Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 238

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 238

Light Novel: Volume 10 Episode 13

Manhwa: N/A

Contrary to his appearance Jang Noya had a very meticulous personality.

He tends to meddle and intervene in every matter in order to be relieved. He acted that way because he doesn’t trust anyone.

He didn’t even trust his wife who he had been with for over ten years.

The wife he currently lives with is his third wife.

Both of his former wives had sold him to rival organizations. The two of them sold their husband whom they had lived with for several years for a few pennies.

Jang Noya who barely survived then brutally killed his two wives and threw them as food for wild dogs.

After that he didn’t trust anyone.

So he took care of everything regarding the organization himself.

Thanks to that he had a complete understanding of everything that happens in the organization and in Runan.

Pyo-wol asked

“Tell me about the Snow Sword Manor.”


“Don’t make me say it twice.”

“It’s not that I don’t know exactly what you want—”

“Tell me everything you know.”


Jang Noya rummaged through his thoughts and memories for a while and then began to tell Pyo-wol everything he knew.

“The Snow Sword Manor…”

Jang Noya is a local citizen in Runan. And since he was born and raised here he knew the Snow Sword Manor very well.

Everyone remembered what the Snow Sword Manor was like before the Jin family entered.

Once he started talking he remembered everything he had forgotten until now.

Jang Noya told Pyo-wol everything.

He had no choice since the only way to preserve his life is by speaking honestly about everything he knows.

The only time he didn’t say something was when Pyo-wol asked him some follow up questions.

“So what did you say earlier?”

Pyo-wol asked again to confirm the information he just received.

Such meticulousness was enough to make Jang Noya tired and sick.

Jang Noya’s story continued for a long time.

It was almost an hour later when his story ended. Jang Noya was good at talking but after talking nonstop his mouth was dry as if it was burned.

“I have told you everything I know.”

He said cautiously wishing that Pyo-wol would end at this point. However Pyo-wol’s answer completely betrayed his expectations.

“Now tell me about the Jin family.”


“Starting with the time when the Jin family settled down in Tianzhongshan.”

“B-But I don’t know much about Jin family—”

“Just tell me everything you know.”


In the end Jang Noya had to recall all he knew about the Jin family.

Unfortunately Pyo-wol’s questions didn’t stop there.

Pyo-wol also asked him about the warriors who had entered Runan.

Jang Noya even called his subordinates to tell Pyo-wol everything he knew.

Lies were not tolerated.

Pyo-wol thoroughly cross-examined the information he received.

He judged the authenticity of the information by thoroughly comparing the conversation between Jang Noya and his subordinates.

If they dare to mix in even a little lie or exaggeration merciless punishment would be meted out immediately.

Because of that Jang Noya’s subordinates had to desperately recall their memories.

It was a nightmare for Jang Noya and his subordinates.

The nightmare lasted until the next morning.

By the time the morning sun began to permeate the gambling den Jang Noya and his subordinates had looked like they aged a decade.

Only Pyo-wol was sitting on the chair looking lively.

Pyo-wol recalled everything Jang Noya and his subordinates told him with his eyes closed.

Ordinary people would not have been able to think of anything because they were dazed just by staying up all night but Pyo-wol was different.

In his head the history of the Snow Sword Manor Jin family and the time of struggle were being organized one by one.

The information he got here made it worth coming here.

After Pyo-wol had gathered all his thoughts he stood up. Jang Noya followed suit and approached Pyo-wol.

Standing with both of his hands respectfully clasped together he looked like he became Pyo-wol’s subordinate.

Pyo-wol said to him

“Identify and report all notable people who have entered Runan.”

“If it’s notable people then do you mean warriors?”

As someone who had survived in the back alley for a long time Jang Noya was always on high alert. So he had a clear grasp on what Pyo-wol wanted.

He had already seen Pyo-wol’s strength yesterday.

He doesn’t know exactly what level he is but one thing is certain.

Among those who have entered Runan now there were only a select few who were stronger than him. If he dares to wrong such a person his gambling den will disappear in an instant. In fact that was what almost happened a few moments ago.

