Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 377

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 377

Episode 377

: Kung!

The boat was docked at the Poyangho dock.

The scaffolding was lowered and people got off the boat. Pyowol and Yoo Suhwan were also among them.

Yoo Soo-hwan said while looking around the dock.

“This atmosphere is unusual.”

There were people who seemed to be unmanned around the dock.

They were watching the people getting off the boat. It was clear that anyone was watching.

One group was on the west side of the dock and the other group was on the east side.

At a glance, it was clear that they were different gangs.

They kept their eyes on the dock while keeping each other in check.

Suddenly, their gaze turned to Pyowol.

Since Pyo-wol did not bother to hide his identity, it was immediately apparent.

‘A leap?’

‘The death god has returned.’

Their eyes swayed as they gazed at the moon.

Those on the west side hurriedly left the dock, and those on the east side approached Pyowol.

they asked cautiously.

“Are you Pyo Daehyeop?”


“ah! We are soldiers belonging to the Eunryeonhoe.”


“You don’t know. It is the official name of the Anti-Geumcheonhoe.”

No matter how much they say they stand against the Geumcheonhoe, it was unreasonable to continue to use the name Bangeumcheonhoe.

The word anti (anti) itself had a negative meaning, so it was not appropriate to put it in front of the name of a force. That’s why they gave it a new name, Eunryeonhoe.

“Who became the hoeju?”

“Yongha-sang has become a small cooperative.”


Pyowol thought it was unexpected.

It was because Namgungwol was at the center of the Eunryeonhoe. But I soon understood.

‘I’m going to put Yonghasang in the front, and myself in the back.’

I thought the pyowol was not a bad way.

Each person had a role that suited them.

Due to Namgoongwol’s tendency, it seemed that the role of coordinating the whole in the dark would not be bad.

“Namgung Sohyeop is looking forward to Pyo Daehyeop’s return. If you don’t mind, how about going with us to meet Namgung Sohyeop?”

“I want to rest now.”


“If you want to talk, ask me to come to the inn where I am staying.”

“All right. I will tell you that.”

Mu-in didn’t look bad at all, even though he was refused to go see Namgung-wol together.

That much was proof that Pyowol was a big player.

Soldiers ran to report to Namgungwol.

Pyo-wol took Yoo Soo-hwan back to Namcheongwan, the lodging house where he had previously stayed.

“oh my! How much is this?”

The owner of the inn recognized Pyowol and ran out.

“I mean?”

“Goodbye Martha. Don’t worry, the horses are well taken care of by us.”

Usually, if the owner didn’t show up for more than a month, they would sell it to someone else. However, the owner of the inn did not dare to have such a thought.

It wasn’t someone else, it was Pyowol’s words.

After selling his horse at will, he couldn’t handle the aftermath when Pyo-wol returned. Because of that, I had no choice but to take care of the horse with utmost sincerity.

“Give me two rooms.”

“Can I give you the room next to the room I stayed in before?”

“Do it.”

“All right. How would you like to eat?”

“Prepare now. I will eat and go in.”

“yep! Please wait a moment. I will prepare it in no time.”

The innkeeper hurried to the kitchen.

Pyo-wol and Yoo Soo-hwan sat at the window seat.

It was the spot that Pyowol preferred.

Yoo Soo-hwan said while looking at the scenery of Poyang Lake spreading out the window.

“It’s a really beautiful place. It has a different beauty from the sea seen at Mugeomryun.”

“Come to think of it, Mugeomryun was also in the sea.”

“yes! It is located in Haenam-do to be exact. You don’t know how beautiful it is with the pure white sandy beach and the vast blue sea.”

“I want to go back soon.”

“yes! In my heart, I want to go back right away, but my body is at this point…”

Yoo Soo-hwan smiled self-deprecatingly.

He was currently incapable of performing martial arts.

I trained from a young age and lived as a martial artist for the rest of my life, but the loss of martial arts made me feel the loss beyond words. However, Yoo Soo-hwan thought that this feeling was not too bad.

All ordinary people lived like this.

There are many people who live well without martial arts, but I felt so sorry for ordinary people if they were frustrated because they could not practice martial arts temporarily.

“Can I recover? You said you couldn’t fix an ordinary member of Congress?”

“As I said, there is someone I know. If so, I’m sure you can fix it. It’s because the Gikyungpalmaek is broken, not the Danjeon.”

“You seem to have great medical skills.”

“yes! He is a person who is not lacking even if he is called faithful.”

“Why is such a person unknown?”

“Because being famous isn’t necessarily a good thing.”

“Is it Eunwon?”


Pyowol didn’t ask any more.

Among those living in Gangho, there was not a single person who did not have a relationship with someone else.

In the end, unmanned people prove their existence by force.

I had to project my power onto others, but there was no way that Eun-won would come out.

The same was true of lawmakers working in Gangho.

It was clear that Yoo Soo-hwan was also swept away by Kang-ho’s favor.

At that time, Jeom So-yi approached with a tray of food.

“bon appetite.”

Jeom So-yi looked at Pyo-wol with envy for a moment, then hurriedly ran to the kitchen.

Yoo Soo-hwan said.

“That kid seems to respect Pyo Dae-hyeop.”

“I can’t respect an assassin…”

“Is there a need to define yourself as an assassin? Pyo Daehyeop is a great soldier in


. I think so.”

