Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 230

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 230

Light Novel: Volume 10 Episode 5

Manhwa: N/A

“It’s written here that you will have to repay 10000 gold coins plus 7000 gold of interest by the end of next month. This is the IOU that Jin Wol-myeong the head of the Jin family has personally borrowed.”

Jang Gwang-san deliberately shouted loudly for everyone to hear.

There was not a single person who did not hear his voice because he spoke with his internal energy.

The people who heard Jang Gwang-san’s words murmured amongst themselves

“Is that true?”

“They borrowed money from the Golden Mountain Manor?”

People’s murmurs reached Jin Siwoo’s ears.

Jin Siwoo couldn’t find it in himself to answer at that moment. His face turned red feeling ashamed.

Pyo-wol muttered as he watched the scene

“They got us.”

“What do you mean? They got us?”

Oh Jugang looked at Pyo-wol.

His face was looking for an explanation from Pyo-wol.

“With just a few words and a piece of paper they had undermined the Jin family’s authority.”

“What do you mean?”

“It doesn’t matter if the IOU is real or fake. From the moment he showed everyone that IOU the Jin family became a ruined family. Once people have that perception embedded in their heads they will have doubts. Can I rely on the Jin family? Did I ally myself with a group whose finances are so poor that they couldn’t pay back some borrowed money? Those doubts won’t be erased.”


“I don’t know who it is but there’s someone in the Snow Sword Manor who knows how to use his head properly.”

“You mean someone planned this?”

“Then do you think they came here for no reason? Why choose this moment then?”


“It’s all calculated. They chose to reveal this fact now in hopes of dealing the biggest blow to the Jin family whether the…”

Whether the Golden Mountain Manor sold the IOU directly to the Snow Sword Manor or if the two forces were on the same side from the beginning in any case it’s only 10000 pieces of gold. Once they can plant doubt in the minds of those who support the Jin family then it was a cheap price to pay.


At Pyo-wol’s explanation Oh Jugang let out a quiet voice.

He simply thought that Jang Gwang-san was acting recklessly. He didn’t know that there was such a high level of calculation hidden behind Jang Gwang-san’s actions.

Even at that moment Pyo-wol’s words continued.

“Siwoo should have retorted that he never wrote an IOU or that he would pay the money back.”

It was obvious that Jin Siwoo lacked experience. He got flustered by the unexpected revelation and he didn’t have any idea on how to deal with it.

Jin Siwoo’s reaction and appearance would make people who came to help the Jin family feel uneasy.

“Everything’s going to be decided here. The people’s decision will depend on how he responds.”

Pyo-wol looked at Jin Siwoo.

Jin Siwoo was still at a loss. However it was something that could not be surpassed. Jin Siwoo had to make up his mind and overcome this current crisis.

Namgung Wol who had been silent until now opened his mouth.

“If Master Pyo’s words are true then it would be too harsh of an ordeal for Siwoo.”

“They managed to successfully stab the Jin family at its heart.”


Namgung Wol sighed and stepped forward.

He realized what he had to do at this moment.

He went straight to Jang Gwang-san.

“Who are you?”

Jang Gwang-san raised his voice and glared at him.

His aura was intimidating enough to make a normal person pee themselves. However Namgung Wol replied without blinking an eye

“Namgung Wol.”

“Namgung? Of the Heavenly Guardian Association?”

In an instant Jang Gwang-san’s eyes trembled.

No matter how mad Jang Gwang-san was he couldn’t remain calm in front of a member of the Heavenly Guardian Association.

“That’s right. But you don’t have to be so intimidated. I don’t intend to use the name of the Heavenly Guardian Association here.”

“Can I accept that you came here as an individual and not on the behalf of the Heavenly Guardian Association?”

Namgung Wol nodded silently.

At that moment a smile spread across Jang Gwang-san’s lips.

He might be afraid of the power of the Heavenly Guardian Association but he had no reason to be afraid of Namgung Wol as an individual.

