Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 273

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 273

Light Novel: Volume 11 Episode 23

Manhwa: N/A

Dok Gohyang had once experienced going through the toughest time of his life.

And at that time he coincidentally crossed paths with Jang Mugeuk.

Jang Mugeuk was on his way back to the Heavenly Military Sect after spending three years in Yunnan Province. He could have chosen a faster inland route but he opted for a different path.

This was because he planned to explore the southern region of Jianghu by travelling along the coast before heading back to the Heavenly Military Sect.

As he walked along the coast he eventually reached Leizhou1 a region opposite of the southern province of Hainan and that was where he encountered Dok Gohyang.

At that time Dok Gohyang was recuperating from a serious injury so when he saw Jang Mugeuk he mistakenly took him for a pursuer and ended up attacking him.

This encounter marked their first meeting.

But despite the misunderstanding their initial meeting left a profound impression on them that they developed strong affection for each other.

Jang Mugeuk stayed in Hainan for another three months after that before returning to the Heavenly Military Sect. But even when they parted ways they still kept in touch and regularly inquired about each other’s well-being.

Today here in Runan was the first time in many years since they reunited again.

Although it was their first time seeing each other again after so many years they still treated each other casually as if they had not left each other’s side at all.

Dok Gohyang tilted his head as he looked at Jang Mugeuk.

“It seems like you have become even more stronger over the past few years.”

“You’re not someone to be underestimated either. I guess you’ve been training after we parted ways?”

“Well it’s thanks to a certain someone that I got stimulated. I really received a real wake-up call back then.”


Jang Mugeuk burst out into laughter.

He knew that he was the one responsible for pushing Dok Gohyang.

Jang Mugeuk thought back to the first time he met Dok Gohyang.

At that time Dok Gohyang was like a wounded tiger.

He could still clearly remember the desperate look on Dok Gohyang’s face and eyes.

If he were to compare Dok Gohyang’s previous appearance Dok Gohyang definitely looked more docile now. But Jang Mugeuk knew that was only on the surface.

“It’s really so nice to see you like this.”

Dok Gohyang nodded at Jang Mugeuk’s words.

Even if it had been many years since they had last met they weren’t awkward with each other.

Dok Gohyang looked around the room and said

“How come there aren’t any customers here in this inn?”

“I couldn’t find a place to stay so I just ended up buying everything.”

“Well done!”

Dok Gohyang laughed clearly liking the decision of his friend.

Jang Mugeuk smiled back.

They were both successors to one of the most powerful factions in the world. This amount of expenditure was not a problem for them.

Jang Mugeuk asked

“How does it feel to be here?”


“You like it?”

“I do. I feel like the atmosphere is about to explode at any moment–”

“Hehe I knew you would say that. That’s exactly why I brought you here.”

“I don’t think you called me here just to show me around did you? What are you actually aiming for?”

“Would it be too insincere if I said that I just thought something interesting might happen?”

“No! That’s enough.”

Dok Gohyang’s smile deepened.

He was the only one who understood why Jang Mugeuk liked to travel around the world alone. It was because he himself was also feeling the same thirst that Jang Mugeuk had been feeling for a long time.

Dok Gohyang looked out the window and said

“The Snow Sword Manor and the Jin Family. They are nothing more than small sects fighting for regional superiority. Who would have thought that their feud would attract so much attention?”

“Someone is definitely fanning the flames of war.”

“Who is it?”

“I haven’t been able to figure that out yet. They’re cunningly hiding their identity.”

“Even with the intelligence network of the Heavenly Military sect?”

“That’s right.”

“That’s a surprise.”

“Surprising indeed. The intelligence power of our sect is second only to that of the Frezied Warrior clan and yet we still have yet to figure him out.”

“How about the Hao clan?”

“They used to be quite impressive but haven’t they fallen past their prime?”

“Well… They’re still acting like they’re all that but they definitely got holes in them. They’re really not what they used to be.”

