Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 369

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 369

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Episode 369

That Extreme!

The pulley struggled and the huge basket slowly descended vertically to the cave floor.

Huang Yuqiu and his subordinates raised their heads and looked up.

Through the thick darkness where not a single light could be seen, a huge box appeared.

About twenty soldiers were riding in the box.

There is a capacity of 10 people, but it was exceeded.

The yellow fox furrowed his brow.

‘Crazy bastards! What if the string breaks?’

That line was the only way out of here.

If the line was broken, you had to wait recklessly for the line to drop again from above. Hwang Akchu had no choice but to react sensitively because he might have to stay here forever if he made a mistake.

However, Hwang Akchu tried to hide his expression.

It was clear that the visitors would not be of ordinary status if they were allowed inside.

This is because quite a few people are blocked from the entrance of Heavenly Illusion.

‘Who are you?’


Finally, the huge box landed on the floor. And twenty unmanned soldiers descended one after another.

At the head was a man wearing tattered clothes and with three spears stuck in his back. He was unusually barefoot with no shoes on.

The figure of such a man reminded me of a blood-thirsty blood.

Huang Yuqiu was shocked when he recognized the man’s identity.

“omg! Choo Hyol-rang (追血狼) Lee Ho-gwan? Why are you here?”

“Hwangakchu! Were you here?”

Lee Ho-gwan recognized Hwang Ak-chu and smiled.

Huang Akchu trembled slightly at his eerie smile.

Lee Ho-gwan was a talented person who was never inferior to Koo Ja-hwang, who was regarded as the jade of the unheard-of-jail.

If Gu Ja-hwang was famous for his fierce martial arts, Lee Ho-gwan was notorious for his three spears.

Lee Ho-gwan was a hunter.

It was notorious for hunting any target as long as it received gold.

All of his subordinates were masters of tracking and hunting. There was no one more adept at hunting humans than they were.

Lee Ho-gwan’s main field of activity was the outside world.

It’s not something you see here.

“How are you here? No, when did you come to Gangho?”

“You don’t seem to be happy to see me.”

“That’s not it…”

“Ha ha! I’m kidding. There’s nothing to be so nervous about.”

Lee Ho-gwan laughed and patted Hwang Ak-chu on the shoulder.


Every time Lee Ho-gwan’s palm hit his shoulder, he felt the impact of being hit with a sledgehammer.

“I guess my body has weakened since I haven’t seen the sunlight for a long time. Scream at that level.”


“I heard that the environment in the Prison of Fire is not good. In reality, it looks really bad. They put sinners in a place like this.”

“That’s right.”

“Then put interest on it.”

When Lee Ho-gwan nodded, the subordinates behind him dragged the man’s arms and came forward.


The man caught in the hands of his subordinates was unable to regain his senses and was breathing heavily.

“Who are you?”

“Gu Yuinma.”


Hwang Akchu unknowingly exclaimed.

Gu Yuyin Horse was a notorious horse in the south of Yunnan Province.

He had to learn special magic techniques and periodically replenish the woman’s yin energy. Because of this, he kidnapped women of the house and killed them mercilessly after satisfying his lust.

His evil deeds were revealed when he kidnapped and killed the youngest daughter of the Dan clan, one of the influential people in Yunnan.

The youngest daughter of the Dan clan was loved by everyone for her beautiful appearance and heart. Her disappearance spurred the Dan clan to discover that Gu Yuyinma had kidnapped her.

Enraged, the Dan clan pursued Gu Yuinma.

Sensing the danger, Gu Yuinma cunningly escaped and the Dan clan became like dogs chasing chickens. But they didn’t give up.

They put in a request with a huge bounty to the Munpa Nangin who are active outside the bird.

Numerous munpa and nangin rushed, but no one caught Gu Yu-eumma.

Gu Youyinma was excellent not only in martial arts but also in reverse magic, so she changed her appearance freely. He did not stop his evil deeds even as he made fun of his pursuers.

“Are you really saying that Lee is a manger? Why not kill him…”

“The Dan clan wanted it. Instead of an easy death, live as long as possible and inflict hellish pain. That’s why I brought you here.”


Hwang Akchu shook his head.

The reason for this was that it was understood that Lee Ho-gwan had personally traveled to this faraway place.

Moreover, Lee Ho-gwan and Koo Ja-hwang knew each other.

If Gu Ja-hwang had not come as Ok-ju, Lee Ho-gwan could have been Ok-ju instead.

“Where is Jahwang?”

“He is inside.”

“Guide me! Oh, put this guy in prison first.”

“All right.”

Hwang Akchu took over Guyueumma from the subordinates of Hogwan Lee.

The moment he took a closer look at Gu Yuinma’s face, Huang Akchu frowned. Because Molgol was so miserable.

The face was crushed beyond recognition of its original shape, and the muscle veins of the limbs were severed and rattled.

Worst of all was his lower body.

His belongings, which once raped numerous women, were mercilessly cut from the root. Because of that, the crotch of his pants was all stained with blood.


Hwang Akchu clicked his tongue.

Although the sins of Gu Yu-Yin-Ma can’t be forgiven, it is because the fact that the Ha-cho was cut off means that the man’s life was over.

He cut the root of his tongue and stopped the bleeding to prevent suicide.

Now, Gu Youyinma had to live here forever, with a fate worse than death.

Huang Yuqiu said to his subordinates.

“Put him in prison.”


The subordinates dragged the guyu eumma along with the answer.

Ho-gwan Lee, who was watching Gu Yu-eumma being dragged along like a piece of luggage, said to Hwang Ak-chu.

“Guide me to Gu Ja-hwang.”

