Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 235: Light Novel: Volume 10 Episode 10

Light Novel: Volume 10 Episode 10Manhwa: N/A

The Hao clan’s Henan headquarters is located in the city of Zhengzhou.

The main headquarters in Henan is in charge of overseeing the Hao clan branches spread throughout Henan province.

The events happening in Henan Province are gathered through each branch and then sent to the main headquarters. The main headquarters would then analyze the collected information to understand the overall situation in Henan.

The recent and most noteworthy incident in Henan is the clash between the Snow Sword Manor and the Jin family in Runan.

The fight between the Jin family and Snow Sword Manor did not attract their attention at first. This is because they expected the Jin family to win. However, contrary to the Hao clan’s expectation, the Snow Sword Manor is the one that greatly overwhelms the Jin family.

While the Jin family opened its doors and accepted the support of others to somehow even out the situation, the overall situation was still beyond the Hao clan’s expectation.

Because of that, the Hao clan is on high alert.

“It is said that more than 100 people joined the Jin family yesterday.”

“A large number of unknown groups have appeared in Xinyang.1 Their destination seems to be in Runan.”

“A large number of warriors also appeared in Yongcheng.2 According to the courtesans, they also seem to be headed for Runan.”

The messenger pigeons from each branch had carried similar urgent reports.

Many of the people who could analyze information in the Hao clan were dispatched to Zhengzhou. As such, the Hao clan was able to closely watch the fight between the Snow Sword Manor and the Jin family.

Lee Gwi-yang, the head of the Henan main headquarters, looked at the young man sitting in front of him with a nervous expression.

The young man is Hong Yushin, the chief inspector of the Hao clan.

Even though Lee Gwi-yang had absolute power in Henan Province, he could not afford to ignore Hong Yushin.

After all, Hong Yushin is the one who is responsible for auditing and checking the Hao clan’s branches. This consequently made him someone whom all the Hao clan’s branch heads were reluctant to deal with.

The fact that Hong Yushin appeared in Zhengzhou was proof that the main headquarters was taking the fight between Jin family and Snow Sword Manor seriously.

Hong Yushin looked at the paper in front of him with a serious expression.

The paper contains a list of recent requests sent to the Hao clan.

The Hao clan is an organization where most sects in Jianghu often turn to when they want to get information. This is because they can obtain good quality information at a low cost.

As Hong Yushin analyzed the lists of requests sent to the Hao clan, he was able to see and deduce what is happening all over the world.

What made Hong Yushin flustered was that several requests were similar.


The name written on the requests almost made Hong Yushin want to succumb to his inner demons.

Many clients were asking the Hao clan for Pyo-wol’s information.

It was proof that the name Pyo-wol had risen to the surface.

Most requests are made anonymously. But that didn’t mean that the Hao clan was oblivious to the true identity of the client. They knew but they pretended not to know.

The request came from an individual named Lee Gwang-mun, but the Hao clan knew that it was actually from the Snow Sword Manor.

The Snow Sword Manor is currently trying to obtain information about Pyo-wol through a nonexistent person named Lee Gwang-mun.

The Snow Sword Manor isn’t the only sect that wanted to obtain information about Pyo-wol. The Rain Mountain Manor also made a request asking for Pyo-wol’s information.

Hong Yushin looked at Pyo-wol’s name written on the paper with a furrowed brow. Just seeing his name made his bones shake and spine stiff.

Because of that, his expression naturally hardened and his eyes sank heavily than ever before.

Lee Gwi-yang couldn’t understand Hong Yushin’s reaction, so he had a puzzled expression on his face. He had never seen Hong Yushin act this way before.

Hong Yushin’s greatest strength is that he’s known for not losing his composure. But that Hong Yushin was nowhere to be found.

“It hadn’t been long since he showed up on Wudang Mountain and turned it upside down, but now he’s already being tracked by the Snow Sword Manor and the Rain Mountain manor?”

Hong Yushin is one of the people who knew Pyo-wol the most. He knew all too well how terrible Pyo-wol is because he used to watch his movements.

Wherever Pyo-wol appeared, death always followed.

His actions greatly suited his nickname, the reaper.

