Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 368

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 368

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Episode 368

Pyo-wol touched his shoulder and moved on.

The clothes were fine, but the muscles inside had dark bruises. If it was just a little too late to avoid it, not only the clothes but also the flesh would have fallen off in clumps.

The gaze Ku Ja-hwang felt was not an illusion.

Pyowol hid behind the tent and watched him.

The strong momentum exuded by Gu Ja-hwang stimulated him. Because of that, he unknowingly gave strength to his eyes, and Gu Ja-hwang did not miss the subtle change and sensed it.

It was like a beast.

It was clear that Pyowol would have been discovered if it had been a little too late for him to leave the military camp.

Pyo-wol came out and thought to a place that Gu Ja-hwang could not reach.

‘This place is a prison.’

It was not known exactly when the prison had existed here.

Even Hao Mun, who is said to have the best information power in the river, did not know about this place.

It means that it was strictly kept secret.

No matter how long ago people stopped visiting, it was impossible to keep such a thorough secret without the protection of a huge power.

The question was what kind of giant power would protect this place.

Pyo-wol realized that the problem was much more complicated than he thought.

It gave me goosebumps that most of the warriors didn’t know about this, even though such filthy things were being done behind the peaceful river.

It was clear that Hong Yu-shin was trapped somewhere here.

First of all, finding Hong Yu-shin was an urgent priority.

Pyowol looked around with sharp eyes.

In addition to the area along the Hwangakchu earlier, there were numerous caverns. Most of them were made naturally, and there were long stalactites hanging down.

Like the cavity where Pyowol was confined in the past, it was clear that this place was also converted into a prison using the naturally created topography.

Pyowol’s gaze turned to the cave on the other side of where Sogyeoksan was trapped. It was also blocked by an iron gate.

Pyowol approached through the iron gate.

There was a large padlock on the iron door.

A lock the size of an adult’s torso could never be opened without a special key. Because of that, it was clear that the soldiers guarding this place had left their seats empty without setting up a separate guard.

Pyowol touched the lock with his hand for a while and then took out the ghost rain.

I put the ghost rain into the lock hole and moved it gently. It is to use the ghost fee as a key substitute.

A lock like this might be able to block the invasion of other unmanned soldiers, but it was impossible to stop an assassin who had reached the state like Pyowol.

Even those who first built a prison here would have never imagined that an assassin who had reached the same level as Pyowol would invade.


Pyo-wol picked the lock without difficulty and went inside.

Inside the cave, it was as dark as pitch black.

It was an environment where it was not easy to even move a single step without a torch, but Pyowol moved forward without hesitation.

Pyowol was very accustomed to this environment.

Not only could he grasp geographical features through the sound of blowing wind, moisture, etc., but he also had eyes that could see through the darkness.

To him, this level of darkness was no obstacle.


At that time, a strong echo from somewhere reached Pyowol’s ears through the air.

Pyowol moved to the place where the echo was heard.

thud! cooong!

The ringing grew stronger.

Pyowol thought that the echo contained resentment.

Finally, Pyowol arrived in front of the small iron gate.

It was an iron gate the same size as the one where Sogyeoksan was locked up.


Pyowol opened the small window above the iron door.

Suddenly, a pair of ghastly glowing eyes appeared in front of the window.

“Hong… Yushin!”

It was Hong Yu-sin, the superintendent of Hao-mun’s superintendent, who seemed to have revealed his naturalization to his eyes.

He had a torn forehead and was bleeding profusely.

Hong Yu-shin’s mouth twisted.

“who are you? Are you here to convince me? No matter how you try, it’s useless. I will never side with you guys.”


At that moment, Pyowol’s face returned to normal.

Hong Yushin widened his eyes.

“Pyo… month?”

“I was trapped here.”

“How are you? No, more than that, is the real ticket deal correct?”

“that’s right!”

“oh my god!”

Pyowol’s reply made Hong Yushin’s legs loosen.

There could be no other person besides Pyowol with a white and enchanting face that stood out even in the dark.

“How did you find me?”

“Hao Wenju commissioned it.”

“request? You want to find me?”



Hong Yu-shin slumped to the floor.

He was silent for a while.

Pyowol silently watched Hong Yushin.

Hong Yu-shin was staring blankly at the iron gate with eyes and facial expressions of mixed feelings.

The events of the past flashed through his mind like a kaleidoscope.

The fact that he came all the way here by tracking down the Cheonhwa Miscellaneous Troupe of Sogyeoksan Mountain. Then, the unmanned soldiers guarding this place were ambushed and captured.

There was no time to resist.

They were very skilled.

Like a tiger snatching its prey in an instant, it ambush him and subdue him. And I tried to conciliate him by imprisoning him here.


“I thought it was worth using. You can get important information easily if you ask Haomun for inspection.”

“Looking at the people imprisoned elsewhere, it seems like they’re trying to brainwash them with abstinence drugs.”

“They’re simply trying to use it as a tool. Because the tools don’t have to think.”

Pyowol nodded.

It was because Hong Yu-shin’s words made sense.

Sogyeoksan was a skilled assassin.

Even without reason, it was enough to be used as a tool. But Hong Yu-shin was different.

If a person with access to important information is brainwashed with drugs, the vote will surely fly. So, it was clear that they were locked up separately so that they could cooperate voluntarily.

Pyowol asked.

“Can you move?”

“It’s hard, but you can move.”

Hong Yushin gritted his teeth and replied.

