Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 226: Light Novel: Volume 10 Episode 1

Light Novel: Volume 10 Episode 1Manhwa: N/A

Yuk Sa-myeong glared at Pyo-wol.

Hostility could be found in his eyes.

There was no reason for him to feel such animosity towards Pyo-wol, whom he had never seen before.

Pyo-wol thought that his hostility was directed towards Jin Geum-woo rather than himself.

This was because the tone and behavior he showed did not seem like someone who came to help. Rather, he seemed like a person who came to check and enjoy the Jin family’s misfortune.

“You must have been humiliated by Geum-woo.”


“You must have been humiliated, but you couldn’t take revenge because you lacked the ability, and then you became conscious of the people’s gazing around you so you acted boldly, pretending nothing was wrong. You shrugged it off like that, but the memory of that day still remained in your heart. No matter how well you try to hide it, the memory would still stick out like a sharp awl and bother you.”

“Y-You madman! How could you say that?”

“People’s reactions in such cases are usually divided into two. They would either avoid the person, or confront them head-on. It seems that your choice is neither one nor the other. As if you had forgotten your wounds that day, you calmly stayed by his side. But time passed in vain since the opportunity to take revenge did not come. As your heart was rotting a way, and an inner demon was born in your heart, you then heard the news of Jin Geum-woo’s death.”


Yuk Sa-myeong was so shocked that he couldn’t say anything.

Pyo-wol spoke of the situation he had been through as if he had watched it with his own eyes.

A few years ago, he challenged Jin Geum-woo out of curiosity and was defeated. The defeat he experienced that day left an indelible scar on his heart. He lost so perfectly that he didn’t dare to challenge him again.

Time passed just like that.

He looked for a chance to regain his honor, but he had no choice but to give up because Jin Geum-woo was so strong..

While it was at least comforting that he wasn’t the only one who lost to Jin Geum-woo, the wound in his heart has yet to heal at all.

As Jin Geum-woo went on a roll, the inner demon in his heart grew bigger. However, he had kept it secret until now so that his feelings would not be exposed.

Even at that moment, Pyo-wol’s words continued.

“To be honest, you must have been really happy when you heard the news that Jin Geum-woo had died. It was the same as blowing your nose without touching it. Your inferiority complex should have been reduced to some extent that you could’ve stopped there. But you just couldn’t settle for that. That’s why you came here. You wanted to see the Jin family fall caused by Jin Geum-woo’s disappearance with your own eyes. You wanted to laugh at Jin Geum-woo, who gave you an inferiority complex…”

“What nonsense—! If you insult me any more, I won’t stand still!”

“Do you really think I’m insulting you?”


“But your colleagues seem to think otherwise.”


Only then did Yuk Sa-myeong look around.

Namgung Wol and Oh Jugang, who had come with him, were looking at him with contempt.

Yuk Sa-myeong quickly made excuses.

“Brother Namgung! Brother Oh! He’s mistaken. You’re not going to believe the words of a person you’ve never seen before, would you?”

“No wonder I found it a little strange when you said you were willing to come here. You’re not the kind of person to come so easily.”

“Do you still have that defeat in your heart?”

Namgung Wol and Oh Jugang also thought it was strange.

The two knew that Yuk Sa-myeong did not really like Jin Geum-woo. Still, since Jin Geum-woo, his object of jealousy, died, they thought Yuk Sa-myeong had developed some sense of pity. So they allowed him to come with them. But to think that he only came to laugh at Jin family’s downfall, they couldn’t help but feel bad about it.

Pyo-wol’s words could have been lies.

However, Yuk Sa-myeong’s reactions were proving that Pyo-wol’s words were true.

Since long ago, Yuk Sa-myeong has not been able to hide his feelings.

Yuk Sa-myeong’s face turned black.

The fact that his dirty inside was exposed to the whole world made him angry. And his anger became directed at Pyo-wol who created this situation.

“You bastard! I won’t forgive you!”

Yuk Sa-myeong took out his sword from his waist and swung it at Pyo-wol.


It was a powerful attack like a thunderbolt.

However, his sword did not come near Pyo-wol’s body.

Oh Jugang also took out his sword and blocked Yuk Sa-myeong’s attack.


With the sound of metal clashing, Yuk Sa-myeong’s figure was pushed back.

“You’re taking his side?! Brother Oh, how could you do this to me?”

