Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 252

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 252

Light Novel: Volume 11 Episode 2

Manhwa: N/A


Samui Yoo stretched out and yawned.

She is the leader of the outer party of the Snow Sword Manor. The adversity she went through until she became the leader of the outside party as a woman was beyond words.

Compared to other places there is not much discrimination between a man and a woman in Jianghu. Nonetheless it was still not easy to stand out as a woman in such a place.

It would be better if she was a disciple of a powerful family a person born with a good bloodline or a person with outstanding talent. Since only those people had the power to overcome public discrimination.

Unfortunately Yoo Samui did not belong to that kind.

She was born into an ordinary family and had an ordinary talent.

But one of her strong points is that she had great endurance.

Since she did not mind undergoing the painful training she did not allow herself to rest in peace even for a moment.

She trained constantly to become stronger and as a result she was able to become one of the outer party leaders of the Snow Sword Manor.

Others often doubt that she’d just be satisfied with her current position but she was genuinely satisfied.

Yoo Samui is clearly aware of the limits of her talent. So she didn’t ask for more recognition or achievements.

As of now she only wished to stay as the leader of an outer party for a long time.

Today was the day for her group to stand guard at the front gate.

Only Yoo Samui stretched out and yawned. The rest of her subordinates stood still fully alert.

It was unacceptable for them to be lax given that the war with the Jin family is in full swing.

They watched with their eyes wide open on the lookout for any unauthorized person approaching the Snow Sword Manor.

Yoo Samui might have looked like she was slacking but in truth she was constantly watching her environment with sharp eyes.

‘It doesn’t look like there would be anything special today.’

Fortunately it seemed that nothing big was going to happen while she was on guard. Still Yoo Samui didn’t relax.

There is still a lot of time left before her shift ends at dawn.

If she was careless and something happened while she was on duty then the position she had worked so hard to get could be taken away in an instant.

“Please I hope nothing happens today…”

But her wish did not come true.

“O Open the door–!”

Someone’s urgent voice came from far away.


Yoo Samui and the rest of her party glared at the direction where the voice came from. Before they realized it their hands were already at their weapons which were placed on their waists.

Where their eyes were directed a man was running while carrying someone on his back.

Both the man running and the person on his back were drenched in blood. Even though there was still a great distance they could already smell a strong scent of blood coming from him which was unusual.

Samui Yoo hurriedly shouted

“Who are you?”

“I am a warrior from the Golden Mountain Manor. The lady is in critical condition right now so please quickly let her in!”


“Yes! Lady Geum is seriously injured!”

In response to the man’s answer Yoo Samui and her men looked at each other.

“Could it be Lady Geum Suryeon?”

“Well she is the only daughter of the Golden Mountain Manor’s sect leader.”

“Oh my–!”

In an instant Yoo Samui’s face turned white.

She knew that the Snow Sword Manor had a close relationship with the Golden Mountain Manor.

If something goes wrong with Geum Suryeon then the Golden Mountain Manor will withdraw their support to the Snow Sword Manor. Such a situation like that had to be prevented at all costs.

Samui Yoo hurriedly ran to the man carrying Geum Suryeon on his back.

“Is she really Lady Geum Suryeon?”

“Can’t you just check her face?”

In response to the man’s answer Yoo Samui hurriedly looked at the woman on his back. Although there was a lot of blood on her face her appearance made it clear that she was indeed Geum Suryeon.

“What happened?”

“We were attacked on our way here. Everyone else was killed. Only the lady and I managed to escape.”

“Who the hell?”

“That’s not important right now. We need to hurry up and treat her! Please let us inside!”

“Oh yes!”

At the man’s words Yoo Samui came to her senses.

She hurriedly gave orders to the men guarding the main gate.

“Hurry up and open the door! Don’t forget to call for a doctor! I’ll be the one to take them to an empty residence.”