Even if you can’t move, you have to move.

He continued to train his stamina while eating the porridge given once a day. It is because we know that when the body is weak, the mental power is even weaker.

Thanks to that, he was still able to endure without falling over to them.

Hong Yu-shin struggled to stand up.

Pyo-wol cut off the lock with his inner strength on the ghost monument.


When the door opened, Hong Yu-shin staggered out.

An emotional expression appeared on his face.

It was the first time he had been set free after four months in captivity. But it was still too early to be relieved.

It was because he had barely escaped the small room and hadn’t escaped from prison.

Pyowol said.

“Follow me.”

“Are you escaping right away?”

“no! There is someone I need to go out with.”



“Is he also imprisoned here?”

“Weren’t you tracking him down?”

“Yes, but. I was caught first, so I don’t know what happened after that. Whoa!”

Hong Yu-shin sighed for a moment as if he was having a hard time.

Pyowol didn’t ask any more because he wasn’t in good shape for a long conversation.

The important thing now is to get Hong Yushin and Sogyeoksan out of this place.

Pyo-wol went out with Hong Yu-shin.

In order to go to the area where Sogyeoksan Mountain is located, we had to go through an underground cavity. Pyowol had no choice but to be especially careful because there were unmanned people in the underground cavity managing this place.

If you are alone, you can avoid their gaze as much as you like, but it was not easy to hide even Hong Yu-shin. Because of that, Pyowol’s nerves were on edge. However, many unmanned people escaped from the underground cavity without worrying.

Thanks to this, Pyowol was able to enter the area where Sogyeoksan was confined much more easily.

Hong Yu-shin’s face contorted as he made his way to the area where Sogyeoksan was confined.

It was also the first time he had entered this area.

I thought many other people besides myself would be locked up, but seeing it in person felt different.

Hong Yu-shin felt disgust at the groaning and disgusting smell of people who were confined in a small space like animals.


He just kept his mouth shut and suppressed the nausea.

After going inside for a while, a large iron door appeared again.

Pyowol opened the iron door without difficulty. Then, the area where Sogyeoksan was confined appeared.

Pyowol opened the window of the room where Sogyeoksan was confined. Then, the two eyes of Sogyeoksan, where naturalized flowers were burning, were immediately visible.

Even after Pyo-wol left, he was still standing there staring at the window.

I don’t even know when the moon will return.

Sogyeoksan opened his mouth.

“Pyo…Mon! It was you too.”

His voice was very muddy and lifeless because he took the magic ghost poison.

“What happened?”

“I got hit.”


“okay! Received a commission. It was a request to escort someone here. It was embarrassing, but he trusted me. I was confident that I would be able to protect me and the miscellaneous troupe under any circumstances. But it was a mistake.”

“Have you been betrayed?”

“okay! Hehe! I was thoroughly betrayed.”

Sogyeoksan chuckled and laughed.

Every time he laughed, vicious venom and blood flowed out.

“The client asked me to bring a certain person here. To the impregnable prison.”

“Infernal prison?”

“Did you not know? Well, maybe you don’t know. It’s such a secret name.”

It was then.

“Was this place an impregnable prison?”

It was Hong Yu-shin who suddenly opened his mouth.

“Hehe! Then where did you think it was? Where else can there be such a hellish confinement prison other than the infernal prison?”

“I see! It was.”

Hong Yu-shin had also heard the name Bulhoeok.

It was because it was also captured by Haomun’s intelligence network. However, I only heard the name, but the reality was not captured anywhere as if it was enveloped in fog. So, Hong Yu-shin suspected that it was a false rumor that someone had intentionally spread.

After being trapped here while chasing Sogyeoksan Mountain, I thought that it might be an impregnable jade. But it was just a guess, I wasn’t sure.

Even at that moment, Sogyeoksan continued to speak.

“He wanted to thoroughly hide his secret.”


“It is the client. He didn’t want the commission he had done to be known to the world. That’s why even I, who carried out his request, was captured here.”

Sogyeoksan gnashed his teeth.

The client asked him to take a certain person to the Hell of Fire. It was not difficult for Sogyeoksan to bring him to this place.

This is because the Cheonhwa Miscellaneous Theater Company was the best means of transportation.

The problem popped up when we got here.

“The moment the client handed over the person he asked to be transported, they even attacked us. except me… Everyone is dead.”

As Sogyeoksan’s shoulders trembled, the young naturalization in his eyes deepened.

For Sogyeoksan, Cheonhwa Miscellaneous Theater was not simply a means for a hobby.

It was the goal of life and the only way to make him human.

The reason why he did not walk the path of an assassin in earnest after leaving the underground cavity was because of the Cheonhwa Miscellaneous Theater Company.

The Cheonhwa Miscellaneous Theater Company was everything to him.

Such a Cheonhwa Miscellaneous Theater collapsed.

Lee Ok-ran, the woman who loved him, also died at that time.

A foolish woman who looked only at herself even as she was dying.

Why did he look at a hunchback like himself with such longing eyes?

At the last moment, her eyes were still embedded in his chest like a stigma.

“The moon!”


“Take me out. If you let me get my martial arts back… if you allow me to take revenge, I will live the rest of my life for you.”


“I swear to be loyal to you. Even this soul…so have a handful of mercy on me.”

“Do you want revenge?”

“From now on, I will return to the Assassin Sogyeok Mountain.”

That was a sufficient answer.

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