“It is romantic. Strong people don’t treat you as generously as you do. They are frighteningly obsessed with their background and classify them. Those who are once branded an assassin will always be an assassin.”

“haha! I tend to be like that.”

Yoo Soo-hwan smiled kindly.

I wondered if I would have a face like that if I grew up with lots of love and no wrinkles. But that’s just what it looks like on the outside.

Yoo Soo-hwan was a sharp sword that hid itself in a blunt sheath. He was hiding his true self in a sheath of laughter.

The two started eating.

Yoo Soo-hwan, who tasted a few chopsticks of food, opened his eyes wide.

“It’s really delicious. It seems that the hostess is quite skillful.”

He closed his eyes and savored the taste of the food.

In the past few months, I thought my sense of taste had been completely ruined, but tasting such delicious food seemed to bring it back to life.

He poured himself a drink and drank it.

Knowing that Pyo-wol doesn’t drink, he does it himself.

It was good to drink alone.

The beautiful scenery, the wind blowing, and the delicious side dishes were enough.

“When I was in Mugeomryeon, I didn’t know that I would be happy even if I enjoyed even more happiness than this… Now, this is enough.”

Yoo Soo-hwan muttered as he shook his glass.

There was a faint smile on Yoo Soo-hwan’s face as he looked at the glass with his eyes down.

Suddenly, he raised his head and looked at Pyowol.

Pyo-wol was eating the food in silence, not even looking at him.

The way he chewed his food little by little seemed pious, like a monk or guru.

Yoo Soo-hwan knew that a person who achieved extreme achievement in one field had that kind of atmosphere.

‘Don’t define yourself as an assassin. You are already beyond the limits of an assassin.’

The appearance of Pyowol in an underground space without a single light for the past month was truly amazing.

He did not let even one of the soldiers who followed him into the dark cave die.

It was truly amazing.

Even the warriors suffered evil, but their survival would have been impossible if Pyowol had not taken care of them knowingly or unknowingly.

The only thing they could rely on in the pitch-black darkness was the back of the moon. Following that strong back, they advanced step by step, and as a result, all of them were able to survive safely.

Now they each went back to the Munpa.

No one knew how many of them would fight and defeat the powerful man who had sent them to Hell. However, if even one person becomes the winner, he will unconditionally lend his strength to Pyowol.

The same was true of himself.

There was no way that a simple assassin would have this kind of heart.

Because they saw something more than that, everyone said they would come running when Pyowol called.


It was time for Yoo Soo-hwan to refill his glass.

“oh my god!”

“It is a corpse.”

Suddenly, the guests in the inn shouted at Poyang Lake.

Pyowol and Yoo Suhwan frowned.

As people say, it is because the bodies have been washed away.

Yoo Soo-hwan put down his drink and said.

“I guess it’s wrong to eat quietly.”

Pyowol also put down his chopsticks and nodded.

His expression was vivid, and his complexion was still maintained.

It was a body that had just died.

It meant that there was a fight going on nearby.

At that time, Pyowol heard the sound of clashing weapons and faintly heard the rattlesnake of people.



“Don’t let them get on the boat.”

Pyowol looked in the direction where the evil basket was coming from.

A large ship was seen in the distance.

A large ship was surrounded by dozens of small ships attacking it.

The men on the small boat were trying to get on the big boat, and the men on the big boat were swinging their weapons to knock them off.

The fight between the two groups was fierce indeed.

Those who tried to get on the boat somehow and those who tried to stop them were fighting, staining Lake Poyang red with blood.



Soldiers who were stabbed with spears or harpoons while trying to board a large ship crashed into Lake Poyang.

Those with minor injuries struggled on the water, but those with fatal injuries quickly sank into the water.

The warriors on the big ships were few in number, but they were well defended by their relatively high position and superiority in weapons.

Normally, at this point, the attackers would feel disadvantaged and withdraw. But the attackers on the small boat were different.

They boarded the big ship as if they were fierce enemies.

Seeing the deaths of his comrades by his side, he screamed as if he had suffered more evil.

“F*ck! just get on the boat I won’t let you go.”

“I will kill them all.”

Their efforts were not in vain.

In the end, those who climbed on the deck of the ship were created. As they waited for their comrades to come up, they battled the large ship’s men.

While they struggled and endured, their comrades in the smaller boat came one after another onto the deck of the larger vessel.

The man in charge of the large ship shouted while brandishing his weapon.

“A bug in the bloody room dares to aim for the top of the jewon. You must never let them steal your ship.”

“F*ck! Is the top of the jewon daesu?”

“Kill that b*stard first!”

Their cries reached Pyowol’s ears.

“Is the ship of the Jewon Merchant Corps being attacked by the Blood Room?”

Even before Pyo-wol went into the fire pit, the Jewon Sang-dan was catching the blood room like a rat.

Because of that, the reality was that the bloody room did not even dare to fight and hid in the shadows. However, what happened was that they crawled out in the sun and attacked the ships of the top of Jewon.

“Is it related to Jang Ho-yeon at Woogeom Lodge?”

There was only one way to check.

Pyowol threw herself toward the ship.

Tat tat!

Yoo Soo-hwan murmured as he watched Pyo-wol run away from the surface.

“Poyang Lake will be dyed more red.”

He picked up the glass he had put down again.

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