Yoo Samui’s subordinates answered and then opened the door leading to the Snow Sword Manor.

“Follow me.”

Yoo Samui personally guided the man carrying Geum Suryeon on his back.

Even at a glance she could tell that Geum Suryeon’s condition was serious. She needed to take her to a doctor as soon as possible to get her treated.

The good thing is that there is currently a good physician staying in the Snow Sword Manor.

As soon as Geum Suryeon lay on the bed in the best room in the guest hall an old doctor who had heard the news rushed in.

The old doctor did not stop to catch his breath. Without wasting any time he grabbed Geum Suryeon’s pulse.

Yoo Samui hurriedly interjected

“How is Lady Geum?”

“Be quiet. I can’t concentrate.”


“Doesn’t the environment need to be quiet for me to get her pulse right?”


Yoo Samui kept her mouth shut at the old doctor’s scolding.

Geum Suryeon seemed to be in critical condition. Yoo Samui hoped that the old doctor would somehow or another hold onto Geum Suryeon’s lifeline.

After closing his eyes for a while and listening to Geum Suryeon’s pulse the doctor then took out a wooden box containing silver needles from his bosom.

The doctor hurriedly began to insert needles into Geum Suryeon’s entire body.

Only after sticking more than a hundred needles into her body did the doctor breathe out a sigh of relief.

“I managed to save her for the meantime.”


“It’s too early to be relieved. Her major veins and internal organs are damaged. If she isn’t treated with medicine then her condition will get worse.”

“If you need anything tell me. We can’t let her die here.”

“I will.”

The doctor nodded. He then looked at the man who had brought Geum Suryeon in the Snow Sword Manor.

“What kind of guy did such a cruel trick on a woman?”

“I don’t know.”

“You do not know?”

“Yes! We suddenly got into a fight—”

“There’s a person in Runan with a swollen liver enough to touch Lady Geum? Who is it?”

“I don’t know. It’s hard to tell who he is because of his ordinary appearance.”

“Do you have any idea what kind of martial arts he used?”

“No. I was beaten in an instant. There was a dead body near the man that Lady Geum couldn’t just let him go so she stepped up…”

It was literally an instant when all of the warriors guarding Lady Geum were hit making them collapse. He even thought he died but when he came to his senses he saw all of his colleagues already collapsed on the ground.

Geum Suryeon was also attacked by the man leading to her currently fatally wounded state.

“At that time I only thought of saving the Lady. So I ran all the way here carrying the young lady on my back.”

“Well done! I only managed to save her because it was me. If it were the other doctors saving her would have been impossible.”

“Thank you old man! I will not forget this favor.”

The man held the old doctor’s hand and thanked him.

Yoo Samui had a serious expression on her face as she saw that scene.

Geum Suryeon is an important person enough to be classified as a VIP in the Snow Sword Manor. She had to inform the sect leader right away and catch the person responsible for injuring her to this point.

Yoo Samui said to the doctor

“I’m going to go ahead and report to the sect leader. In the meantime please treat Lady Geum Doctor Jang. Her condition should not deteriorate any further.”

“Don’t worry. Her condition won’t get worse as long as I’m here.”

“Then please.”

Yoo Samui got up from her seat and looked at the man who had brought Geum Suryeon.

“You should wait outside.”

“I can’t do that. I have to protect her.”

“You don’t have to worry about Lady Geum anymore Doctor Jang here will take care of her.”


“You wouldn’t be of help if you stay here. You will only distract Doctor Jang. So please get out.”

Yoo Samui bursted in anger at the man’s hesitations.

Only then did the man nod his head with a sullen look on his face. His appearance looked so pitiful.

“I’ll give you a room nearby so don’t worry. The sect leader might call you later.”

“All right.”

Yoo Samui and the man came out.

After having a subordinate escort the man to his own room Yoo Samui headed for the sect leader’s residence.

* * *

“Did I hear it wrong? Say it again.”