“Hee hee! I don’t know why young master Namgung is here but it’s not too late. What future is there for a sect who can’t even pay back their loans? You should leave and go back to the Heavenly Guardian Association to preserve your reputation.”

“You’re wrong.”


Namgung Wol took out two pieces of paper from his bosom and threw them at Jang Gwang-san.

The paper flew like a butterfly in the wind and landed in Jang Gwang-san’s hand.

Jang Gwang-san looked at the paper with a puzzled expression.

But it didn’t take long for his expression to be contorted.

“What is this?”

The paper in his hand was two ten thousand gold slips.

“This is a slip issued by your favorite the Golden Mountain Manor. If you take it with you they will probably exchange it for gold. If the principal is 10000 gold and the interest is 7000 gold then there will be 3000 gold left. It seems that the Snow Sword Manor is having a difficult time for them to send a forced IOU so give the remaining 3000 nyang to them.”



At that moment an exclamation erupted from all around.

Namgung Wol’s reply made people forget the situation from a moment ago and laugh.

Jang Gwang-san became angry as he was suddenly put as a liar.

“Are you saying this IOU is fake?”

“You should know better. Anyway the slip I sent you is real so you can go back in peace.”

Everyone was in awe at Namgung Wol’s actions who casually gave away his 20000 gold.


Jin Siwoo also looked at Namgung Wol with a thrilled expression.

Jang Gwang-san and Sa Ok-yeon’s faces became distorted.

They too felt the atmosphere turn against them.

They tried to shake the Jin family with a single IOU but Namgung Wol’s intervention reversed the entire situation.

Everyone around them was laughing.

It was the first time in their lives that they had been ridiculed like this.

“You dare—!”

Sa Ok-yeon became furious.

She suddenly found herself holding a weapon in her hand.


The weapon went towards Namgung Wol the one who subjected them to this insult.

“No—! Damn it!”

Jang Gwang-san tried to stop her from attacking but to no avail.

The weapon was already on the verge of reaching Namgung Wol.


At that moment Oh Jugang moved.

He swung his sword and cut off Sa Ok-yeon’s weapon.


When her weapon was split in two a puzzled expression appeared on Sa Ok-yeon’s face.

Oh Jugang executed his sword technique toward Sa Ok-yeon.


His swordsmanship cut through the air.

Oh Jugang’s sword was like a poisonous snake. Sa Ok-yeon could not easily block it and was pushed back.

Jang Gwang-san tried to help her but before he could Oh Jugang’s kick hit her stomach.



With the sound of the leather drum exploding Sa Ok-yeon’s figure flew backwards.

Oh Jugang deliberately kicked her with his foot instead of stabbing her with his sword.

To Sa Ok-yeon being kicked like this was shameful and worse than being hit by a sword.

Oh Jugang’s face was full of anger.

He wasn’t as smart as Pyo-wol so he didn’t realize the intention behind their actions. However once he knew that Jang Gwang-san and Sa Ok-yeon’s actions were intentionally done to ruin his close friend Jin Geum-woo’s family he became angry.

He was a man who believed that there were lines to be kept.

No matter how much he considers someone as an enemy he thought they at least have to conserve and respect the minimum honor.

The fact that Snow Sword Manor had sent Jang Gwang-san and others to mock the Jin family was an act that could not be forgiven. At least by his standards it was unacceptable.

“Are you okay?”

Jang Gwang-san assisted and helped Sa Ok-yeon stand up.

Fortunately enough she was not seriously injured. She only lost a little blood.

Sa Ok-yeon wiped the blood from her mouth with her sleeve and glared at Oh Jugang as if she wanted to devour him.

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Oh Jugang.”

Oh Jugang proudly revealed his name.

Sa Ok-yeon stepped back with Jang Gwang-san and said

“I’ll keep your name in mind.”

“Hmpf! Do as you like.”

Oh Jugang snorted.

He was not afraid of Sa Ok-yeon.

