Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 341

Light Novel: Volume 14 Episode 16

Manhwa: N/A

Bok Hojin noticed the change in Zhao Yiguang’s expression.

“Could this be something related to you?”

“Why makes you say that?”

“Because the missing younger sister seems to match your preferences…”


“I see…”

Bok Hojin sighed.

A few people close to Zhao Yiguang were well aware of his eccentric and perverted tendencies. Being one of his closest friend, Bok Hojin knew this better than anyone else.

When he heard about the craftsman apprentice’s story, Zhang Yiguang was the first person that came to Bok Hojin’s mind.

Bok Hojin didn’t particularly have a problem with Zhang Yiguang’s sexual preferences.

Zhang Yiguang was qualified to enjoy himself, and he had the ability to cover up any issues that arose with his actions.

Heroes were naturally horny and lustful beings, and among the renowned heroes, it was rare to find one who wasn’t.

“Where is the craftsman apprentice?”

“If I knew, I would not have come here empty-handed. I would have captured him and detained him instead.”

“We should deal with him first.”

“Certainly, if we don’t want to have any more disturbances.”

“Tsk! Of all times, for a craftsman apprentice to cause trouble like this…”

A spark of anger flickered in Zhang Yiguang’s eyes.

As if dealing with Pyo-wol wasn’t enough to give him a headache, the fact that a lowly craftsman apprentice was bothering him made him angry.

Zhang Yiguang spoke to Bok Hojin.

“Mobilize the Changjiang Fortress to find him.”

“Do you have any idea where he could be hiding?”

“Where else could he be hiding? He’s most likely on one of the islands in Lake Tai.”

“An island?”

“There’s no way a person burning with revenge would have fled outside of Lake Tai. If that’s the case, then is there the any other place where he could hide, away from the prying eyes and scrutiny of others, besides an island?”

“That makes sense.”

“He’s probably hiding on one of the islands in Lake Tai. If it’s the Changjiang Fortress, it shouldn’t be difficult to find him.”

“Understood. I’ll take care of this matter.”

“Once you find him, deal with him quietly. I don’t want to waste any more energy on such a trivial person.”n-/0𝑣𝓔𝑳𝔟In


After a few moments when Bok Hojin nodded,

“Young master!”

The manager in charge of the Bluefield Estate rushed over.

“What’s the matter?”

“You have a guest.”

“A guest?”

“Master Zhao Jakyung has arrived.”


Zhang Yiguang involuntarily took a sharp breath, for the name the manager mentioned carried great weight.

Zhao Jakyung, the Spear King.1

A martial artist who was said to have reached the pinnacle with a single spear.

Titles like Sword King, Saber King, and Spear King usually appear once every generation or every other generation.

They are like inherited titles given to warriors who are the best at wielding swords, sabers, or spears.

The very fact that Zhao Jakyung was given such a title indicated how exceptional he was in terms of spear techniques.

What’s even more remarkable is that he is one of the Eight Constellations.

The Seventh Constellation.

Being the Seventh Constellation does not mean that his strength is ranked seventh. Rather, the general assessment was that even his mere martial prowess alone was enough to put him in the upper echelons.

Zhang Yiguang and Bok Hojin hurriedly went outside.

There, they encountered an elderly martial artist with a grown beard. The old man, carrying a spear that was divided into two pieces on his back, was none other than Zhao Jakyung, the Spear King.

Although his age had caused his beard to turn white, his presence and gaze were no less youthful than those of young warriors.

Just looking at him made it difficult for Zhao Yiguang and Bok Hojin to breathe. That’s how immense the momentum radiating from Zhao Jakyung was.

The two of them quickly bowed and cupped their fists.

“Your grandson, Zhao Yiguang, pays respect to Grandfather.”

“Bok Hojin of the Changjiang Fortress greets the Spear King.”

In response to their greetings, Zhao Jakyung opened his mouth,

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, Yiguang. I’ve also heard stories about an exceptional talent in the Changjiang Fortress, that must be you.”


“It’s an honor to meet you like this.”

Bok Hojin looked flustered, as if he didn’t know what to do.

It was his first time seeing Zhao Jakyung.

Even if Bok Hojin was a recognized exceptional talent in Jiangsu Province, he still wouldn’t dare to compare himself to Zhao Jakyung.

