Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 337

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 337

Light Novel: Volume 14 Episode 12

Manhwa: N/A


It had been raining heavily since morning.

The rain created countless ripples on the water’s surface.

Normally there would have been fishing boats out early in the morning to catch fish but not a single boat was in sight.

It was better to take the day off altogether considering the possibility of the boat overturning by foolishly working on a day like this.

As a result the taverns and pubs along the shore of Lake Tai were filled with people sharing the day. Since they can’t fish they decided to drink to pass the time.

Thankfully since Lake Tai’s First Pavilion the inn where Pyo-wol was staying was a bit expensive it was relatively less crowded as compared to the shabby taverns that were bustling with people shouting in joy.

Pyo-wol had his arms crossed as he stared out the window.

Because of the torrential rain even the islands that were usually visible appeared obscured.

He had been standing in the said position since dawn.

He hadn’t moved a single inch since then.

It was because of the ominous feeling he had felt last night.

That strange sensation as if a meteor was falling down made Pyo-wol’s skin crawl.

Pyo-wol wasn’t the kind of person to be easily afraid or intimidated yet the energy he had felt last night was foreign and ominous enough to disturb him.

He tried to find the source of the ominous feeling he had felt last night but the torrential rain pouring down was interfering with his senses.

Pyo-wol sighed and uncrossed his arms.

It felt unnecessary to exhaust his mental energy any further.

Pyo-wol descended to the first-floor restaurant.

“You’ve come down.”

The inn servant greeted him with a happy face.

“Please bring me some food.”

“Sure! Just take a seat and wait and I’ll bring it to you.”


Pyo-wol nodded and took a seat at an empty table.

As he appeared many people stole glances at him.

The fact that Pyo-wol was staying at Lake Tai’s First Pavilion was already widely known. That’s why there were quite a few people who deliberately came to the said inn specifically to catch a glimpse of Pyo-wol’s face.

“That guy is the Reaper? He’s so handsome though?”

“Don’t be deceived by his appearance. Rumor has it that those who are deceived by that face meet a miserable demise.”

“He’s really handsome. Look at the women they’re completely enchanted.”

Indeed there were many women in the inn and they were all staring at Pyo-wol’s face with flushed expressions.

It was then.


The door of the inn opened and a man who appeared to be in his late forties walked in.

His piercing eyes and tightly pressed lips gave him a sharp and imposing appearance.

Dozens of martial artists followed him inside the inn.

The guests watched the man’s every move with bated breath.

After briefly surveying the surroundings the man walked straight toward the seat where Pyo-wol was sitting.

He approached Pyo-wol and said

“I’m Ji Gunseong the leader of the Shadowless Order in Kunshan. I’ve come here hoping to speak with you Master Pyo. I hope you will allow me to join you.”

Pyo-wol lifted his head and looked at Ji Gunseong

“Shadowless Order?”

“You probably don’t know about it. It’s not well known.”

“Why did someone from the Shadowless Order come looking for me?”

“May I sit down and explain?”

“Take a seat.”

“Thank you.”

Ji Gunseong sat down across from Pyo-wol.

He stared at Pyo-wol’s face for quite some time.

“You are really handsome. When I heard the rumors I thought they were exaggerated but even the rumors couldn’t do justice to your appearance.”

“If you’ve come here to speak nonsense then leave.”

“Oh I apologize.”

“So what did you come here for?”

“Actually I’ve come to request assistance from Master Pyo and also to make a proposal.”

Pyo-wol stared intently at Ji Gunseong In response Ji Gunseong hurriedly continued

“The truth is the Shadowless Order is not a legitimate faction or sect. We are just a group of people who have suffered at the hands of the Cheolsan manor the Sword Blossom Pavilion and the Nanjing sect.”


“We heard the news that it was Master Pyo who had taken down the Sword Blossom Pavilion. It was sweet news to us like the long-awaited rain after a drought. Thanks to Master Pyo the grudges of the people who were victimized by the Sword Pavilion have been resolved. And recently didn’t you also destroy the Cheolsan manor?”

“Cheolsan manor?”