The only way for him to survive for a long time is to move as Pyo-wol wanted.

Pyo-wol nodded. Jang Noya bowed his head again and said

“We’ll release some men and find out more about it. Where can we bring the information we will gather?”

“I’ll be staying with the Jin family for a while.”

“The Jin family? I understand.”

“It wouldn’t be easy for you to get in because of the strict security.”

“Do you think there are only gamblers here in our den? We also have a guy who’s quite a bit light on his feet. We’ll have him bring the report.”

“You know how to use your brain quite a bit.”

“It’s because I still want to live long.”

Jang Noya laughed bitterly.

He felt pitiful of his own situation since he suddenly became Pyo-wol’s hands and feet.

He had always tried his best from getting involved with Jianghu warriors. But now that he’s involved with someone as scary as Pyo-wol he knew that he would have a difficult time in the future even without experiencing it yet. Still in order to survive he had to diligently get information for Pyo-wol.

“B-By the way what should we do about the money?”


“It’s the gold coins that your lordship won yesterday.”

There were still heaps of golden coins on the table.

Pyo-wol said indifferently

“Use it to get information and take the rest.”

“Can I really do that?”

Jang Noya made an expression of disbelief.

He had assumed that Pyo-wol would take all the gold coins with him. And if so he would have to tighten his belt for a while. However if Pyo-wol returns the money he had earned then the gambling den would have no trouble going back to its normal operations. If that’s the case then getting information for Pyo-wol wouldn’t be a burdensome task at all.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!”

Jang Noya lowered his head several times.

Pyo-wol went outside without looking back.

When he disappeared Jang Noya glared at his subordinates.

“Keep quiet about what happened today and make sure that guests keep their mouths shut. If today’s incident leaks out neither you nor I will be able to see the sun rising next year.”


“Forget everything that happened today. If you want to live long.”

Jean Noya finally muttered the words ‘just like me’ in a small voice.

* * *

“Amitabha Buddha! You have finally arrived!”

A middle-aged monk wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Beside him was a young monk who appeared to be in his early to mid-twenties.

Nine dots were clearly imprinted on his sweaty forehead.

It was proof that they were Shaolin Temple monks.

A young monk said to a middle-aged monk

“Still we arrived earlier than expected.”

“This is thanks to you Bo-kyeong. I was able to come here easily because you were a good guide.”

“You’re welcome senior brother.”

The young monk Bo-kyeong had an embarrassed expression.

Bo-kyeong is a second-generation disciple of the Shaolin Temple.

The middle-aged monk looking at him was Seong-un a first-generation disciple.

He was a third among the first-generation disciples specifically after Seongmu and Seonghwan. Him being the next elder is also certain.

Seong-un had a gentle and reasonable personality so he was respected by both the second and third-generation disciples. Furthermore the elders especially trusted him.

Seong-un’s expression as he looked at Runan was extremely heavy.

It was because of the unusual atmosphere hovering around Runan.

The Jin family and the Snow Sword Manor were recruiting warriors every day and as a result there was a gloomy mood hanging over Runan.

Furthermore there was a clash between warriors who were on opposite sides. If left unattended the entire Henan Province could be swept up in a fight between the two forces.

Since it could be the beginning of another great war the Shaolin Temple sent Seong-un to serve as mediator between the two sides.

Sending Seong-un is enough proof that the Shaolin Temple is taking the situation in Runan very seriously.

Seong-un’s heart was heavy because he was tasked with a heavy mission.

He could have brought with him the elites of the Shaolin Temple but he only brought Bo-kyeong so as to not hurt the pride of both sides.

Bo-kyeong has outstanding martial arts and a bright personality among the second-generation disciples.

He also had the experience of going out of the Shaolin Temple with Un-il not too long ago. Together with Un-il they escorted the original Buddhist scriptures which brought great delight to the Shaolin Temple.