Zhao Jakyung was one of the brightest stars in all of Jianghu. Even if Bok Seong-wan, Bok Hojin’s father, were to come and meet him, he would have to bow his head.

Meanwhile, Zhao Yiguang looked at Zhao Jakyung with an anxious gaze.

‘Why did this old man suddenly come? What does he know?’

Zhao Jakyung was a distant relative of the Nanjing family. He was part of the branch that separated during Zhao Yiguang’s great-grandfather’s generation.

Because they had split several generations ago, there was hardly any interaction or occasions where they would inquire about each other’s well-being.

Zhao Yiguang had only met Zhao Jakyung once, ten years ago. As a result, he had no particular feelings toward Zhao Jakyung. Instead, he was scared of Zhao Jakyung’s stern and upright demeanor.

Zhao Jakyung had a firm and unyielding personality, refusing to tolerate injustice.

Even if he was dealing with someone sharing the same Zhao family surname and were distant relatives, as long as that someone went out of line, Zhao Jakyung would never forgive them.

Because of this, even people who bore the Zhao family surname feared Zhao Jakyung and hesitated in getting close to him.

Zhao Yiguang asked cautiously,

“What brings you here, Grandfather?”

“Aren’t you happy to see me?”

“How could I not be pleased to see my esteemed grandfather? However, I must say it’s unexpected to meet you here.”

“Hmph! Your tongue is still a little slippery.”

“I apologize.”

“I have come here because the heavens are uneasy.”

“Pardon? Heavens?”

“Yes! The energy here is unusually turbulent and restless. That’s why I came to see it with my own eyes. Since the Nanjing sect’s villa is here, I would appreciate it if I could stay for a few days. Is that alright?”

“Of course. It would be an honor for me if you stay here, Grandfather.”

“Then show me to my room. I want to rest a little after the journey.”

“Okay, please come inside.”

Zhao Yiguang guided Zhao Jakyung to the quietest place in the Bluefield Estate.

Zhao Yiguang arranged Zhao Jakyung’s residence in the detached building furthest away from his own residence

“You can stay here. I’ll have the servants prepare a bath for you.”


Zhao Jakyung nodded in approval.

The detached building, surrounded by high walls in all four corners, was just what Zhao Jakyung liked. The simple and unpretentious landscape made him feel at ease.

“I want to be alone now. Leave.”

“Yes, Grandfather. Please rest comfortably.”

Bowing his head, Zhao Yiguang retreated.

As soon as he was alone, Zhao Jakyung’s gaze turned cold.

“Hmph! His sinister gaze is still the same.”

When Zhao Jakyung looked at Zhao Yiguang’s eyes earlier, there was a sense of wariness.

Ten years ago, when Zhao Yiguang was still a boy, he already possessed such eyes. The moment Zhao Jakyung saw it, his grandson’s gaze was deeply etched in his memory. That’s why Zhao Jakyung had an uneasy feeling about Zhao Yiguang.

Among those who possess such a gaze, there were hardly any individuals who possessed a sound mind.

If it weren’t for the fact that Zhao Yiguang was a distant relative, Zhao Jakyung would never have let him be.

“If I had the time, I would have properly educated that brat. It’s a pity that I don’t have that luxury.”

Nonetheless, it was no lie that Zhao Jakyung had felt the unstable energies of the heavens.

Just as he was passing by this area, he suddenly sensed an unusual energy, which consequently compelled him to come to Lake Tai.

“Who is it? Who is the one causing a disturbance?”

* * *

Pyo-wol was lying down with a pillow under his head. Zhao Yuseol, with her hands propping her chin, leaned over Pyo-wol’s chest.

Her white naked body was on full display, but when Pyo-wol looked at her, she just smiled at him without any hint of embarrassment.

“Tell me.”


“Besides me, how many others have you met? Three, four, or more?”

“I don’t know.”

“You flirt.”

Zhao Yuseol pushed herself up with a pouting expression, but her expression didn’t show genuine displeasure.

They live in a world where polygamy was acceptable.

A capable man could have multiple women without being condemned. On the contrary, it was a world where those who had many women were admired.

Furthermore, for a man like Pyo-wol, who possessed such outstanding appearance and martial arts prowess, there was no way that women would leave him alone.

Zhao Yuseol began putting on her clothes one by one.