“That’s true so there’s not much to be gained from them.”

“I can’t believe that someone can move around so stealthily that they can hide from the eyes of the Heavenly Military Sect.”

“That is why I came in person. To see with my own eyes. To determine for myself if this is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for.”

“So you called me in for that.”

“Why? Does that bother you?”

“No I’m actually happy since I got to meet an interesting guy thanks to you.”



As soon as Dok Gohyang answered a gleam appeared in Jang Mugeuk’s eyes.

“Did you meet him by chance?”

“That’s right!”

“What kind of person is he?”

“I could smell blood on him. I almost couldn’t resist swinging my sword at him.”

“That much?”

“More than that.”

“Really? He must be extraordinary.”

“I wouldn’t have believed the rumors about him either if I hadn’t seen him for myself.”

Jang Mugeuk was well aware of how stingy Dok Gohyang was when it came to evaluating people.

Although he always wore a friendly smile his personality was actually very cold and calculating. If he could think this highly of someone it meant that they were more than just a rumor.

“I want to see him in person.”

“I saw him first.”

“You’re still so greedy.”

“A weapon like that doesn’t come around often. If you could use him like your own limb he will surely be useful in many ways.”

“I know.”

Jang Mugeuk nodded.

He was someone who had been born and raised in the Heavenly Military Sect.

The power of the Heavenly Military Sect was so great that it was classified as one of the Two Factions alongside the Frenzied Warrior Clan.2

Not only did their sect have all kinds of armed organizations they also had numerous intelligence networks. That naturally includes organizations that operate in the shadows.

Invisible and dark swords that do not officially exist but exist.

It’s an organization of the same kind as the Hundred Wraith Union.

On the other hand such organizations did not exist in the Martial Sword Sect.

That was because after the end of the Bloody War of Heaven Sa Yeonhee who had risen to the position of the sect leader eliminated all such organizations.

As a result there were no organizations in the Martial Sword Sect that could carry out such covert missions.

Dok Gohyang deeply regretted that fact.

Jang Mugeuk smiled.

“You’ll have to give in this time.”

“I won’t mind being rewarded.”

“Of course! He’s called the Reaper in Sichuan his utility is basically endless. It’s only natural for me to pay you handsomely since you’re giving up on such a man.”

Although Pyo-wol’s existence had only just begun to reveal itself on the surface of Jianghu the Heavenly Military Sect had already been aware of Pyo-wol’s existence for a long time.

The only reason why the Heavenly Military Sect have yet to make contact with him was because the city where he resides and operates was too far.

Pyo-wol was so fascinating that even the Heavenly Martial Emperor could not help but recruit and include him in their plans.

Jang Mugeuk asked

“Was he really that handsome?”

“Enough to make you pee your pants.”

“I envy him.”

“You’ll be amazed when you see him in person.”

“I should borrow him sometime.”


“I’m trying to attract an icy woman but she won’t give me an opening.”

“So you’re going to use a beauty trap?”

“Isn’t there a saying that goes no pain no gain? If it works great and if not I’ll just throw it away.”

“Who’s to say you can discard it as you please?”

“Reciprocation is the way to go.”

Jang Mugeuk casually raised his glass and held it out to Dok Gohyang.

Dok Gohyang clinked his own glass against Jang Mugeuk’s.


* * *

So-ok tilted her head slightly and glanced at the man sitting in front of her.

He was more beautiful and alluring than any other woman she had ever seen.

Even as a woman she felt jealous.

The man sitting in front of So-ok was none other than Pyo-wol.

Even after Pyo-wol’s meeting with Hong Yushin was over he didn’t leave and just stayed in the brothel. No Hong Yushin actually stopped him from leaving. He told him that since he was already here in their establishment he should at least have dinner.

Hong Yushin’s intentions were clear.

They are trying to capture Pyo-wol by using a beauty trap.

Hong Yushin wasn’t entirely confident that such a thing would work on Pyo-wol but he thought it was better to try and fail than do nothing.

