like it.”

“yes! Chaos will open.”

A shadow fell over Yoo Soo-hwan’s face.

Some people would like it, thinking it was an opportunity to spread their wisdom, but for ordinary people who have to live in difficult times, it was no different from an era of despair.

I couldn’t even imagine how many people would shed bloody tears.

Yoo Soo-hwan asked.

“Do you have any plans to stop the chaotic world?”

“No one person can stop the torrent of the times.”

“Couldn’t you delay it a bit?”

“how? Shall we assassinate both leaders? You don’t think that will solve the problem, do you?”

“On the contrary, it will make the problem worse.”

“To prevent chaos, we need someone who can draw the big picture. Even so, you must know how to sacrifice yourself. I have no intention of stopping the chaos even at the expense of myself. The most important thing in the world is myself. Because if I live, the world deserves to exist.”

“I understand.”

Yoo Soo-hwan shook his head.

It was something he said out of frustration, but he didn’t think Pyowol would actually intervene.

Pyowol’s propensity was far from the virtues that a hero of the turbulent times should have.


Yoo Soo-hwan’s troubles deepened.

Pyowol left him alone and returned to his room.

His room was the same as when he left.

The owner of the inn had left it untouched.

Pyo-wol lay on the soft bed and looked at the ceiling.

It was a night when I was tired, but I couldn’t sleep well.



A harsh moaning sounded from the room.

The men guarding the outside were on the verge of dying at the sound of a wild boar gasping for breath.

I could see what was going on in the room without even looking.

“Sparrow! driving me crazy.”

“I will die.”

The subordinates twisted their legs and frowned.

They were men too.

There was a desire to have a pretty girl. However, they were not given a chance to fulfill their desire.

Instead, I had to listen to the sound of the ark quenching my desires outside.

It was then.

“It was a big deal.”

Suddenly the door burst open and someone ran in.

It was Lee Gu-yeol, who had gone to attack the ship of the Jewon Corps, who jumped into the messy look.

The soldier guarding the residence of Deung Cheol-woong in the Ark asked.

“what? Why are you like that?”

“The ark?”

“Can’t you hear me?”

It was only then that Lee Gu-yeol heard a rough moan coming from the room and put on a puzzled expression.

“what? Is that it now?”

“That’s it.”

“Shit! The subordinates are driven to limb and the ark is doing that?”

“What can I do? The Ark will do that.”

Lee Gu-yeol shook his head at the subordinate’s answer.

No matter how urgent it is to satisfy one’s desire, it’s true. To lie around holding a woman while the subordinates are fighting for their lives.

Although he was stunned, he did not dare to interfere with Deng Cheol-ung’s actions.

Because I know what it will be like to get him offended.


Finally, the sound of Deung Cheol-woong ending the work was heard.

Only then did Lee Gu-yeol hurriedly open his mouth.

“Bar Ark! It was a big deal.”

“What a fuss?”

After a while, the door opened and Deung Cheol-woong came out raising his trousers.

“Ooh cattle hut…”

“Why are those b*stards? Did you find out the truth this time?”

“That’s not it…” ”

Then what? Baby! tell me straight up.”

“All of them are dead.”


“I mean they are all dead.”

“What do you mean? Are you all dying?”

Deung Cheol-woong’s face was distorted.


“Then, what about the ship at the top of the jewon? Didn’t you steal it?”

“How do you take the boat when all the guys watching are dead? Even just coming back alive is a miracle.”

“What happened?”

“Everyone was killed by him.”

“Pyowol? Reaper? Didn’t he leave Poyang Lake?”

“I’m back.”

“crazy! Come back with something to eat?”

Deung Cheol-woong prided himself on being a poisonous breed.

He prided himself on being second to none as far as Ogi and Dokki.

I had to give back as much as I had suffered, and I never forgot the grudge and paid it back. But even he knew that there were beings that he should never touch.

Those who were so-called absolute masters of the river were like that.

Deung Cheol-woong’s mischief and miasma did not work on them.

Even if they lift one finger, Deung Cheol-woong will lose his life.

Deung Cheol-woong did not dare to fight against them.

The problem is that Pyowol is also one of those who rise to that rank.

Although he was born late and not too old, his formidable performance was comparable to that of absolute masters.

Rather, to Deung Cheol-woong, a person like Pyo-wol was more feared than other absolute masters.

Other absolute masters do not directly use their hands against the likes of Deung Cheol-woong for reasons of face. But Pyowol was different.

Known to the strong, he did not care about face or the eyes of others.

To Deung Cheol-woong, a person like Pyowol was more fearful.

“Is it true that the moon has returned?”

“I heard clearly with my own ears the conversation with the warrior at the Ugeom Lodge. It was definitely a pyowol.”



When Deung Cheol-woong hit the table, it broke in two.

“How did you catch it… I’m going to Cheonhaejang.”

Cheonhaejang was the manor where Hoyeon Jang and the warriors of Woogeom Lodge stayed at Poyangho Lake.

Originally, Cheonhaejang was one of the safe houses that Deung Cheol-ung secretly prepared.

He gave Cheonhaejang to Jang Ho-yeon in order to catch the string of Ugeom Lodge.

“Are they going to move to catch the god of death?”

“Originally, I came to catch that b*stard, so I won’t stand still. You shouldn’t be like this here, but send the kids to the inn where the b*stard stays to watch.”

“All right.”

“You b*stards! Anything that gets in the way has to be killed. Death? No matter what I do, I will surely kill that b*stard.”

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