Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 228

Light Novel: Volume 10 Episode 3

Manhwa: N/A

Pyo-wol descended from Tianzhongshan. On his back was an unconscious man.

It was Oh Jugang.

Oh Jugang drank his two remaining bottles of alcohol and became dead drunk. Unable to come down the mountain due to his intoxication, Pyo-wol carried him down Tianzhongshan on his back.

Carrying an unconscious man on his back while going down the rough road was no easy feat. However, Pyo-wol came down the mountain lightly, as if he didn’t feel any weight at all.

It was long after the sun had set when Pyo-wol arrived at the Jin manor.

When Pyo-wol returned to the manor with Oh Jugang on his back, Namgung Wol greeted him.

“Oh, you found him. Where?”

“Tianzhongshan summit.”

“Ha! Did he go up there drunk? He’s out of his mind.”

Namgung Wol sighed and said to Pyo-wol.

“Hand him over to me.”

Pyo-wol obediently handed Oh Jugang over to Namgung Wol.

“Wake up. Just how much did you drink?”

But even when Oh Jugang was in Namgung Wol’s arms, he couldn’t come to his senses.

In the end, Namgung Wol had to call someone to take Oh Jugang back to his own residence.

When it was the only two of them who were left, Namgung Wol apologized to Pyo-wol,

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience. You must have had a hard time.”n–0𝐕𝐞𝗅𝒷1n

“It’s nothing you should apologize for.”

“That person really liked Geum-woo. He even said that he would risk his life for him. So when he learned of Geum-woo’s death, he suffered more than anyone else. He cried all night and fainted several times.”

“Is there any particular reason for him to act that way?”

“I don’t know the exact circumstances between the two of them. However, I would like to guess that Geom-woo had extended his help to Jugang in some way.”

Jin Geum-woo was a quiet man.

Even if he helped someone, he would never boast about it to others.

Rumors would just go around telling that he did something, but it was never from his mouth.

To that extent, Jin Geum-woo earned the trust of many people.

Pyo-wol asked Namgung Wol,

“Did you say you came here as an individual regardless of the Heavenly Guardian Association?”

“That’s right.”

“Why? If you put forward the name of the Heavenly Guardian Association, it would have put an end to the conflict here much more efficiently.”

“Because one wrong move then it could be the beginning of another world war.”

“World war?”

“The War of the Blood Heaven left a big scar on the world. Countless people shed blood and the world changed. Even the Heavenly Guardian Association could have disappeared into history with just one wrong move. In fact, even the person responsible for causing the War of the Blood Heaven disappeared without leaving a stone behind. With such painful memories, the Heavenly Guardian Association refrain from intervening in quite a few things.”

It wasn’t just the Heavenly Guardian Association.

The reason why traditional sects such as the Shaolin Temple, Wudang sect, and Mount Hua did not get involved in secular affairs was because they could not predict what kind of effect they would cause with their movements.

In the past, when the Nine Great Sects were still alive and well, they used to be able to adjust the balance of the world with their own power, but now is not such an era.

A number of emerging powers grew in size, with their power not to be taken lightly.

Various interests were entangled like a spider’s web, and even the people themselves could not know how far the cause and effect would reach. Because of that, most of the big sects maintained a neutral stance in order to preserve themselves.

This is also the reason why Namgung Wol came to the Jin manor as a friend of Jin Geum-woo, and not as a member of the Heavenly Guardian Association.

“It’s not just me but also a lot of people do this. Many sects including the Heavenly Guardian Association, want the fight between the Snow Sword Manor and Jin family to end in a local war. They are wary of the issue escalating to a world war.”

“How complicated.”

“It’s been a while since Jianghu became this complicated. People often say that Jianghu warriors seek freedom, but they are actually far more calculating and selfish than ordinary people. The terrible memories during the War of Blood Heaven made them that way.”

The War of Blood Heaven was a major event that changed the history of Jianghu.