“Hoo! I’m not on anyone’s side. But I can’t just watch you suddenly attack and hurt people like this. If you’re really innocent, then it’s not right for you to wield your sword. I believe in you but I am worried that others may misunderstand how you’re trying to kill him.”


Oh Jugang’s calm words caused Yuk Sa-myeong’s face to distort.

Yuk Sa-myeong glared at Pyo-wol, who was the cause of his current situation.

He never dreamed that he would have his real nature exposed to the world with just a few words.

Even now, many people are watching them.

Fortunately, they were at a distance, so those people couldn’t possibly know or hear what was going on. Most people just thought it was just a quarrel between the two because of some problem.

In this situation, if he leaves the Jin manor then Pyo-wol’s words would become a fait accompli. Such a situation had to be prevented.

Yuk Sa-myeong sheathed his sword and said,

“I will prove that his words are lies and mine are the truth. I will prove that I sincerely came to help the Jin family. I am truly disappointed with brother Namgung and brother Oh. How can you believe his words when it’s your first time meeting him and not believe me who you’ve known for a long time? Hmph!”

Yuk Sa-myeong turned around and went to another place with an expression that shows that he was really offended.

Namgung Wol looked at Yuk Sa-myeong’s back, who was moving away, with a sad expression.

Others might have been fooled by Yuk Sa-myeong’s attitude, but Namgung Wol and Oh Jugang knew Yuk Sa-myeong too well. That’s why they instinctively knew that Pyo-wol’s words were true.

Namgung Wol’s eyes turned to Pyo-wol.

As far as he knows, Pyo-wol and Yuk Sa-myeong met for the first time today.

They naturally have no information about each other. Nevertheless, Pyo-wol inferred exactly what happened between Yuk Sa-myeong and Jin Geum-woo, and revealed Yuk Sa-myeong’s true nature with a few words.

It was a deed that could not be done by just an ordinary person.

Above all, it was Pyo-wol’s appearance that caught Namgung Wol’s attention.

Not only Namgung Wol, but many people who entered the Jin family were stunned by Pyo-wol’s appearance. They have never seen a man with such an overwhelming appearance before.

They thought that he must be an unusual person.

They had heard of a story about a person like this somewhere. But at the time, they thought the information was too unrealistic, so they didn’t listen to it very carefully. So they couldn’t exactly remember what it was about.

Namgung Wol greeted Pyo-wol first.

“I’m Namgung Wol of the Heavenly Guardian Association. It’s nice to meet you. Where are you from?”

“Pyo-wol from Chengdu.”

“If it’s Chengdu then are you from Sichuan?”

“That’s right!”

“You’ve come a long way. Did Geum-woo ever go there?”

Namgung Wol smiled as Pyo-wol nodded silently.

“That friend had a wanderlust so he traveled all over the world. I guess he ended up going to Chengdu.”

“Looks like you used to be close with Geum-woo.”

“I respected him. He was my age, but I had a lot to learn from him. I don’t know why he couldn’t settle down in one place and wandered around the world like that. So now that he died, I didn’t even get to say good bye nor ask why he lived like that.”

Namgung Wol had a bitter expression on his face.

There is no one without a story, and he also had his own circumstances with Jin Geum-woo.

He regretted not being able to join him on his journey.

“Anyway, if I stay here, I’ll see you often. It would be nice if we could have a drink and talk later. I also have to say hello to others, so I’ll come back soon.”

Namgung Wol retreated after saying farewell to Pyo-wol.

Oh Jugang also looked at Pyo-wol’s face for a while, then followed Namgung Wol.

Left alone, Pyo-wol looked at their backs for a while before returning to his place of residence.

* * *

There was a large river flowing through Runan.

Small rivers originating from Tianzhongshan and nearby gathered to form a large reservoir.

There was a huge manor on one side of the river with a clear view of Runan and Tianzhongshan.

The construction of the manor first started three years ago. Back then, people thought that the manor was intended for some rich family so they have a place to stay when they retire.

After two years of construction, the manor was completed, and the moment the signboard went up, all the sects in the vicinity were shocked.

This is because the three words, “Snow Sword Manor” were clearly written on the signboard.

The old owner of Tianzhongshan, who had been pushed out by the Jin family and was forgotten in people’s memories, had returned.

Most sects, once pushed out, would usually continue to decline, and in the end, it was a set procedure that they would completely collapse.