“So that person is in Runan right now?”

“Yes. I think his exact location is in the Jin family manor but I haven’t figured out why he’s staying there.”

Lee Gwi-yang was also closely monitoring Pyo-wol’s actions.

“Why is he supporting the Jin family? In terms of monetary gains, it would have been better for him to join the Snow Sword Manor side rather than the Jin family.”

“Maybe he has some personal connection among them?”

“Jin Geum-woo!”


“There was a time when Jin Geum-woo stayed in Sichuan Province for a while. It’s possible that they befriended each other at that time.”

“Isn’t Jin Geum-woo already dead?”

“Yes. But the details and circumstances that surround his death is not known at all.”

“Hmm… I tried to find more information about his death too, but I failed.”

Lee Gwi-yang shook his head with a serious expression.

There were many parts that he couldn’t understand about Jin Geum-woo’s death. The Hao clan tried several times uncovering the truth about his death, but they all ended up failing.

“Anyway, if he came because of his friendship with Jin Geum-woo, then, he would naturally take the Jin family’s side.”

“That’s right.”

“The Snow Sword Manor couldn’t afford to make mistakes so it seems that they’re trying to find out more information about him in advance.”

“I guess I’ll have to go there.”

“Are you saying that you’re going to make a move yourself?”

“It will be easy to approach them since I’m close to them.”


Lee Gwi-yang was at a loss for words.

Hong Yushin is a very important figure in the Hao clan. Since he said he would come forward himself, he wouldn’t have to worry.

“If I send other people, then they won’t be able to get close to him. I have higher chances of approaching him.”

“I see. But you have to be extra careful.”

“Don’t worry. I didn’t get the chief inspector position by luck.”

“I believe you.”

Lee Gwi-yang looked at Hong Yushin with eyes full of trust.

It was then.


A panicked voice rang throughout the room.

It was coming from a member who was in charge of sorting out the information sent to Zhengzhou.

“What’s the fuss all about?”

He glared at the person, who had shouted. Then the person hurriedly handed out the letter to Lee Gwi-yang and replied,

“T, The Shaolin Temple has moved!”


“There is a report that says that the Shaolin Temple has sent monks down their mountain.”

“What? Why would the Shaolin Temple—? Wait, where are the monks heading to?”

“Their destination has not yet been determined, but at this point there is only one place they would send the monks to.”


“That’s right.”

Lee Gwi-yang looked at Hong Yushin’s face.

“It looks like the Shaolin Temple is trying to intervene.”

“This only means that they’re taking this situation seriously.”

“If it’s the Shaolin Temple, it’s worth intervening.”

No matter what anyone says, the Shaolin Temple is the leader of Henan Murim.

While it feels like they have recently lied low, they were still a traditional powerhouse that reigned at the top of Jianghu for over a thousand years.

The battle of the Snow Sword Manor and the Jin family in Runan were attracting countless warriors like a bottomless pit.

It was clear that the Shaolin Temple is dispatching monks out of concern that the whole Henan Province would become a mess if they left the battle unattended.

“It’s a timely move. Once those two sects know that the Shaolin Temple plans to get involved, they have no choice but to restrain themselves even by a little bit.”

“Do you really think so?”

“You must be thinking differently.”

“I just don’t have a good feeling about this.”

Hong Yushin couldn’t find it in him to relax his stiff expression.

It would be nice if the Shaolin Temple intervened, but he felt that something is strange.

“Maybe you’re overreacting.”

“I’ll be going to Runan for now. Then I’ll know for sure.”

“Do so. I’ll inform the Runan branch head that you’ll be arriving there.”

“Thank you.”

Hong Yushin stood up from his seat.

‘The Shaolin Temple has moved? For that heavy-ass giant—’

* * *

Pyo-wol woke up early in the morning.

He was already a light sleeper and the amount of people talking outside didn’t help at all. He wasn’t able to get a good night’s rest.

Pyo-wol quietly left his residence.

At that time, he ran into Oh Jugang, who was coming from the other side.

“Ah! Did you sleep well?”


“So did I. They’re making so much noise all night…”

“Didn’t you have a drink?”

“Hik! I can’t say anything about that. I’ve shown you my ugly side.”