“Who else could have destroyed the Cheolsan manor in such a short time if it wasn’t Master Pyo? We already know everything. So there’s no need to deny it.”


“We the Shadowless Order truly admire the actions of Master Pyo. We also offer our strong support.”


“I believe that someone like Master Pyo should lead the Jiangsu Jianghu. You have already proven your martial prowess and your character is also excellent so I believe that you are more than qualified to become the leader of this region.”

“So what do you want to say?”

“We now just want you to take down the Nanjing sect and Changjiang Fortress. Once you do then we the Shadowless Order will dedicate everything to make Master Pyo the leader of Jiangsu Province.”


Ji Gunseong suddenly stood up and slammed his head on the floor.

Blood flowed from his torned forehead but Ji Gunseong didn’t flinch.

Everyone’s attention was focused on Ji Gunseong’s sudden action. However Ji Gunseong paid no attention to them and kept his head down waiting only for Pyo-wol’s response.

He believed Pyo-wol would accept his proposal.

After all a martial artist could not be without ambition.

Especially for a strong martial artist like Pyo-wol.

History had proven such a thing numerous times.

The stronger the martial artist the greater their desire to accomplish great things.

The Shadowless Order just as Ji Gunseong said was a group of people who had been victimized by the existing powers like the Nanjing sect.

Their intention was to protect their rights and interests against those in power and to take revenge. However over time their initial intentions faded and now they also wanted to take control of Jiangsu Province. But the existing powers were just too formidable that they didn’t dare to take action.

Then news about Pyo-wol reached them.

As soon as he heard the story that the Sword Blossom Pavilion had fallen at the hands of Pyo-wol Ji Gunseong realized that the opportunity he had long been waiting for had arrived.

‘If we place him at the forefront we can obtain dominance over Jiangsu Province. With such a powerful martial artist who would dare to oppose us?’

After Ji Gunseong discussed this idea with the rest of his members they soon decided to appoint Pyo-wol as the new leader of the Shadowless Order.

Ji Gunseong thought that the title of leader didn’t matter much. After all he believed that he would continue to hold the real power.

His ultimate goal was to make Pyo-wol a figurehead of the Shadowless Order while he controlled everything behind the scenes.

With Pyo-wol’s demonstrated martial prowess so far it shouldn’t be difficult to seize control over Jiangsu Province.

“We will do everything in our power to support you so please lead us.”

“Lead the way Master Pyo-wol!”

At that moment the members of the Shadowless Order who came with Ji Gunseong all bowed and shouted in unison.

Their overwhelming enthusiasm and momentum surprised the guests in the inn causing them to swallow their dried saliva.

They watched Pyo-wol and the members of the Shadowless Order with bated breath.

‘If Pyo-wol accepts their proposal the Shadowless Order will seize dominance over Jiangsu Province.’

‘Insane! Pyo-wol becoming the leader of the Shadowless Order?’

Just the thought of it was dizzying.

Ji Gunseong cried out once more.

“Please lead us to the right path Master Pyo-wol!”

“Please lead us to the right path!”

“We will follow you faithfully!”

The voices of the members echoed loudly in the inn.

People thought that Pyo-wol would naturally accept their proposal. After all the offer from the Shadowless Order was tempting.

Given that the Shadowless Order was formed by those who had suffered at the hands of existing powers they also had sufficient justification.

The faces of the Shadowless Order members who looked at Pyo-wol were filled with intense desire. Their gazes were so intense that anyone could not help but feel overwhelmed. However Pyo-wol’s expression as he met their gazes showed no wavering.

He just stared at Ji Gunseong intently without saying a word.

Instead Ji Gunseong felt a strong sense of pressure from him.

Pyo-wol’s emotionless gaze seemed to pierce through his heart.

‘He’s not even shaken by this?’

Ji Gunseong gritted his teeth.

The usual disadvantage of being a young martial artist was that they were easily carried away.

With just a little support from their surroundings they would often be swayed by the atmosphere and thus not make sound judgments. That was exactly what Ji Gunseong had hoped to do to make Pyo-wol get carried away. However the moment he saw Pyo-wol’s gaze he realized that his thoughts were wrong.