People naturally assumed that Snow Sword Manor would be the same.

Those who enjoyed abundance in Tianzhongshan would end up losing everything and be driven out. There was no place in the world who would accept them.

This is because if they recklessly accept and show kindness to a Jianghu sect, like the Snow Sword manor, they may end up being eaten.

In the end, the Snow Sword Manor was not accepted anywhere. They just quietly disappeared from people’s memories.

But now, the Snow Sword Manor has returned after decades.

Although their base was not exactly in Tianzhongshan, but in a river in Runan, they still ended up returning to their hometown.

The return of Snow Sword Manor caused an uproar not only in Runan, but also the entire Henan Jianghu.

They don’t know what happened during their downtime, but the Snow Sword Manor has almost regained its former power. Not only that, but they also accumulated enormous wealth to the point of overwhelming the Jin family in terms of financial power.

They built a manor on the riverside of Runan and then reinforced their strength.

In the past year, the number of people visiting the Snow Sword Manor has nearly doubled. As if to prove that fact, countless people could be seen lining up, trying to enter the wide gates of the Snow Sword Manor.

Their purpose of visiting Snow Sword Manor varies.n𝚘𝐕𝑒.𝒍𝐛/1n

Some came in hopes of becoming a low-ranking warrior, while others came to make a deal with the Snow Sword Manor.

Although their goals were different, their faces shared the same anticipation.

This is because those who enter the Snow Sword Manor would get stable jobs, while merchants are guaranteed a certain amount of profit.

That alone gives them enough reason to knock on the Snow Sword Manor’s doors.

As such, the Snow Sword Manor was crowded with visitors every day.

The Snow Sword Manor was largely divided into an inner and outer courtyard.

Guests and low-ranking warriors visiting the Snow Sword Manor would stay in the outer courtyard while core members of the Snow Sword Manor reside in the inner courtyard.

All major events of the Snow Sword Manor were being handled in the inner courtyard. Because of that, the security was also strict.

Even if a person belongs to the Snow Sword Manor, a low-ranking warrior could never enter the inner garden. Because of that, they do not know what was going on in the inner courtyard.

In the large hall of the inner courtyard, which people are so curious about, the key figures of Snow Sword Manor gathered.

A large and elderly man was sitting on the dragon’s throne.

He seemed to be in his early fifties. His bulging stomach looked like he had difficulty breathing. He was so fat to the point that his features were buried under his flesh and were barely visible.

He was Seol Kang-yeon, the sect leader of the Snow Sword Manor.

Seol Kang-yeon opened his mouth while looking at the people gathered in the grand hall.

“Fufu! So, people are gathering in the Jin family?”

“That’s right. As far as we know, quite a few people have entered the Jin manor.”

“Pffft! They’re making a last-ditch effort.”

Seol Kang-yeon laughed while breathing heavily.

He had gained so much weight that he was out of breath every time he spoke, but the fact that he was the absolute ruler of the Snow Sword Manor did not change.

People watched Seol Kang-yeon with bated breath.

Seol Kang-yeon slammed the armrest of his chair and shouted loudly,

“It won’t be long before we return to our original home. We will drive out that wicked Jin family and replant the flag of our family on Tianzhongshan.”

“It will surely be so.”

“We will only follow your orders, Lord.”

The elders of the Snow Sword Manor shouted in sympathy with Seol Kang-yeon’s declaration.

Confidence flashed across their faces.

They know that the Snow Sword Manor overwhelms the Jin family recently.

Seol Kang-yeon’s gaze suddenly turned to the young man on one side.

He was a man who looked too young to be here.

The man, who appeared to be in his mid-twenties, had his eyes downcast with a calm expression, unlike the others who were showing an excited expression.

“Attendant Lee!”

“Yes, my lord!”

“How’s the recruiting process going?”

“It’s going smoothly.”

“Really? If attendant Lee says so, then it must be so. There won’t be any problems, right?”


“That’s good!”

A small smile appeared on Seol Kang-yeon’s chubby face.

It was a smile that he rarely shows to anyone. Those who attended the meeting had envious looks on their faces. They were envious of the person receiving Seol Kang-yeon’s favor and trust.

The man’s name is Lee Yul.

He was the attendant in charge of both the large and small affairs of the Snow Sword Manor.

Since he took over as the attendant, the Snow Sword Manor has experienced explosive growth.

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