Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 240

Light Novel: Volume 10 Episode 15

Manhwa: N/A

Hong Ye-seol pressed Pyo-wol’s arm to his chest.


Seeing this, Heo Ranju’s eyebrows rose to the sky.

At the same time, Hong Ye-seol’s red lips also went up in an arc.

“What is it? Is it because of this woman that you are staying in Runan? You actually got seduced by this vixen?”n𝑜𝓥𝐄/𝓵𝔟-In

Heo Ranju alternately looked at Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol.

Hong Ye-seol deliberately made a seductive expression. Then, her charm explosively spilled out and bewitched the people in the inn.

Even the warriors of the Black Cloud Corps couldn’t take their eyes off Hong Ye-seol.

Hong Ye-seol hugged Pyo-wol’s arm tighter and said,

“It’s not unusual for a man to be attracted to a beautiful woman.”

“Beautiful? Who?”

“Me? Who else? Many men lose their minds when they see me. They always start courting me.”

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

“Well, I’m sure you wouldn’t know this.”

Hong Ye-seol smiled lightly and looked at Heo Ranju from head to toe.

It was impossible for Heo Ranju not to know what her actions meant.

“How dare a whore insult me!”

“You look like a slob without a hint of femininity. That’s why men aren’t interested in you.”

“W-What do you mean? Don’t you know how popular I am–?!”

“With that figure? I would have run away if I were a man.”


Heo Ranju’s face turned red.

She was no match for Hong Ye-seo in a verbal fight.


Daoshi Goh became flustered when he saw Heo Ranju raising her qi. He immediately tried to stop her.

“Let go of me! I’m going to kill that bitch!”

“Oh, my! How uncivilized.”

Hong Ye-seol laughed at Heo Ranju until the end.

“Don’t stop me! I’ll tear that bitch up to death!”

“Stop it! Come on! What are you doing? Hurry up and stop her.”

Daoshi Goh, who was unable to stop Heo Ranju by himself, shouted at the Black Cloud Corps who idly stood far away. Then, the Black Cloud Corps came rushing in and stopped Heo Ranju.

It was only when the four men came together that Heo Ranju calmed down.

Hong Ye-seol mocked Heo Ranju until the end,

“Oh my! What’s that? How vulgar.”

“You bitch! Once I get my hands on you, I’ll kill you—!”


Seeing Heo Ranju’s frenzied appearance, Hong Ye-seol burst into laughter. After laughing for a long time, she stood up holding Pyo-wol’s hand.

“If I stay here any longer, my eardrums will burst. Let’s go and change our seats.”

Pyo-wol nodded silently and followed Hong Ye-seol.

At that time, Daoshi Goh approached Pyo-wol.

Behind him was Heo Ranju who was screaming loudly while being restrained by the Black Cloud Corps. Daoshi Goh did not even look at her.

Daoshi Goh’s gaze was only fixed on Pyo-wol.

He said quietly,

“I don’t know why you’re staying at Runan, but I hope we don’t meet as enemies this time. If we do meet as enemies again, I’ll make you pay.”

Daoshi Goh’s voice was very low. However, there was a lot of bitterness inside.

Perhaps at another time, he would not have dared to threaten Pyo-wol. However, since they have nowhere to back down, even Daoshi Goh took a firm stand.

When a person who always smiled revealed their murderous intent, it would usually feel even more terrifying. However, Pyo-wol did not care about his killing intent and asked calmly,

“Isn’t it very uncomfortable to live in this world with just one arm?”

“It’s uncomfortable. Especially when showering, washing my face and poopi—”

“Then I’m sure you’d be even more uncomfortable if you lost both arms.”


“Watch out. You never know when someone might take the other arm off.”


Pyo-wol left the inn, leaving behind Daoshi Goh who was rendered speechless.


Once the two came out of the inn, Hong Ye-seol laughed out loud as if she was relieved.

Pyo-wol looked at Hong Ye-seol and asked,

“What are you thinking?”


“Why did you come here?”

“I just…thought it would be fun.”

