Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 378

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 378

Episode 378

It’s Hard to Get on a Ship, But Once on the deck, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

It was because there were far too many warriors in the bloody room.

Using their numerical superiority, they overpowered the soldiers at the top of the Jewon.



The warriors at the top of the Jewon collapsed one after another, spraying blood.


Jang Jin-sam, the person in charge of this ship, looked around with bloodshot eyes.

Everywhere he looked, the only ones dying were his subordinates.

‘When did the bloody room become so popular?’

No matter how much it is said that it is the power that dominates the underworld of Poyang Lake, it is infinitely shabby compared to the top of the Jewon.

For that reason, Ju Seol-pung of the top of the Jewon also had no hesitation in suppressing the blood room. However, the strength of the blood room shown now was not at the level of an underworld organization.

The bloody warriors who boarded the ship were like ants that really craved blood.

The appearance of them swarming around and killing the soldiers at the top of the memorial resembles a blood cloak.

The soldiers of the Jewon Corps were cornered.

Half of his subordinates have already died. The remaining people were holding on like tenacity, but they were not at risk.

Among the warriors in the Blood Chamber, a man with a particularly ferocious expression stepped forward.

“Kaak! Wow!”

He purposely spat thick phlegm on the floor and glared at Jang Jin-sam.

It was an act of provoking Jang Jin-sam.

“It is better to be the escort warrior of the noble jewon corps. How are you? Does our blood room look ridiculous?”

“Do you think the bloody room will be safe even if it does something like this?”

“Hehe! What if it’s not okay? Don’t you know that the world has changed?”

“Is the world changing? You say anything because your mouth is pierced.”

“You really should pluck out those eyeballs. The world has changed like this, but you still know how great the Jewon Sangdan is.”

The soldier of the blood room laughed at Jang Jin-sam.

Jang Jin-sam was furious at him, but he couldn’t run away recklessly.

This is because if he runs out, the battle line he barely managed to hold on to will collapse.

Lee Gu-yeol, a soldier in the blood room, continued.

“Hehe! I live patiently, so days like this come too. After all, people should live a long time.”

Lee Gu-yeol’s eyes were bloodshot red with excitement.

In the meantime, it was Lee Gu-yeol, who had been hiding in the prostitute house to escape the pressure of the Jewon Corps.

The fear of dying if caught prevented me from sleeping well, but now the situation has changed.

The blood room was no longer an underdog.

I could tell just by looking at the current situation.

While they were talking, two soldiers from the Jewon Corps died again. Even the last line of defense is on the verge of collapsing.

“As expected, people have to hold the line well. To say that the ox sword lodge in the world is on our side.”


Then a cold voice was heard.

Those were the words of one of the soldiers in the Blood Chamber. However, Lee Gu-yeol’s expression froze.

“Watch your mouth. We have nothing to do with you guys.”

“omg! sorry. I was speechless.”

“This ship was seized only with the power of the bloody room. It has nothing to do with Woogeom Lodge. Do you understand?”

“of course. lol!”

Yi Guyeol smiled servilely.

Many of the soldiers of the bloody room that attacked this ship were those who received support from the Woogeom Lodge.

Cheol-Woong Deung, the Ark of Blood, visited Poyang Lake as soon as he heard the news that Ho-Yeon Jang and the soldiers from Woo-Geom Lodge had entered Poyang Lake.

He dared to offer negotiations with Jang Ho-yeon.

He said that he would do everything in his power to help the Blood Chamber defeat the Jewon Merchants.

At first, Jang Ho-yeon was stunned and tried to kill Deung Cheol-woong. However, thinking about it, I thought it wouldn’t be bad to have hands and feet to clean up here.

Even if Poyang Lake was located not far from Anhuiseong, where the cattle hut was located, it was not their territory anyway.

We needed people to do the dirty work.

The blood room was perfect for him.

In the end, Jang Ho-yeon accepted Deung Cheol-woong’s proposal.

The soldiers of Woogeom Lodge disguised themselves as soldiers of the Bloody Room and attacked together. Without their help, it would have been impossible to attack this large ship with only the men of the Blood Room.

Their participation had to be kept in strict secrecy.

If it became known that Woogeomsanjang intervened in the fight between the upper class and the underworld organization, not only would it lose face, but it could also bring about the intervention of other factions.

Even if it is not, it will be impossible to deal with the situation if the situation worsens in a situation where the conflict between the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe is painful.

Because of that, the soldiers at Woogeom Lodge are trying to keep their intervention a complete secret.

The soldier at the Woogeom Lodge said.

“Tsk! Doesn’t everyone on this ship die because of your light mouth?”


“Even if the word ‘ooh’ comes out of your mouth, I will kill you all. Be mindful.”

“yes! I will keep that in mind.”

Lee Gu-yeol lowered his head and replied.

It was then.

“Woogeom Lodge intervened in the confrontation between Poyangho forces. Aren’t you ashamed?”

Jang Jin-sam, who was listening to the conversation between the two, exclaimed loudly.

At that, the warrior from the Ugeom Lodge clicked his tongue.

“Tsk! You’re repeating your name. I have no intention of saving you anyway…”

“You will be punished.”

“scourge? That’s funny. Do you know how empty the sky is?”

It was the time when the warrior at the Ugeom Lodge openly laughed at Jang Jin-sam.

“Heaven may not be free, but I am.”

A cold voice pierced the ears of the warrior at the cattle lodge.

At the disparate voice, the warrior at the Woogeom Lodge looked up in surprise.

A man was standing on top of a high mast.

As soon as he saw the man, the warrior at the Ugeom Lodge felt the blood in his whole body go cold.

“Pyo… month?”