Jang Gwang-san realizing that their momentum decreased supported Sa Ok-yeon and retreated.

‘Damn it! I should have pressured them more!’

They should have dragged the Jin family into a muddy fight a little more. But it was a pity that they couldn’t because of Namgung Wol and Oh Jugang.

Nonetheless they were lucky that Jin Siwoo and Jin family warriors did not continue to attack them as they backed away.

In any case it was because Jang Gwang-san and Sa Ok-yeon came as messengers.

The Jin family would find it hard to avoid Jianghu’s criticism if they killed a messenger. It was for the same reason that the Snow Sword Manor also let Jin Yusang live.

When the two disappeared Namgung Wol sighed.


Even for him spending 20000 gold was a tremendous blow.

Moreover the money he spent wasn’t from his personal funds. It was actually the Heavenly Guardian Association money. So he had to figure out a way of repaying it back somehow once he goes back to their sect.

In an instant he became broke but Namgung Wol did not have the slightest regret for his actions.

It was the same with Oh Jugang.

“Thank you brothers!”

When Jin Siwoo expressed his gratitude in a low voice Namgung Wol shook his head.

“Thank Master Pyo instead. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have had our eyes open.”

“Brother Pyo?”

Jin Siwoo looked around for the Pyo-wol. However Pyo-wol’s figure was nowhere to be seen.

* * *

“Damn it! What load of crap…”

Jang Gwang-san quickly changed his haircut.

He came to the Jin manor in high spirits but now that he had to go back to the Snow Sword Manor with his tail tucked in between his legs his eyes went dark.

“I will never forgive you.”

Sa Ok-yeon also looked back with her eyes full of resentment.

They had already moved a long way so they could no longer see the Jin manor when they looked back. Nevertheless Sa Ok-yeon showed her anger as if the Jin family was right in front of her.

“Anyway I don’t have the face to see attendant Lee.”

Jang Gwang-san muttered as he looked at the two slips in his hand.

It was his first time seeing a check worth 10000 gold coins.

He momentarily felt greedy.

If he runs away with this amount of money he can enjoy a good life for the rest of his life. However this slip was difficult to exchange for gold and above all he couldn’t because he was afraid of repercussions.

Although Jang Gwang-san and Sa Ok-yeon are known figures in Henan the two cannot be compared to a huge force such as the Snow Sword Manor.

The history of Snow Sword Manor that the public knows is only the tip of the iceberg.

There are far more things hidden than what is revealed on the outside.

He also thought lightly of the Snow Sword Manor at first. However after confirming their true nature he changed his mind.

‘It’s a battle the Jin family can never win. No matter how much they struggle they will never be able to beat the Snow Sword Manor.’

The problem is that he has to return without completing the mission given to him by the Snow Sword Manor.

What Snow Sword Manor wanted was to discredit the Jin family using an IOU. But the Snow Sword Manor only got ridiculed because of him.

He was afraid of the kind of questioning he would face because of this. But in the end he couldn’t escape. It was clear that if they chose to run away then there would be no end to the aftermath.

The two of them helplessly walked towards the Snow Sword Manor.

Their backs as they walked with drooping shoulders looked pitiful.

So they failed to realize.

The fact that there is a man quietly following behind them.

It was Pyo-wol who was following them. He adjusted his breathing stride length and heartbeat to match with theirs.

After they left the Jin manor Pyo-wol quickly followed them. And yet they didn’t notice it at all.

Pyo-wol followed them and observed their every move.

And he came to one conclusion.

‘They don’t have the brains to do something like this.’

Someone gave them an IOU and instructed them to cause a ruckus. And that someone is clearly the brains of the Snow Sword Manor.

A man who plans all these things and uses a bunch of warriors as his pawns.

Maybe it was even because of his intervention that Snow Sword Manor regained its former prestige. Pyo-wol wasn’t sure.

So Pyo-wol wanted to check his face.

And Jang Gwang-san and Sa Ok-yeon will open the way for him.

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