Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 370

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 370

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Episode 370

Lee Ho-gwan came to Donghyeol with his subordinates.

It wasn’t for nothing that he did this.

He and his subordinates all specialized in hunting.

Martial arts, foot law, and simbeop are also composed of things suitable for human hunting.

Human hunting does not discriminate between day and night.

Rather, it is more efficient to hunt in the dark than to hunt in broad daylight.

For this reason, Hogwan Lee and his subordinates learned a unique eye technique called Myoantu Yagong (猫眼透夜功) so that they could fight freely at night.

If you learn Myo An Tu Ya Gong polarly, you will react sensitively to weak light like a cat. Thanks to that, if there is only a ray of dim light, it is possible to operate without hindrance even in the dark.

Darkness was not a big obstacle to them who had learned Myo An Tu Ya Gong.

They carried only one torch and moved without hesitation into the depths of the cave.

Lee Ho-gwan and his subordinates moved inside, checking dozens of iron gates on the left and right of Donghyeol one by one.

Every time they lit their torches, the people trapped inside the iron gate covered their eyes and screamed.


“Whose eyes are…”

Being trapped in the dark without any light for a long time, the eyes react extremely sensitively to the light.

The pain, like being pricked by a needle, made them shed tears and evade into a corner.

Lee Ho-gwan watched their reaction closely.

Those who have been locked up for a really long time will react sensitively, and those who have entered from the outside will not suffer much damage even if a torch is suddenly thrust in.

It was a simple but effective search method.

In the process, he didn’t even pay attention to the complaints of eye pain from those trapped inside.

Lee Ho-gwan raised the Myo-an-tu-ya ball to the extreme and thoroughly scanned the inside of the cave.

The only light was a single torch held by the soldier in the lead, but that was more than enough.

said Hogwan Lee.

“Everyone be careful. A guy who hid here without a trace would not be a normal guy.”

“It can’t escape our eyes, though. Leader!”

“Hehe! Aren’t we experts in this again? Nothing to worry about.”

They were the ones who tracked down and captured the world’s Guyueumma to the end.

It wasn’t just that they were confident.

In particular, such a harsh environment was their preferred battlefield.

Coming into such a harsh environment, everyone was bound to feel uncomfortable. The discomfort felt by others was rather a boon to them.

As the discomfort was maximized, the senses became dull and the nerves were dispersed. The defense mechanism that everyone has is weakening.

Lee Ho-gwan and his subordinates knew the human psychology better than anyone else and enjoyed hunting for the moment.

Hogwan Lee thought as he moved forward.

‘By the way, who’s hiding here? How else did you find this place?’

The imprisoned prison was a kind of private prison.

There weren’t many people in Gangho who knew about and used the existence of the Fire Jade. They strictly kept the secret of the impregnable prison.

It was inevitable because the impregnable prison was a kind of dishonor.

The face of those imprisoned in the prison of fire was by no means ordinary.

Most of them were those who had been pushed back from power struggles by clans or clans.

Those who are reluctant to kill directly, and if left alone, will surely become seeds of discord in the future.

Those in power were uncomfortable with them.

The fire pit had access to those in power.

I will do the job for you that makes you uncomfortable. If you send them to our prison, we won’t let them out into the world until they die. We won’t kill either.

At first, it was quite difficult to receive guests.

Those in power doubted whether the impregnable prison was a competitor’s trap. However, Bulhui-ok did not hurry and gradually made themselves known, and eventually was able to gain trust.

At first, when I started to use it, I doubted how many people would actually use it, but as time passed, those concerns were dispelled.

There were quite a few people in the world who wanted to quietly erase their siblings or brother-in-law from the world. They gave a large sum of money and made a request to the Fire House.

When the existence is revealed to the outside, the disgrace of those in power is also revealed. Because of that, the bulhoe-ok paid special attention to maintaining secrecy above all else.

There was no chance that the secret would leak out here.

This is because Gu Ja-hwang and his subordinates did not go outside unless absolutely necessary, and kept contact with outsiders to a minimum.

However, it was hard to see that the powerful people who commissioned this place were boasting of their own secrets. Because it was like showing my weakness.

‘If you catch the intruder, everyone will know. How did he find out about this place and infiltrate it?’

It was then.


Suddenly, the voices of the guards of the subordinates resounded in Donghyeol.

Ho-gwan Lee finally woke up from his thoughts and looked ahead.

A man stood in front of a dim torch.

At first glance, it looked like a hunchback with a curved back.

It was Mt. Sogyeok whose naturalization in both eyes shimmered more intensely in the light of the torch.

Sogyeoksan looked at Hogwan Lee and his subordinates who had entered Donghyeol with both arms stretched out.

Hogwan Lee asked.

“Who are you?”


A muddy voice, like boiling phlegm, leaked from Sogyeoksan’s lips.

“Sogyeoksan? is it you It came in hiding from the outside.”

“no! I am one of those who was trapped inside.”

Sogyeoksan pointed at the iron door inside with his hand.


In an instant, the corner of Lee Ho-gwan’s mouth curled up.

I knew that those trapped beyond that iron gate were addicted to the demonic ghost poison.

Once you take the demonic ghost poison, you will be invaded by demonic energy, lose your reason, and follow the owner’s orders.

Those who were addicted to the magic spirit ghost poison could never move their inner energy unless they took the antidote periodically.

I don’t know how he still maintains his sanity, but as long as he’s addicted to the magic ghost poison, he won’t be able to use his inner energy. Then there was nothing to be afraid of.

“Looks like the rat that sneaked in here set you free. where is the guy If you answer me obediently, I will send you back to Koi’s cell.”