Pyo-wol’s eyes were by no means the eyes of a young martial artist.

Even the seasoned warriors who had experienced countless battles in Jianghu would find it difficult to completely hide their emotions.

Ji Gunseong found it impossible to read Pyo-wol’s thoughts or emotions just by looking in to his eyes alone. On the contrary the more Ji Gunseong looked into Pyo-wol’s eyes the more it felt like his own inner thoughts were the one being thoroughly exposed.

His face turned bright red with embarrassment.

‘Say something anything quickly!’

He anxiously waited for Pyo-wol to speak.

Understanding the other person’s intentions and responding required them to open their mouth. However no matter how long he waited Pyo-wol remained silent.

In the end Ji Gunseong spoke first.

“Please become our leader!”

“Is the position of a sect leader really that insignificant? Or do I look like a joke to you?”

Finally Pyo-wol spoke up.

In that instant Ji Gunseong felt his blood run cold.

Pyo-wol’s dry voice devoid of any emotions sent chills down his spine.

Ji Gunseong desperately tried to defend himself.

“You seem to have misunderstood us Master Pyo-wol! We’re sincerely speaking from our hearts! We will take care of all the troublesome matters–”

“So you’re telling me to become a figurehead.”

“That’s not what I meant–”


At that moment Pyo-wol’s foot struck Ji Gunseong in the chest sending him flying.

Ji Gunseong crashed into the wall.

“Lord Ji!”

“How dare you!”

“That b*stard–!”

Seeing this the members of the Shadowless Order rushed forward.

Pyo-wol’s gaze grew even heavier.

Seeing the look in Pyo-wol’s eyes Ji Gunseong hastily shouted

“N-No! Don’t!”

But by then his subordinates had already reached Pyo-wol’s side.

Seeing Ji Gunseong writhing in pain made them rushed over weapons in hand.

Pyo-wol muttered

“They come running to kill me over something so trivial? After claiming that they want to serve me as their leader?”

Pyo-wol could clearly see how they had underestimated him.

They had now made their intentions clear.

He had no intention of accepting their offer in the first place but he also had no intention of forgiving them for openly disrespecting him.


Pyo-wol slammed the table. As a result the chopsticks that were on the table flew into the air.

Swirling his hand he scattered the chopsticks towards the Shadowless Order members.





The chopsticks became like daggers piercing the bodies of the Shadowless Order members.

The front lines crumbled collapsing one by one.

The remaining members who were rushing from behind widened their eyes in shock.


Pyo-wol’s hand pierced through their bodies.



Ji Gunseong’s face contorted as he witnessed his men collapse screaming in agony.

‘I miscalculated. I misjudged him.’

Now he knew for certain.

Pyo-wol was far too intelligent to become someone else’s puppet. He was not the kind to be easily swayed by others’ words.

Controlling someone like that was impossible. Had Ji Gunseong known that fact earlier he would never have approached him so clumsily.



The members of the Shadowless Order screamed as they fell.

Even though Pyo-wol remained motionless in his place Ji Gunseong’s subordinates crumbled weakly like a rotten thatched roof.

Fortunately enough it seemed that Pyo-wol had spared their lives as there were no casualties. However everyone was suffering from serious injuries writhing on the ground. Their screams filled the inn.

The faces of the martial artists who were fortunate enough to be unharmed by Pyo-wol’s attack wore an expression of terror on their faces.

They did not dare attack Pyo-wol and instead staggered backward in retreat.

Pyo-wol paid them no attention. He just approached Ji Gunseong.

Ji Gunseong pleaded

“I-I was wrong! But was it necessary to use such ruthless force? If you had simply expressed your frustration or disagreement I would have withdrawn my offer!”

“You don’t have the will to solve your own problems nor do you have the courage. Your mind is only focused on how to take advantage of others and the only thing that moves is that tongue of yours. I wonder how many people you have deceived with that silver tongue of yours?”

“D-Don’t insult me! No matter how powerful you are you don’t have the right to criticize and accuse me unjustly like this!”

“No matter how I look at it the most useless part of your body is that tongue of yours.”


At that moment Ji Gunseong felt a sharp pain in his tongue.

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