After going through the War of Blood Heaven, the perception of Jianghu warriors had changed a lot. Because of that, Jianghu became much more complicated and many calculations existed.

“Now I want to hear Master Pyo’s story.”


“Aren’t you worthy enough to be called a Master?”

Namgung Wol looked straight at Pyo-wol.

When Pyo-wol was first introduced by Jin Siwoo, he couldn’t remember who Pyo-wol was. However, his beautiful face and name reminded him of a report he had read back in his sect.

The report was sent by a merchant who had a contract with the Heavenly Guardian Association.

He went up through Sichuan Province to Xizang, and the report he sent was full of the information he had collected in Chengdu.

The report is full of absurd stories.

A single assassin had managed to cause both the Emei and the Qingcheng sect to simultaneously enter seclusion.

He wanted to dismiss it as incorrect information, but the merchant who sent the report was more rational than anyone else. He’s not the type to exaggerate. He instead tends to play down or understate something.

The name that appeared in the report was Pyo-wol. And it is said that he had a more beautiful face than a woman.

He only forgot about it since it was such a ridiculous story, but looking at Pyo-wol made him remember again.

‘Pyo-wol, the reaper. Is that what they call him in Chengdu?’

He doesn’t exactly know how strong Pyo-wol was. However, if even half of the rumors were true, then he deserved to be called that.

Pyo-wol asked,

“Do you know about me?”

“I’ve heard stories about you to some extent. Not just me, but some other people would also have some information about Master Pyo.”

“What are you curious about?”

“Your purpose for coming here.”

Namgung Wol answered immediately.

“I’m here because of my connection with Geum-woo.”

“Is it really because of him?”

“That’s one reason why I came to the Jin manor.”

“Then that means that you have other matters left to do. What is it?”

“Why should I say that?”

“Wouldn’t saying it be better so we don’t have any misunderstandings?”


“You’re an assassin, aren’t you?”

Namgung Wol’s eyes shone sharply.

A lot can be explained with the word, ‘assassin’.

Assassins have long been shunned and looked upon by many.

Assassins were imprinted in everyone’s mind as cowardly and incompatible. The presence of an assassin would indicate that someone would suffer an unfortunate death, and if a big shot like Pyo-wol moves, then the target would surely not be an ordinary person. If the target is one of the big names that moves Jianghu, then the aftermath will not be limited to one area.

Pyo-wol briefly looked into Namgung Wol’s eyes.

Among those who met Pyo-wol’s eyes, many had turned their heads away unknowingly, feeling uncomfortable. But Namgung Wol did not avoid Pyo-wol’s eyes.

On the contrary, he was brimming with determination.

Pyo-wol did not dislike Namgung Wol’s gaze. So he replied honestly,

“I haven’t received any other requests yet.”


“There’s no reason for me to lie to you.”

“What is your other business then?”

“It’s personal.”


“That’s it. Don’t cross the line any more.”


“I answered because of your relationship with Geum-woo, but there is no reason for me to tell you everything.”

“Okay. I guess I was a bit sensitive. I’m sorry.”

Namgung Wol apologized without hesitation.

He still had his doubts, but as Pyo-wol said, the lines had to be kept.

Since the matter with the Snow Sword Manor has not been resolved, he should not collide with Pyo-wol over a trivial matter.

It was then.

Suddenly, the entrance to the Jin manor became noisy.

For some reason, people began crowding at the entrance.

Pyo-wol and Namgung Wol also moved towards that direction.

There was a man covered in blood.

The man said,

“S-Snow, Snow Sword, those bastards…”

* * *

Lim Seojin learned martial arts at a small sect in Zhengyang, about a hundred li south of Runan.

The sect in Zhengyang had nothing to do with the Jin family or Snow Sword Manor. Nevertheless, Lim Seojin was willing to stand on the Jin manor’s side.

There were occasionally old people who missed the Snow Sword Manor, but young warriors like Lim Seojin didn’t even know about the Snow Sword Manor until this recent incident happened.