“He is not a rat. He is a snake yes a viper. A venomous snake that hides in the dark and seeks its breath.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? If you’re going to keep talking nonsense, it’s better for you to go into the cell yourself.”

“Hehe! How can I go back there, leaving you guys? I won’t leave this place until I slit all of you heads.”

“You guys are really crazy. What are you doing? Come on, don’t send that bastard back to his place.”


Two of his subordinates approached Sogyeoksan with an answer.

He was completely defenseless because he knew that Sogyeoksan was poisoned by the demonic ghost poison.

They grabbed Sogyeoksan’s arms from both sides.

At that moment, something unexpected happened.



Sogyeoksan stabbed the soldier in the eye while grabbing his right arm with two fingers.

The unmanned man whose eyeballs exploded let out a desperate scream.

The soldier who was trying to grab his left arm was startled and tried to pull his body back. However, Sogyeoksan moved much faster than that.


Sogyeoksan threw its body and bit off the warrior’s neck.

Everyone froze at the sight of Sogyeoksan, who was glaring at Sogyeoksan with his teeth on the warrior’s neck like a beast.

Sogyeoksan’s movements were never something that could be done by a person who had lost his inner strength.

“Turn it off!”

The person bitten by Sogyeoksan struggled, but to no avail.

He eventually died from being bitten by Sogyeoksan.


Lee Ho-gwan pulled out the window and said.

“Didn’t you lose your inner strength?”

“I lost it!”

Sogyeoksan answered by letting go of the warrior who had bitten his neck.

In his hand was the sword that was hanging from the warrior’s waist.

Ichigo’s face twisted.

“Did you lose it? So that means you’ve recovered now. how? It won’t be possible until we decipher the demonic ghost poison.”

“I had help from a little friend.”

Sogyeoksan shook his wrist.

There were two red dots on his wrist.

Ho-gwan Lee frowned, not knowing what that meant.


At that moment, Sogyeoksan Mountain disappeared into the darkness.

He used a technique of concealment and hid himself.

Ichigo shouted.

“Everyone be careful. He seems to have really recovered his inner strength.”

Lee Ho-gwan’s face was full of disbelief.

The number of antidote for the demon ghost poison was extremely small and was specially stored. Also, taking it did not immediately restore internal energy.

It takes at least a few days to recover enough to use internal energy. However, the opponent who disappeared in front of him seemed to have completely recovered his energy.

The unthinkable had happened to him.

It was then.


Suddenly, the scream of a subordinate holding a torch came from behind.

I quickly turned around and saw the figure of a subordinate grabbing his neck and collapsing. Behind him, Sogyeoksan stood with a sword dripping with blood.

Sogyeoksan rubbed his foot and extinguished the torch. Then, a terrible darkness engulfed his vision.

At that moment, Lee Ho-gwan was certain.

In other words, Sogyeoksan drove out the demonic ghost poison and completely restored his internal energy.

There was no time to find out how that was possible.

This is because Sogyeoksan Mountain has disappeared again.

An assassin who has recovered his inner strength.

A closed environment on all sides. And the thick darkness that engulfed the son-in-law.

A nightmare time was beginning for them.


Pyowol moved on.

Hong Yu-shin was following him.

Hong Yu-shin looked back and said.

“Will he really be enough on his own?”

“It’s what he wanted.”

“I may die.”

“Do you think a person who has lost everything will be afraid of death?”

“That’s it, but…”

“It’s his choice. It’s not something the third party should discuss.”

“All right.”

Hong Yushin shook his head.

It was the same with him who had a fiery vengeance toward the warriors of the Unfortunate Prison.

The only difference is that he is a little rational, and Sogyeoksan, who lost everything, has lost his cool.

If he had been in the same position as Sogyeoksan, he would certainly have acted the same way.

Suddenly, Hong Yu-shin’s eyes turned to Pyo-wol’s arm.

To be precise, he was looking at Guia, who was coiled around Pyowol’s forearm.

At first, I mistook it for a tattoo or a red string.

What a surprise I was when I found out that it was actually a small snake.

The red snake that had been freed from Pyowol’s arm bit into Sogyeoksan Mountain with its small mouth.

Surprisingly, the small snake inhaled the devil’s ghost poison. Just as if you insert a tube and suck in water, you accurately filter out only the demonic ghost venom and eat it.

Guia, who had eaten the poison for the first time in a long time, flicked her small, red tongue as if she was very satisfied.

The extreme poison created by human beings is just a delicious meal for the ghost.

Pyowol stroked Guia’s head with her fingers. Then Guia closed her eyes and enjoyed Pyowol’s touch.

Pyo-wol and Hong Yu-shin arrived in front of the iron gate at the innermost part of the cave.

It was a room located deeper than the one where Sogyeoksan was confined.

It meant that an important person was imprisoned.

It had to be.

In this room, the person in the box that Sogyeoksan moved from Yeonam was locked up.

Sogyeoksan knew his identity. However, he did not tell Pyo-Wol to check it himself.

As soon as he was caught in the prison of fire, the person who was in the box was trapped right here.


Pyowol opened the iron door.

Inside the iron gate, a man was sitting with his back against the wall.

His hair and beard had grown long, so he couldn’t see his true face, but his eyes were still alive and shining sharply.

The man could also feel the traces of taking the Demonic Spirit Haunting Poison. The unique fragrance is conveyed through his breath.

Even so, there was no sign of paralysis of reason or invasion of madness. It meant that he maintained his reason with strong mental power.

The man opened his mouth while looking at the moon.

“Who are you?”

“Pyowol! you are?”

“Yoo Soo-hwan. This is the disciple of Mu-geom-ryun Jeon Moo-ok and Dae-hyeop.”

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