“You have bad taste.”

“Hoho! I hear that a lot.”

Hong Ye-seol hugged Pyo-wol’s arm even tighter.

The highly trained body of an assassin overflowed with elasticity. I felt a lively feeling as if the part that touched my arm would bounce off.

She was so charming that if Pyo-wol didn’t know about her beforehand or if he had a weak mind, he would have succumbed to her temptation.

Even after leaving the inn, Hong Ye-seol didn’t seem to want to let go of Pyo-wol’s arm. She walked away with Pyo-wol’s arms interlinked with his.

Pyo-wol also walked at her pace without taking his arms out.

Hong Ye-seol hummed as if she was in a good mood.

“Hehe! It’s not bad to walk like this. Shall we just start dating?”

“Stop talking nonsense and tell me what you need.”

“Oh, my! You’re so rough. No worries, I like men who are rough.”

“Do you want me to show you how rough I could be?”

“Hohoho! I’m fine with that too, but not today. As you can see, my wound still hasn’t healed.”

Hong Ye-seol trembled, but did not let go of Pyo-wol’s arm. Rather, she got closer and whispered,

“The person who replaced me is already in Runan. Be careful.”

“Who is it?”

“I’m sorry. I can’t tell you more than that. I’m just telling you so you will be alert. His target is you, and not the Jin family.”


“Yes! You. So be careful. I will be really sad if you die because of him.”

“Then, why not tell me his true identity?”

“I’m sorry. Since we’re in the organization, I can’t tell you more. I’m sure with your skills, you should be able to figure it out easily.”

Hong Ye-seol suddenly kissed Pyo-wol on the cheek.

Pyo-wol frowned and looked at Hong Ye-seol, who pulled out her arms and stepped back.

“I definitely warned you.”

Hong Ye-seol spoke once more and then suddenly disappeared.

Pyo-wol looked in the direction she had disappeared and thought,

‘He must be a Hundred Wraith Union assassin who is in the top ten.’

Hong Ye-seol would only feel threatened if the person is one of the top ten assassins in the Hundred Wraith Union since they reached a similar level.

It was clear that someone from the top ten had come here in place of Hong Ye-seol. If so, then it’s highly likely that the new assassin would be of a higher order than her.

‘There wouldn’t have been only one assassin.’

Hong Ye-seol simply said that only one assassin had come, but Pyo-wol did not believe her words.

If he was Lee Yul, he would have been furious the moment Hong Ye-seol broke the contract. And he would have established a more solid contingency plan.

Even if he had to pay more, he will surely hire an assassin of a comparable or greater level than her. It was a surefire way to revive his shattered pride.

‘He must also be the one who had hired the Black Cloud Corps.’

Having already dealt with the Black Cloud Corps, Pyo-wol knew how well they were trained.

The last time they fought, they were thoroughly played around because they didn’t have any information about Pyo-wol. But the next time they bump into each other, it will be different. It was clear that they would make ample preparations.

The Black Cloud Corps was not just a group of mercenaries. They were no different from a well-trained army.

As a group, they knew better than anyone how to maximize their strength. They also knew how to use military tactics.

They didn’t show much of their prowess during their fight with Pyo-wol, but if a fight between groups breaks out, they will definitely show great power.

The fact that he even mobilized the Black Cloud Corps was proof that Lee Yul was drawing a bigger picture than expected.

Lee Yul was not simply trying to regain supremacy over Tianzhongshan and Runan.

It was clear that he was aiming for something more.

Pyo-wol turned his head and looked in the direction where the Snow Sword Manor was.

* * *

The atmosphere of the Jin family had completely turned over.

Because of Han Yucheon, the Sword Saint’s words.

His comment that he came to see the downfall of the Jin family was enough to cool the atmosphere of the Jin family, which had been rising for a while.

If a person declares such a thing, it is human nature to stay in another accommodation, away from the Jin family. However, Han Yucheon insisted on staying inside the Jin family in the end.

Jin Siwoo had no choice but to give up a room because Han Yucheon might overturn the Jin manor if he wasn’t treated as he liked.