He immediately recognized Pyowol’s identity.

It’s because I’ve seen Pyo-wol’s face in Yeo-nam.

“Weren’t you… leaving Lake Poyang?”

“What’s going on at Poyang Lake at the Woogeom Hut? Have you been following me?”


The warrior at the woogeom hut didn’t answer.

Pyowol was convinced that his guess was correct.

It was not uncommon for such a large force to move to an area without any connections.

Moving so many troops without a clear purpose also had a negative impact on finances.

Because of that, many clans were extremely reluctant to dispatch large-scale warriors to areas they had no connection with. Nevertheless, the dispatch of such a large number of troops meant that there was a clear purpose for Ugeom Hut.

In Lake Poyang, he was the only one who had contact with the woogeom hut.

It is said that Namgungwol organized the Unryeonhoe, an anti-Geumcheonhoe, but it was not known to the outside world yet. So Namgungwol and Eunryeonhoe couldn’t have been the purpose in the first place.

In the end, all that was left was himself.

It was clear that they had come all the way here after him.

Pyowol asked.

“Did Jang Ho-yeon come in person?”

“Take it!”

Instead of answering, the warrior at the Ugeom Lodge ordered his subordinates to attack.


The subordinates moved along with the answer.

The giant soldier in the lead raised an ax and cut down the mast. The huge mast was cut off at once and collapsed.

At that moment, Pyowol spurred the mast and threw herself.


The warriors of the Ugeom Lodge took out the hatchets they had hidden in their waists and lobbed them all at Pyowol.

Shh shh!

Dozens of hatchets flew with powerful careers.

It was impossible to change direction in mid-air unless you reached the state of walking in mid-air.

Before they came here, they carefully analyzed Pyowol’s martial arts known in Gangho. As a result, the result was that aiming for the time when the body was floating in the air was most effective.

That’s why he had a throwing hatchet he wasn’t used to.

Although they haven’t learned professional throwing, they are all advanced fighters. It was possible to hit a target within a dozen or so even with my eyes closed.

It wasn’t much of a thing to hit an unmanned person floating in the air.

The ax they threw flew right up to Pyowol in an instant. At that moment, Pyo-wol released a suhonsa and stirred the air.


Dozens of hand axes were all wrapped around the suhonsa.

The unbelievable skill raised the eyes of the soldiers at the Woogeom Lodge.

Pyo-wol swung his suhonsa widely and then stabbed it at the warriors of the oxwood lodge.

Kwah kwah kwa!

Axes rained down like steel rain.

The results were disastrous.



A hand ax was stabbed by the warriors of the ox sword hut.

The warriors of the oxwood hut, who were rather mortally wounded by the ax he threw, were terrifying.



The soldiers of the Blood Guard who watched the scene froze in place.

I would have dared to take a chance on it only after there was a certain gap, but this was such a huge gap that I didn’t even dare to think about what to do.


In an instant, Pyo-wol, who had dealt with the unmanned men of the cattle lodge, landed on the floor without a sound.

At that, the head of the warriors of the cattle lodge raised his eyes wide.

Pyowol walked towards him quietly.

As he approached, the head of the cattle lodge stepped back.


But soon his body was blocked by the railing.

His face contorted as he realized there was nowhere else to retreat. It was hard to believe that he had been pushed back by his opponent’s spirit.

Although he was not well known to Gangho, it was because he was also a well-received master in the Woogeom Lodge.

Even before meeting Pyowol, he was confident.

The one who will never be pushed back against him.

‘No matter how great he is, in the end he’s just an assassin. In a head-to-head confrontation, I’ll be able to get my head straight.’

But now I was bitterly regretting how foolish that idea was.

Pyo-wol, who was approaching him, did not sense any presence.

It was as if an insubstantial shadow was approaching.

Even so, it felt as if my nerves were on fire.

It was the first time in my life that I felt this way.

I would have resisted if I had been pressuring him with a strong presence, but as he approached quietly like that, I was rather afraid.

He was overwhelmed by Pyowol’s foreign face and atmosphere, which seemed to be out of this world.

‘Damn it!’

If I continued like this, I would not be able to resist and would kneel before the opponent.

The chief warrior bit his lip as hard as he could.

Flesh was torn and blood gushed out.

A sharp pain reawakened his mind.


He roared and rushed at Pyowol.


The sword pulled from his waist aimed at Pyowol’s neck in the shortest way. However, it did not happen that his sword touched Pyowol’s neck.

Pip Pip!

Suddenly, he felt a fiery pain in his hamstrings behind his knees, and his body fell forward.


Blood fountains were welling up in the hamstrings.

Before he knew it, Pyowol cut his hamstrings with the ghost rain.

The tendons and muscles had split, and the legs were dangling below the knees.


The head warrior raised his eyes in disbelief.

Because it was impossible in his common sense.

Pyo-wol spread the magic spirit illusion and seduced him, then cut his chin. From the victim’s point of view, it felt like being possessed by a ghost.

That’s how the head warrior felt now.

The chief warrior shouted ferociously to shake off his fear.

“bloke! What spell did you use? Do you think you will be safe after all this?”



“Everyone said they were witchcraft or that they wouldn’t be safe. They say the same thing.”

The reactions of most of the people Pyowol had dealt with so far were the same as those in front of him.

If their common sense doesn’t work, they say it’s unconditionally witchcraft and threaten that the munpa behind them won’t let it go.

The chief unmanned was no different.

It was like a frightened dog barking at the sight of him threatening such a fear-filled subject.

Pyowol sat down in front of him and asked.

“I ask again. Did Jang Ho-yeon come in person?”


The emotion of fear dwelled in the eyes of the head warrior who held on to this.

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