Having been given an important mission So-ok had no choice but to strengthen her resolve.

She forced a smile on her face and poured a full glass of alcohol into Pyo-wol’s cup. But Pyo-wol didn’t drink a single drop of it.

So-ok asked carefully

“Don’t you like me your highness?”

“Do you like me?”


So-ok replied without a moment’s hesitation.

She may have looked innocent on the outside but she was a seasoned courtesan who had seen it all. She had entertained all kinds of guests including those she never wanted to see again.

Compared to such people Pyo-wol was not only good-looking but also polite. So-ok had no reason to refuse him and entertain other guests.

If she was lucky enough to keep him within the confines of her skirt that would be like putting a cherry on top.

So-ok walked over and sat down next to him Pyo-wol.

She had bathed in rose water before coming here so her body smelled faintly of roses. Many men had succumbed to the scent without regaining their senses.

So-ok was confident that she could at least arouse some interest from Pyo-wol even if she couldn’t completely capture him.

But despite sitting so close to Pyo-wol there was no change in his expression.

‘Is he made of stone?’

So-ok thought to herself.

“Get away from him while I’m still asking nicely.”

She suddenly heard a sharp woman’s voice.

Startled So-ok pulled away from Pyo-wol.

At that moment a woman appeared in the room like a ghost.

As if the woman had suffered some terrible ordeal her clothes were torn and dishevelled.

Bewildered So-ok asked

“Who are you? Wait how did you get in here?”

The brothel was heavily guarded by the Hao clan like a fortress so she could not help but be shocked that a woman managed to broke through their defenses.


At that moment a sharp blade touched So-ok’s neck.

The woman had quickly pulled out a dagger and pointed it at her.

‘A master!’

So-ok’s pupils shook.

She was also an accomplished martial artist herself but she couldn’t even detect when the woman had drawn out her dagger.

This could only mean that her opponent was a master who was far superior to her.

The woman said to So-ok

“Get out!”


“I’m not in a good mood right now. So don’t bother me and leave.”

The murderous intent coming from the woman was real.

So-ok almost peed herself.

Terrified she fled out of the room without looking back.

Only then did the woman keep her dagger and pick up the glass of alcohol in front of Pyo-wol.


The woman downed the drink in one swift gulp.

Pyo-wol stared at the woman wordlessly.

The woman didn’t seem to mind his gaze continuing to gulp down drink after drink.

Only after drinking three cups did she put the glass down as if her thirst had been quenched.


“You– I’m going to kill you.”

The woman glared at Pyo-wol.

Her face was full of killing intent.

The woman was none other than Hong Ye-seol.

She had just managed to escape from the pursuit of the Black Cloud Corps.

The Black Cloud Corps had been very relentless in their attacks on her.

She had changed her appearance and moved her hiding place several times but in one way or the other the Black Cloud Corps would always manage to track her down.

In the end Hong Ye-seol had no choice but to reveal herself. However the Black Cloud Corps were no pushovers. She was able to break through their encirclement and escape with injuries after a fierce fight.

As soon as she got rid of the Black Cloud Corps Hong Ye-seol tracked down Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol usually covered and hid his tracks so thoroughly but he did not bother to erase the traces of him entering the brothel this time.

So that was how Hong Ye-seol managed to arrive at Pyo-wol’s current whereabouts.

She was now very angry with Pyo-wol.

“I’m going to kill you.”

Editor’s Notes:

Lol… some people just tend to get ahead of themselves. Anyway thank you for reading!

Leizhou. Raws: 뇌주(雷州). 雷 léi lèi – thunder 州 zhōu – administrative division state Frenzied Warrior Clan. Raws: 광무문(狂武門). Previously translated as Gwangmumun / Insane Martial Arts. Introduced back in Chapter 106. 狂 kuáng jué – insane mad; violent; wild 武 wǔ – military; martial warlike 門 mén – gate door entrance opening

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