The feeling of contempt Jin Siwoo felt in the process was indescribable.

He was clenching his teeth so hard that his gums had cracked and were bleeding.

All the people gathered at the Jin family thought Han Yucheon was too much. But no one dared to say that Han Yucheon was wrong.

It was clear that the moment anyone spoke ill of him, their necks would fly off.

It was when the atmosphere was so bad that Pyo-wol returned to the Jin family.

“Where have you been?”

Jin Seol-ah was the first to welcome Pyo-wol.

Because it’s still a sensitive time, the Jin family’s atmosphere is different from usual, so she reacted more sharply.

She thought she had no one she could trust.

There was Ji Siwoo, who was his brother, but he was too busy to pay attention to her.

In the end, Jin Seol-ah waited for the person who she relied on the most, Pyo-wol, to return.

“Once you leave, you don’t come back for a long time…”

“Why is it so tense?”


Jin Seol-ah turned her head and made a pouting expression.

Pyo-wol did not bother to comfort her.

He couldn’t afford to accommodate the whining of a child.

Pyo-wol walked past Jin Seol-ah. Then Jin Seol-ah hurriedly followed him.

“Seriously! Don’t you know manners? You have to comfort me when I’m sulking. What the hell…”

She kept on chattering behind his back, but Pyo-wol didn’t even look at her.


The feeling of a sharpened sword being pointed at his forehead was being transmitted from afar.

It was impossible for Pyo-wol to not know what it meant.

Someone with a strong martial art was looking at Pyo-wol.

There is only one warrior currently staying in Jin family who has reached this level.

‘Han Yucheon!’

Having experienced his aura once, Pyo-wol remembered this feeling clearly.

“Why— Keuk!”

When Pyo-wol stopped, Jin Seol-ah, who was right behind him, slammed her nose on his back.

Jin Seol-ah looked at Pyo-wol and flinched. The expression he had was different from usual.

“What is it?”

“Stand back.”


Pyo-wol’s expression looked so serious that Jin Seol-ah didn’t say anything and stepped back. She then looked in the direction Pyo-wol was looking.

A middle-aged man with a sword in his chest was walking.

In an instant, Jin Seol-ah’s face turned pale.

Because she recognized the man.

He was Han Yucheon, the Sword Saint.

Han Yucheon was walking straight toward Pyo-wol.

This couldn’t be a coincidence.

Han Yucheon’s gaze was fixed on Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol did not shake even an inch at his gaze.

Han Yucheon stopped in front of Pyo-wol.

The two silently looked at each other for a while.

The first to speak was Han Yucheon.

“It’s you.”


“You were the one who secretly looked at me yesterday.”

Han Yucheon’s voice was as cold as the north wind and cold snow in midwinter.

Even though Han Yucheon’s words weren’t directed towards her, Jin Seol-ah shivered. But Han Yucheon didn’t even look at her.

“What’s your name?”


“So you’re Pyo-wol?”

In an instant, Han Yucheon’s eyes grew even colder.

A swordsman who reached his level could inflict serious internal injuries on his opponent with just a glance. It’s because their eyes were no different from that of a well-forged blade.

For that reason, many people did not dare to meet his eyes. They would usually turn their heads or lowered their eyes.

Pyo-wol’s unwavering appearance touched Han Yucheon’s heart.

“As Ga-young said, you’re a madman.”

“Ga-young? Won… Ga-young?”

“Yes. I am that child’s master. Han Yucheon, the Sword Saint.”

Only then did Han Yucheon reveal his true identity to Pyo-wol. Still, Pyo-wol’s expression did not change.

Han Yucheon’s eyebrows twitched. Pyo-wol’s reaction was different from what he expected.

“As Ga-young said, you have a strong will. For you to maintain such an appearance even when facing me.”

“You have a habit of overestimating yourself. Not everyone has to kneel at you.”

“Aside from you, there were people who occasionally said such things. Do you know what happened to all of them?” “


“I cut out all of their tongues.”

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