What made the Shaolin Temple elders even more excited was when Wu Jang-rak the one responsible for bringing the Buddhist scriptures said that there were many more original copies of the Buddhist scriptures left in Chengdu and that he would bring them again on another time.

No matter how much the Shaolin Temple trains in martial arts their foundation was still Buddhism.

The original Buddhist scriptures were treasures that protected the identity of Shaolin Temple.

Through that recent series of events Bo-kyeong earned the trust of the sect leader. That’s why Seung-un allowed Bo-kyeong to accompany him on this mission.

Bo-kyeong asked carefully

“Senior brother where will we stop by first?”

“For now I plan to stop by the Snow Sword Manor.”

“Will they accept the mediation plan of our sect?”

“I’m worried about that too.”

A shadow fell on Seong-un’s face.

Since the Shaolin Temple is said to be the leader of Henan Jianghu they cannot recklessly get involved in the fight between the two forces. If they do then it would be like providing a justification for the beginning of a world war.

It was necessary for them to make a reasonable proposal that both sides could accept. Only then could the damage be reduced to a minimum and Henan Jianghu be stabilized.

But it’s easier said than done.

With the two forces antagonistic feelings against each other it was questionable whether they would listen to Seong-un. Nonetheless Seong-un had no choice but to try his best since he was ordered by the sect leader.

Seong-un continued to walk with a heavy heart.

His first destination is the Snow Sword Manor.


Seong-un’s expression became darker when he saw the Snow Sword Manor.

A large number of warriors gathered at the entrance of the Snow Sword Manor. Warriors who could not be accommodated inside the Snow Sword Manor were camping at the entrance.

The Snow Sword Manor provided barracks with tents for them. Because of that the entrance to the Snow Sword Manor was crowded with so many people that it was reminiscent of a small street.

Seong-un and Bo-kyeong broke through the people and went forward.

As they arrived at the main gate of the manor they saw people waiting in line to enter. These people were warriors who were waiting to enter the Snow Sword Manor since last night.

Their nerves were on edge since they all stayed up all night.

They were all so sensitive that if anyone dares to cut in line they were ready to pull out and swing their weapons. However when Seong-un and Bo-kyeong appeared they fought to open the way.

“The dots on their forehead.”

“It’s the Shaolin Temple! The Shaolin Temple sent someone.”

Even though they are warriors living with one foot in the line of fire they could not dare to ignore a monk from Shaolin Temple.

When news came that a monk had arrived from Shaolin Temple the leader of the warriors guarding the main gate hurriedly ran.

“I’m Gong Yeom-ui the head of the outer party of Snow Sword Manor. We sincerely welcome your visit.”

“Amitabha Buddha! Thank you for your hospitality. I’m Seong-un a first-generation disciple of the Shaolin Temple. While this child with me is Bo-kyeong a second-generation disciple.”


Gong Yeom-ui exclaimed involuntarily.

While Seong-un is just a first-generation in the Shaolin Temple his ranking is the same as being an elder in other sects.

Moreover if it is Seong-un then he is one of the top three disciples in the Shaolin Temple.

While his martial arts is said to be inferior to Seongmu Seonghwan and Seongam he is still one of the major disciples of the Shaolin Temple. Furthermore he is favored by the elders.

Seong-un is not an existence that could be treated carelessly in the Snow Sword Manor.

Moreover Bo-kyeong also had his own reputation in Henan. All of the warriors in Henan recognize him for his Ten Invincible Steps.

The fact that these two came together was a major event in itself.

Gong Yeom-ui stuttered

“E-Excuse me but what did you come here for?”

“I’m here to see your master.”

“Are you talking about the sect leader?”

“That’s right. I have something to tell him in person so could let him know?”

“O-Of course. Please just wait a moment.”

Gong Yeom-ui hurriedly dispatched an attendant to inform them that someone from the Shaolin Temple had arrived.

“Let me bring the two of you inside.”

“Amitabha! Thank you.”

Seong-un and Bo-kyeong went into the Snow Sword Manor after expressing their gratitude.

The news that the two entered the Snow Sword Manor quickly spread.

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