It wasn’t as if the Jin manor had done anything to earn his trust.

He was just naturally drawn in the direction of the Jin family. So he was willing to take the side of the Jin family and fight against the Snow Sword Manor.

There were many young warriors like Lim Seojin in Henan.

The circumstances of the times also contributed to their choice.

Older warriors tremble when it comes to war as they have been through bloody wars for a long time, but young warriors of the present age didn’t have such experience.

Warriors who went through bloody wars tried to prevent a similar battle from happening again by controlling the power dynamics of Jianghu. For that reason, Jianghu was able to truly enjoy a peaceful era.

However, young warriors were dissatisfied. They want to make a name for themselves, but they can’t because Jianghu is so peaceful.

Because of that, when the confrontation between Snow Sword Manor and Jin family intensified, they secretly cheered. They thought that the chance to make a name for themselves had finally arrived.

Among the same sects, there were also those who chose to support the Snow Sword Manor. They do so for a number of complex reasons. There were those whose parents had a relationship with Snow Sword Manor, and there were those who just chose it for trivial reasons such as that they were just more attracted to it.

As such, there is an internal division among those of the same sect, and Henam is about to enter a state of chaos.

Lim Seojin gathered his colleagues who shared the same will and headed to the Jin family.

In order to enter the Jin family, they had to inevitably stop by Runan.

Over the past few days, the number of men and women carrying weapons has increased dramatically.

This is because a lot of outsiders came in after hearing the rumors of a confrontation between the Jin family and Snow Sword Manor. They stayed at Runan and weighed the scales to see which side had the advantage.

Even after entering Runan, Lim Seojin and his colleagues didn’t go straight to the Jin manor. They first settled down at an inn and drank all night.

They drank all night and spoke up,

“This fight will be won by the Jin family!”

“What’s the big deal about the Snow Sword Manor? When its already a forgotten sect?”

“Hehe! Let’s destroy the Snow Sword Manor at once!”

It was a common conversation among men.

As many of them gathered together, they lost their fear, and their voices naturally became louder.

The problem is that there were people who stood on the side of the Snow Sword Manor in the inn where they were staying.

“What did you say just now? Snow Sword Manor isn’t a big deal?”

“Isn’t it the Jin family who is on the verge of being ruined?”

Warriors standing on the side of Snow Sword Manor stood up.

No matter how upset they are, they usually don’t brandish their swords. But since they’re intoxicated and drunk, then it becomes a different story.


“Hmm? People of the Snow Sword Manor are here?”

Warriors supporting the Snow Sword Manor took out their weapons. Lim Seojin and his colleagues did the same.

“Oh, dear customers! What’s happening over here?”

The owner of the guesthouse intervened in the middle of the confusion, but the atmosphere in the inn was already starting to go out of control.


“If you’ve pulled out a sword, you should use it. You wouldn’t stop now, would you?”

The two opposing sides were encouraged by the warriors who neither belonged to the Jin family nor the Snow Sword Manor.

“Kill them!”


Regardless of who said it first, the warriors on both sides rushed at each other.

As if they met their sworn enemy, they attacked each other without hesitation.



Blood splattered in all directions.

There was also blood on the bodies of those who instigated the fight between the two sides in the inn.

In the end, all the warriors staying in the inn were swept away in the fight.

The furniture inside the inn was broken, and many people collapsed due to their serious injuries.

Some of them were deeply wounded and fled out of the inn.

They desperately ran to their comrades.

“I was attacked by Jin family people. We need to help the rest!”


“Those bastards–!”

Those who were furious at the injury of their colleagues rushed in, and the inn that was already a mess turned into hell.

The news of their clash spread throughout Runan, and warriors from all over came running to help them.

“Kill them all!”


Countless warriors got entangled in the fight, and their fight completely destroyed the inns and streets.

The precariously maintained peace disappeared, and the road to hell unfolded.

People knew it instinctively.

That they can never go back to those peaceful days.

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