Oh Jugang smiled awkwardly.

“Let’s go eat together.”


The two headed to the restaurant, walking shoulder-to-shoulder.

As the number of people entering the Jin manor increased, the Jin family had to build a separate restaurant building. The wooden building was so poor that it could barely pass as a shelter from the wind and rain.

There were dozens of tables inside the restaurant, most of which were still empty. People haven’t come because it’s still so early in the morning.

When the food was served, Oh Jugang took out the bottle of wine he had on his side.

“You’re going to drink this early in the morning?”

“Hehe! I wouldn’t have an appetite without this guy around.”

“You’ll die early in that case.”

“I don’t care. Hehe!”

Oh Jugang let out a pessimistic laugh.

Thinking there must be some circumstances, Pyo-wol didn’t nag about it anymore.n𝑜𝐯𝔢)𝓁𝔟/1n

It was because it felt antinomic to interfere in the actions of others even though he himself extremely dislikes being interfered with by others.

He was a grown adult.

He was at an age where he knew how to take responsibility for his own actions.

Pyo-wol no longer cared about Oh Jugang drinking habits and focused on eating his meal.

Oh Jugang drank as he ate.

“Kuhuuu! This is so good. As expected, drinking alcohol in the morning is the best!”

He burst into exclamations.

Although Oh Jugang’s current appearance got on his nerves, Pyo-wol didn’t say anything.

Oh Jugang suddenly looked at Pyo-wol and said,

“Brother Pyo is really a strange person.”


“I’m a person who prides myself on having quite a lot of experience. I’ve met so many people, but I’ve never met someone who has eyes like you at your age.”

“What’s with my eyes?”

“You look like someone who has already lived through the world, eyes like those of an old man who is about to die. I consider myself an unlucky person, but looking at brother Pyo’s eyes, I feel like a child whining, when I’m actually so blessed already.”

“Go whine somewhere else. I don’t know how Geom-woo managed to tolerate your behavior, but I have no intention of doing that.”

“Hehe, you’re so cold. Okay. I’ll look for a place to lie down and stretch out my feet. So don’t worry too much.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

As the two were exchanging such meaningless conversations,


A loud shout suddenly came from the entrance of Jin family.

Oh Jugang frowned.

“Looks like a big shot has arrived.”

“Big shot”

“Doesn’t this kind of reaction happen frequently these days? When people see a warrior that is hard to see in Jianghu, such shouts often burst out.”


He put the bottle down and got up from his seat.

“Why don’t you and I go and see it too? With such a loud shout, it’s clear that a great big shot has arrived here.”

Pyo-wol nodded and stood up from his seat.

One of the things he cared about the most was information about people.

He roughly knew the overall situation of the world and information of the clans through various materials, but he still lacked information about people.

Especially in the case of big shot warriors in Jianghu, it was impossible to judge them with just a few words written on a piece of paper.

The most accurate way of evaluating them is to see them with his own eyes.

The two headed towards the direction where the shouts were coming from.

A large number of people had already gathered at the entrance of Jin family, forming a human barrier.

Pyo-wol and Oh Jugang made their way through the crowd.


As Pyo-wol found his way through the crowd, his face stiffened even if he hadn’t seen the face of the visitor yet.

He felt a blade-like aura.

It was frighteningly calm. He could feel the aura weighing down on the whole area.

It was a very strange sight.

People are shouting so enthusiastically, but the air is so still.

Like water and oil, things that cannot be mixed coexist in one place.

However, most of the warriors did not feel it and were only shouting.

It felt like watching a well-organized skit.

Pyo-wol was finally able to get through the crowd and reach the front row.

He could see a middle-aged man with a sword in his chest.

He had a sharp aura around him, but most people failed to notice that.

He was giving off an aura that only those who had risen to great heights can feel.

People continue to go wild.

“The Sword Saint is here!”

“Lord Han has come to help the Jin family!”


Only then did Pyo-wol know the identity of the middle-aged man.

The Sword Saint, Han Yucheon.

He was a warrior who was unrivaled when it comes to swords.

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Xinyang. Raws: 신양에. Yongcheng. Raws: 영성(永城).

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