“Lady Geum Suryeon of the Golden Mountain Manor has entered our sect seriously injured.”

“Really? She was seriously injured?”


By giving a definite answer once again Baek Do-kyung confirmed that Lee Yul didn’t hear wrong.

Lee Yul looked at Baek Do-kyung his confidant with his brow furrowed.

Baek Do-kyung lowered his head with an expression that he had nothing more to say.

“What happened?”

“They said they were on their way to our sect to get the money”


“The Jin family’s payment for the IOU they borrowed.”

“The 17000 gold coins?”


“So you’re saying they got caught up in a fight while they were on their way to collect the money.”

“That’s right.”

Lee Yul frowned.

Because something that was outside of his calculations happened.

He extremely disliked unexpected variables like this. This is because there’s a possibility that everything he has planned so far can go down the drain in an instant.

“What about the attacker?”

“According to the subordinate who brought her here he was an ordinary-looking man. There was a body nearby and he was acting suspiciously so Lady Geum couldn’t just pass him by.”

“And then?”

“But the opponent seemed to be an unexpected master. All of her escort warriors fell without knowing how they were attacked. Then Lady Geum was also seriously injured.”


“Fortunately the person who brought Lady Geum on his back knew that Doctor Jang is in our sect. Thanks to him Lady Geum’s life was saved.”

“That’s pretty impressive. For him to know that Doctor Jang is in our sect.”

“That’s right.”

“Okay. Since Doctor Jang is already in charge of her at least she won’t die. Let me know when she comes to her senses. I want to talk to her directly.”

“All right.”

As Lee Yul waved his hand Baek Do-kyung bowed his head and went out.

Lee Yul who was left alone muttered

“For this to happen while they were on their way to the Snow Sword Manor manor…”

He felt kind of uncomfortable.

Lee Yul brewed a cup of tea and drank it. It was his favorite Dragon Well tea. He usually feels better after drinking Dragon Well tea but not this time.

Even after drinking Dragon Well tea the uncomfortable feeling did not go away.


Lee Yul roughly put down the teacup he was holding and looked into the air.


“Did you call?”

A skinny man appeared like a ghost.

“Where is he now?”





“After leaving the Jin manor he completely disappeared. I already ordered some men to track him down but it’s not easy.”

“How can you lose him?”

Heuk-ho made a slightly annoyed expression at Lee Yul’s interrogating tone.

“You must have forgotten. He’s the same kind as us. As long as he wants to he can evaporate from this world without leaving a trace.”

“So you wouldn’t be able to find him?”

“It’s not like that. It will take a little time but we will definitely find him. Dark Ghost is already on his tail it’s only a matter of time before we find him.”

“Are you sure?”

“Whoa look here attendant. There is no one in the world who can avoid the eyes of the Hundred Wraith Union.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“If you keep ignoring the Hundred Wraith Union—”

“It would be better for you to stop putting the Hundred Wraith Union’s name in front of me. The Hundred Wraith Union won’t become your shield.”


“If I set my mind to it I can make the Hundred Wraith Union disappear overnight. Do you think I’m lying?”

Lee Yul’s eyes were cold.

Heuk-ho glared at Lee Yul.

If he could he wanted to rip Lee Yul’s mouth open for saying such cheeky things. He knew he had the ability and confidence to do so. But he can’t.

He is a person that even the Hundred Wraith Union’s leader was uncomfortable dealing with.

He doesn’t know what Lee Yul’s true identity is but the Hundred Wraith Union’s leader has always warned him not to go against Lee Yul.

Heuk-ho immediately smiled

“Haha! How could you say such cruel words? Don’t worry! I’ll be careful. Relax your expression. I’m scared to death.”

“So what about him?”

“I’ll find him in two days.”

“I’ll give you a day.”

“That’s too short…but okay. I’ll find him and report to you within a day.”

Heuk-ho raised both arms and made a gesture of surrender.

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