“Follow me.”

Hwang Akchu led Lee Ho-gwan and his subordinates to an underground joint where military tents were located.

Lee Ho-gwan looked around the interior and blew a whistle.

“Whee! That’s great. It’s a prison in a place like this. It’s beyond imagination.”

“I was also very surprised when I first came here.”

“Infernal prison? Well done. If you are trapped in a place like this, it will be impossible to see the outside world again.”

“Because there is only one entrance. If you shut it off, no one can get out.”

“Hmm! Should I quit being a hunter and come here? I think it’ll be pretty fun. Are there any female sinners?”

“There was.”

“there was? It sounds like there isn’t now.”

“Will the woman stay? Sodomy among men often happens.”

“Well… if a woman enters a place like this, she won’t be left behind.”

Hogwan Lee agreed.

Many men were confined in this isolated environment. All the more, they were all hot-blooded warriors. Whatever happened, it wasn’t strange at all.

Lee Ho-gwan smiled and moved on.

When I arrived in front of the tent, I saw a man of great build standing. Seeing the man reminiscent of a huge steel tower, Lee Ho-gwan’s face hardened.

“Ku Ja-Hwang!”

“Somehow the entrance was noisy, so you came and did it.”

“Hehe! Still, I came all the way here, but I have to go and see what it looks like inside.”

“Why are you interested in this place?”

“I did, but I changed my mind. I like where the girl is.”

“Because she showed off her female color like that, martial arts became stagnant.”


“is not it?”

“Don’t just say that it’s a pierced mouth, Gu Ja-Hwang!”

“why? See if you get stabbed?”

“I was pushed out of active duty and only kept my mouth shut on the subject of being kept in prison.”


The air around the area shook terribly at the confrontation between the two.

Even when Gu Ja-hwang was active outside the circle, they were enemies. Although they acknowledge each other’s powerlessness, it is because their values are so different.

Koo Ja-hwang tended to carry out any mission without saying anything, while Lee Ho-gwan did only what suited his taste.

Because of that, we quarreled a lot when we worked together.

Of course, they didn’t aim for each other’s lives.

It was Lee Ho-gwan who gained momentum first.

“Your dirty temper remains the same.”

Gu Jiahuang also calmed down at his grumbling.


Only then did Huang Akchu let out a sigh of relief.

I didn’t think they would really fight, but seeing the fierce confrontation made my heart tighten.

Gu Ja-hwang asked.

“When are you going?”

“Wouldn’t you rather just leave?”


“what? really?”

“The longer the guys from outside stay, the more the troops get agitated.”

“You’re still twisted.”

Hogwan Lee grumbled. However, his expression softened more than before. It is because I understood Koo Ja-hwang’s words.

Those who keep the Bulhoe-jak are strictly restricted from outside access to maintain secrecy. If people from the outside contacted those who lived in such a closed environment, there was a high probability that they would be in vain.

Personally, I don’t like it, but I understand.

“good! Then just watch for a while and leave. Is that even possible?”

“If you’re just watching.”

After Gu Ja-hwang’s permission was granted, Lee Ho-gwan began to look around every corner of the underground cavity.

Gu Ja-hwang and Hwang Ak-chu watched with disapproval as Lee Ho-gwan ran around at will.

“I never thought I would see that hound again.”

“I’m glad you’ll be there soon.”

It was then.

“Hey hey!”

Suddenly, Ho-gwan Lee looked at them and gestured.

Gu Ja Huang frowned and murmured.

“What tricks are you doing again?”

“Shouldn’t you go and have a look?”


At Huang Yuqiu’s words, Gu Ja-hwang moved on.

They have different personalities, so when they meet, they growl like enemies, but they knew that he was not a person to be fooled by.

I wasn’t thrilled, but I approached the place where Lee Ho-gwan was.

That was where Donghyeol, who had imprisoned Hong Yushin, was located.

Hogwan Lee was standing in front of a large iron gate.

“Why did you call me?”

“It’s strange here, is it like that?”

“What do you mean?”

“This lock. There are signs of being forced open.”


In an instant, Gu Ja-hwang felt the blood in his whole body go cold.

It reminded me of a moment when I felt uneasy a little while ago.

He hurriedly checked the lock Hogwan Lee had pointed to.

There was a scratch mark on the part where the key was actually inserted.

It was a sign that hadn’t been there until yesterday.

Gu Jahuang vomited the Lion’s Roar.

“It’s an intruder.”

At that moment, soldiers rushed out from within the tent.

Gu Ja Huang told them.

“From now on, we will form a group and conduct a thorough search inside.”

“Honorable name!”

The unmanned people scattered with the answer.

There were no questions or doubts.

It meant that he trusted Gu Ja-hwang.


Gu Ja-hwang twisted the lock. Then, the lock the size of an adult’s torso broke like a can of millet.

The two of them moved into the cave.

We soon arrived in front of the room where Hong Yu-shin was locked up.

When they opened the iron door, an empty space greeted them.


When the speculation turned out to be true, Jahuang Gu gnashed his teeth.

Hogwan Lee asked.

“Can anyone guess?”


“You mean you sneaked into a place like this? He’s no ordinary guy.”

“Even if you do, you’re just a rat in a dock. There’s no way he’ll ever get out of here.”

“hmm! Can I help you?”

Gu Ja-hwang looked at Lee Ho-gwan at the unexpected words.

Lee Ho-gwan’s expression, which was only playful, turned serious.

Although they always quarrel like rivals, Gu Ja-hwang knew best how great Lee Ho-gwan was.


“good! It’s been a while since we’ll be able to have fun hunting. You guys should guard the outside so he doesn’t escape.”

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