Pyo-wol still lying on the bed, silently watched as splendid garments adorned Zhao Yuseol’s snow-white body one by one.

After she finished putting on all her clothes, Zhao Yuseol returned to her aloof and composed demeanor.

It was hard to imagine that she had been so passionately spirited just a moment ago with her current demeanor.

Being fully dressed, she sat down on a chair and looked at Pyo-wol.

Only then did Pyo-wol also get up and start getting dressed.

Even though she had seen all of his naked body while they were making love, Zhao Yuseol still blushed. She realized for the first time today that she had such passion in her.


Zhao Yuseol fanned herself with her hand, cooling down her flushed face.

Meanwhile, Pyo-wol had finally put on all his clothes and sat across from her.

“Now, tell me. What’s the problem with your younger brother?”

“Well, ever since he was young, Yiguang had always had a very fierce and persistent temper. He had an insatiable desire for what he wanted and was willing to destroy what he couldn’t have. In many ways, he was different from ordinary people. Especially when it comes to his sexual preferences…”

Zhao Yuseol trailed off for a moment.

Even though he was her younger brother, it was embarrassing to mention a man’s sexual preferences. But she quickly composed herself and continued speaking calmly.

“He likes young girls. I don’t know why, but it’s true that he’s obsessed with them. There have been several incidents that suggest his involvement. Most of them left traces of horrific torture. But without evidence, it just becomes rumors.”

Pyo-wols expression sank for a moment.

He remembered something that had happened not long ago.

‘Do Yeonsan’s sister was also murdered recently.’

Do Yeonsan’s sister had shown signs of terrible torture. It was so gruesome that someone with a faint heart would feel nauseous just looking at it.

A person in their right mind would never have injured or mutilated a body like that.

But Zhao Yuseol’s words continued,

“The problem is that my father knows that side of him to a certain extent.”

“And yet he just lets it happen?”

“Our household is not governed by common sense. Father believes that only the son can lead the family, so no matter what problems arises with my brother’s actions, he is only passive in resolving the issue. He’s actually more concerned about covering it up, not realizing that it’s making the problem worse.”

Zhao Yuseol’s voice contained a hint of anger.

It had been quite some time since her father had learned of Zhao Yiguang’s problems. Well, it’s possible that he may have known about it longer than she did, and yet, for years, he had done nothing and let Zhao Yiguang to his own devices.

Zhao Yuseol couldn’t forgive her inept father and cruel brother.

“I can no longer stand by and watch our family become ruined because of an incompetent father and a ruthless son. I think it would be better for Jianghu if I became the head of the Zhao family.”

“Is that really the only reason you want to be the head of the Zhao family?”

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t seem so pure-hearted, that’s all.”

“Ho-ho! What an amusing thing to hear. Can a pure-hearted and innocent person survive in Jianghu? People all live for their own desires. I am no different. Even though I was born a woman, I want to reign at the top of Jianghu. Becoming the head of the Zhao family is just part of that plan.”

“Do you dream of becoming an empress?”

“Why not?”

Zhao Yuseol looked straight at Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol had sensed it the first time he’d seen her. The immense ambition in her eyes.

Even Pyo-wol himself might be nothing more than a mere tool to be used for Zhao Yuseol.

“I matured early. To survive in that hellish place, I had to mature early. And as I matured, I prepared. I prepared and prepared while constantly evading their eyes. Sure, I may be overshadowed by Yiguang for now, but sooner or later, the tide will turn. And with your help, the time it will take will be much shorter.”

“Do you want to kill Yiguang?”

“Desperately. If you kill him for me, you can enjoy everything I possess as well. It’s not a bad offer for you either.”

Zhao Yuseol’s offer was enticing enough for any man to be tempted. She knew how beautiful and charming she was. However, she couldn’t guarantee that her charm would sway Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol’s gaze was so cold that it was hard to believe they had shared an intimate moment just a few minutes ago.

With fervent longing, Zhao Yuseol expressed her earnest desire,

“Make me an empress. And be my man. Then you will be the man of the empress.”

SoundlessWind21’s notes:

Thank you for reading!

Spear King. Raws: 창왕(槍王). 槍 qiāng – gun / firearm / rifle / spear / thing with shape or function similar to a gun 王 wàng – king or monarch / best or strongest of its type / grand / great

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